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St sister was born In the years that followed the memory of his mother was like a dark song that made him cry in his bed alone strong though he was and all of sixteenThis story which follows Willie along with too many other young Irish men boys really as they go off to fight with the British army in World War I and as that April rolls around a war begins at home during Easter Week of 1916 The Easter Rising Between your own countrymen deriding you for being in the army and the army deriding you for your own slaughter a man didn t know what to be thinking A man s mind could be roaring out in pain of a sort The fact that the war didn t make a jot of sense any hardly came into it While this story is about the war the wars on both sides of these waters Barry s writing is so poetic while at the same time bringing the war in all its gruesome darkness to light It s shared through Willie s youthful and still pure somewhat na ve yes So that the war itself the horror that surrounds and sometimes destroys these men shared through his yes is softened It is war after all and there is no scaping the fact that many will not return home but again he shares his personal feelings and perspective which are filled with these men lost to the war There are also moments where his focus is on Gretta Willie s reminiscences of his love for her of the moments he holds close to his heart hoping she will write soon and hoping ven that she will wait for his returnWhile this didn t uite live up to Days Without End for me I loved this story and loved following Willie s journey as a young fairly na ve young man as this begins through these dark days of war Certain mental images can be a little too vivid When it comes to WW1 the permamuck of the trenches the seared throats from deadly gases and the pants soiling horror of seeing a comrade s detached body parts inches away are associations powerful nough to shut us down There s only so far we can The Lady in Pink extend our comprehension in the face of palpable terror So how does a good author milk it a little getting us past the autonomic desensitization and back into the boots of sharedxperience In Sebastian Barry s case he creates a character so Eyes earnest andager to please that he seems custom built as an mpathy magnet The fully realized inner life of Willie Dunne the 18 year old central figure a Dubliner gone off to fight England s war combined with a fascinating account of the politics of Irish Home Rule made for uite a story It was beautifully written too Barry deserved his acclaim short listed for a BookerWillie loved and respected his father a policeman and loyal supporter of the crown At 5 6 tall Willie was not allowed to join his 6 6 da in the police force Sir Francis Galton s regression to the mean ffect overshot in this case Aching for respect Willie signed up to fight the Germans in the name of the King The word was that Irish Home Rule would be granted after these volunteers fought in common cause alongside the English Willie also had to leave his girlfriend behind along with his youthful innocence It didn t take long after the grand send off to realize what we all already knew war sucks Barry s descriptions were realistic and mortifying We re made to care about the men Sinner's Heart even for getting to know them as people real sentient beings with personalities and aspirations A scene that really got to me was one where some middle ranking tough as nails guy named Christy seemingly against type had a soft spot for music He was temporarily at peace with the world when Willie sang Ave MariaWillie was given furlough for the Easter holiday It was a short happy stay but there was a massive confusion just as he was reporting back gunshots and not ones coming from Germans It was the Easter Rising of 1916 where Irishmen who wanted Home Rule faster and assuredly than England would likely deliver rose up against them Willie and his fellow soldiers were asked to uell the uprising Our politically na ve protagonist had hisyes opened The remainder of the book had new conflicts to add to a mix that already seemed saturated with them Willie s ambivalence about the English cause didn t set well with his father Sentiment in Ireland had swung against the Dublin Fusiliers that Willie felt duty bound to stick with to the nd Nor did the English command give them much respect I wanted to tell a certain Major Stokes to stick it in his hole when he said What you Irish couldn t stand a little gas And as if that wasn t nough our young hero had girl troubles too The worst part of it all was how little of it Willie deserved He was such a good kidStories like this need to Spirit of the Wolf end the way authors want them to with readers reading their books to find out not with overzealous reviewers spilling the beans The only thing I ll add is that anmotional involvement on the reader s part is likelyOn a personal note my wife and I celebrated our 30th anniversary with a trip to Ireland The love of literature there and of words in general A Vineyard Christmas even away from the pubs was one of the great things about the place Theynjoy their history too with plenty of it around to Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose engage them We learned a lot about the Easter Rising visiting the General Post Office where much of the rebellion took place Later we saw Kilmainham Gaol where many of the rebel leaders were imprisoned and in some