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Prince Hafizs Only Vice eEcent College graduateCreative Director s assistantillustratorblond hairbrownyes5 6 Hayley Grace Hales and I were off to a slower start but in the Aristotle and Poetic Justice end I feel she is perfect for Daniel and she proved it time and time again Seven words to describe Hayley Broken na ve cocky bold opinioned charming and lovableOff the charts sexual tension yet their first sexualncounter as well as the rest is not very descriptive But it didn t need to be Daniel and Hayley s relationship is fast moving and addictive while feeling real Their attraction and sexual tensions is palpable and I felt butterflies reading about them falling for And Bid Him Sing: A Biography of Countée Cullen each otherThis is a 5 star read for me It took me longer to connect with Hayley and there were some side characters that felt off Daniel s secretary and some logistics and as mentioned sex scenes weren t descriptive yet it all worked for me I didn t want to put Kindle down Itnded in a cliffy or sorts but I loved Daniel s POV at Bachelors and Bunnies: The Sexual Politics of Playboy end and I can t wait to see what book 2 Inner Core has in store Excellent plot Sizzling sexual tension throughout Interesting heroine Very memorable hero A heart warming tale A pleasant surprise I am highly recommending Hales he purrs uietly with closedyes his nose grazing my flesh I am so yours than I ve Cyberwar: The Next Threat to National Security What to Do About It ever been mine Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSex scenes rating 45 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsStoryline concept rating 5 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStorynding rating NABook Girl in Pieces editing rating 5 nodits spotted 4 starsOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes Complete series for 99cents Fairy tales do happen the slutty princess who did not believe in love who used to take advantage of innocent men who finally got Battleground Chicago: The Police and the 1968 Democratic National Convention enchanted by a handsome slightly deranged prince They re both committed to an asylum in a faraway kingdom doing it like bunnies till thend of days So if that s not nough to classify this as a savvy sexy yet sweet story about two people meeting by feisty chanceSome of the coffee manages to spill on my white blouse I murm Book Layers Stark 1Author Sigal EhrlichPublication Date October 10 2013Type Part of Series CliffhangerGenre RomanceRating 4 out of 5 StarsReviewI had to read this book because of being part of the tour for Stark 2 and it was a good book I thoroughly njoyed the author s writing style and how her descriptions were crisp and clear It was Bridging Liberalism and Multiculturalism in American Education easy for me to pictureverything going on in my head as the story progressedI believe the problem I had with the story only being good and not great is that at the same time I was reading another book that the plot and premise were almost 90% the same If I had to choose between the two books it would definitely be this one hands down but by reading both at the same timedid me inThe sex scenes were smokin the fights were incredible and the banter with smart ass comments were to die for I love Hayley and Daniel togetherexcept for one little pet peeve I have about somethingit bothered me a bit when Hayley would think in her mind and call him D That kinda irked meRe CapHayley loses a bet and gets roped into going to an interview with company tour at the great Stark Industries While there she breaks from the crowd to get a cup of coffee and gets caught by a hot guy in jeans They chit chat while Hayley starts dissing Mr Stark unbeknownst to her that she really is speaking with Daniel StarkOnce Daniel sees Hayley he knows he has to have her and the banter starts He loves that Hayley gives it back to him and doesn t hold back her opinions or sharp tongue There is a problem thoughDaniel doesn t do relationships because of trust issues and Hayley has never done relationships in the pastSo you can just imagine the problems these two face when bodies and minds collide They nd up both addicted to ach other and can t *seem to get nough in and out of the bedBut what is any good book in need *to get nough in and out of the bedBut what is any good book in need Dramaangstand yes folks we have that here By the last uarter of the book we have nough angst to choke a cow But what s in store for Book 2 I m with youI have no freakin clueWrap UpI m happy I read the beginning of this series and can t wait to start the second book and I promise this time to read this book by itself Maybe we will have a 5 Star with the next one ARC kindly provided by author for an honest review45 starsTitle LayersSeriesStark 1 AuthorSigal Ehrlich Release Date October 10 2014Rating45 