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Drank before eight at night W I started off really liking this book but at some point along the way it started to feel like of the same old same oldSara and Jeffrey are still sort of estranged and still vacillating about their feelings for each other Sara is a really prickly person Lena is still getting it all wrong It seems she has learnt nothing from her past Frank iswell Frank is Frank is FrankSara rather takes her heavily pregnant sister Tess along for the ride when She Attends The Scene attends the scene an apparent Tess takes a walk to attend to the call of nature and is brutally attackedDoubt is thrown on whether the suicide is actually a suicide when another apparent suicide occurs Lena becomes involved in another eath on campus and really It all gets a bit messy There are plots and sub plots and sub sub plotsNot the best Karin Slaughter I have read And honestly I think I prefer her stand alone books The third in the Grant County series is a fine addition It continues the story of Sara pediatrician and coroner and Jeffrey chief of police and their volatile relationship and I sped through it uickly The murderer was a surprise I idn t see that coming but all in all it was not as shocking as her first 2 books in the series It was all wrapped up rather neatly but it id seem as our murderer had in the series It was all wrapped up rather neatly but it Academic Body did seem as our murderer had very busy whenoes he have time for his Saint Germain On Alchemy day job until the final 3 paragraphs and then I was gobsmacked WTF 35 to 4 starsSlaughter continues to be brutal with the third installment of the Grant County series Every character has skeletons in their closet Every relationship is troubled Nothing is as it seems to beI am not going higher with my rating on this because I still feel like this book like the previous installments is leaning heavily on shock factor over story toraw in the reader Not that shock factor is a bad thing but when every scene is gory of violently sexual it Chasing the Red Queen does get to be a bit muchI will be continuing reading Slaughter because the stories are interesting and overall they are improving But if youecide to give her a try and I may have said this before proceed with caution It might Haylee do you some good to remember that at the end of theay no matter how smart that brain of yours is up there it s your heart that needs looking after Subjectivity and personal preference aside readers share a common goal finding those rare books that manage to leave their mark Or as in this case an entire series so monumental the inspired feelings linger long after The emotionality The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) dark themes and vulnerability put on fullisplay in Grant County have made it a place I Hijacking the Brain deem worthy of revisitingIt was back in college that He sadistic killer heiscovers that ex police etective Lena Adams now a security guard on campus may be in possession of crucial information But bruised and angered by her expulsion from the force Lena seems to be barely capable of protecting herself let alone saving the next victim. A Faint Cold FearSara and Jeffrey I love how you solve crimes together Their character evelopment continues to progress nicely I love learning about each as a crimes together Their character The Path to Gay Rights development continues to progress nicely I love learning about each as a and as a coupleAn Apparent Suicide at a local college campus brings Sara to the scene but she is not alone she has her pregnant sister in tow What happens next is tragic While Sara is examining the body her sister wanders off to pee and is brutally attackedLena continues to be a train wreck She is working for the Campus and is conducting her own investigation She continuesown Her Path Of Self Destruction If You Have Read This path of self Karen vs Alien destruction If you have read this from the beginning you know why I continue to root for Sara and Jeffrey while they investigate a series of suicides on campus All whileoing this Sara is Gendered Citizenships dealing with her families grief anger and her own self blameAnother good one by Slaughter I m still hooked I think I m going to have to give back my English Litegree I on t know how I got to book three in this series without realizing that half the characters are named after characters in Wuthering Heights Really Hareton Earnshaw Cathy and Eddie Linton It s useless to argue that I m just reading this series out of boredom because I am clearly working my way through the Grant county series With This Novel However this novel however am losing some of my like and respect for the characters I like Jeffrey a LOT less regardless of his personal crises of faith in several characters I am annoyed by Lena fix her soon Or as another reader suggested kill her Just stop the cycle of egradation I had high hopes at the end of book two that she was turning things aroundThe plot twist with Tessa s stabbing seemed tacked on and unresolved seriously After the hospital bed plea of Find him there was no conversation between Sara or her sister I hope this gets sorted out or I ll have to uit reading I Singing the Law don t like to turn on characters in whom I ve invested significant time Originally posted on The Book NymphoSarah Linton is called to the scene of an apparent student suicide and allows her very pregnant sister Tessa to accompany her What happens next sets off a series of tragic and mysterious events that calls into uestion whether theead student was a suicide Most of the story was akin to watching a train about to wreck while standing by powerless to Alchemic do anything about it other than scream at theeaf pages Lena Adams We Sell Drugs drove me crazy and Jeffrey Tolliveroesn t help matters The mystery was a good one though as I wasn t certain of the killer s identity because I couldn t figure out motive This is an extraordinary series with Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ deeply flawed and troubled characters No one comes out unscathed and sometimes it sifficult to efine The third pulse pounding novel in the Grant County series from New York Times bestselling author Karin SlaughterSara Linton medical examiner in the small town of Heartsdale Georgia is called out to an apparent suicide on the local college campus The mutilated body provides little in He good guys 4 StarsWowza Talk about Heart stopping and Gut wrenchingWhen Linton is called to a crime scene on a College campus appears to be an apparent eath by suicide Then another crime College campus it appears to be an apparent Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change death by suicide Then another crime right under her nose This time it s personal and it s bad Really bad and Sara can t help but blame herself Lena Adams is now working at the University as Campus Security Gone are theays of her being a Police Officer After what happened to her a year ago she just couldn t hack it Now however she s back in the thick of investigating a crime for better or worseWhat makes this the thick of investigating a crime for better or worseWhat makes this so Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature darn good is that it s a characterriven mystery Jeffrey Tolliver and Sara Linton s Rebuilding dynamics are spot on whether they are working together to try and solve a crime or trying to work on their relationship I just love them together And what can I say Jeffrey is totally swoonworthy As for Lena there is something about her that gets me She has been through the wringer and yet she hasn t uite given up Then there is theynamics between Sara and her sister Tess Talk about realistic Here in Faint Cold Fear the mystery is pulse pounding and the characterizations are fantabulous and I highly recommend this novel for those of you looking for a thrilling read Thanks to Hoopla for the audiobookPublished on Goodreads on 102019 Karin Slaughter can use this series to teach a class on character Intro to Alien Invasion development With every book in this series these characters grow increasingly complex With every punch their resilience builds but not without considerable scarring which makes them oh so human Slaughter s characters suffer so much I can t even fathom it But her lead characters are women and you all know we can overcome a lot Wellone Ms Slaughter on another 5 star crime thriller Grant County is a Therapy of Love dark and graphic series but if you can handle it it s a winner Check it outMy favorite uote Everybody had something horrible happen to them at one time or another in their life it was part of the human condition How they struggled through adversity proved what kind of people they were The Grant County series consists of the following installments as of July 2018 Highly recommend reading in order as the main characters in this series have an ongoing storyline with significant backstory 1 Blindsighted 2 Kisscut 3 A Faint Cold Fear 4 Indelible 5 Faithless 6 Beyond Reach Well theyo say Practice makes Perfect and I must say this was a vast improvement on the first two in the seriesMost of the characters are intriguing I seriously Democratic Phoenix: Reinventing Political Activism don t know what to make of them Sara Jeffrey Lena especially Lena No matter what Jill Rosen said Lena had rules and one of them was that she never. He way of clues and the college authorities are eager to avoid a scandal but for Sara and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver thingson't add upTwo suspicious suicides follow and a young woman is brutally attacked For Sara the violence strikes far too close to home And as Jeffrey pursues