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Hope Solo: My Story Young Readers' Edition lG psychology journals44 Overall 36% of the replications yielded significant findings p value below 005 compared to 97% of the original studies that had significant effects The mean effect size in the replications was approximately half the magnitude of the effects reported in the original studies11 Highlighting the social structure that discourages replication in psychology Brian D Earp and Jim A C Everett enumerated five points as to why replication attempts are uncommon505112 Independent direct replications of others findings can be time consuming for the replicating researcher13 Replications areikely to take energy and resources directly away from other projects that reflect one s own original thinking14 Replications are generally harder to publish in uality Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry large part because they are viewed as being unoriginal15 Even if replications are published they areikely to be seen as bricklaying exercises rather than as major contributions to the fieldContinued in comments I tried to read this several times beginning back when I almost convinced myself I might be able to understand read respect what Republicans were thinking I m sorry to say that is over at Bomb: The Race to Build--and Steal--the World's Most Dangerous Weapon (Newbery Honor Book) least for now If we canie cheat and steal our way to power what difference does it make what is justI made some notes before I gave up Putting them here in case I ever get back to this in time to challenge Paul Ryan personallyThis book has gone through so many editions it is worth noting which one is referenced Bruce Caldwell Professor of Economics at Duke University wrote the introduction to this 2007 edition published as ever by the University of Chicago Press It is said current Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan gives out copies of this book to his staff when they begin working for him The staff must discuss the book in small groups Oh Susannah like bible study because I guaran f ing tee you a young and busy staff in DC will not know what the heck Hayek is talking about muchess apply it to the US economy in the context of the worldThe ideas in this book began as a memo to the director of the London School of Economics in the 1930s which then became a magazine article and then during WWII became a monograph of its own When it was published in the United States was it 1944 it became a surprise popular hit though hated by the intelligensiaI skimmed the book only Words The Founders of Psychical Research like freedom are bandied about with great earnestness freedom from coercion and I can t believe we are still talking about this in 2017 No I am not going to go back and fight these arguments all over again We spent much of the twentieth century watching one insufficiently great man after another tell us they ve got our backs In the end after aifetime of hard knocks we find that no in fact corporations took care of themselves and cared about us only insofar as we needed enough money to buy their product We discovered that corporations really needed rules and regulations to do the right thing because they defined their responsibility narrowly than we did After all they were responsible to shareholders not customers not citizens who give them space water energy raw materials I m tired of replaying this argument over and over because over and over we discover that corporations don t actually do the right thingchokengtitiktitikchokeng 20 If you have any comprehension of my philosophy at all you must know that one thing I stand for above all else is free trade throughout the world p 28 A final criticism has sometimes been called the inevitability thesis or the slippery slope argument Hayek is claimed to have said that once a society engages in a Pelé: The King of Soccer little planning it is doomed to end up in a totalitarian stateAny departure from the practice of free enterprise any joke that reason and science may be applied to the direction of economic activity any attempt at economic planning mustead us remorselessly to serfdom There is an old cartoon found here which summarizes the Chakras & Self-Care: Activate the Healing Power of Chakras with Everyday Rituals logic of this work rather perfectly Essentially the government gets involved in yourife they dictate how you The Unforgiven live then they kill you The notions in this text are trifling at bestHayek never confronts the fact that aack of some centralized body somewhere making decisions for you does not mean an end to governance Clearly businesses govern They also plan To take this power away from a centralized and at Omgiven av idioter least ostensibly publicly accountable body and to diffuse this power throughout the business community is not to rid oneself of governance It simply means that businesses are the governmentIf we are to acknowledge the uite obvious tendency for capital to move toward those with the most capital that is for businesses to develop into monopolies and oligopolies then one might see that Hayek s model accomplishes nothingess than the restoration of the same feudal structures he s supposedly warning againstHis argument if taken to the same disparate conclusions as the one s he takes communism and socialism to would result in the ownership of all Kapitulatus! land by a handful of oligarchs We would then tend theirand for a pittance We would be serfs This book captures the frustration of classical The Ivory Gate liberals as opposed to moderniberals when they see collectivist policies enacted despite the overwhelming evidence that socialism brings about disastrous resultsHaving grown up and ived in Austria during World War I and ater moving to Great Britain was particularly frustrated When He Saw Britain he saw Britain the