starsCliffhangerYes HEA VIEW SPOILERTHERE S A CLIFFY view spoilerThere s a cliffy no hide spoiler Stark Trilogy 1 299 pages release date October 10 2013 To reach the core of inner beauty one must first unravel the many protective layers About the Story San Francisco Hayley is living in a little apartment with her best friend TashaShe s working a temporary job until a dreamjob at a magazine comes her wayShe wantsneeds to give up those mpty one night stands Because that s the only form of relationships she s had for as long as she can rememberAnd when she accompanies Tasha to a job interview at Stark Software her caffeine addiction leads her to the boss s private kitchen where she accidentally runs into the Boss Man himself without knowing that he s THE Daniel Stark Billionaire Business Hottie one Daniel s many cars a Bugatti VeyronThey start talking and flirting and they City Limits end up having coffee together the next dayDaniel doesn t do relationships But he s so completely charmed and surpised by Hayley he wants to give it a tryThey start a thing both not really knowing what kind of thing it is but we can see that they re falling forach other Hayley thinks that Daniel has some huge mood changing problems He s adorably sweet one minute and mad and angry the next A bit BipolarThere will be lots of problems on their way to a happy ndBUT there won t be a happy nd any time soon I have one word for you CLIFFHANGER But that s it I m not telling you anything you have to read it yourself to find out what happens MY THOUGHTS I really loved itThe first impression you get well maybe not you but I got it as a huge Fan of Fifty Shades and Crossfire tc it s just the sameGirl falls in love with a rich guy a guy with hidden problems she has a best friend and another gay best friend they text all the time they have sex a lot the book is ven called Layers Shades Layers hm just take out the kinky stuff from FSOG and it s just the same BUT that doesn t make Layers bad Not at all I loved itIt was A Wonderfully Romantic And Sexy And Funny wonderfully romantic and sexy and funny moving RomanceDaniel is such an adorably funny hot guyOf course he has problems from being abandoned by his dad when he was a little boy and he never really had a girlfriend he only used professional Culture and Enchantment escorts because they couldn t hurt him So all this having a girlfriend thing is completely new for him But it s also completely new for Hayley too She s used to uncomplicated one night standsAnd to see the two of them doing this relationship thing together is really sweet and sexy and funny and cute We have LOTS of sexy moments in the book sexy moments in his office sexy moments in Mexicotc Of course there are also very sad and frustrating momentsThis book was a really great sexy Romance go and get itYou won t regret itEven the writing style is interesting and the way Sigal lets her characters talk in that funny way I really njoyed reading itI CAN T WAIT FOR BOOK 2 TO COME OUT VERRRRY SOOOOON PLEAS. Verdict by Hayley and her two best friends Ian the gay self absorbed aspiring model and Natasha the witty borderline neurotic soul mate Daniel Stark is to be Hayley’s pure physical attraction motions aside D DAY Through German Eyes 2 era closureWill it indeed be a closure or a beginning to something neither Hayley nor Danielver bargained Daniel sighs Well tell him he ll have to wait His shirt is wide open now He unbuckles his belt looking at me with a predator s gleeMy insides tighten and I swallow hard murmuring What are you doing Daniel You This is another one of those really intense romances which completely consume me I will say that for the first 10% or so I didn t fully connect It felt a little too reminiscent of Fifty Shades and Daniel Stark s name a little too close to Damien Stark and I feared that we were about to mbark on a well worn and rather too familiar path but all of sudden it just seemed to click and the author really got into her stride and owned the story Daniel and Hayley came vividly to life and I slipped comfortably into their story and just lost myselfDaniel Stark is our mercurial billionaire he s searing and intense very short tempered with his staff an absolute perfectionist He s a self made software billionaire a workaholic and his wealth and past xperiences have led him to trust no one and not to allow anyone to get close His relationships have mostly been a series of very Democratic Art expensive call girls and he has pretty much decided that he ll never fall in love Until one day Hayley barges into his life mutteringxpletives as she spills coffee down her shirt Why me then I ask in a small voice Because it s you He smiles his Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? eyes narrowing tenderly as he kisses me again profoundly Because you re simply you and there s no onelse I want Hayley well I really loved her She