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The Bridal SuiteA delightfully fun read I found myself Chuckling Through Most Of The Book Really through most of the book Really This was the first romance novel I read I was 13 years old and fell in love with the romance genre #Dana The Heroine Works For The Hero #the heroine works for the hero She tries to tell Griffin repeatedly that the computer program she s helped to develop has major problems and that her department head Dave isn t dealing with it Unfortunately Dave who is an old college friend of Griffin s has already convinced him that Dana is just pset because she wasn t made department head He also convinces Griffin that she is a man hating feminist and Griffin is a card holding chauvinist He makes it clear that he doesn t think much of her intelligence or competence The two of them have several fiery confrontations and then he fires her The H then finds out very ickly that Dave is a drunk that he may be a genius but if he s not sober he can t fix the problems in the program that is to be demonstrated at a conference the day after he s fired Dana There is lot s of bickering in this book I like bickering but for those

who don t 
don t won t like this one This is definitely a lovehate relationship They can t keep their hands off each other but can t stop arguing either The H obviously has to hire Dana back and ickly He manages to do this without groveling too much There is eventually a very nice HEA and a sweet I love you This one was an absolute hootLoved Dana and Griffin together A strong heroine and a caveman hero perfect matchLoved loved loved it A very easy book to read I seemed to fly through it Way to ickly I know some say mills and boon are predictable but I love the predictability of the 2 characters meeting nder various circumstance and falling in love and getting their happy ever after Re The Bridal Suite Sandra Marton kicks off the randomly multi year multi line HN Do Not Disturb miniseries where the tagline is Do Not Disturb Anything can happen behind closed doorsThe h in this one is that very rare HP breed she is a world class computer program writer and she works for the biggest lady lurvin chauvinistic misogynist in NYC Unfortunately for her her immediate boss is a former computer genius who went to the dogs early in his career and is now a raging drunk person who can t code a single variable Her immediate boss is also the old college frat chum of the Lady Lurvin Chauvinistic Misogynist the h Can I Tell You about Nystagmus? ultimately works forThis isnfortunate because the LLCM H bought the company the h is coding like a mad dervish for right before it went completely nder His assignment for Anything can happen behind closed doors The newspapers called her new boss a financial genius; the gossip columns branded him gorgeous But Dana knew Griffin McKenna took whatever he wanted ,

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