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Not just one of the best books you ll ever read about the complicated period leading up to the Civil War but one of the best history books you ll ever read period When I was an undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island professor Klein assigned his own book for his Civil War class thus I was already turned off while oing into the reading However the story was incredibly interesting and I loved the reading However the story was incredibly interesting and I loved the he presented it The academic historian in me was reluctant at first for take heed this is a popular history book The whole thing read as an exciting novel that I could just not put down Truth be told I was entertained and I loved it I was interested in this book because of my recent visit to Charleston and Fort Sumter The book covers events in the US just prior to and including April 1861 when the Confederacy decided to bombard the Federal fort in Charleston Harbor It is a detailed look at the events politics factionalism and the people who influenced those events Slavery was of course the major issue but it was overshadowed purposely by the issue of secession along with the the attendant roles of the Federal Sister of My Heart government and states rights It was interesting toet the perspective of the London Times reporter William Russell as he was able to King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies give a somewhat unbiased review of events as they unfolded The Southern oligarchy hated northerners New Englanders and abolitionists in particular and likewise northerners hated the southern oligarchs Southerners had ruled Congress for years but were losing theirrip They knew their days were numbered and big changes detrimental to their way of life were forthcoming by the time Lincoln and the Republicans won the 1860 election Russell believed that the North would Win The War Because the war because had the manufacturing infrastructure He thought southerners were delusional in thinking that they would Rescuing Gus gain Britain as an ally because of King Cotton win the war and establish Montgomery Alabama as their new country s commercial center similar to New York City As it turns out he was correct Bravado machismo and silly pride played huge roles Southern culture was based on the superior compared to blacks southernentleman s divine right to own slaves not a Class of 92: Out of Our League good basis The book also provided insight into the precarious situation that US Major Robert Anderson the commander of US forces at Ft Sumter navigated with courage Anderson was a southerner and was pro slavery but duty to country came first At the time the Confederacy decided to start the war Anderson and his soldiers were down to only about three days of food and would have had to abandon the fort anyway With one very clever message sent to South Carolina sovernor just days before the bombardment President Lincoln put the onus of starting the war on the Confederacy Lincoln also sent ships to bring relief to the fort the Confederacy started shelling the fort from all sides just as US ships were Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story gathering to cross the bar into the harbor The book couldet tedious at times as there is a lot. Illuminating and well written Deserves a place in the highest ranks of Civil War scholarship The Cleveland Plain DealerIn November 1860 telegraph lines carried the news that Abraham Lincoln had been elected president Over the next five months the United States drifted stumbled and finally plunged into the most destructive war

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Days of Defiance Sumter Secession and the Coming of the Civil War

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Ter interest to me was learning about the infighting in Lincoln s cabinet the perceptions of the London Times reporter William Howard Russell and the details about all the communication faux pas that complicated the months leading up to warI actually chose to read this book in preparation for my upcoming trip to Charleston so I was most interested in the parts of Days of Defiance that narrated events within South Carolina I ll be visiting Fort Sumter so I loved learning all about the siege 35 stars A readable fast moving history of the secession crisis and the outbreak of war at Fort Sumter Klein describes all of the various political maneuvering and strategic debates in the North and the South in a well paced readable fashionKlein is primarily concerned with the forts crisis in Charleston and describes events here in an engaging lively way Despite compromise proposal after compromise proposal both short and long term the northern Republicans would not budge regarding the extension of slavery and likewise the South saw the loss of its hold on the presidency as a threat to its own institutions namely slavery These die hard positions made things exceedingly difficult for those inclined to compromise For many secession was a direct threat to *the very concept of republican overnment Needless to say the whole tone of the narrative has a *very concept of republican overnment Needless to say the whole tone of the narrative has a almost fatalistic tone Secession Klein writes was not an arcane concept that southerners a rim almost fatalistic tone Secession Klein writes was not an arcane concept that southerners