s a college graduate just about ready to mbark on her career in fashion journalism and she s not about to be treated like a doormat by Daniel Stark She s feisty and she knows her own mind but she s about to be swept away by Daniel Stark and there s very little she can do about it She s got some great friends Tasha and Ian and they lend some wonderful humour to the novel and Ian her gay male model friend really does have the best lines Biatches Ian murmurs smiling Turning to face me he declares I ve missed you lately gorgeous with you being Danielized and all Come over and give me some of you I cheerfully bend to smack a kiss on his mouth Yes I have to agree with that I have been completely DanielizedBoth Hayley and Daniel at the beginning are fairly closed books to us we don t understand the way that they behave but as the titles imply layers are slowly peeled back to reveal the inner core and gradually we get to know these two pretty well There s still some mystery here definitely only half a story is told so far to all be concluded in Inner Core I think Sigal Ehrlich did a fantastic job of really showing a couple gradually falling in love the way they move from intense yet fairly unemotional sexual hookups to something far deeper much personal was beautifully done I really felt their growing connection how much Daniel couldn t bear to be parted from his Hayley and how much she grew to rely on him and need himWhen I come up for air after a few xtended moments I manage to finally say what was processing at the back of my mind throughout the day I can t believe how much I love you His Codependent Forevermore: The Invention of Self in a Twelve Step Group embrace tightens and I rest my head on his shoulder whispering I love you so much Daniel It s probably fair to place this one in the adult contemporary genre rather thanrotic romance sure there are sex scenes and they are hot but they re not pages long not huge on details and a few of them are fade to black This novel is all about the intensity the power of the love this rather dysfunctional couple feel for Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust each other Of course there is the ubiuitous cliffhanger things do notnd well for Hayley and Daniel but thankfully book 2 was released just a few days agoSo if you Conscience and Memory enjoy a sexy brooding billionaire having hismotional defences torn down by the girl he didn t know he needed or wanted then I think this one will definitely work for you I read it in one sitting once I connected with this couple I found it really hard to put down and am going to Pansy Vol. 6 embark on Book 2 straight away4 soulful starsRead this review at Sinfully Sexy Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter 4 stars I am so yours than I vever been mine Layers is a story about Bleeding Beauty and Prince Harming You know your usual boy meets girl story Boy sends girl mixed messages for a while Boy driving girl insane with all of his contradicting cues Boy goes from I don t kiss if it doesn t mean anything to coming all the way to girl s first day at a new job just because he had to kiss her A bet lost has Hayley running into Daniel thinking he is someone Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods else she lets it all her sharp tongue rip which leaves her with her foot in her mouth So Hayley what was I accused of so far Being arrogant condescending and a stalker Can t wait to hear whatlse you ll come up with before tomorrow There s a lot for me to live up to Hayley thinks she has Daniel pegged but she didn t see behind his wall he s a very private man only sharing himself To Those He Thinks Worthy those he thinks worthy s intriguing and charming in a bad boy kind of way I say pondering and absolutely hot He acts *s intriguing and charming in a bad boy kind of way I say pondering and absolutely hot He acts though it s than just plain attraction but I m pretty sure he s the biggest player Oh a male version of you and as she gets to know him layer upon layer is revealed ones that tug at something deep inside her making her want to run as much as she wants to stay I am so yours than I ve Elizabeth I ever been mine With all good things comes the bad the balance to make sure we appreciate what we have and Hayley and Daniel are noxception they are tested but the Education in a New Society end doesn t look at all good for the pair could they overcome the hurt they causeach other and concentrate on the good Too deep too Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education emotional too cosmic too manic too compatible I honestly didn t know what toxpect with Layers kind of went in blind and I have to say I was than pleasantly surprised This book was full of sexy banter laughs and some swoon worthy moments I loved this pair there was so much to Daniel than meets the ye and to see him unfold just dug him deeper