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25 stars Dicks They are all assholes Poor Cameron I laugh every time I read a male pregnancy story It s just such fantasy I enjoyed this seventh book in the series and I needed to read something easy so I m glad I chose thisAeducan and Cameron were so cute I am a vindictive personI really wanted to see all the characters in this book get bitch slapped for the way they treated Cameron Fortunately for everyone in the story Cameron is a nicer person than me and he rather Cameron is a nicer person than me and he rather easily forgave them all for treating him like crap It might not have bothered me as much if anyone in the book had *Really Put Forth Real Effort Put Forth Real Effort Investigating What Had Happened *put forth real effort in investigating what had happened they all made a bunch of assumptions and believed the word of someone they didn t now without checking anything out for themselves I lost a lot of respect for the characters other than Cameron sigh Aeducan and Cameron s story this timeA nice instalment of The Pregnant Mate although I didn t uite get the whole drama with Cameron Better a nown torturer than a claiming Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM werewolves HEACameron Artis is the bastard son of a prominent werewolf family and as an omega he's easy to push around After the death of his father he's sold into slavery to vampiresWhen Cameron hears pained screams he has to rush. Taking Revenge on His Mate The Pregnant Mate #7

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No one was interested enough to try
And Verify What They 
verify what they being told by Cameron and all believed him a liar Awesome That was really really good Especially comparatively speakingI don t now why I am so surprised but basically all the things that annoyed me in the previous few books were done right hereLet me count the waysFor a start there s no character assassination of previous protagonists despite ample opportunity Funnily enough Jimmy is being a bit of a jerk and while he is somewhat justified the jerkishness does fit with the way he began to behave in his own book So there Consistency I guessThen we have a lovely omega who in spite of his bad lot in life eeps trying to count his blessings and to improve his situationAnd finally an alpha view spoileractually refuses to abuse his mate although we again get weeks ignoring I dislike that trend although here it makes a lot sense at least and who even when all evidence makes said mate look like a monster still treats him in a way that shows he cares hide spoiler. Sees his mateBut Aeducan believes that it was Cameron who tortured him and when he's freed he wants revenge for the damage that was done to him He's devastated to discover that Cameron is his mate and now he must struggle against the desire to comfort and believe the omega or give into the urge for reven. ,
O be innocent lying mental freak Hmmm 35 starsThe best of the bunch so far Now this is what I call a story It was heartbreaking and lovely There was no insta love but despite all odds the MC s did fall in love We were allowed to see the development the struggle between them to get and give forgiveness There was plausible reason for the confusion and misunderstanding between Aeduncan and Cameron and Cameron had every right to walk away from Aeduncan when the truth came to light but by that time there was no one else for them They didn t fight it any It was that simple and that complicated and I loved every sentence from the beginning to the end Kudos to Ms Jacks WTF They all deserved to pay for what they did to Cameron From the beginning i was waiting ofr them to discover the truth and that s it What a disappointement i am not nearly nice enough for it What a disappointement i am not nearly nice enough for end to be ok I really like this series but I couldn t give it than a 3 star rating just because of all the needless abuse heaped upon already abused Cameron It seemed that. To help even if it means his own death Strapped to the bed is Aeducan a fighting werewolf and the human Cameron finds *Above Him Is Torturing *him is torturing before he plans to ill him Cameron chases the man away and tends to Aeducan's wounds The large alpha is delirious from fever but when he opens his eyes Cameron.
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