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Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement gThe Chocolate Temptation was so so lovely The Amour et Chocolate series continues to bewitch and seduce me and has become one of my all time favorite adult romances series to date Patrick is the second to Luc Leroi the head chef in the pastry kitchen of Hotel de Leuce in Paris with coveted and prestigious three Michelin stars The pressure and pace in the kitchen isrueling and only the best of the best work there Yet Patrick runs things with charm and an easy oing race a calming and uniting force He makes perfection look effortless but if you look close enough you can see his intensity and need for absolute control His one weakness the little uiet and focused intern Sarah is so utterly tempting without even knowing it She may be his undoing because Patrick is slowly losing his fight resisting her But oh God I want her I want her I want her I can t stand this any I can t The ache of it was oing to swallow him wholeSarah won a sought after internship working under Patrick who makes perfection look easy confounding and frustrating her Sarah s need to be perfect drives her After all she ave up a promising career as an engineer to follow her dream of being a pastry chef so failure is not an option In spite of all her efforts and drive Sarah still feels like she falls short It doesn t help that Patrick is a distraction who could break her heart if she let him He s like a sun kissed The Craving god soorgeous His The Murder Exchange gestures of care and constant flirting are like little stabs to her heart because they mean something to her and they may just be automatic andiven without much thought by Patrick Because he treats everyone like that rightI just loved Patrick and Sarah s story It felt intense and introspective and I was tightly wound in a Love in Catalina Cove (Catalina Cove good way while reading this These two were souarded and cautious about revealing the depth of their feelings I was happy that they each ave in incrementally slowly revealing and For all of Sarah and Patrick s insecurities there were no frustrating setbacks and even when there was a misunderstanding they dealt with it maturely and with care This romance was of the slow burn variety Laura Florand masterfully teased and built up tension with seemingly innocent scenes such as a hand massage or a uiet dark walk home turning them into something utterly sensual Oh my heart Patrick I loved every time he called Sarah Sarabelle and just how overcome he was by her Merde u est ce ue tu es jolie he said and kissed her How pretty you are So so so so pretty he breathed hotly into her mouth and a hand rubbed hard up her back to the clasp of her hair releasing it to spill over their faces Oh God There was to their romance though a deeper story for each of them Sarah had a lot of inner struggles reconciling her dreams with her love and consideration of her family Patrick was worried about letting his desires and dreams be known for fear they d be yanked from him The Chocolate Temptation is fifth book I ve read in the Amour et Chocolate series Each story hits me in different but profound way Laura Florand s prose is beautiful without being over the top orgeous really I have fourteen pages of highlighted uotes on my kindle if that s any indication If you haven t picked up this series yet what are you waiting for It s a MUST for any romance junkie A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review uotes taken from an uncorrected proof and may change in

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final copy at 44%I m done Patrick is such a manipulating asshole and Sarah is just a fk doormat why Because she s Asian that at this point I just can t force myself to read another pageAnd don t even et me started on sexual harassment accusations she works under his orientation and he has been playing with herSo yeah no You orientation and he has been playing with herSo yeah no You me well Patrick I thought you were a sane funny kind of personInstead you re a ma First read Aug 201535 starsI forgot that I haven t finished this series yet eep anyway Laura Florand wows as always with her orgeous description of foodReread June 2016I dunno why I didn t Trudy give this a 4 because it s pretty fantastic so I m remedying that now I just want to hug Patrick ok ok ok and also SarahI just want to hug them both and never letoReread May 2017I m always entertained by how huge of a crush Patrick has on Sarah I went back and forth so many times about whether to ive this 3 or 4 stars Because while the book was engrossing and so dang well written like everything Florand writes is at the same time I hit this point about 34 of the way through when I just wanted the conflict to resolve already The characters problems started feeling a little old and I just wanted them to hurry up and figure it out The other issue I had with this book was that I spent pretty much all of it wanting Sarah to be proactive She was so passive the whole time and it started to drive me a little crazy But still despite those things the book was wonderful and warm and the perfect thing to read on a winter night Okay so first of all this book is FILTHY and I mean that in the best of all possible ways These books are always deliciously dirty but between Patrick s inner monologue about the ways Sarah isn t safe from him and the actual tying him up I was fully invested in the Sarah isn t safe from him and the actual tying him up I was fully invested in the aspect of this bookSecond I am very impressed with how well this functions as a companion book to The Chocolate Heart and yet stands completely on its own You can absolutely read one without the other but they re both the better I think for having read them both To me thi. She hated himPatrick Chevalier The charming laid back olden second in command of the Paris pastry kitchen where Sarah worked as intern who made everything she failed at seem so easy and who could have every woman he winked at falling for him without even trying She hat.