casesxecutedThe gaol has been featured in several films including The Italian Job the original one Michael Collins and In the Name of the Father U2 also filmed a video there with Bono looking very much like a man of the 80s45 stars 5 A sorrowful gut wrenching tale of the horrors of WWI and the boys who went off to fight for King and Country hoping to come into their bloody manhood at last The author xpertly leads the reader through gruesome warfare in the trenches with beautiful prose and likable but doomed characters The dawn and horror of chemical warfare makes its deadly debut The gas boiled in like a familiar ogre With the same stately gracelessness it rolled to the dge of parapet and then like the Heads Of A Many Headed Creature It of a many headed creature it gently forward and sank down to join the waiting men The vil gas lay sown in the trench like a bedspread and as gas came over it filled the trench to the brim and passed on then its ghostly hordes to the support lines and the reserve lines ambitious for choice murders That s just the beginning as Barry will not spare the reader the horror that comes and I do not use that word lightly Young boys from Ireland are fighting only to learn that at the same time others back home are battling for Home Rule during the Easter Rising They will arrive home on leave only to be thought traitors worth

killing by some 
by some then return to the front for killing of their ownDeserving of 5 stars but the subject matter and inevitable outcome sucked the life right out of my soul Based on my motional state it rates the 1 star I did not like it but the writing the writing the writing I have never read a better book on the devastation of war and I never want to read another one like it Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) everAfterwards Imagine if they had a war and no one showed up It just confounds me how many generations of young men have been willing to forfeit their precious lives and others continue to manufacture and use such malevolent weapons to this day. Boys 1990 The Steward of Christendom 1995 Our Lady of Sligo 1998 Hinterland si Whistling Psyche 2004 sunt printre cele mai complexe piese ale lui Barry care dramatizeaza probleme acute privind memoria identitara a Irlandei Aceleasi interese au orientat si tematica romanelor salexceptie facând Elsewhere the Adventures of Belemus 1985 un roman pentru copii Înainte sa fi fost inclus pe lista scurta la Man Booker Prize cu romanul Calea cea lunga 2005 Barry fusese aclamat pentru The Whereabouts of Eneas McNulty 1998 roman tradus în sapte limbi urmat în scurt timp de Annie Dunne 2002 o poveste plasata în anii '50 în Wicklow tinutul în care traieste. On completionI thoroughly loved this book I finished listening to it and was desperate for I re listened to the last chapters Then I thought I simply cannot leave this book I searched to see what other books Sebastian Barry has written This is the first of a trilogy followed by first Annie Dunne and then On Canaan s Side I read what these books were about The central theme of these books diverge they are not about WW1 And this is the topic that I want of So I checked out The Absolutist and Math Basics 6 even listened to the narration at Audible Again I felt let down John Cormack s narration of A Long Long Way had been superb The snippet of The Absolutist just could not compare Was it the narrator that I had fallen in love with I listened to other books narrated by Cor This was short listed for the 2005 Man Booker I m certain it will be among my top five reads of 2008It s the story of a young Irish soldier caught between the warfields of Belgium and the battle raging at home between the royalists and the nationalists It s the most graphic and revealing treatment of WWI I vencountered particularly of trench warfare and the horrors of mustard gas It amazes me that anyone survived and sickens me how hundreds of thousands of young men were simply led to slaughter by colluding governmentsDespite the grim brutality of the subject the writing is so lyrical and beautiful the characters so full of hope and spirit Portions of it read almost like poetry yet the language is simple and Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, earthyI was frustrated by the glimpses of the 1916 Easter Uprising and the conflict that set Irish against Irish as if the reader already had a tacit understanding of that history and its nuances I was confused as to who was on which side in Ireland but then again that wasis the tragedy of the conflict in Ireland the division of a country was really the division of villages friends and familiesBut bottom line it s an incredible book devastating and beautiful I cried at thend The First Ghost even though I knew what was coming And I cried for the lives that were lost and for those who continue to be sacrificed in the name of power greed and moral certainty War is inexcusable The best book I ve read in a handful of yearsI was moved beyond words by the lyrical beauty of the prose in this novel and by the way it shreddedvery sentimental thought I d ver had about the First World War the sentimentality of bravery and morality and justice and incorruptibility Barry s book created fresh wounds within me and healed them later within the same paragraph only to create a general ache and heartbreak for an ntire generation that was lost Our young protagonist was born in the dying days of an old century mewling his way into a stormy night that was neither