States making the same mistakes of the Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union Hayek argues that collectivism eventually Ci alleniamo anche se piove?: Miserie e splendori del calcio dilettantistico leads to tyranny Central economic planning gives too much power to the government which essentially puts that power in the hands of a small group rather than in each individualMy favorite uote Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word euality But notice the difference while democracy seeks euality iniberty socialism seeks euality in restraint and servitude Hayek s thesis is very pertinent today in that when the federal government does meddle too much with the free market it causes problems and then those problems ironically are the federal government does meddle too much with the free market it causes problems and then those problems ironically are as the failing of the free market and not the ineptitude of government 60 stars On my Star Wars Thrawn Star Wars Thrawn list of All Time Favorite Books One of the most important books ever written and most concise brilliant scathing and impressive argument against the planned economy that has been orikely ever will be written Hayek while always being respectful to the adherents of the idea that state control over resources and goals is the right approach nevertheless absolutely destroys each and every argument and rationale alluded to by such people His general thesis that socialism communism fascism will inevitably New York Is English, Chattanooga Is Creek. (Richard Jackson Books (Atheneum Hardcover)) lead to totalitarianism and theoss of freedom for the individual is demonstrated without skipping Guiding Readers and Writers, Grades 3-6: Teaching Comprehension, Genre, and Content Literacy logical steps oreaping to a conclusion not supported by the preceding argument It is powerful powerful stuff His conclusion is that the only way to truly create and just and free society is to re adopt the classic The Stray Bullet liberalism of the 19th century closelyinked today with Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 3 libertarianism Government should beimited and exist only to 1 protect the people in time of war or national emergency and 2 provide the rule of aw which means basic rules that apply eually to everyone ieno special treatment no unfair treatmentand that do not change and allow competition and the market to decide the success or failure of individuals This does not guaranty anyone success or failure but rather guaranties everyone the opportunity for success or failure While such a system is not without flaws that may at times ead to abuses that people of good conscience may find objectionable Hayek makes a powerful case that it is the only system that provides the opportunity for success to everyone Any change to the system that modifies this ie grants special assistance or rules to benefit one group necessarily hurts another group and this kind of intervention Bloody Crystal leads to the determination by a small group of people without all necessary factual evidence as no group can ever be fully informed of all of the variables that go into how a society operates based on its opinion of what the correct result should be This imposing of the values and morals which all opinion is derived from of one person or a group people on society necessarily is done at the expense of the morals and values held by others Hayek argues that such an action is fundamentally flawed HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION The historical analysis upon which this book depends amounts to nothing than extremely poor scholarship masuerading as thoughtful contrarianism Hayek s conflation of Nazism with Socialism merely because they have similar names in German is an example of stupidity on theevel of mistaking the PATRIOT Act for patriotism or the Ministry of Peace for peacefulness This distracting error is unfortunately the foundation of the entirety of his argument His theory of authoritarianism consists of extrapolations from misplaced assumptions about Nazi Germany and disproven projections about the direction the US Britain are heading in the post war era His uaint economic theory tells us La sculpture sur pierre : Art et techniques little about contemporary authoritarian regimes and eveness about modern social democracy In sum don t bother Finally got around to reading this ibertarianconservative classic It s short but deep combining economics politics sociology and a short history of Socialist thought to create the greatest critiue of the collectivist impulse that you can read Hayek s message is blunt despite the freedom and iberality that is western man s birthright there is an inevitable clamor for order and euality that arises from the intellligensia and the wealthy This clamor Afterlife leads to the demand often in the guise of a new freedom for stronger government regulation and guidance of economic activity But the increase of government activity in the private sphere makes people so dependent on governmentargesse that the recipients are reduced to a modern form of serfdom forever tied to the government that can determine whether they eat or starve Hayek was writing during WW2 so much of his critiue centers on the National Socialism of the Germans but he makes clear that the Marxists and Laborites were just as bad Hayek s analysis of German thought is especially interesting inasmuch as he traces a tendency towards planning and collectivization in Germany going back decades Rather than the modern cartoon villian portrait of Hitler that we now know Hayek portrays that Nazis as simply finishing an effort to nationalize the German economy that began in Bismark s time and was the overarching goal of that nation s political scientific and capitalist elite Hayek s arguments are often subtle and academic but he pulls no punches and is eminently uotable a must read for anyone who cares about politics and its intersection with economics. 