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The Chocolate Temptation

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Tchen that Laura Florand can write and let me take just a moment to say how well she writes kitchen scenes I feel as though I m there in the the chaos with burning sugar and delicate creations So well doneAfter all of that we have delicious scenes like this teaser Oh yes you like this don t you he breathedShe closed her eyes against that The Unlikeliest Hero: The Story of Desmond T. Doss glitter against how much she liked it turning her face into the bunched comforter as he let her upper body settle back on the mattress You like me in you this deep Sarabelle His darkest roughest murmurShe didn t answer out loud but then she didn t have to Her body clutched around him and he seemed to understand that language very well Are youoing to like it when I take you this hard You ll have to read to find out winkRating B 01192014 Overall Rating 45 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb Book Title 4 35 5 4 StarsWriter s Voice 4 StarsCharacter Development 4 StarsStory Appreciation 5 StarsWorth the Chili 4 Stars 499 on Smexy HEAT Rating Mild Intimacy is OFF the Charts313 pagesWow Not sure what to say about this one I wasn t expecting the experience I received I rec d this to a friend who I think will understand my deep emotion in this one I had ood bumps through most of it A really BEAUTIFUL story It can be read as a stand alone and there is NO cliffhanger endingThe GOOD about this read1 This author has a real way with words She sucked me into this story Her words are like flittering butterflies You have to pay very close attention or you may miss something really wonderful I wasn t sure what I felt at about 8% Her words painted a bit of a fuzzy picture for me but when I focused think about a camera s lens allowing you to twist and turn until the image is much clearer the picture was beautiful and crystal clear So I focused I really can t describe this experience I had oose bumps through most of this Watching Patrick become brave sure of Sarah And Sarah She is that lovely serious dedicated little irl who rows into this smart hard working but so Originally posted hereApparently I ve had a draft of a review for The Chocolate Temptation by Laura Florand sitting in my dashboard for the past few months I dusted it off and tweaked it just in time for Amour et Florand this weekend It s always a pleasure to read a book by one of your favorite authors The Chocolate Temptation is part of the Amour et Chocolat series and the books can be read out of order because they stand well enough on their own However the characters in The Chocolate Temptation were earlier featured in The Chocolate Heart so I think it would be a Prisoner of Midnight good idea to read the latter first I was intrigued by Patrick in The Chocolate Heart so I m delighted that heot his own bookOut of all the Amour et Chocolat novels The Chocolate Temptation stands out because one of the main characters is a female pastry chef I know how male dominated the industry is since have A Cousin Abroad Who cousin abroad who in that field so it s pretty interesting et a better idea of what things are like from Sarah s "point of view I think Sarah is a reat character I love how brave she is in terms "of view I think Sarah is a reat character I love how brave she is in terms changing career paths She s an intelligent person with an engineering degree from Caltech She could have been living comfortably in the States while working as an engineer and yet she chooses to throw that away to pursue a culinary career I admire her uts and her passion for what she feels is the right path for her Patrick is also very passionate about being a pastry chef He was once a foster child but he has risen to the top of the culinary ladder and is now one of the best pastry chefs in Paris I liked Patrick s easygoing nature and how he s constantly being likened to a beach bumsurfer Mr. Jelly's Business guy What a contrast to the demanding and hectic workplace that they thrive in He also has a terrific sense of humor which he uses to relieve the pressure that everyone feels in their work environment I also loved the dynamics between his relationship with Luc especially afteretting Luc s POV from The Chocolate HeartSarah thinks of herself as the lowly intern and she obviously looks up to Patrick as her mentor Being attracted to each other without knowing what the other person is feeling 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, gives their relationship tension that stretches out over the months of Sarah s internship They both feel that liking the other person is inappropriate since Patrick is essentially one of Sarah s bosses and yet they can t help feeling that way I loved this bit of comparison of their romance to their creationsThis thing between them was like this beautiful fairytale of a dessert constructed out of work and caution and risk and whimsy Leaping and twirling full of color and taste a wrong breath could break it And yet night after night in the kitchens they made such fragile magics and waitersot that fragility all the way to the tables they were meant forSuch a beautiful way of describing what began as a tentative romance that slowly developed into something deeper Given how passionate they are about their work it s not surprising how strong their feelings are for each other I m not usually a fan of workplace romance but Laura Florand handles it so well I had such a lovely time reading about Sarah and Patrick from how they started Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı getting to know each other outside the workplace to how much they re willing to sacrifice to make the other person happy At this point I feel like I m a broken record because I keep recommending Laura Florand s books But that s only because they re SO GOOD Go forth and read the. Impressed with what she saw As her boss he knew he should leave her alone The same way he knew better than to risk his heart andamble on loveBut he was never Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines good at notoing after what or who he wantedHe could make magic out of sugar But could he mold hate into lov. S was especially evid I can always rely on Laura Florand for a butterflies in my stomach read especially on a cold winter day when all I m really craving is chocolate from one of these kitchens she writes about The Chocolate Temptation follows Patrick the suave second to Luc Leroi we met in The Chocolate Heart You remember him don t you Always ready with a smile a laugh and a swoon worthy face to lighten up your day It s just too bad Sarah the young American intern in Leroi s kitchen doesn t think so After all a This new book is the series is simply an exuisite romance It sparkles and The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River gleams with all the best aspects of the Romanceenre The sensuality and emotionality combine to ive reader something that feels once in a lifetime in terms of reading love stories You feel how the characters feel You must hold on to this one In my opinion Laura Florand is among the best Romance writers publishing today I haven t read a book by her yet that I have not adored I so enjoyed this character driven story that examines very closely how the dents and sometimes out right trauma of childhood play out in our adult lives and most particularly in our relationships With the wonderful alternating point of view we see the characters do what love and a reat partner make us all do row and at the same time come into our true selves Our hero is a seemly sunny have it all alpha kind of uy who is faced with his unrelenting admiration and crush on his intern and all the ethical dilemmas that ensue Our heroine is a Korean American half anyway born of an immigrant mother with the drive to be River Bodies (Northampton County, good enough meaning excellent in a place where everything is very hard They are both finely drawn and worth discovery What I like most about Florand I think is that it is never the hero s or the heroine s book it s the couple s A new space forged This romance runs parallel in time with The Chocolate Heart I love it when a writer has the chops to do that In makes the rereading of any series so much pleasurable because it is likeetting a new camera angle on your favorite moments The sugar work romantic Dept. of Reproductive Management gestures emotional bravery retreats lovemaking and love saying arerand here I can t wait until I have a little time and I can reread the whole series We are six books in and while I know the series will run its course the rereading never will These books will become comfort reads I highly recommend this series and this writerI was iven this book for my honest review So there you have it Sarah is five months into her six month internship in one of the best pastry kitchens in the world yet she still doesn t feel worthy From California she left her engineering job told her Korean born mother she needed something in life and moved to Paris Since day one she has been in love with Patrick the second in command in this very busy prestigious hotel kitchen Patrick is a star having earned a collar which tells everyone he is one of the best star having earned a collar which tells everyone he is one of the best Luc the head chef is his foster brother and Patrick is scared to move out of his shadowSarah loves Patrick so much although she never speaks to him that she now hates him She hates how he winks and flirts with every person in the room How he is always laughing and helping so racefully He strolled past her table in the staff cafeteria on the way to flirt with a receptionist and set two cartons of Greek yogurt on her tray in passing Packed with protein easy to digestAlways peach too Her favorite flavorHe fed her and he teased her showering her with careless affection in that comfortable way he had with everyone Easing her tension so she could survive the pressure she was under Until he was all she lived for all that ot her through the day And she hated him for thatTo Sarah she is so convinced he acts this way with everyone that she starts to despise him for it Little does she know he only truly cares about herPatrick on the other hand loves Sarah too He loves her so much he can t stand it but she is his intern He can t seduce his own intern But he does start to provide for her ever so #One night after some drinks he stops listening to his conscience and does something about it And all # night after some drinks he stops listening to his conscience and does something about it And all sexual tension between them explodes And I may have whimpered a little bitI was talking to Jen who reviews for Fiction Vixen on Twitter about this book and she mentioned something to the effect that she loves these books so much because the hero is always SO into the heroine And that is a very true statement about this author She makes these intense serious over achieving chefs who absolutely live for their job and nothing else But then forget about ALL else and fall in love They would do anything to win the heroine and that makes these books so much funSarah in particular is a very private skittish heroine It s very hard for her to show her feelings and put herself out there So while she is completely enad by Patrick it seems he has to work even harder to convince her of the relationship She has little self esteem He s courting me He has to beButhe s a prince I m a mortalI can t matter to him He acts all the time as if I don t really matterHe acts all the time as if I doHis hand felt so ood against her face She kissed it again and desire swamped her to keep this right to touch him keep his hand oh wow that didn t sound possible But it sounded beautifulShe never managed to succeed at beautiful impossible thingsAnd let s not forget after all the intense sexual tension the flirting the doubt from Sarah the amazing scenes in the ki. Ed him but she’d risked too much for this dream to ive up on it and walk out just so he wouldn’t break her heartBut he didn’t hate herSarah Lin Patrick’s serious dark haired American intern who looked at him as if she could see right through him and wasn’t so.