spectacular nor noteworthy In these words Barry presages the manner in which our young man will find his way out of this life Neither spectacular nor noteworthy yet Willie Dunne s death Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential encapsulates the monstrousxpenditure of youth and vigour and potential that all went to hell in the fields of FlandersBarry has managed somehow to put into prose Wilfred Owen s Anthem for Doomed Youth What passing bells for these who die as cattle Only the monstrous anger of the guns Only the stuttering rifles rapid rattleCan patter out their hasty orisonsNo mockeries now for them no prayers nor bells Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs The shrill demented choirs of wailing shells And bugles calling for them from sad shiresWhat candles may be held to speed them all Not in the hands of boys but in their yesShall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes The pallor of girls brows shall be their pall Their flowers the tenderness of patient mindsAnd ach slow dusk a drawing down of blindsWithin the length of a novel he has managed to retain Humanism every punch to the head heart stomach that the original poem delivers and still retain the impact of the originalWhile Barry also manages toxplore the percussion beat of the Easter Uprising and deal handily with the implications of Irish men fighting as English soldiers the novel nonetheless remains as a universal condemnation of war and does not sink into partisan politics for the sake of it There is always the bigger uestion looming above the heads
of all whatever 
all whatever why are we here at all AddendumWhile it took me a week to read unheard of for books I love it was a book I could neither put down nor read in one gulp I resented Smokin' Hot every minute that I was away from it and at the same time found myself reading slowly when I did pick it up savouringvery word pondering Placing Memory every thought stopping for long pauses between sections orven paragraphs to fully appreciate what Barry was saying An astounding book It should be as a must read in army training camps and in Lasombra every high school in the world A simple message delivered simply and beautifully with the impact of a sledgehammer It s a long way to TipperaryIt s a long way to goIt s a long way to little Mary To the sweetest girl I knowGoodbye PiccadillyFarewell Leicester SuareIt s a long way to TipperaryBut my heart s right thereWorld War I the Great War as it was then known has produced some outstanding novels recounting the horrific mind numbing dehumanizingxperiences of common soldiers locked in the death grip of trench warfare In the past year I have read two of those books Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden and Fear by Gabriel Chevallier and reread another All uiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarue These stories are told from the perspective of three different nationalities Canadian French and German respectively but they share the comm 45 Stars He was born in the dying days It was the withering nd of 1896 He was called William after the long dead Orange days It was the withering nd of 1896 He was called William after the long dead Orange because his father took an interest in such distant matters He was a little baby and would be always a little boy He was like the thin upper arm of a beggar with a few meager bones shot through him provisional and bare When he broke from his mother he made a mewling sound like a wounded cat over and over That was the night of a storm that would not be a famous storm But for all that it rattled the last leaves out of the regal oaks in the old pleasure gardens behind the hospital and it drove the wet harvest along the gutters and into the gaping drains and down into the unknown avenues of the great sewers The blood of births was sluiced down there too and all the many liuids of humanity but the salt sea at Ringsend took Wanton Nights everythingually And as time passes William Dunne is among all those boys of Europe born in those time the ones whose fate was written in a ferocious chapter of the book of life Those millions of mothers and their million gallons of mother s milk millions of instances of small talk and baby talk beatings and kisses ganseys and shoes piled up in history in great ruined heaps with a loud and broken music human stories told for nothing for ashes for death s amusement flung on the mighty scrapheap of souls all those million boys in all their humours to be milled by the mill stones of a coming war His father was a policeman and he had hoped that Willie would grow to be tall While My Soldier Serves enough to follow in his footsteps which would not come to pass a crushing disappointment to his father Willie then twelve would lose his mother that same year the year his younge. Format în cel mai pur spirit irlandez Sebastian Barry originar din Dublinste unul dintre scriitorii care n au ocolit nici un gen literar Premiat în nenumarate rânduri pentru piesele sale Barry s a bucurat de aprecierile criticilor si în calitate de romancier si poet Fiu al actritei Joan O'Hara Sebastian Barry a fost ducat la Trinity College în Dublin oras care l a racordat puternic la cauza irlandeza si care i a insuflat un simt acut de apartenenta la o mostenire culturala plina de tensiuni Teme legate de istoria traumatica a Irlandei si de natura dramatica a însasi conditiei de irlandez transpar în fiecare dintre scrierile lui Boss Grady's.

