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L and the pregnancy or birth would kill her He was putting the heroine before the baby which the heroine calls flattering Oh god these two umbasses were made for each other Thank god the author inserted an obstetrician in this story who set them both straight One can only hope h and H will hire a competent nanny to raise the little girl or these two are liable to throw the baby out with the bathwater Amazing oldie by an unknown author Hero hires heroine to become his wife and give him a son then get ivorced and turn her child over to him Heroine falls in love WITH HERO BUT AN EVIL OTHER WOMAN AND HIS hero but an evil other woman and his issues almost ruin their marriage I love THE OLDER MANYOUNGER WOMAN THEME HEROINE older manyounger woman theme Heroine only 18 years old and she is naive and virginal Hero is reluctant to fall in love but you can tell he cares eeply for Karen I loved it that he fired the evil housekeeper The angst was great and I couldn t stop reading Very entertaining vintage Harleuin The Open Library copy says 99 cents on the cover and believe me it s worth every penny for all of the tropes and angst These characters suffer for their loveThe hero at 31 has still never forgiven his mommy for running off when he was ten so he broods in the family mansion on the Monterrey Peninsula while raking in millions in his boat building business Since he can trust no woman but still needs an heir to pass Nicholas Flamels First Codex down the mansion and the business to heevises a trope tastic schemeMarry a stranger have sex with stranger to provide a baby pay off stranger to Alien divorce and leave forever Keep baby with hired help Enter 18 year old orphaned heroine who must be one hot cup of coffee because both the hero and the lawyer fall for her as soon as they meet her Our heroine has no idea of course and immediately falls for the H and keeps wondering why pushes her away when she is so comfortable snuggling up next to himHeroine is supposedly smart enough to get into Vassar but just can t interpret the hero s actionsHeoesn t give her the marriage job at first Instead he brings her to his mansion as a guest to catalog books Evil housekeeper puts her with the servants and hero hits ceilingHe takes her on outingsHe takes care of all of her ebts when her family s house burns own He plans a huge white weddingHe introduces her to all of his friends He backs off sex when she is afraidHe wrecks his car when African American Literature in Transition, 1830-1850 distracted by grief after he tried to break off their unconsummated marriageHe only gives in after he has a concussion and heroine is rubbing up against himHe wants her to end her pregnancy when she is nauseous because he can t stand to see her sufferHe stays away because he loves her so much He looks everywhere for the heroine when she runs awayHe eventually finds out the OW scheming and fires the evil housekeeperLOL this author put this guy through his paces and our sweet innocent heroine just wants to smooth the lines of his face and then says the wrong thing setting him off againHero israma king and heroine is clueless but boy are they entertaining to watch The California coast is a nice backdrop sunny one minute foggy the next sort of like their relationship. N Shane could not eny; but by ay Shane's anger grew ever strongerThen came the BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 40 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 40: Billionaires Secret Baby (Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) day when Karen knew beyondoubt that she to have Shane's child and suddenly she was in a race against time a race she had no hope of winning. Temporary BrideWonderful oldie by an unknown author at least for me Older manyounger woman theme Only complaint would be the rather abrupt ending but I find this to be common among the older books Will plan to track own a few by this author This was pretty good The H was one of those I ll never let a woman control me bozos and they are tiresome with all the pushing away and inexplicable behavior A very classic H From a very young heroine 18 Years to older Hero 32Years A cute OM Evil OW Evil Housekeeper Friendly Maid Accidents Pregnancy I on t o Love To I Don T Trust Women Destitute Heroine Rich to I on t trust women Faith Into Action: Thoughts on Selected Topics destitute heroine rich A very beautiful mansion Jealousy protectiveness and the list go on It has everything The heroine is ok a bit immature but come on she is just 18 The hero was a jerk but very smitten with our heroine The book is full oframa and in the end I feel like they Alien Generals Chosen Brion Brides doeserve each other A happy ending with a baby girl Safety Issue It was Safe Temporary Bride is the story of Karen and ShaneThis May December romance has the businessman H advertising for a young unattached female for mysterious reasons The 18 year old h responds but is rejected when the H sees her and later hires her as a book keeper instead Due to the machiavellianisms of his housekeeper she somehow ends up being treated like a servant until the H finds and puts an end to it He also seems to be insanely jealous of her budding relationship with his lawyer Soon the h realizes the truth he needs a temporary wife who will provide him with a heir and then sod off and that she wants to be that woman The H is VERY reluctant to accept her proposal but her esperation his perception and their mutual lust leads to a MARRIAGE BUT WITH THE H GETTING PREGNANT SOON AFTER But with the h getting pregnant soon