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Kaiju Rising is an anthology of stories about giant monstersNot only did the concept sound fun it sounded so fun that I kicked in some money for the Kickstarter Hopefully along with Pacific Rim Kaiju Rising will usher in a giant monster RenaissanceThe stories in Kaiju Rising Lauter alte Akten. Den von Formularen geplagten Zeitgenossen zum Trost, zur Belehrung und Erheiterung run the full spectrum ofampaging usher in a giant monster RenaissanceThe stories in Kaiju Rising Cannibal Encounters: Europeans and Island Caribs, 1492–1763 run the full spectrum ofampaging monster tales Since I ve calculated that I ll un out of oom if I eview all of them here are some standoutsBig Ben and the End Of The Pier of the Pier James Lovegrove This story does a great job setting the tone for the est of the collection and sucking the Ragana ir lietus reader in I love that it takes place in a world where Kaiju attacks are so common that giantobots are sold specifically to combat them The story of the owner of a money losing pier and the impending battle between a kaiju called Red Devil and a KRV called Big Ben is a delight to Beasts and Savages read I also liked that the ending wasn t what I expectedThe Lighthouse Keeper of Kurohaka Island Kane Gilmour A lighthouse keeper takes his son to an island not on any maps an island where kaiju go to die and tells him whateally happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II I liked this one uite a bit especially that not everyone can perceive kaiju as they are and instead see natural disasters I also love the concept of a kaiju graveyardOne Last Round Nathan Black Loved this one A giant undead crocodile Beebo Brinker ravages New Orleans and the only people who can stop it are the team that operate KRASURE a giant kaiju fightingobotMonstruo Mike MacLean This one is another favorite A kaiju is approaching a Mexican The Future of the Public University in America: Beyond the Crossroads resort and a man is dispatched to put down the young boy a parasite is using as a host to fight the beast There are a lot of interesting concepts and contributions to kaiju lore in this oneThe Behemoth Jonathan Wood The Behemoth is the story of a mech pilot whose life is slowly disintegrating after his wife becomes a proxy Wood introduces the concept that mech s need extra people inside to act as a buffer to all the sensory input the mecheceives Unfortunately proxies have their memories erased Great stuffAnd that s just a sampling There are 18 tales inside chock full of giant monster goodnessKaiju Rising was a nostalgia fest of giant monsters sometimes fighting eually giant Manual of Forensic Science: An International Survey robots and wanton destruction While I didn t think they were all homeuns it was the best themed anthology I ve ead in *years Four out of five starsWait I forgot to mention how sweet the art is Every story has a *Four out of five starsWait I forgot to mention how sweet the art is Every story has a page illustration of the monster within How cool is thatBonus Feature Here s an interview I did with JM Martin the editorhttpwwwshelfinflictedcom201402 Okay so this will be a unning log as I progress through Kaiju Rising Age of Monsters Common themes so far are that all these Kaiju seem to h The full Die Stadt der Tiere: Ein Tierkrimi review can be found on my blog and artist team of Tim Maruitz and J M Martin got together last year to form their own publishing company the small press known as Ragnarok Publications As one of their first projects they launched a kickstarter for an anthology of science fiction and fantasy Giant monsters and tremendous havoc brought to you by master authors Larry Correia James Lovegrove Peter Clines and many many Kaiju Rising Age of Monsters is a collection of 23 stories focused around the theme of strange creatures in the vein of Pacific Rim Godzilla Cloverfield and The anthology opens with a foreword by JEREMY ROBINSON author of Project Nemesis the highest selling Kaiju novel in the United States since the old Godzilla books and perhaps even than those From New York Times bestsellers to indie darlings Kaiju Rising Age. Tories with a very common theme kaiju The man with the idea here was Nickolas Sharps a fellow blogger and writer who hadecently seen the movie Pacific Rim and after enjoying the hell out of it he got the idea to do an anthology about kaiju since it seemed as if the genre was ather sparse in terms of original FictionNeedless To Say The Kickstarter to say the kickstarter mightily successful and just yesterday I finished eading the anthology in its entirety As someone who had a tiny hand in bringing the project together I suggested some of the authors who were accepted for the anthology I m El show de Grossman really pleased with the final product The anthology has exceeded my expectations and I m uite happy to say that it is one of my most funeadings of the year so far and we are only like 36 days in Tim and Nick assembled some great talent for this anthology and their hardwork and that of J M has definitely paid off I thinkStarting with an excellent introduction by kaiju writer Jeremy Robinson the opening of the anthology is uite a smashing one If you ve seen Pacific Rim and enjoyed it then James Lovegrove s very British story about Big Ben vs Red Devil hashing it out at a pier in Southern England is ight up your alley Its a somewhat simple story but don t let that fool you because its simplicity is what makes its great David Annandale one of the aforementioned authors I suggested for the anthology then carried on with the story of the beast
known as eschaton 
as Eschaton it ips through the city of Manchester and this one is full on man vs beast in a Plato and the Power of Images rather heart warming way The third opener is Peter Stenson s story about a sea kaiju who wants to make it big in Hollywood and be the star of his own franchise of kaiju films Its a very unorthodox story and I loved the humour throughout If not for the other great contributions here this one might as well have been the best story in the anthologyAnd so on and on it continues The middle of the anthology populated with other known authors of various SFF genres is similarly goodgreat Some of the stories a very very small handful didn t uite click with me either because of the characters or the plot or sometimes both but overall I had funeading every story There was never a moment when I wanted to give up on a story altogether Never thatAnd I think that speaks to *the editing skills of Nick and Tim Tim especially has edited several anthologies previously and he brings a *editing skills of Nick and Tim Tim especially has edited several anthologies previously and he brings a of that expertise to the fore for this anthology as he guides Nick with his first editorial credit I have to say that assembling all this talent is uite a stroke of genius because each story had something different to offer Even when they had the same basic plot the authors always went in different directions and they kept things A Vulcan's Tale: How the Bush Administration Mismanaged the Reconstruction of Afghanistan really interestingHoward Andrew Jones J C Koch Mike MacLean Jonathan Wood Jaym Gates Peter Rawlik James Maxey and Josh Reynolds the latter another author Iecommended all have to be credited as writing some of the most entertaining stories in the anthology Josh s story actually ties in to his St Cyprian stories which he has had pu. Of Monsters features authors that are perfectly suited for writing larger than life storiesTABLE OF CONTENTSForeword – Jeremy RobinsonBig Ben and the End of the Pier Show – James LovegroveThe Conversion – David AnnandaleDay of the Demigods – Peter StensonThe Lighthouse Keeper of Kurohaka Island – Kane GilmourOccupied – Natania BarronOne Last Round – Nathan BlackThe Serpent’s Heart – Howard Andrew JonesMonstruo – Mike MacLeanThe Behemoth – Jonathan WoodThe Greatest Hunger – Jaym GatesHeartland – Shane Berryhi. .
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