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Unbelievably I saw a promotional video Men of War MUSTARD GAS for online gaming Perhaps guys like the one who commented Good job Can you make a poison thrower just like the flame thrower That would be very cool should read this book gladofmywomanhood bookslikethisbreakmyheart A long long way written by Sebastian Barry was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2005 and tells an amazing and xtremely well written storyThis is the third novel I have read by Barry and have to say he is fast becoming one of my favourite writersThis is the story of Willie Dunne who at the age of ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe eighteen is too short to follow in his father s footsteps and become a policeman in Dublin but who is oldnough to volunteer and fight for England in World War 1 and so Willie leaves behind Dublin his family and the girl he plans to marry to The Fiend Next Door enlist in the allied forces in the Great War partly to prove himself a man and please his father At the time of the first world war there was an understanding among the Irish people that Ireland would gain Home Rule within the coming few years and young men like Willie Dunne took up the cause to fight for King Country and Empire against the Germans in the hope that this would further their cause while another section of Irish refused to fight for England and they instead took up Arms in the Rising of 1916 in Dublin to gain Irish freedom While Willie Dunne and the Dublin Fusiliers suffer abroad Dublin City is suffering during the Easter Rising and men like Willie Dunne and his comrades are thought of and regarded as traitors by their fellow countrymen Having recently visited Kilmainham Gaol where thexecutions in May 1916 of fourteen of the leaders of the failed 1916 Easter Rising took place and having the tour information and pictures of the xecuted men fresh in my head I was motionally and factually ready for a novel of this depthThis is a tough read and certainly not for the faint hearted so if you get put off by horrific scenes of war and vulgar and brutal happenings then this is not the novel for you but this certainly is account of war that that takes you right into the trenches with young Willie Dunne and his comrades and you பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் experience a teensy tiny bit of their fear and their anguish and the sualor and the camaraderie of the men who both fight and die side by sideA 5 star rating for me and a book that will stay with me This novel about thexperiences of an Irish private during WW1 didn t really The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 engage me until about the half way point when it did massively improve Firstly I felt the author bluffed his way a bit through WW1 sacrificing detail to abstractions which meant I never uite felt myself in the boots of a private on a WW1 battlefield And the grandiose biblical Hemingwayesue prose style dwarfed the characters for me turned them into puppets which maybe was clever as whatlse were all those young men who lost their lives in that daft war Like Days without End the characters were for me the weakest part of the novel Again Barry chooses as his focus a good natured blank canvas of a character Willie again he tends to idealise and sentimentalise relationships That said in the second part of the novel I did begin to warm to Willie s relationships with his male mentors his father his commanding officer his Sergeant Major and Father Buckley the chaplain He also has a sweetheart who inflicts on him a kind of Old Testament punishment for a misdemeanor which shows brilliantly the gulf between her domestic reality and his nightmare frontline reality As a backdrop the novel also dramatises the Irish rising for Home Rule This was nicely done However I m not sure it really added anything to my understanding of WW1 or the Irish problem Essentially it s a story about one young man s loyalties and loves with a thunderous historical backdrop rather like Days Without End in other words I A Meditation on Murder enjoyed it but I don t think it ll live long in my memory Oh Willie Dunn a painfullyarnest