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But being restrained that had been a major turn on More than that the manner in which Elijah had taken her in his arms after she d had her momentary panic attack had filled something deep inside her The way he d wrapped her in a blanket held her close fed her it had been strange and some kind of wonderful to be taken care ofThat was what she wanted than anything she d seen in the BDSM club She wanted a strong man a man who would take care of her without uestioning her endlessly about it A man who wasn t put off by the fact that she could be argumentative and stubbornElijah was that man She was absolutely sure of itConsidering how much I adored the first book in the In Vino Veritas series Blush which I reviewed back in May I thought I would love Breathe but I was actually very disappointed With backdrops of breezy Jos del Cabo and colorful Las Vegas Breathe is business tycoon Elijah Masterson s story the story of how he finds the girl who steals his heart and how he responds to her touch even though she isn t fully available for his takingSamantha our heroine is running away from a deep terrible past that still haunts her in the flesh today I don t know what it is in recent trends that has glamorized childhood trauma but as you can imagine this escaping the past trope was predictable superficial and left a bad taste in my mouth not because it was too horrible for words but because it was so recklessly developed Samantha has always had to be the responsible one the one who had to pick up the scattered pieces of her broken family but when she meets Elijah a relationship as fiery as her personality ignites and for once she gets the chance to give up controlThere are two problems here that I can name already first the degree of heat of the relationship and second Samantha s sassy attitude both the result of poor characterization Whatever chemistry there is supposed to be between Elijah and Samantha is unconvincing I felt nothing for them and didn t care enough to root for their romance either While the explicit sex scenes are taboo and decently written the character interaction the entire presumption of their so called relationship is stinted and utterly painful and not in the good waySamantha is portrayed as your typical contrary smart mouthed redhead who s so uptight that she can t ever be fully submissive The heart of the book s tragedy lies here while Samantha wants to surrender to Elijah s kinky ways she is too much of a strong independent woman who don t need no man to do so and while Elijah is intrigued by this adorable passionate character he is a true Dom and cannot be with a sort of kind of sub She s the kind of girl that could make him get way over his head fall in love too uickly and get hurt again The dilemma of the impossible power play as well as the secret he wants to coax out of her without damaging her is really well elaborated but that s about all I can praiseThe characters themselves are hard to sympathize with entirely two dimensional and routine Samantha huffs her breath out and Puts Her Fists On Her her fists on her too much while Elijah does creepy unrealistic things like call her kitten and lust after his best friend s fianc e Jameson tried too hard to make each character ideal Samantha the brazen bold heroine and Elijah the smooth rich Dom but she ended up making them unrealistic and rather ridiculous in the processI thought I d at least enjoy the BDSM aspect but nope didn t happen Samantha s immersion into the world of kink is uncannily Fifty Shades esue we ve got a pathetically na ve innocent girl with only not so witty inner monologues to her name and we ve got a billionaire slash handsome devil who s an expert on whips and chains and gags On top of this we have an author trying way too hard to be inventive to be sexy it was entirely unsexy A few nights together and a trip to Elijah s infamous sex club later and they re already developing separation anxiety They call it incredible passion They call it loveSorry but this one ust wasn t for meProsBrief cameos of characters from Blush Intense love scenes Ds relationship well explored uickly paced I kept reading didn t IConsPhysical BDSM is poorly incorporated Laughable characters Laughable romancelovewhatever Stereotypical rich sex god falls in love with unextraordinary girl plot Emotionally artless Jameson tries too hard to be sentimental but I got nothing out of itVerdictBreathe s pages turned easily and were paced well but the story itself is insipid unoriginal and at times ust too over the top A clear Fifty Shades of Grey wannabe the two books having nearly identical plots and eually ridiculous characters the second installment of the In Vino Veritas series disappointed me sorely Frustratingly I really wanted to enjoy this novel about giving up and handing over control but I must have gotten my hopes up high even and over control but I must have gotten my hopes up too high even you re a fan of Blush or Jameson s alter ego Lauren Hawkeye s other works I can t recommend this oneRating 5 out of 10 hearts 3 stars Doesn t particularly light any of my fires I feel indifferent about this bookSourceComplimentary copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review thank you Signet Eclipse as i read and i become very irritated with elijah everyting he did with samantha was because he wanted to know her secret he didn t dominated her he manipulated and he called it love oh please no dom does that and the only thing he cared was her secret lame dom Breathe is the 2nd book in the In vino Veritas trilogy by Lauren Jameson I came across this book by accident while book shopping and finding and buying the 3rd book LingerThis was my 1st book by Lauren Jameson and was pleasantly surprised While the story was pretty much what you would expect from a exotic romance story wise I really enjoyed. Two people learn what it really means to give up control in the sizzling new novel from the author of Blush and Surrender to TemptationWhen business mogul Elijah Masterson travels to the Mexican coast for his chain of luxury resorts he purchases an emerald green glass sculpture for one of the properties He is soon fascinated by the This bookThe main characters were lovable and Elijah was