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T taken aback the first time I read an original Fairy "Tale They aren t child friendly in fact many of them were written to unnerve and frighten children The characters in " They aren t child friendly in fact many of them were written to unnerve and frighten children The characters in are usually half mad murderous sexually charged and grotesue Authors have returned to them again and again for inspiration xploring the history of storytelling moralizing tales propaganda and archetypes Gaiman s Sandman is notable for some remarkable insights into the nature of fairy tales and how they comment on what has changed in our modern storytelling tradition and what hasn t Likewise Mignola has recalled to us some of the less pleasant aspects of Fairy Stories In Hellboy Where The Madness stories in Hellboy where the madness these myths is hardly forgottenHellboy was a decade before Fables and Sandman twenty years before but Fables is if anything a regression doing less with myth than arlier comics Names are dropped but the characters attached neither typify nor subvert the characters they are aping In the nd Willingham portrays a less nuanced take on the original myth than the average Disney movieHis dialogue is wooden lacking in subtlety or thrust The characters say what you would Scala for Java Developers expect them to with plenty of awkwardxposition Todd my brother what are you doing here at the government headuarters when you should be searching for your lost wife There s no style or charm to be found in the writing and the characters show none of the grotesue vividness of their sourcesWillingham seems unable to imagine a larger world than the one directly implied by his plot which is a straightforward murder mystery His setting has all the depth of a painted backdrop If he had hoped to achieve a sliver of what Gaiman did with old myths he should have delved deeper into his source materialsHis interweaving is clumsy with the suggestion that Oz and The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe are part of his fairytale tradition This inclusion conflicts with the backstory since both were written after the fables were ousted from fairy land and relocated to America the result of a war with Satan in a flashback swiped from The Lord of The Rings FilmsThe art is workmanlike often as wooden and simplified as the dialogue It tells the story with little flair or movement Characters are successfully reproduced but not xplored or played with Most of the frames story with little flair or movement Characters are successfully reproduced but not xplored or played with Most of the frames closeups of people talking and the rest are mid range bird s Vermeer to Eternity eye group shots It s all yawningly safe The color palate shows little variance or mood Jughead Digest than Vertigo and lackingven the lurid appeal of a 4 colorOnce again I m haunted by the phrase it gets better which is all the maddening because in a tiny fraction of cases it proves to be true Unfortunately the next two volumes don t get much better though with practice the dull awkward storytelling does get streamlined which is kind of like a bad restaurant which puts out fliers to announce that it now has delivery serviceMediocrity is one of the few things made worse by improving its convenienceI usually save one star reviews for books that were overtly insulting or stupid but this one gets it purely on uninspired dullness I tried reading it when it first came out and couldn t get through it After hearing all the praise recently I tried again I m not going to be one of those who says that comics used to be better and suck now I know there must be good comics out right now but they can be hard to find I m back to looking it seems My Suggested Readings in Comics This seems like a solid start to a series The fairy tale characters homeland has been taken over by an Heaven to Betsy enemy called The Adversary and have fled to the mundane world we live in Snow White is a politician who works for the Mayor King Cole and The Big Bad Wolf is the sheriffSnow White s sister Rose Red has apparently been murdered and the crime must be solved The solving of the crime and big reveal wasn t really anything special but there is a great premise set up with a lot of potential The characters we have all heard of are tweaked and often the result is really funnyI think my favorite line was with Pinocchio He s at the Fabletown yearly gala and complains about having to always come to the ball because he s looking for the fairy who turned him into a real boy I m over three centuries old and I still haven t gone through puberty I want to grow up I want my balls to drop and I want to get laidHAHARose Red the party girlBluebeard who spars with Cinderella in one scenePrince Charming is a mooching womanizer Overall Injoyed this and plan to continue Because Gibsy said soI paid good money for these Gibsy You and your pasty skin better hope you didn t steer me wrongLuckily for Gibsy and all his friends acolytes he will not be meeting an untimely demise via shrimp. These magical characters have created their own peaceful and secret society within an xclusive luxury apartment building called Fabletown But when Snow White's party girl sister Rose Red is apparently murdered it is up to Fableto. I absolutely adore this series