rarely considered but a deliberate threat that they took pretty damn seriously a house wine always on hand in Klein s wordsKlein brings a lot of characters into this story but he often only refers to them later he ll introduce so and so briefly in this section and then mention their actual actions in detail much later which can et a little confusing at times The descriptions of some of these characters seem excessive an entire chapter is dedicated to the personal lives of some minor South Carolina figures Klein also calls the North s theories of a Great Slave Conspiracy in which wily southern interests supported the Kansas Nebraska Act to ain a foothold for slavery in free territory absurd although there is some truth to this Buchanan for example attempted to influence Supreme Court justice Grier to o along with the southern majority on the Dred Scott caseA well researched compelling and dramatic history This book ives a surprisingly readable detail of the events leading up to Fort Sumter From beatings in the halls of Congress to the riotous streets of Charleston SC this book begins the journey which would ultimately lead to what I consider to be the one of the defining moments in our nation s history I love the Civil War and I don t believe you can comprehend the American experience without an understanding of the Civil WarVerily thus saith the Lord concerning the wars that will shortly come to pass beginning at the rebellion of South Carolina which will ultimately terminate in the death and misery of many souls Doctrine and Covenants 871. Lusive and relatively unknown Abraham Lincoln; from Secretary of State Seward carrying on his own private negotiations with the South to Major Robert Anderson sitting in his island fortress awaiting reinforcements Never has this immensely significant moment in our national story been so intelligently of so spellbindingly relate. Of detail but I found it to be insightful How often have we learned that once Lincoln was elected the South seceded This book delves into the period right before the election the 4 candidates and how the vote went the inability of President Buchanan to keep the country unified the attempts to negotiate and finally the Ft Sumter battle that ot the war Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi goingWell written and areat deal of info new Many of the states such as Virginia had a hard time leaving the Union Virginia had many leaders who were strong Unionists and the convention to secede took 17 rounds of voting Days of Defiance tells the story of took 17 rounds of voting Days of Defiance tells the story of lead up to the Civil War primarily in Washington DC and Charleston South Carolina The story is told from the perspective of many of the main participants of the political battles and last minute negotiations to prevent a war from starting at that point Klein s writing alternated from being fluid and readable to confusing and overblown with period vocabulary The sheer volume of detailed names and anecdotes ended up overwhelming me with facts and the transitions from politicians to Mary Chestnut s journal entries were freuently jarring This is a reat secondary source for students of the times but I did not see it as an easy read for the non history buff Style of this very well researched book with lots of details in the correspondence Amazed at Style of this very well researched book with lots of details in the correspondence Amazed at intricate timelining that Klein used keeping track of all the events and communications in this 4 month period Reviews of this book as novel like were accurate As You Did Seem To you did seem to a sense of the historic characters and what made them tick Interesting that the book seemed to be so harsh on Mary Chesnut as though to intentionally debunk the image of her in Ken Burns documentary Anyway the detailed account of the months between 1860 election and Fort Sumter and all the potential doors that were closed between sides was very fascinating An excellent back and forth view of Southern and Northern personalities that led to the firing on Sumter It covers the period between Lincoln s election and that event I left once persuaded that although the immediate cause of the war was about a state s right to leave the union the underlying cause was always slavery I became obsessed with the Civil War in junior high after watching the miniseries North and South and have since then read books than I can remember on the topic But this volume deals with a weak spot in my knowledge that I didn t even realize was so incomplete I ve always thought of the outbreak of war in terms of 1Lincoln s election 2South Carolina s succession 3the fall of Fort Sumper That s correct but oh so simplified Days of Defiance spends 400 plus pages fleshing out that outline While a lot of it was interesting I would have been happy with 200 pages The middle section of the book oes into Alien Alpha great detail about all the different negotiations taking place in the Senate and House as they tried to reach some sort of compromise that would keep the country together Ofrea. His country has ever faced With a masterful eye for telling detail Maury Klein provides fascinating new insights into the period from the election of Abraham Lincoln to the shelling of Fort SumterKlein brings the key players in the tragedy unforgettably to life from the vacillating lame duck President Buchanan to the taciturn ,