the ultimate dominant Lauren Jameson writing was refreshing and flowed smoothlyI already have plans to read the other books in this series If you are interested in erotic romances with BDSM element I highly suggest checking out this underrated book and series Jameson had me from the first page Her well written and easy to follow storyline takes the world of BDSM and presents it in an understandable and approachable manner Not only my imagination but also my heart was caught up in this story This is not simply a Domsub tale but a ourney of discovery Not only did this book make my pulse race but it also brought tears to my eyes Jameson s exuisitely developed and intrinsically visual descriptions put everything together in a seamless and enchanting manner Jameson s take on character development allows you to get to know her cast gradually while they get to know one another I became so attached and connected to the main character that I felt like I was fighting an internal battle alongside her The supporting cast filled out the story uite well They were fun and uniue I appreciated how each character was an individual and how they came togetherOverall this is one of those stories that has you thinking Recollections of an Australian suatter just one chapter then leaves you going to work the next morning tired with a book hangover Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review Interesting start to the book with in the first pages you get a little glimpse into what type of theme we should expect throughout the book Right away we start with an incredible encounter with Elijah an interesting successful and sexy man and a reluctant woman named Samantha To say the least this relationship has many steamy moments with an off the charts attraction It is very explicit true to the theme of the book but it s not to a point where it leaves a bad taste to the story We get scenes between them in different locations plus a BDSM club The book doesn t try to downplay what the life style is about and even though it s one of the main focus we still get a good storyline of the characters relationshipThe book goes from one sexual moment to the next and it really gives you an eye opener into the BDSM life style and what submission entails Samantha in the story I think encompasses most curious woman in regards to this life style playing the blushing you got to be kidding me type Then you have her complex issues and strong willed character that doesn t seem to work well with being a submissive On the contrary we have Elijah a complete and utter Dominant with confidence and a love for this life style If one thing rocks him to the core is Samantha which we get to see a vulnerable side to him The characters were well developed and work good with the story line The book is fast paced but well written I think it does get resolved rather fast in the end after so much reluctance from Samantha to share her secret The story also falls in to the rich guy falls for struggling woman and fall in love clich By passing that the story is captivating and youust can t put it down This book really encompasses what it is to push ones personal limits and finding freedom in submission I also liked the way it was written since we get both Samantha s and Elijah s prospective on what s happening Especially getting Elijah s thoughts on it because we get the reluctance and all the turmoil he experiences I did enjoy the book and recommend it Billionaire who s been burned before finds and wants glass artist living in Mexico She thinks she s submissive but has a lot of control issues due to her upbringing but she knows she lot of control issues due to her upbringing but she knows she to give up control so a man who deserves it If she can only let herself trust him Before she makes a decision she asked a friend Dom to take her to a club really didn t like how that Dom handled her intro I liked Elijah s portrayal and need to control also liked his idea of punishment Breathe In Vino Veritas 2 by Lauren JamesonBreathe by Lauren Jameson is a well written novel plot and characters development is laid out very well I found it very easy to read fast paced and I didn t stop reading it till I got to the endLauren Jameson gives the readers and great view of what the bdsm lifestyles demandsWe first meet Samantha who is an artist and if very curious about what it would be like to be a submissive for a dominant male Samantha has a strong personality and at first I wasn t sure why she felt the desire to be in a submissive situation But you can see and begin to feel her desires It s about being honest with yourself exploring you deep dark desires and being able to dig down deep and let the exploring beginElijah who is what you can only describe as strong confident alpha male who is a true dominant but he ends up having a few internal struggles when it comes to Samantha and her role as a submissive partnerWhat I really enjoyed was the process of the story and having both Of The Characters Internal Feelings So Well WrittenSo If You the characters internal feelings so well writtenSo if you a look into the bdsm lifestyle from different prospective this is defiantly a book to pick up Or do you want to read a romance novel with some added spice hot alpha male then this is a book for you to readI have rated Breathe In Vino Veritas 2 by Lauren Jameson 4 starts and would recommend to anyone who enjoy a sizzling romance novel to pick up a copy for yourself Also I found I really enjoyed the author s writing style and would not hesitate to read anything else she has or will write I have to start this review by saying that BDSM is generally hit or miss for me Mostly because I m into alpha males but I don t generally fantasize about a man bossing me around and making me do whatever he wants for his pleasureWith that Iery temptress who created it The attraction between them is instant and explosive but Elijah resists unsure that a woman as strong willed as Samantha would ever yield in the way he needs her toHeadstrong glass artist Samantha Collins hides a secret desire to submit to the right man Samantha sees everything she wants in Elijah but ap. Breathe In Vino Veritas #2Eing said overall I enjoyed this book I liked the idea of the heroine the artistically inclined