i ve through 
ve through at least 3 Times At This times at this Bill Willingham hit on an idea What if the characters from fairy tales were real And they are currently outcasts on our world The first arc Legends in Exile introduces us to our main group of characters It s a murder mystery Someone has killed Rose Red and the town Fables have to get to the bottom of what happenedI love the reinvention of all these old fables and fairy tales They were often uite grim and Willingham doesn t shy away from that grimness as all The book is filled with adult themes of sex betrayal and violence 3 StarsSo this Graphic Novel was very reminiscent of Once Upon a Time for me Our fairy tale creatures have been thrown into modern day world and basically just have to deal with it Awesome I love that shit Beyond being our introduction to the characters within the world and some personalities that maybe don t xactly meet Cabaret expectations this first volume is a murder mystery Rose Red has disappeared leaving behind an apartment splattered with blood and a big old mess Our unlikely Sherlock and Holmes Duo is B Wolfe and Snow This volume was so much fun guys I thoroughlynjoyed getting to see how all these characters were getting on in the big wide world of norms Everyone Dude what s with the three stars thenVampire Ninja I didn t care for the art at all shrugs Why am I just starting to read these They are awesome I d been wondering why lately I ve had such bad luck with books Almost verything I picked up went back down again and than half of what I read through and reviewed was a disappointment After reading this first volume of the Fables series it hit me all of a sudden Tatiana Or lack of Tatiana and her xcellent book recommending skills Thanks for the rec T I knew you d get it right The Fables series has been one I ve wanted to start since I first heard of it Adult retellings of classic fairytales with a few touches of sex violence and humour SOLD However I talked myself out of it about a year ago when I foolishly picked up a random volume nine I believe and didn t get it at all Perhaps volume nine happens to be a bad apple in an otherwise xcellent bunch or perhaps that particular volume wasn t made to be read as a standalone IMO the first three can be njoyed individually whatever the reason I found myself putting off a series which I d previously been certain I d love I ve learned my lesson and am now breezing through these fantastic volumes I ll be starting number four soon and becoming and addicted to the characters the world and the humourWill you Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice enjoy this Personally I think it depends on whether the humour is your cup of tea I also don t believe it would be fair to sell this series as merely a comedyach volume is very different some are darker and gorier than others some are primarily mysteries others not so much But the humour is behind it all and is what for me turns this into something than a regular urban fantasy fairytale retelling It s what makes these characters memorable and there s not much I like than a funny villain En plein coeur everyone has a sense of humour here I for one am finding it and funny withvery installment I readAnother thing is the artwork which I like a lot in this series The art has to receive a mention when you re reading a graphic novel because it inevitably affects how you read the story and how you view the characters I tend to prefer realistic drawings as opposed to arty scrawly messes that are supposed to set some kind of tone Give me this instead any dayThis first volume opens with the discovery of Rose Red s destroyed apartment The place has been turned on its head and blood is splattered on The Bookshop on the Shore every surface Bigby Wolf and Snow White must investigate can all that blood really be Rose Red s Is she dead Who would have a reason to hurt her This first story isnjoyable and in my opinion they just keep getting betterI just want to take this opportunity to also recommend the TV show Once Upon A Time Originally they were planning to make a show out of Fables but they modified it a bit and Once Upon A Time came out the other Dance Real Slow end And it s a favourite of mine you should check it out Lovely lovely lovely Legends in Exile by Bill Willingham and a team of illustrators begin the Fables series of adult graphic novels This is a very imaginativextension of fables such as Snow White Old King Cole the big bad wolf Jack and the Beanstalk The Art of Memoir etc The idea is that the fables werexiled from their home lands by a common The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life enemy The Adversary and relocated to New York but maintained a community ofxiles called Fable Town Very ntertaining and creative One of the best scenes is a self pitying monologue by Pinocchio I remember being somewha. When a savage creature known only as the Adversary conuered the fabled lands of legends and fairy tales all of the infamous inhabitants of folklore were forced into xile Disguised among the normal citizens of modern day New York. DeathBecause I really liked this art is some the most stunning art I have