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Next book As the mother of a son who has always loved Superheros I Decided I I decided I to read this Boy am I Loved this book has fun and thrills a good read this Boy am I Loved this book has fun and thrills a good read it very much Superhero in Disguise by Kitty BucholtzAdventures of Lewis and Clarke A Short Story Tori Lewis and her sister Lexie are different After spending most of her life on medicines and different After spending most of her life on medicines and a psychiatrist to help her be normal for her mom she s ready to change Operation Freedom Tori is moving into her own little house and she has stopped taking her pills She was finally going to see who she really isJoe Clarke is from a family of superheroes and he s out on patrol this Halloween night A scream and a couple of devilish teenagers running away sets him into action Something inside urges him to go and help the woman And what he finds on the sidewalk is than he xpected A beautiful blond pirateThis is a shorter story that gives the reader insight into who Tori is and where she He superheroes of Double Bay just as his father before him Nothing is going to keep him from that path But on Halloween no one is who they seem uiet girls can pretend to be bold confident adve. I wouldn t call This A Preuel It a preuel It an opening chapter that the author forgot to write for the first book published Love the writing the mystery the The Shadow Reader emotion Kept me on thedge of my seat Waiting for the next one Though I have rated this at 5 stars which it deserved for plot and characters I did however

find it a 
it a fluffy with little to no Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies explanation behind Tori and what was wrong with her A little was mentioned and I hope it sxplored in future books as I did njoy this book in a way Great uick ReadI really njoyed this uick read Can t wait to see what happens next Tori is cute and funny The thought of being rescued by a tall dark and handsome stranger is very woman s fantasy But when you make him a superhero and that s a fantasy on steroids I liked this short a lot This way too short book about how Tori and Joe meet was fun to read It hints at things gives many clues but never spells much outjust makes you want to read the. Tori Lewis has followed the rules her whole life She’s safe and well heart intact but there’s always been something odd about her something hidden Joe Clarke knows his destiny is to lead ,

review Superhero in Disguise Adventures of Lewis and Clarke #05

Been Also giving a small Glimpse Into Joe S Life into Joe s life tale is the preuel to Unexpected Superhero where it looks like Joe and Tori s story continues The story is humorous at parts and yet serious because Tori has never been allowed to truly be herself An interesting start to a series and a new look on Lewis Clarke This little preuel is so sweet The stage has been set with how they met so I am on to the next book in line 25 StarsIt was cute I might check out the rest of the seriesMy only point of contention is the possibility that the MC Tori could have been manipulating the dude since she can apparently control minds That just felt a bit off specially with the whole Protect her thing that seemed to be choing inside of his head Regardless I m interested in where this could go and I ve never minded a bit of romance I think the story might be gratifying if I read the series first so I might circle back and re valuate if that happen. Nturous And ven a superhero can pretend to be just a man “Superhero in Disguise” is a free Short Story In The Adventures story in the Adventures Lewis and Clarke series a preuel to book one Unexpected Superhe. Superhero in Disguise Adventures of Lewis and Clarke #05
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