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Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Dont Know yAs this ETA aear later but Not For Longwhich Is Finewhateverit Suits Longwhich Is Finewhateverit Suits for longwhich is finewhateverit suits my sense of irony that the endless scenes of neolithic boyfucking were the only instances of wholesome entertainment in the the endless scenes of neolithic boyfucking were the only instances of wholesome entertainment in the book1522015 retroactively added a star in gratitude for helping me rediscover my sex drive after a personal setback i m talking about a full on fapapalooza i am not even certain is officially concluded just Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones Volume 3 yet292015 retroactively addset another star because let s be real i ve returned to this fucking thing to fap my brains out four different times since i first read it and i am nothing if not honest I almost DNF YA wolfy smut Sure I ll pay a buck for that Sadly this book is not worth a buck The characters are one dimensional and there is no relationship development just sex And sex After the tenth blow job I was awning Forget world building Forget a PLOT A dishtowel is interesting than Parker and Colton comes across like a possessive psycho stalker But he does wait until Parker is 18 before claiming him Noble thatThis story brims with casual sexism and racism The main female character Parker s friend Shell is a black woman who gets herself knocked up and seems to have a vocabulary limited to boo girl and Hooker Her mocha skin is referred to time and time again Every character of color is reduced to a shade of coffee Truly disgusting And the writing good lord the writing there is no finesse here no art The language is simplistic and vulgar I feel like I smelled something rancid 4 Stars Twilight meets Teen Wolf There comes a story about a boy having a crush on a big bad wolf Parker doesn t even know what he gets himself into when Colton makes a move on him Colton is waiting for the day Parker turns eighteen and Parker will totally be his As that day comes Colton is willing to love his mate with every little bit of his heartThe story is soooooo good It s a light hearted reading for me this time not serious or dramatic I enjoyed this book much than a lot However I m a diehard Sterek fan too And I find out that this book represents Colton as Derek and Parker as Stiles I kind of like it 4 StarsI unashamedly had a fun time reading this one Sure it was overly long definitely cheesy and it featured ten too many sex scenes but I ll be damned if I didn t have a great time anyway As an avid lover of MM shifter stories I was pleased as punch to see many of my favourite tropes featured within this story There were fun pack dynamics and destined mates with lots of possessive behaviour and mine mine mine declarations It was slightly silly and over the top at times Colton s reactions to Parker bordered on stalker insane at the beginning there but it was also crazy hot soWe also had a very AlphaOmega vibe going on between the MCs Colton and Parker Colton is a big popular bad ass werewolf who everyone swoons over at school and Parker is the sweet smaller out and proud human who dreams of one day capturing Colton s attention Colton and Parker are also destined mates and once they start getting it on there is no stopping them In fact they may be the horniest characters I ve ever come across because this was the biggest smut fest I ve read in forever Sure there was some other stuff going on in this story I vaguely recall some predictable plot about a psycho rogue wolf but most of that took a backseat to the porn marathon these two continually engaged in The truth is there was TOO MUCH sex in this book please don t hit me But at the end of the day I d rather there be too much than not enough so there is that I can actually imagine re reading this one down the line at some point simply for the fluffy and porntastic simplicity of it all. Ened by a rogue wolf Colton's instincts take over and he finds that his actions have conseuences that threaten to tear his pack apa.

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Ated mate and Colton waits patiently until Parker becomes 18 in order to claim him This is the story of Alpha wolf Colton how he found and claimed his mate and how he of Alpha wolf Colton how he found and claimed his mate and how he his own Pack the Timber Pack This Pack does not discriminate its members and everyone is welcome Males and females gay and straight bears and wolves This was my first MM oung adult PNR and I really liked it Of course I still prefer the Gala so I ve had this on my kindle for a little while transferred from that great site Literotica carefully filed under Werewolves I have no file labeled Vampire because I m not a fan of ancient molest Hooking Him y creeps and I m rather over them in general plus I ve never imagined being one and that s certainly not true for werewolves I also have a file labeled Zombies and I plan on attacking those books in Octoberay for zombies and if ou are over them don t tell me about it I don t want to hear my Zombie file has a lot of interesting looking shit on it my Werewolf file on the other hand well that s pretty much all erotica so I figured I d crack open Timber Pack Chronicles read it for 15 20 minutes stroke one out go to bed well that plan was ruined because this was actually pretty enjoyable to read and the first real sex scene doesn t come for uite a long time so instead I found myself engrossed in the high school adventures of the rather sissy ish but still very brave school mascot and his football jock crush a werewolf lycan with a domineering "Attitude But Of Course "but of course gentle and loyal heart aw shucks this was sweet I don t know about ou but it is actually fairly difficult for me to enjoy an engrossing story while being goal oriented in other ways can t really do it so I forgot all about my goal my hand wandered