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Decomposing HeadT really into Creepy Pastas and was listening to a bunch of them on YouTube when I came across an extract from this book After that I knew this book was for meThe stories in this collection range from standard length to two Ibn Saud: The Desert Warrior Who Created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia page long There were a few stories that did suffer under Creepy Pasta format because the ending wasn t as strong as it needed to be or was over too uickly but the majority nailed it driving home the chilling twist with expertrecisionSome of my favourite stories were Vibrations A favor for a favor the one that got me to buy this Typo The cannibal and Thoughts of a modest murdererThis collection might not be for everyone it is retty juvenile at #TIMES BUT I LIKED IT A #but I liked it A solid set of stories to give yourself chills all while laughingReading Challenge 2015 A book of short stories Humorously ScaryAll in all this group of tales kept me entertained and engaged The only story that honestly baffled #me was The Looker by S R Tooms For some reason # was The Looker by S R Tooms For some reason brain could not grasp the concept of this story However utting these two writers together is like airing Peanut Butter Jelly it s just a natural Will never allow you to gaze upon your friends in the same light againA Favor for a Favor depicts an unparalleled moralistic look at the true nature of mankind complete with an exuisitely satisfying finish that will have you shaking your head with sinister disbeliefThese are but a few of the many finely crafted tales lurking within this haunted collection To those of you with a few screws loose in the noggin or those with a twisted smile and crooked tooth or two I bid you enter this haven of horr. ,

I love good horror and some black comedy but this was sort of corny and boring #They Werent Funny Or Horrifying #werent funny or horrifying delightfully crazy book is full of short stories that are apparently supposed to be horrible until about the last aragraph or even sentenceIt is then that you you get hit with a gut busting mental icture or thought that just just blows your mind It s the kind of laugh out loud horr Not as strong as some other Cava books I ve read but a decent enough collection Like all short story collections some of the stories included are noticeably better than others and this one was no different It seemed as though the further into the collection I got the better the stories became I especially enjoyed the one with the orange envelopes and the one with the Reverend I d definitely love to see some stories from Cava of that caliber Perfect TitleThe title describes this book PERFECTLY I found myself gigging sometimes very much laughing out loud but also a bit creeped out I gave 4 out of 5 stars Some of the stories are definitely far funny than they are creepy A couple simply fell completely flat on all ac. Written by the authors of several Top 100 Kindle eBooks in their darkly comedic and satirical genresHere you have found a book so foul so repulsive so horrifying that you will undoubtedly find yourself running to the nearest bathroom in an effort to both relieve your bowels and scrub your hands clean of its Λίγη Ζωή putrid filth Though these attempts will be in vain just as the authors of this demented book of short stories havelanned I speak of none other than the intolerable Mr Vincent V Cava and his. Counts Overall a great read I love macabre things especially #If They Re Humorous So I Was Looking Forward To #they re humorous so I was looking forward to this Unfortunately the stories aren t funny or scary as the title romises They were just crude and boring I m glad I received this as a free ebook because #I Would Ve Immediately #would ve immediately my decision had I actually Love is Murder paid money for it Funny for all the right reasonsFunny for all the right reasonsI gave this book four stars because I wasleasantly surprised at the humor of this collection While it certainly isn t The Ulfric's Mate perfect it is much funnier than other horror comedies that are out there The stories are very short but each one of themacks a little comedic Alans Letters punch I found this book totally by accident and I actually bought the corresponding audiobook While listening to this and reading at the same time I found myself laughing at very inappropriatelaces Call me juvenile call me a kid if you must but this kind of stuff makes me laugh and is a good break from all of the serious reading that we do A collection spooky scary stories with a bite of humour 20 dark tales with a twistNot too long ago I go. Dimwitted What's Your Body Telling You?: Listening to Your Body's Signals to Stop Anxiety, Erase Self-Doubt and Achieve True Wellness penal SR Tooms the Old Electrical Wiring: Maintenance Retrofit pair oftentimes billed simply as Hideous and Handsome They have finally released this humorous collection of terrifying tales despite the bitterublic outcry which demanded these Sweet Dreams: A Pediatrician's Secrets for Baby's Good Night's Sleep pages never see the light of day anderhaps for good reasonInside this tome you will read such stories as the much talked about Gas Station Bathroom which has been known to cause many travelers to rethink their next rest stop ulloverThe sychological masterpiece in The Horror of Knowing.