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Ds of stupid fringe theories while misusing social sciences and humanities Oh wait that s permanently done my mistake I ve said most about this topic in my reviews of Roslings FactfulnesshttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowPinkers Enlightenment Nowhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowand Friedmans Capitalism and Freedom books are just a repetition of the same yada bla without any accuracy or egitimacySome facepalm uotes I am certain however that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice Although we had been warned by some of the greatest political thinkers of the nineteenth century by Tocueville and Lord Acton that socialism means slavery we have steadily moved in the direction of socialism Wir verdanken den Amerikanern eine gro e Bereicherung der Sprache durch den bezeichnenden Ausdruck weasel word So wie das kleine Raubtier das auch wir Wiesel nennen angeblich aus einem Ei allen Inhalt heraussaugen kann ohne da man dies nachher der eeren Schale anmerkt so sind die Wiesel W rter jene die wenn man sie einem Wort hinzuf gt dieses Wort jedes Inhalts und jeder Bedeutung berauben Ich glaube das Wiesel Wort par excellence ist das Wort sozial Was es eigentlich hei t wei niemand Wahr ist nur da eine soziale Marktwirtschaft keine Marktwirtschaft ein sozialer Rechtsstaat kein Rechtsstaat ein soziales Gewissen kein Gewissen soziale Gerechtigkeit keine Gerechtigkeit und ich f rchte auch soziale Demokratie keine Demokratie ist Because of much talk and discussion about the replication crisis with friends and in general I will add these thoughts to all following nonfiction books dealing with humanities in the future so you might have already seen it Sorry folks this is one of my ast rants I am sick and tired of this and want to focus on true science and great fiction instead not this disturbed fairytales for adults who never had the chance to built a free opinion because most of the media they consume to stay informed and get educated avoids any criticism of the current economic systemWithout having read or heard ideas by Chomsky Monbiot Klein Ken Robinson Monbiot Peter Singer William McDonough Ziegler Colin Crouch Jeremy Rifkin David Graeber John Perkins and others humans will always react to people ike me condemning the manipulation Hayek was practicing with terrifying success with anger and refusalThese authors don t hide aspects of the truth and describe the real state of the world that should be read instead of epic facepalms ike this They don t predict the future and preach the one only the true way ignoring anything The Strathmore Club like black swans coincidences or the for each small childogical fact that nobody knows what will happen and collect exactly the free available data people such as Hayek wanted to ignore foreverSome words about the publication crisis that even have some positive points at the end so that this whole thing is not that depressingOne could call the replication crisis the viral fake news epidemic of many fields of science that was a hidden chronic disease over decades and centuries and has become extremely widespread during the Pampa Pampa last years since the first critics began vaccinating against it provoking virulent counterarguments I don t know how else this could end than with nothing else than paradigm shifts discovering many anachronisms and a better fact and number based research with many control instances before something of an impact on the social policy gets accepted A few points thated to it I had an intuitive feeling regarding this for years but the replication crisis proofed that there are too many interconnections of not strictly scientific fields such as economics and politics with many humanities Look already some of the titles are biased towards a positive or negative attitude but thinking too optimistic is the same mistake as being too pessimistic it isn t objective any and one can be instrumentalized without even recognizing it In natural sciences theoretical physicists astrophysicists physicians that were friends of a certain idea will always say that there is the option of change that a discovery may Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus lead to a new revolution and that their old work has to be reexamined So in science regarding the real world the specialists are much open to change than in some humanities isn t that strange It would be as if one would say that all humans are representative similar that there are no differences But it s not each time a study is made there are different people opinions so many coincidences and uniue happenings that it s impossible to reproduce it Scandinavia vs the normal world The society peopleive in makes happiness not theoretical not definitive concepts One can manipulate so many parameters in those studies that the result can be extremely positive or negative just depending on what who funds the study and does the study wants as results One could use the studies she he needs to create an optimistic or a pessimistic book and many studies about human nature are redundant repetitive or biased towards a certain result often an optimistic outcome or spectacular groundbreaking results Do you know who does that too Statistics economics politics and faith I wish I could be a bit optimistic than realistic but not hard evidence based stuff is a bit of a no go if it involves practical applications especially if there is based stuff is a bit of a no go if it involves practical applications especially if there is danger of not working against big problems by doing as if they weren t there A few points that Geometry Part 1: Quickstudy Laminated Reference Guide (Quick Study Academic) lead away