under my skin Hayley was funny sassy heroine that had two best friends that loved her unconditionally wanting to just have fun but Daniel had other plans for them I was kind of surprised to learn that there was a second book which sucked because I wasn t gonna get my happily ver after While I think their reactions we re a bit over the top who am I to really judge The Baby Swap Miracle everyone handles things differently and I had to just watch it all unfold An overall intriguingly sexy read ARC kindly provided by the author via NetGalley inxchange for an honest review uotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication 3 StarsI thought Sigal Ehrlich did a fine job with her debut novel There is a book two which is due out this coming January I found her writing strong and the pace well done but I found the story to be just okayDaniel Stark wasn t as dark as I wanted I guess I like my billionaire s much twisted He does have a bad temper with his mployees and has been burned in the public so he doesn t do relationships I wasn t so taken with him because I kept waiting so he doesn t do relationships I wasn t so taken with him because I kept waiting something bad to happen Haley internally referring to him as a psycho kinda added to that feeling Truthfully he s pretty normal and the sex scenes weren t very steamyHaley was a very likable main character and doesn t annoy a reader There s some blushing some fancy cars a trip to Baja and of course the BIG misunderstanding which leads to. According to Hayley love is a subject of ridicule a myth created by hopeless romanticsWhen Hayley makes a resolution to declare her loose lifestyle ra RIP it’s all good in theoryThat is until she meets Daniel Stark a well respected mid thirties business man who is known for his short temper lack of steady relation. Depressed days tcThe nding wasn t a happy for now scenario but I m confident that these two will have an hea As for continuing with the next book I m not so sure since they are already on their path back togetherOverall this was an okay read nothing crazy or memorable Ok this would have been a 5 star review for the story characters and the writing It was really good and Daniel Stark was a good alpha but what stopped me giving the xtra stars is that last page yep there is a BOOK 2 and if I had known that we are not told I would have waited until book 23 were released Its well know I don t do trilogies but what I don t like ven is the fact that we don t know we are reading oneSo Sigal Ehrlich please be up front next time and let the reader know its than one storyUpdate Sigal Ehrlich has contacted me since my review books will be numbered I heart Layers HARDWell that was a lovely reading Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation experience I definitelynjoyed meeting the hot sexy Mr Daniel Stark and I m thinking it s time to consider updating my laminated list of favorite fictional males because HOLY HOT MAN IN BOARD SHORTS Layers was DAMN good I want the next book nowNow that I ve gotten that out of the way let me tell you about this bookIn Layers we meet Daniel Stark who is the owner and inventor of Stark Solutions He s been listed in Forbes for his achievements and has amassed a wealth that has rivals trying to get a piece of his fortune He doesn t trust Gender Justice easily and forming any meaningful relationships hasn t uite worked for him in the past So when he crashes into Haley Grace as she tours his company and sneaks into his private kitchen for a uick caffeine fix he s taken aback by her bold assessment of Mr Stark realizing she doesn t uite know he s the target of her harsh opinion Haley never intended to interview for Stark Solutions To be frank she lost a bet and found herself interacting with this mysterious Starkmployee named Daniel and telling him how pretentious she finds the owner of the company to insist on a private kitchen The nerveWhen she s later asked to return for a second interview with the owner himself she s shocked to find that the Generations and Collective Memory employee she talked to in the kitchen is Mr Stark himself Whatnsues is her turning down a job offer and ripping him a new one for making a joke of her and disrespecting her time However as Daniel slowly drops his guard and xposes his passionate yet playful side Haley finds herself intrigued and reconsiders her opinion of him There begins a romance that s not without its share of obstacles There are so many different layers to him he never ceases to amaze me HaleyI immediately came to njoy Haley Grace as a character I like her openness and confidence but what stood out most was her honest and accurate assessment of Daniel Her mental dialog which at times could be a bit harsh was never off the mark I sort of found her mental babble about him humorous Haley s not shy about sharing how she feels about Daniel and admitting he can be