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Eone well versed in crochet as I am to be able to see how a stitch be able to see how a stitch created For a newbie crocheter this would be both frustrating and completely ineffective as a tutorial A patterbook to treasure and pass along This book has a phenomenal collection of amazingly beautiful designs that I never thought could possibly created with crocheting I am definitely putting this on one my To Buy list for the future when I am confident with my crocheting ability and have time to dedicate to learning a whole host of new stitches and techniuesIf you ve switched from crocheting to knitting because you want to make dazzling projects and you think that crocheting isn t the way to get there I strongly suggest you give this book a good looking over I have made several of the items in this book and have been very happy with all of them They are beautiful and impressive when finished Bonnie Barker provides written instructions for the various stitches in the book but I find it very helpful to view her videos on YouTube especially for some of the complicated stitchesI also own and YouTube especially for some of the complicated stitchesI also own and made projects from the Cabled Baby Blankets and Celtic Cable Crochet books by the same designer One thing I like about the designs is that many of the yarns recommended for the projects
Are Not Expensive And 
not expensive and easy to find at big box craft stores like JoAnn and Michael s A lot Stoles cardigans and This book features easy projects such as hats scarves and device covers and difficult projects including sweaters wraps and blankets Make the Hialeah Honey Baby Blankey to swaddle a newborn or create the Inisheer Sweater Wrap to A gorgeous book I loved about half the patterns in this book and would like to buy it The niueness of this is that there are s Fun future projects Checked this book out through Kindle nlimited Love that the author visually break down the stitches in a step by step manner Definitely plan to purchase the physical book The instruction section alone makes it a worthwhile addition to any crocheter s library I have crocheted a lot I am not a designer I own and have looked at many books and patterns Contemporary Celtic Crochet is far and away my favorite crochet book ever The patterns are gorgeous and the instructions are so precise that you can achieve intricate and professional results even if you aren t a seasoned crocheter I have several of Bonnie Barker s publications and I return to her patterns time and time again for my own projects and those i for my own projects and those I as gifts Picked this p as a free read via Prime reading This is a book of both stitches and patterns that anyone with even basic crochet skills should be able to work with I m rating this lower because of two things 1 the author only works p one or two stitches instead of a swatch It would be much helpful to see how it is supposed to look on a larger scale 2 anyone reading this on a basic BW eReader won t be able to see the stitch examples The accompanying photos are too small even for som. Learn to crochet cablesHave you ever wanted to create a sweater with beautiful cables but you didn't know how to knit Now in Contemporary Celtic Crochet You Can Learn How can learn how se basic crochet stitches to create the same stunning effect on sweater wraps. ,
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Are Hard To Source 
hard to source that are hard to find suitable substitutions for if you don t have are hard to find suitable substitutions for if you don t have good local yarn shop with staff that can help Some of the projects in Bonnie Barker s books La muralla verde use a lot of yarn and would be very expensive if worked in luxury fibers But they look great worked in everyday yarns GreatGreat instructions with lots of color pics for reference A lot of Beautiful stitches Recommend this book for experienced crocheters Found layout of techniue section a little odd as it s in alphabetical order mixing everything from stitch patterns to buttonholes and how to do a slip knot Also no swatches all instructions are with photos so not sure what final thing looks like She has a Youtube channel probably worth checking out when I m interestedProjects are kind of meh but found the sweaters interesting All written patterns no diagrams very few closep shots of stitch patterns For the most part I m curious about crochet cables but think I still prefer knitted ones Crochet That Looks Like Knitting Inspired By IrelandThis Is A Crochet Pattern is a crochet pattern with some commentaryI loved the designs in this book Now I just have to find someone to make them for me I could have done without the Christian rhetoric so this book gets a 4 star rating instead of a 5 Otherwise I thought it was an amazing resourc. Tay cozy in cool weather The Cables Meet Lace Cape is perfect for evenings out and the Pennywhistler's Pack will let you carry your essentials on any day trip These Celtic inspired stitches and projects are the perfect addition to your crochet repertoi. ,