after wedding is the relationship near its endVery angsty romance with a lot of back and forth running awaychases rama abandonment bitchy OWhousekeepers smitten OM supposed betrayals pushing away grovel and a uber sweet HEA I cried a bucket yet ended this read with a smileRecommendedSWE view spoiler h kisses OM H courts OW after meeting hide spoiler 45 stars not 5 for a couple of reasons one she kisses OM at the beginning which is a big no no for me 2nd was the writing of the book it seemed a bit off The overall vibe and feel wasn t the sort you want from a romance novel There was too much of reality I suppose and too many icky Alcohol Fuel: A Guide to Making and Using Ethanol as a Renewable Fuel details which ruined it specifics like she is supposed toivorce him right away after giving him a child and can only keep her child until he s 8Otherwise it packed a punch of angst with the sweetest most naive h even if she was a bit too young and a sweet hold cold blowing H I gave this three but it should probably have been two I hated the hero He treated the heroine like crap I really liked Mark the wannabe OM for he was far nicer and I think he should have been the hero I have this in paperback and it used to be one of my favorites but maybe I am just sick of heroes that treat the heroines like crap And I am not even sure he was celibate Audrey the truly evil OW was in his life at the same time He brought her to the house to stay after the heroine was there. TIME WAS RUNNING OUT Shane McKittrick wanted to hire a woman to be his wife and bear his child Karen Muir Uprising Emerge Series driven by her love for him and sure that she could win his love before the time limit on their marriage had expired. He went out on aate with her after the heroine was living at his house I just idn t like him ever not even at the end and I really hated the Housekeeper who was a conspirator with the OW I am glad she had a girl too If my husband had brought any of his previous girlfriends of which there were many to our house for a inner party or to stay the night I would which there were many to our house for a Dare To Be Hero dinner party or to stay the night I would in a starring role in an episode of Snapped and he would be presumedead missing a vital body part and buried in a shallow grave outside of Denver somewhere I can t believe I ever read stories like this and liked them This was just a train wreck and I couldn t look away I may have to go change the stars again Or not This scraped to a three stars and has everything but the kitchen sink evil OW evil housekeeper lughead for a hero cute OM that should be the hero Sedition and Alchemy: A Biography of John Cale dead Mommyearest that ruined the H for all women a car accident a runaway pregnant womanThere is a hint of Rebecca in this with the incredibly young incredibly short 4 11 I kid you not heroine and the evil Mrs Danvers like housekeeperThe H needs a wife of convenience so he can get his heir without any romantic entanglements He can t marry one of his own kind because he could never get rid of her cause he s so connected and wealthy Yeah uh huh So he marries the orphan tiny h and gets feelings that he hatesThe book is all over the place The heroine manages to toss a couple of zingers at the evil OW but fails to The (Underground) Railroad in African American Literature do the one thing she should haveone FIRE THE HOUSEKEEPER Doesn t say much for the romance when the Handbook for Teaching African Literature African Writers driving thought is when and if the housekeeper will get fired Supremely silly yet satisfying color by numbers marriage of convenience story between a poor little orphan waif with a burnedown house and a broody older woman hating mommy issues hero There is the reuisite smitten OM hero s best friend a Mrs Danvers type housekeeper who at first puts the poor little waif in the servant s uarters and a bitchy OW The marriage is contracted purely to use the heroine as a broodmare because the hero wants a son and she is reuired to stay there to raise the kid for eight years before the hero can kick her out LOL Charming The heroine agrees becausewellit s a Harleuin world Once heroine Indiras Objective Agronomy MCQs for Agricultural Competitive Examinations duly falls in love and gets pregnant the hero turns to ice andemands an abortion This together with the shenanigans of the witchy housekeeper and the bitchy OW who tells the heroine she and the hero never ended their affair and are waiting patiently for the broodmare to pop the kid out so hero can The Great Black Way: L.A. in the 1940s and the Lost African-American Renaissance divorce heroine and marry OW cause the pregnant heroine to run away inistress and the hero naturally to run after her and catch her and their adorable baby aughterThe after her and catch her and their adorable baby aughterThe s eclaration at the conclusion made up for all his preceding asshattery but the well eserved his preceding asshattery but the well Oral and Written Poetry in African Literature Today deserved offs to the two evil witches happens off page so Iidn t get enough osage of comeuppance Still believable HE A The hero is totally smitten and gushing with it although some readers will shudder at his initial emand for an abortion His reasoning heroine was so sick Digital Griots during the first weeks that he was afraid she was too frai. Overruled his objections and became his wifeBut her willingness to accept his strange bargain only convinced Shane that she was like all other women scheming and greedy By night passion flamed between them passion that eve.