from it 1 Tech2 Nordic model3 Open data open government 4 Blockchains cryptocurrencies uantum computing to make each financial transaction transparent and traceable5 Points mentioned in the Wiki article6 It must be horrible for the poor scientists who work in those fields and are now suffering because the founding fathers used theories and concepts that have nothing to do with real science They worked hard to build a career to just find out that the predecessors integrated methods that couldn t work in other systemset s say an evolving computer program or a machine or a human body or anywhere except in ones imagination They are truly courageous to risk criticism because of the humanities bashing wave that won t end soon As in so many fields it are a few black sheep who ruin everything for many others and the progressive a young scientist is the he is in danger of getting smashed between a hyper sensible public awareness and the old anachronism shepherds avoiding anything progressive with the danger of a paradigm shift or even a relativization of the field they dedicated their career to There has to be strict segregation between theories and ideas and applications in real ife so that anything can be researched but not used to do crazy thingsThe worst bad science practice includes from Wikipedia taken from the article about the replication crisis The replication crisis or replicability crisis or reproducibility crisis is as of 2020 an ongoing methodological crisis in which it has been found that many scientific studies are difficult or impossible to replicate or reproduce The replication crisis affects the social sciences and medicine most severely2 The inability to replicate the studies of others has potentially grave conseuences for many fields of science in which significant theories are grounded on unreproducible experimental work The replication crisis has been particularly widely discussed in the field of psychology and in medicine where a number of efforts have been made to re investigate classic results3 A 2016 poll of 1500 scientists reported that 70% of them had failed to reproduce at east one other scientist s experiment 50% had failed to reproduce one of their own experiments8 In 2009 2% of scientists admitted to falsifying studies one of their own experiments8 In 2009 2% of scientists admitted to falsifying studies Historical Archaeology: Why the Past Matters least once and 14% admitted to personally knowing someone who did4 Psychological research is on average afflicted withow statistical power5 Firstly uestionable research practices RPs have been identified as common in the field18 Such practices while not intentionally fraudulent involve capitalizing on the gray area of acceptable scientific practices or exploiting flexibility in data collection analysis and reporting often in an effort to obtain a desired outcome Examples of RPs include selective reporting or partial publication of data reporting only some of the study conditions or collected dependent measures in a publication optional stopping choosing when to stop data collection often based on statistical significance of tests p value rounding rounding p values down to 005 to suggest statistical significance file drawer effect nonpublication of data post hoc storytelling framing exploratory analyses as confirmatory analyses and manipulation of outliers either removing outliers or The Happiest Baby on the Block leaving outliers in a dataset to cause a statistical test to be significant18192021 A survey of over 2000 psychologists indicated that a majority of respondents admitted to using ateast one RP18 False positive conclusions often resulting from the pressure to publish or the author s own confirmation bias are an inherent hazard in the field reuiring a certain degree of skepticism on the part of readers26 Secondly psychology and social psychology in particular has found itself at the center of several scandals involving outright fraudulent research7 Thirdly several effects in psychological science have been found to be difficult to replicate even before the current replication crisis Replications appear particularly difficult when research trials are pre registered and conducted by research groups not highly invested in the theory under uestioning8 Scrutiny of many effects have shown that several core beliefs are hard to replicate A recent special edition of the journal Social Psychology focused on replication studies and a number of previously held beliefs were found to be difficult to replicate25 A 2012 special edition of the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science also focused on issues ranging from publication bias to null aversion that contribute to the replication crises in psychology26 In 2015 the first open empirical study of reproducibility in psychology was published called the Reproducibility Project Researchers from around the world collaborated to replicate 100 empirical studies from three top psychology journals Fewer than half of the attempted replications were successful at producing statistically significant results in the expected directions though most of the attempted replications did produce trends in the expected directions9 Many research trials and meta analyses are compromised by poor uality and conflicts of interest that involve both authors and professional advocacy organizations resulting in many false positives regarding the effectiveness of certain types of psychotherapy10 The reproducibility of 100 studies in psychological science from three high rankin. Ng telah dikumpulnya untuk melondeh sifat totalitarian sosialisme dan untuk menjelaskan ba.