back to its normal resting position and I got lost in the cute story then I looked up and it was an hour past my bedtime and still no real sex scene fortunately I have insomnia so bedtime is only a vague concept for me anyway when the sex scenes finally came they were fast and furious and fairly hot and extremely graphic I liked the switching back and forth between perspectives in the end or rather by the middle this is indeed a work of erotica despite its high school setting and its distinctly Dawson s Creek type feel if anything the sex scenes are too well done and eventually became too repetitious and regular they came too often ha get it they took me out of the adorable story and the cute parallel between accepting the wolf inside and coming out as gay and the nifty little bits of characterization and mythos building got a bit lost due to all the pounding etc still a pleasant book oh and hey Goodreads new censorship policy sucks ass but not in a good way a glistening turd of a novel as redolently vile as it is girthily stupid unbelievably fappable so full of poisonous ideas i think it may actually retard Karsh Portfolio your ability to be a kind and loving personit takes every hateful red flag of abusive and misogynistic relationships fetishizes them and then clumsily wraps them up in stilted simplistic prose about as nuanced as a middle grade book reportbizarre and disgusting details stuck in my mind as i read steaming vegetables in the microwave meansou don t love our son only whores carry condoms sluts deserve to go crazy and dienaturally all the idiotic characters and heinous dialogue and appallingly psychotic ethics on display in this Tome of Dafuery did not immediately uell the imperatives of my libidowhich is to say it was hot as hellat least at firsti d fapped five times before the oppressive weight of such staggering horseshit crushed out what little pleasure there was to be found in as pathetic and virulent a tale. G Parker from a distance patiently waiting for the day when he will finally be able to claim his destined mateWhen Parker is threat. Okay this book is HOT Like the
"kind of hot "
of hot needs to be written as hawt or hotttttt However it was also kind of racist sexist And Slut Shamey Which Was slut shamey which was bummer And the sex scenes became so monotonous that I kind of skipped a few towards the end But most of the book was smuttastically fabulous so shrugs Ok this used to be a free online read and is now for sale at a very good priceI love Shifter books I like the mate mine trope usuallyworks for meHere we have a pretty typical pairing one small little submissive human Parker and big strong tall dominant wolf ColtonParker has his BFF Shell and of course Colton has his posse tooColton knows they are mates and well being the big bad alpha type that he is he waits as long as he can and then the sex fest commencesThere is some pack politics and of course a rogue wolf and a few mysterious happeningsThe story isn t really all that new or different but engaging and entertaining and I m invested enough in the whole crew that I will definitely read the next book In his bio Rob Colton describes himself thus A romantic at heart he loves stories that feature big burly men who find true love and happy endings Add that those big burly guys are total alphas who fall for slender sweet tempered boys and ou ve got the core of every book of his that I ve read It s a formula but Colton aces it creating feel good stories with eminently likable characters I find them especially refreshing for their complete lack of pretension Colton s is not a world of billionaires or fancy pants there are no concert pianists or gourmet chefs or even Adonis like good looks Heroes have modest ordinary guy jobs And Are Really Just Looking For Love Timber Pack Does are really just looking for love Timber Pack does depart from that basic pattern by so much as an iota but perhaps thanks to the high school hormones it does feature significantly sex than other Colton stories I ve read Practically every conversation event meeting ends up with our adorable wolves going at it like rabbit shifters You can t call it PWP but this is one of those rare books where I wouldn t have minded attention on these boys non sexual activities maybe we could see them do their homework once in a while That being said Colton is one of the few writers I know who successfully balances hot and sweet His growly possessive heroes are also fundamentally good natured and his subs are always eager and cheerful Bottom Line Colton is practically an auto buy for me He does a particular dynamic really well and his books just make me feel happy reader advisory review contains TMI Look I m just gonna go ahead and give this a five It s not literature there s sex than character development I ve actually read that exact same plot before elsewhere but something about it maybe it was how tired I was how hard I d been working the fact it was a one handed read three times well I just loved it Loved it Hairy furry Colton tiny lithe tight Parker the hooded cocks the hot loads of lava temperature cum the thick tubes the pissing the Ghostbusters joke I loved it all It s I Omega the Teenage Years Bypassed brain stem went directly to clitoris This is a very simple shifters story but it is really sweet All the main characters are teenagers still in school Parker is almost 18 ears old and he has a major crush on Colton who is the star of the school football team Parker is the team mascot and he is incredible shy He cannot imagine that a guy like Colton would be interested in him What he does not know is that Colton is also a werewolf and that his two best friends and team members are also werewolves The school and the little town are parts of the Forest View Pack s territory Apparently Colton is Parker s The object of Parker Montgomery's crush is big man on campus Colton Butler who is much than he appears to beColton has been watchin. .
Timber Pack Chronicles Timber Pack Chronicles #1