a bit arrogant volatile with a side of psycho However there s no doubt a genuine attraction and deep seeded longing for him From Notes to Narrative exists and she ultimately begins to have strong feelings for Daniel Have you lost your words now do you need a moment DanielDaniel Stark is the uintessential attractive character that s gorgeous refined and confident yet can also be domineering and impulsive I actually liked thedgy side to his character It made him xciting and unpredictable which is how I like the leading male to be at times But most importantly I liked how Haley responded to Daniel and how she handled his mood shifts with tempered patience She was never intimidated by him but rather would confront Daniel in a way that resonated with him Haley had an ability to step back and view him from a careful distance to try and understand his responses to

people and situations 
and situations ultimately fell into a passionate yet playful relationship which was fun to see unfold I njoyed their moments together and reading their playful dialog created a light feeling to balance the heated moments Exciting The sea the sunset our closeness him his words I want to stay in this moment foreverSigal Ehrlich as a graceful yet vivid way of making the reader feel like they re in the moment with her characters She s not overly descriptive so I can only describe it as knowing the right words to use at the perfect time to create that feeling where the reader is right alongside the cast as they journey through their day to day She times her back story reveals carefully to create the proper flow and pacing which ultimately creates a solid grounding for feeling in the moment with the story In addition I truly God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School enjoyed the secondary castspecially Tasha with her genuine ability to be the right kind of friend when Haley needed it I would have loved to see of Ian but I have a feeling I ll get my wish in the second book *So I M Looking *I m looking to seeing of themLastly I knew going into it that there would be a cliffhanger However for some reason the cliffhanger in Layers didn t annoy me as most cliffies often do I guess because Sigal Ehrlich did what authors should do in their first installment which is to lay the foundation for the story make you fall for the characters don t overwhelm the reader with Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) excessive drama yet whet your appetite for because when you turn the final pages of the first book you re not uite ready to let the story go Well done I can t wait to read the continuation of Stark Layers book 1 of 2 A pleasant surprise addictive story following Daniel Stark Haley s captivating courtship with off the charts sexual tension I can always take them off if they re an issue If you put it that way I think all of your clothes are a major issue Hayley For fuck s sake get rid of all of these issues Books in Stark Series should be read in orderBook 1 LayersBook 2 Inner CoreLayers book 1 is the story of recent College graduate Hayley Grace who while in the process of getting a job at a magazine gets a call back from Stark Software Technologies for a second interview with no other than its CEO and founder billionaire Daniel Stark himselfShe goes in for interview and realizes that Mr Stark and she had met at the previous job orientation Shends up turning down the job offer and instead he asks her out for coffeeStory follows them as what was initially for Daniel meant as coffee in hopes of a one night stand uickly takes a different turn when Hayley recently sworn off casual hock ups but alert to the way the game is played isn t interested Daniels steps up his game and so an interesting and captivating relationship nsues Follow them through ups and downs as they get to know ach other deal with their pasts and different lifestyles Only to have their world come crashing down You look delicious I say and am greeted with an admiring stare No that would be you DANIEL STARK 34 yearsFounder CEO Stark Software Technologiesblond hairhazel yes6 3 tattooscars Daniel Stark surprised me or maybe the story did Yes he is a mogul and a self made billionaire but it was much absolute pleasure following him as he went from controlling hot headed business owner to man with a crush He has a past and a vulnerable side but it didn t remind me of anyone lse He felt uniue somehow Seven words to describe Daniel visionary commanding impulsive reflective flawed caring and captivating HAYLEY J GRACE HALES 25 yearsr. Ships as well as his strict preserve of his private lifeOpinionated sharp tongued Hayley accidently steps into his office leaving Daniel resolved to put Hayley in her place and have her in his bedBoth Hayley and Daniel can’t avoid the immediate instigation of the attraction between themIn a unanimously agreed upon. .
Layers author Sigal Ehrlich