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Ctions of the state Government of UP under Mulayam Singh Yadav who was Chief Minister before Kalyan Singhunder whose regime Babri Masjid was demolishedIn any case we can not expect much liberty to be given to a politician even if he had been a Prime Minister So considering that he acted under so many constraints and that he did NOT USE THE BOOK TO PRAISE GANDHI FAMILY AS use the book to praise Gandhi family as a wont of Congress politician I really felt glad to read the bookAbout the whole issue I would like to uote the counsel of UP who replied to Supreme Court in utter disbelief after the debacle that I was misled by the party and my head hangs in shame Indeed any proud citizen of India feels betrayed and his head hangs in shame A Prime Minister s last statement on what transpired that fateful and the defence of his legacy Ex PM Rao writes about the dispute and the days leading up to the demolition of Babri masjid This is a must read for someone who wants to understand the dispute and the legacy of PV Narasimha Rao The book also contains detailed appendices dealing with each point This book written by our ex Prime Minister Shri P V Narasimha Rao does a great job of depicting the events leading to the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya The fact the events leading to the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya The fact events leading to the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya The fact Shri Narasimha Rao ji wanted the book published after his death is commendable He has been accused on uite a few times of not keeping the law and order situation in check but instead of publishing the book while he was alive and trying to clear his name the fact that he chose to get the book published later adds to the fact that his actions were propelled most by the duties and responsibilities befitting a Prime Minister The book depicts the intricacies and complexities and the multitude of stakeholders involved in the issue and the fact that apart from pure religious sentiments there were socialpolit. No uncertain terms how the issue of building a Ram mandir at Ayodhya was politicized for electoral benefit. Rse the motive of one s political party So the first impression that comes is to avoid the book But thankfully I gave a chance to this book which has provided a lot of information regarding this heinous act of fanaticsMr Rao has taken the task of a chronicler seriously and has given a very detailed account of the whole dispute For a better understanding of the complex matter he has given a chronological list of major events starting from early sixteenth century ie when Babri Masjid was built in Ayodhya His main account starts from the Masjid was built in Ayodhya His main account starts from the and unfortunate night of 23 December 1949 when a group of men had surreptitiously placed idol of Lord Ram in the premises of Mosue This single act set in motion a chain of events that were to become most contentious in independent India This incident gave our country many riots a list is provided in the book though it may not be exhaustive stalled parliament for many ears resulted in Rise Of Many Pro Hindu of many pro Hindu threatening the secular environment BJP s tally of seats in parliament rose from 2 to 88 during late 80 s and has dented the image of our country internationallyThe book has provided many Government documents to clarify Rao s point of view Many court proceedings judgements as well as many official letters of importance have been published providing a rich literature to understand the issue Because my knowledge about Ram Janam Bhoomi Babri Masjid issue is limited I will refrain myself from concluding any point but will say that the book contains enough matter to make it a good read Mr Rao has done a commendable job till the point he explains why did he not opt to impose President s rule in Uttar Pradesh when the atmosphere of the state had gone really tense We can not deny any political motive behind his own decision but have to give him credit that he appreciated The 1992 incident with the unsuccessful attack on the Babri Masjid by kar sevaks in 1990 Rao discloses in.

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Ayodhya by P.V. Narasimha RaoTakes ou through the turning point of india with sound explanation of what actionsinaction were choosen at critical juncture and why one of my personal favorites of all time A well written and carefully drafted book on one of the most important incidents in Indian history This book has been written about arguably one of the most controversial topics of Indian political history If that wasn t enough of an incentive it s been written by the person who was in the eye of the storm the prime minster PV Narsimha Rao Steeped with facts it made me uestion minster PV Narsimha Rao Steeped with facts it made me uestion I thought I knew for a fact It s well written and covers almost all aspects of the dispute For the particularly interested I would recommend reading the final judgment passed by the Supreme Court of India in November 2019 on the issue The judgment and book when contrasted will bring to light the biases ingrained in our system The book presents the account of the author PVNarashimarao the Prime Minister of India at the time of demolition of the Babri Masjid The said account is supported by documentary evidence which forms annexures to the book However the book mainly is a justification of the actions or inactions of Mr Rao and fails ou present a vivid picture of the circumstances then prevailing Nonetheless the book is an earnest attempt to present unbiased facts and a must read for a reader keen to study the long troubled history of Ayodhya After finding that the book is authored by P V Narasimha Rao the Prime Minister of India when Ayodhya s debacle happened not many will take this book seriously And there are enough reasons to doubt the book s integrity An astute politician like PV Rao writing about the most horrifying incident of his tenure can never be trusted It easily could be passed thinking that the book is an effort to save the face in public and endo. This work records Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao's view of what really happened at Ayodhya why Comparing. .