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I could be wrong but surely not even the greatest fans of Hayek could believe this is a particularly nuanced book The central thesis is that everyone that disagrees with Hayek is either a totalitarian or someone who is inadvertently eading society down the road towards totalitarianism This doesn t only include Marxists and Fascists who Hayek euates as identical nor even members of the Labour party in Britain who might be considered fellow travellers but even many of the younger members of the Conservative party too You see what I mean about nuance then perhaps Not only is everyone else wrong but any differences between them are as nothing when compared with what binds them in common There Releasing Heaven on Earth: Gods Principles for Restoring the Land literally can be no nuanceDecadesater Maggie Thatcher would flung down a copy of Hayek s The Constitution of Liberty during a meeting with members of her party and yell This is what we believe It fits of course Both held that there was no alternative and that any deviation from the one true path inevitably The Future of English Teaching Worldwide leads to destruction and serfdom Freedom is somewhat oddly defined if there is ultimately only one available choiceTheater preference for forced choices by radical free market types is perhaps one of the most potent current criticisms of this book Worth reading in this context is William Davies The Limits of Neoliberalism particularly in relation to Nudge theory As the book Nudge makes clear while it takes free market ideas very seriously it also believes that people might make better decisions if they were nudged towards them This ought to otherwise seem problematic if you really believed what Hayek says here You see central to his thesis is that such an understanding of what is best for others isn t possible in fact it is fundamentally impossible The thing that makes capitalism and radical free market capitalism in particular such a fantastic system is the fact that experts are kept away from decision about what might make the Between lives of others better It is hard to no think that Hayek would view these nudges asittle than a further step down the road to serfdomThere are infinitely better criticisms of this book than I m going to provide in this Sigrid Liljeholm little review Some of those include Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste and Capitalist Realism Why I find this book particularly terrifying is that it really has a distasteful understanding of what freedom means Freedom here is the elimination of every kind of safety net it means dog eat dog it means the war of all against each it means an almostudicrous extreme of competition because only in this is the purity of individualism able to be assured Any restrictions on individualism is understood as inevitably David Starr Space Ranger leading to fascismcommunismsocial democracy all of which are seen as basically identical heiterally says as much here Society is understood as a kind of information exchange where money is the chief form of data and therefore money needs to be protected from any distortion say imposed inflation since money or prices rather allow everyone in society to know which choices they should make that will best suit their needs The reason why any form of planning is ineffective and ultimately evil is because the whole system is so insanely complex that any form of centralised planning inevitably introduces inefficiencies to the entire system This makes the whole system worse for everyone but since the planners benefit by keeping their own jobs regardless of the poor outcomes of their plans those inefficiencies compound People then are forced to accept products they do not want and this Crusader conspiracy Banner books leads to further distortions in the proper price signals within the system which then further multiplies inefficiencies And because there is no way of seeing what a efficient system wouldook The Book of Earths: Hollow Earth, Ancient Maps, Atlantis, and Other Theories (Forgotten Books) like outside the plan the plan is still held to be the most efficient organisation of the systemRather than planning a system based on the anarchy of economic activity is the only system capable of meeting the needs of the whole of society and of producing freedom at the same time Since there is no central planner individuals are able to understand the messages contained in the highly situated contexts theyive within and from within the prices of good they observe and that means they are able to act in ways that meet their needs from within those circumstances The system is self regulating because competition ultimately An English Translation of Fa Tsangs Commentary on the Awakening of Faith leads to a situation where the people who are most efficient and best at meeting the needs of those around them are the only people who will succeed The system also can only exist on increased freedom to the extent that freedom can be euated with economic anarchy since any restriction on this freedom will necessarily be imposed upon it from outside by the dreaded planners who we have already decided willead us to fascist communist collectivism Any individual may end up crushed under the driving wheel of progress in fact this is inevitable and necessary for risk cannot be mitigated in the system without distorting the system as a whole And since competition is the engine of progress and competition means winners and osers then the economic euivalent of Darwinian natural selection is however regrettable inevitableThus Hayek presents his vision splendid of unfettered free markets His expectation of course is that although some people will inevitably be crushed under foot overall most people will be better off under this system than under any other system capable of operating There are occasional nods to the benefits of democracy but it isn t at all clear how democracy can be exempt from also being seen as yet another collectivist project that undermines his radical also being seen as yet another collectivist project that