ver come across And art some of the most stunning art have ver come across And m not talking about Lan Medina s drawings which tell the story though it was amazeballs too I m talking about James Jean s gorgeous works of art which separate the individual issues Artwork which I want in poster form on my bedroom wallThis volume was a tiny bit lacking in the characterization department but overall I was very PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition entertained the whole way through and I zipped through this thing Injoyed reading about the specific characters and how their lives have shifted since their happily Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography ever afters Fairy tale legends live alongside regular New Yorkers called Mundanesver since their kingdom was destroyed by an unknown and faceless The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, enemy called The Adversary It was kinda like a darker better written thisBut without the angst And the plotholes And the crazy convoluted plots that didn t make sense And DEFINITELY without these twoWho spoiler alert completely ruined the show for meAnywhoo these characters know about their magic know about their homeland Most of them lost their kingdoms and their riches and their titles and now have to figure out a way to live among us normal folk Snow White is the mayor and the Big Bad Wolf is the sheriff And that s all fine and dandy because after their worlds were destroyed there was this great big grand amnesty thing and all the past crimes were forgiven and in light of working together against the adversary villains became heroes And some heroes became villainsOr maybe heroes and villainsmbody various shades of gray That s better anywaySnow White s sister Rose Red appears to have been murdered and the big bad wolf otherwise known as Bigby is on the case Snow insists on tagging along These two reminded me a bit ofExcept Snow was a little bit on the melodramatic side rather than the cute uirky side She cried all the time Like very other frame It got on my nervesAnd like EVERY fairytale couple is divorced Snow and Charming Cinderella and her prince The only ones who seem to be giving it a good run are beauty and the beast And ven they are far from the couple of the yearI njoyed the stellar storytelling chops from Willingham but also from the artist Lan Medina A lot I njoyed the subtle hints into their true naturesI also The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl enjoyed much of the humor strewn throughout It made me laughI alsonjoyed the needed bit of backstory we got into what really happened at The HomelandPoor little piggies They never seem to catch a breakThe thing lacking for me was there wasn t really a character I liked all that much Bigby has some potential as does Bluebeard but really I found a lot of them shallow and whiny and pretentious I m hoping that future volumes can flesh out individual backstories because I want So Gibsy shall live to see the sun rise and fall at least one time But I still have two volumes to read before I make any decisions I m still watching you Gibsy Welcome ueer folk of the modern age welcomeThe ueer folk of the Fabled lands of legends are now living as Exile and Pilgrim exiles in your very ueer world indeed and they seem to have adapted very well by creating this very secret society called Fabletown Oh don t bother looking for them for you will never recognize themFrom wearing pretty gowns and armour from fighting againstvil and saving princesses these folks have changed tremendously They have lost their touch with magic and true love for your world is very corrupt indeed Like I said you wouldn t ven recognize themBut then you find this book You pick it up for some light reading And just like that you re sucked into their new world in your world You come to know secrets and shocking revelations and at times how sexy your once favourite characters have become But right now in this particular volume you realize that Snow White s sister Rose Red is missing Oh dear you might xclaim or you might just roll your Hannah Montana: The Movie eyes or you might taken it upon yourself to find her and get inside this secret society Good luck ueer person You won t be fastnoughSnow White and the Big Bad Wolf team up to find her sister and what a team they make Don t be alarmed ueer person the Big Bad Wolf is now the Sheriff of this secret society and he s now a very good wolf indeed And thus you are pulled inside this story lost inside this story and finally yearning for tales from this very secret society Or are they just tales ueer folk of the modern age Keep your yes wide open for a fair maiden with a sword up her sleeve a grumpy looking Sheriff a red haired vixen handsome charming men and folks with lvish appearances and also if you have acuired this wonderful first volume I suggest you start your hunt for the next one Until next time ueer folk of the modern age. Wn's sheriff a reformed and pardoned Big Bad Wolf Bigby Wolf to determine if the killer is Bluebeard Rose's x lover and notorious wife killer or Jack her current live in boyfriend and former beanstalk climberCollecting Fables 1 ,

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Fables Volume 1 Legends in Exile