Samantha having this secret desire she doesn t completely understand And it haunts her so much it presents itself in her work a piece that s very personal So personal in fact that she refuses to sell it to Elijah the hero even though she could really use the moneyThese two had chemistry right off the bat Elijah is attracted to her because he sees something in her that calls to his dominant nature And Samantha is attracted to him for reasons she s not uite ready to admit However their connection is something they can t really fight and they end up having super hot vanilla sex when Elijah comes to visit her at her studioThis story has a lot of twists and turns Elijah has lingering scars from a previous marriage to a woman who claimed to be submissive but really wasn t And Samantha is carrying around a lot of guilt and shame from something dark that happened in her childhood This secret has affected her for her entire life And it s a secret that she s not ready or willing to share with Elijaheven though she thinks it might help herThis is a story about sexual discovery for Samantha And I must admit that I found that truly interesting especially given the age of her character And I really enjoyed Elijah as the alpha male hero although there were a couple of things about him that I didn t loveIt was definitely a hot read And a book I enthusiastically read from start to finish without really stopping Fans of the BDSM genre will really enjoy this And it will definitely appeal to readers of contemporary romance who don t mind a little kink with their love storyThis is the first book I ve read by Lauren Jameson but based on this alone I will definitely be checking out of her stuff4 stars Don t know why this bothers me so much but Elijah never told Sam that he loved her He admitted it to himself but when she said it to him he didn t say it back Lauren Jameson takes readers on a The Vanishing Hours journey into the world of BDSM in her latest erotic novel Breathe Jameson s ability to write a very sensual story while still keeping it fresh and innovative will keep the readers attention from the first page to the last Jameson s character development shines in this novel as well her in depth research and her knack for knowingust how much eroticism is enough but not too much A great erotic novel for readers who like their romance with a bit of sizzle and submissionWhat I likedI definitely believe there is a time and a place for every kind writing including erotic romance Let s face it this type of relationship exists and there are certainly readers who fantasize about it I thought Jameson s research was right on target with this one She obviously did her homework This may be a very popular genre at the moment with all kinds of authors trying to cash in but Lauren Jameson has a leg up on the rest she knows what she s talking about All of the submission scenes the atmosphere of the club everything seemed realistic and believable Not easy in this genreThe main characters in Breathe were very well written Jameson Has An Exceptional Way With an exceptional way with development When we first meet Samantha she is a successful glass sculptor she has friends a good career and she is thriving but she has some inner desires that she hasn t fully realized yet This was all about what Samantha wanted What she desired I liked the fact that fully realized yet This was all about what Samantha wanted What she desired I liked the fact that makes this Samantha s choice She isn t being influenced by anyone and she knows what she wants to explore Her emotional Wickie Slime und Paiper Das Online Erinnerungsalbum fur die Kinder der siebziger Jahre journey into becoming a submissive to Elijah wasust as riveting as her sexual ourney Elijah wasn t a brooding hero with lots of flaws and underlying issues He was also a successful man who was handsome and wealthy That was a bit predictable but Jameson pulled it off without it seeming too overdone or unrealistic There are definitely wealthy men out there who don t need a shrink I thought Jameson wrote Elijah in a very natural and unassuming way He had it all together he ust hadn t found the right person to share it withWhen Samantha asks Elijah to guide her into the world of submission the book really starts to heat up It s certainly not recommended for young readers but adults will be very satisfied with how this one unfolds in and out of the club in this instance The sexual exploration by both characters was easy to read and in a way to understand as well They are strong passionate people in their social lives and in their private lives it ust stands to reason that two people like these characters would want to try something very different and challenging I thought it was all very well doneI liked the club atmosphere as well A lot of books of this well doneI liked the club atmosphere as well A lot of books of this feature a club of some sort as the meeting place for people who are interested in this kind of sexual exploration I often find them a bit tedious to read about because they don t really seem inviting to me If I were going to go to a place like this I would want it to be somewhere I felt comfortable being myself and that definitely comes across in the setting for this book It is definitely luxurious as well and that helps But it catered to the clientele it was targeting and I thought it really worked for this oneWhat I didn t likeThe only thing I can think of that I didn t like was the length I wanted but so would any fan of erotic romance It was that good Bottom LineLauren Jameson excels with character development in Breathe She has created two characters that have strong back stories and a desire to explore the BDSM world It definitely isn t for everyone but if you like this type of scenario you have to read this book There are so many erotic romances coming out these days it s nice to find one that has been well researched and written with a deft han. Art from one steamy night he seems determined to keep his distance She has always held back but refusing to let go now that she’s found the dominant man she’s always wanted Samantha makes Elijah an offer he can’t refuse a month of absolute submissionBut after a month of incredible passion will either of them be able to walk awa. ,