The Wager (E–book)

The Book of Leviathan gD it was I really enjoyed the love story between Lily and Roman It was complicated There was a bunch overlay of tension in the background with the secret of the bet and when and where she would find out It created that extra edge as well had melued to the pages I hung by fingertips wondering when it was Nine Ghosts going to hit the fan I was a little fearful notonna lie because I knew that it would ruin their bliss plus I didn t want Lily to be hurt because I knew that this was oing to hurt bad It kept me on my toes From the beginning the story really caught my attention I Was Immediately Sucked Into The Story was immediately sucked into the story really liked the setup of the charity ball where Roman and Lily met And what was interesting due to circumstances that Lily couldn t control she wasn t the bell of ball but of the ugly duckling which was kind of really clever to have that reverse Cinderella thing happened Lily didn t want to be there but her friend pushed her into it It was there that Roman first saw her not being the least bit attracted to her which prompted Roman making the bet with his adversary The bet was that he could make Lily fall in love with him within a month and he would win the car And he was confident that he could et it done Nothing could شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى go wrong rightThen the wooing commenced She was skeptical at first over his motives which she had ever right to be but he really put on the charm and won her over Even though he wasn t doing it for the right reasons I did think he wooed her really well I thought he was very sweet and endearing towards her Again that was the point but I loved all the romance that he put into his wooing There were somereat dates and The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) great conversations I knew he wasoing to be done for sure And he was in very uick manner The he ot to know her and spend time with her the attracted "he was to her The he fell in love with her It was very easy seeing them falling in love "was to her The he fell in love with her It was very easy seeing them falling in love each other And it was sweet but the threat of the bet lingered and he knew could bring their love to a crashing which created so much tension And when it did break then all hell broke loose and hearts broke My heart broke for Lily because of not only what she found out but how It utted her I felt so bad for her despite the fact that I knew what was Arabian Challenge going on It still hurt me She finally opened up and trusted someone and that same person crushed her in such a cruel way I understood that it would take a lot for her to forgive and believe that he actually loved her It was hard to take that leap Again heartbreaking to watch but theyet their in the end It was just a lot of pain before the joy It was a delicious journey My one complaint about this story was that it was a little short Not that I didn t enjoy the journey that I went on but I just felt like there could have been I wanted a little build up between them It just seemed like Roman fell in love with Lily so uickly I would have preferred a little radual build up and of struggle within himself of not falling in love with her Yes there was a struggle but it was a tiny bit I almost would have preferred him to be calculating and closed off and putting on an act by using his charm More that it was about a ame to him that he played to win and not care then overtime he would began to weaken and soften towards her It was there in the story just it happened too uickly I wanted a steady build up to that moment AND JOURNEY IN HIS STORY NOW THAT MIGHT HAVE journey in his story Now that might have my opinion of him and thought he of a prick but I wanted to see that journe. Ir when she berates another Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students guest for spilling his drink on her and a Billionaire Roman Conrad is rich bored and too handsome for his ownood He's never had a problem attracting women When he sees Lily at a charity ILLERAMMA Kathalu gala she's already made a little name for herself as an Ice Princess Seeing the perfect opportunity to alleviate his boredom and toet one over an acuaintance he makes a bet that he can make Lily fall in love with himWhat he never expected was that he woul.

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The Wager