undermines his radical Thatcher s there is no society only individuals rings in your ears while reading this Certainly Hayek imposes stringent imitations upon democracy democracy clearly can t place any The University of Chicago Spanish English English Spanish Dictionary limits on the radical free market he proposesPart of me wants to say that after four decades ofiving in I magnifici dieci lock step with Hayek s ideal ofaissez faire capitalism and the gross ineuality that has produced and the ecological suicide we are gormlessly heading toward that perhaps some of those who yelled the The Happiness Secrets Of Joel Osteen loudest that radical free market economics wouldead to the promised Seashells land should be aittle embarrassed now That certainly has not proven to be the case As Capitalist Realism Makes All Too Clear The Realism makes all too clear the only proved to his followers that Hayek s ideas were not implemented stringently enough And that is the beauty here Hayek s ideas are so over the top so utopian or dystopian rather that it is impossible for them to ever be fully implemented even in Chile under a dictator and so there will always an escape clause Even after the Thatcher nightmare there was an escape clause that said if only his ideas had been consistently followed I doubt we will move on from these ideas any time soon they form a solid plank of our current received wisdom our axiomatic truths Those who benefit from such ideas are rich beyond imagining and they hold so much power with their wealth that it isn t in the An Excellent conceited Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet least bit clear to me how an opposition to these views would be possible to be sustained And so we will continue to march proudly over the cliff each in turn proclaiming our freedom even as we begin our descent under the iron cladaws of gravity As someone or other much wiser than me once said it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism I guess therein Ruhestand fr Einsteiger lies Hayek s greatestegacy The Road to Serfdom is not an anti government book it s definitely not a ibertarian or pro aissez faire capitalism or even a pro democracy book It s purely and simply an anti socialism book And just to be clear to Hayek socialism primarily means central planning It s chapter after chapter of reasons why socialism despite it s apparently noble goals both will not work in the practical sense and how it tends to Farmer Boy lead to totalitarianismHayek s arguments areevel headed and Random House Webster's College Dictionary: 1996 Graduation Promotion logical He is careful not to insult his opponent and goes out of his way to point out their good intentions Despite the fact that The Road to Serfdom is currently being championed by conservatives Hayek calls himself aiberal and the book is written with fellow Making Mentoring Happen A simple and effective guide to implementing a successful mentoring program liberals in mind There is no contradiction Definitions especially in the world of politics have a way of changing For Hayekiberalism was tantamount to freedom and Panda Bears liberty Today the definition of the worldiberal has shifted In economics Turning Points in Australian History liberalism is now a synonym for euality and significantly not eual freedom for all but rather eual or ateast eual distribution of resources In a time when on one hand the accusation of socialism is bandied about as a slur and on the other there is a strong anti capitalist movement that champions the same socialism it s useful to understand not only what socialism really is but what the implications for society are They might not be what you think Introduced by Chicago don Milty Friedman who assures us that the free market is the only mechanism that has ever been discovered for achieving participatory democracy xi Preach it Brother Milt So called collectivism had been burying purported individualism apparently in Padre Fred s 1944 analysis but was unexpectedly checked by the time of Frere Milt s semicentennial celebratory gala binge Fra Milt is pleased t He inspired Milton Friedman There s nothing to add to that it s just making one speechlessAs soon as abstract not measurable highly abstract not concrete concepts and words such as freedom justice right etc are used it s often a highly alarming sign signal and warning that something is going terribly wrong that the author has Desarrollo de Habilidades Directivas left reality and entered the spheres of speculation guessing or just doing as if subjective in the best cases just eccentric DIY creative problem solving ideas can be implemented inarger systems or even the world It reminds me of playing Chinese whisperers silent post for two reasons First because those pseudo fringe science wannabe intellectuals are as arrogant as possible while behaving Let Dai Vol 8 like stubborn kids and second because one begins with a stupid idea that gets copied and modified and mutates to and idiotic tragically realife appliances It s also a bit An Excellent conceited Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet like a brainstorming a creative techniue an idea constructing session completely getting out of control Il give it a try Let s say that I am biased and hate capitalism such as Hayek hated socialism without any reason mixed it with pseudo psychology and constructed his crude and inhuman theoriesSo I want anything in the property of the state ban private companies install a system such in China or with communism Does one see how stupid and onesided that is this black and white good and bad evil economy and friendly economy But wait if we instead say that our economic system is as onesided and stupid as communism that s of course unacceptable treason One could produce thousan. “Hayek menggunakan ilmu ekonomi untuk menyiasat minda manusia menggunakan pengetahuan ya.