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Arctic SummerA fascinating portrait of EM Forster and his long struggle to produce A passage to India Galgut s prose is always well judged and eadable and it left me wanting to Nomadische Lebenswelten Und Zarische Politik: Der Aufstand In Zentralasien 1916 read Forster I became much too close to the main character in this novel to be able to discuss the book with much objectivity In fact at the end of the novel I knew that I would strangely miss accompanying the thoughts of Morgan Forster orather Damon Galgut s "creation of EM Forster Morgan s loneliness his sense of being an outsider his ather sad connections with those he comes "of EM Forster Morgan s loneliness his sense of being an outsider his ather sad connections with those he comes love are not unfamiliar to me in my own experiences and Galgut manages to bring out what elevates and enriches those experiences in a masterful way Damon Galgut got my attention with his experimental In a Strange Room which I found fascinating and baffling After The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog's Life Quality and Longevity reading that book I noticed myself thinking back on it often with ever greater appreciation but here in Arctic Summer I m shown a Damon Galgut who writes traditionally and still makes the book linger after he s done Perhaps Arctic Summer will not be a huge literary milestone for Damon Galgut mainly due to it s dominant concern with Forster s personal and intimate life as opposed to his writing But for me this moving book about aather gentle man has already been placed among my favorites The long is I suspect most people come to this as an EM Forster fan whereas I m the contrary case This was the only Galgut I hadn this as an EM Forster fan whereas I m the contrary case This was the only Galgut I hadn No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History read when I picked it up in London a year or ago On the other hand I ve neveread a thing by EM Forster other than his brilliant short story The Machine Stops So enamoured am I of Galgut that when I bought this I didn t even look at the back cover only to discover when I sat down to begin it at home that it is a bio novel I was crestfallen I to begin it at home that it is a bio novel I was crestfallen I a historian s distaste for bio pics biography autobiography Why would a bio novel be any different What is it Some excuse to write a biography without doing the hard work Without having to bother with the facts Back on the shelf it sat and sat And sat Until the other day when I came upon it soon after an experience which had given me a different perspective on this sort of book I Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 read Infinity The Story of a Moment by Gabriel Josipoviciead it loved it and only subseuently discovered it was a bio novelRest here Love had vexed his mind making him irritable and irrational There was something in human affection that was at odds with eason he thought like a kind of mild insanity Moral ualms and shortage of willpower I believe Damon Galgut perfectly depicts his protagonist s drawbacks And he magica. In 1912 the SS Birmingham approaches India On board is Morgan Forster novelist and man of letters who is embarking on a journey of discovery As Morgan stands on deck the promise of a strange new future begins to take shape before his eyes The seeds of a story start to gather at the corner of his mind a sense of impending menace lust in close. ,

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Lly ecreates psychological climate and an atmosphere of that long gone era That echo It played in his head at unexpected moments L. Munatius Plancus repeating certain sounds and making nonsense of them But could youemember an echo Memory itself was like another kind of echo everything duplicating endlessly in shadow versions of itself And this is an aura of the place He didn t believe not eally in the supernatural But he didn t entirely disbelieve either India scraped up to the surface a kind of buried animism in him a propensity towards the mystical And an idea of happiness is always better than
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happiness itself But idea of happiness is always better than the happiness itself But the he slowly ealised was part of the point Degradation had its own sensual power and no sooner was he hurrying away from one encounter than his mind was leaping ahead to the next one In the morning when he woke up he was already breathless with anticipation and the hours passed with grinding slowness till the appointed time But the idea was far thrilling than the act which was over almost as soon as it started EM Forster was an unhappy man tormented by his desires and doubts and he lived a miserable life but his moral suffering did make a great writer out of him Having ecently ead Damon moral suffering did make a great writer out of him Having The Pink Pearl recentlyead Damon s In A Strange Room which was brilliant and having a life long love of EM Forster I was prepared to love this novel about the English writer I liked it a lot but for some Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe reason not uite as much as I loved The Master a similar novel in which Colm To b n elouently and plausibly muses on Henry James s life and booksAs in The Master in which To b n calls his protagonist Henry Galgut calls his hero Morgan throughout lovingly as I interpreted it and it brings theeader closer to him and his first name wasn t meant to be Edward anyway Galgut tells us his father accidentally said his own name at the christening Had he been less absent minded Forster s first name would have been the same as James s The title Arctic Summer was the title of a novel Forster never finished and seems fitting for this portrait of him his last and unrevealed story as it were It is part plausible story telling based on The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi research and part Galgut sendition of Forster s thoughts about his homosexuality and the two main loves of his life at least during the period that we follow him Syed Ross Masood and Mohammed el Adl and less so his thoughts about his books In a conversation with Virginia and Leonard Woolf at the end of the novel Forster says that he isn t Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela really a novelist Virginia agrees Leonard does not For my own part I would have liked a bit about his novelsGalguteturns to India. Confines under a hot empty sky It will be another twelve years and a second time spent in India before A Passage to India E M Forster's great work of literature is published During these years Morgan will come to a profound understanding of himself as a man and of the infinite subtleties and complexity of human nature bringing these great ins.
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In this novel and to travelling He creates a story in which Forster puts together his major works but the novel builds up to the creation of what many consider to be Forster s masterpiece A Passage to India Galgut s novel delineates the other novel s development and suggests where many of its ideas spring from It took Forster some twelve years to write he continually abandoned it deeming his memories of India inauthentic until he visited it again Lines from Passage are strewn throughout this novel as if Forster had picked up bits and pieces from conversations and events over the 12 years from its conception to its final composition which he may well have done I ecognized lines spoken by Dr Aziz and DR GODBOLE DESCRIPTIONS OF FORSTER S JOURNEY TO THE Godbole descriptions of Forster s journey to the Caves which became the Marabar Caves and his thoughts on the British Raj many of which made Passage such an important book at the time Forster had the keenest eyes when it came to observing the English in India but also in depth knowledge of some of the differences between Hindus and Muslims in India and thus of the complexities of Indian politics at the time A lot of guess work is necessarily involved as to Forster s feelings of loss and inadeuacy his way of being a forlorn gentle man unable to fathom
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alone experience the of his own sexual desires We are eminded in the beginning of the novel that Wilde was imprisoned only 17 years previously Much of this is both probable and easonable but I felt less willing to grant Galgut the liberty of imagining Forster s small sexual encounters so explicitly It seemed intrusive somehow because Forster himself hid this part of himself from all but his closest friends although I suspect that may have been one of Galgut s easons for including them to imagine them out into the open And my need to protect Forster post humously is no doubt entirely misplaced this is art after all but those were my feelings I have to admit that it also grated on my ears that the word nevertheless is used perhaps 20 times in the novel yet didn t work Or even so however leaving it outIn conclusion though I ead this as an affective homage to Forster Like Forster and through painting this portrait of him Galgut explores human connections and travelling two of my favourite topics At one point in the novel Forster sees a sign in India which is characteristically misspelled favourite topics At one point in the novel Forster sees a sign in India which is characteristically misspelled which comes to be a kind of theme in A Passage to India the memorable God si love an orthographically inaccurate but uite wonderful way to my mind of eiterating the epigraph to Howards End Only connect. Ights to bear in his emarkable novelAt once a fictional exploration of the life and times of one of Britain's finest novelists his struggle to find a way of living and being and a stunningly vivid evocation of the mysterious alchemy of the creative process Arctic Summer is a literary masterpiece by one of the finest writers of his generation. ,