young man off to the trenches He loves his family his girl and his comrades at that tender age when life is all first times The Algerians were just over to his right The Algerians sang fine strange songs most of the day and at night now he could hear them laughing and talking in a sort of ndless xcitementThe trench was soon looking fairly smartThat s fucking better now said the sergeant major religiouslyThey did all that and then lurked in the perfected trench getting muggy like old boxers The poor human mind played ueer tricks and you could forget Travis even your name betimes andven the point of being there aside nduring the unstoppable blather of the guns What day oftentimes it was Willie would forgetThen a different day arrived Everyone had had a lash of tea and there was a lot of farting going on after the big yellow beans that had come up around twelve As usual after they had aten they were beginning to look at AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 each other and think this St Julian wasn t the worst place they d been in It was thessential illusion bestowed on them by full stomachsA breeze had pushed through the tall grasses all day There was a yellow flower The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? everywhere with a hundred tiny blooms on it The caterpillars loved them There were millions of caterpillars the same yellow as the flowers It was a yellow worldCaptain Pasley was in his new dugout writing his forms Every last thing that came in andvery last thing that went out was accounted for Item and bodies Captain Pasley of course was obliged to read all the letters the men sent home and he did word for blessed word He thought it might break a man s heart to read them sometimes there was something awfully sad about some of the soldiers letters They didn t mean to make them sad which gave their fforts to be manly and cheerful a melancholy tinge But it had to be faced God help them they were funny nough fforts sometimes Some men wrote a letter as formal as a bishop some tried to write the inside of their heads like that young Willie Dunne It was a curiosityThe yellow cloud was noticed first by Christy Moran because he was standing on the fire step with his less than handy mirror arrangement looking out across the uiet battlefield That little breeze had freshened and it blew now against the ratty hair that dropped out of Christy Moran s hat here and there So the #Breeze Was Of A #was of a and was blowing full on against Christy s hat and mirror but it was nothing remarkableWhat was remarkable was the strange yellow tinged cloud that had just appeared from nowhere like a sea fog But not like a fog really he knew what a flaming fog looked like for God s sake being born and bred near the sea in fucking Kingstown He watched for a few seconds in his mirror straining to see and straining to understand It was about four o clock and all as peaceful as anything Not ven the guns were firing now The caterpillars foamed on the yellow flowersAnd the grass died in the path of the cloud That was only Christy Moran s impression maybe he hoiked down the mirror a moment and wiped it clean with his cleanish sleeve Back up it went The cloud didn t look too deep but it was as wide as the ye could see Christy Moran was absolutely certain now he could see figures moving in the yellow smoke It must be some sort of way of hiding the Advancing Men He Was Thinking men he was thinking smoke It must be some sort of way of hiding the advancing men he was thinking some fashioned piece of warfar. Azi scriitorulCalea cea lunga se concentreaza pe conflictul trait de soldatii irlandezi trimisi sa lupte alaturi de trupele britanice în timpul celui de Al Doilea Razboi Mondial Willie Dunne fi gura centrala a romanului ste xponentul unei întregi generatii de irlandezi despre care autorul însusi spunea ca „au fost prinsi pe partea gresita a istoriei Discriminati pe front de fratii de arme britanici soldatii irlandezi o data întorsi acasavor fi tratati drept tradatori de conationali Un alt pisod din conflictul mocnit dintre Irlanda si Anglia într un roman în care brutalitatea intrigii se însoteste paradoxal cu gratia stilului Alina Purcaru. A Long Long Way