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Re epicJust so much happened and the authors have proved there is still so much world building and surprises to be found in the Kateverse It all still feels fresh and the writing is top notch I have nothing negative to sayStandouts Roman Christopher The surprise reappearance of a certain character Julie RolandThere were just so many awesome scenes and excellent dialogue None of it felt like filler When you look at the now Kate and compare her to the then Kate it blows your mind She is really something now More than just a bad ass but the whole package The authors have truly done a spectacular job of showing her growth and depth and she has really become a bigger than life character A true classicI hate Jim and really he is just the worst Mahon seems to have changed a lot which is good because I wanted him to die in the last bookA lot of the supporting characters get these fantastic little power scenes They may not be a main part of this one but when they show up it really packs a punch Dali Ghastek Desandra for exampleSo many feels I got chills multiple times and got a little teary a few times This was just an outstanding addition to the series When urban fantasy is done this well I love it There really is no comparison Almost every other UF series feels flat and amateurish to me now because the bar has been set so highOh and can we PLEASE have Hugh in the last book and can he PLEASE NOT DIE Please I miss his roguishly evil self TEAM HUGHBuddy read with the Ilona Andrews Addicts groupOriginal post ON NETGALLEY 29 July 2016 GO GOI already now I m going to get rejected but if you like this series go Try and reuest it I can t believe it s there The Adventures Of A Brave Little Kitty Buddy Rerererereread TAOABLKBR with the IA Addicts And the moral of this particular rererererereread is birds are assholes And so are Jims And the other moral of this particular rererererereread is Roman for president Because reasons and stuff Until next time and stuffJune 2018 The Grand IAA KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza GIAAKDBRE aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs Presenting Episode 9 or How Kate Daniels Learned That Some of Chernobog s Flunkies Have Innate Wedding Planning AbilitiesPrevious rating 20 million starsNew rating 30 million stars And a halfWell well well would you look at that It turns out I never wrote an actual review for this book Probably because I hated it you d have to have Seriously Despicable Book Taste SDBT to like this one and didn t want to waste my precious time rambling about it Yeah that s probably why I mean why would I want to spend my nefarious energy telling you about all the ridiculously boring uninteresting stuff that happens in this instalment Or its many absolutely non harem worthy nope nope nope not them definitely not characters Total waste of my invaluable time indeedAnyway it sure looks like I m not going to write a captivating review for this book this time around either I might start thinking about it after my twentieth reread though Perhaps Maybe Possibly Some people would take that to mean I m lazy as fish but as much as I respect their wrong opinion I think they happen to be not entirely right in their erroneous way of thinking This has obviously naught to do with some supposed laziness on my part and everything to do with the Andrews writing books that are so bloody shrimping amazing that they leave one feeling Activism and the American Novel kinda sorta like this Which entails one s two little grey cells doing the Poof Gone Obliterated PGO thus preventing one much to one s chagrin I must say from writing a fascinating as ever review ED and stuff All you need tonow about this bookseriesanything IA has everwill ever write cereal box blurb included is if you haven t heard of itread itrated it 10 stars you deserve to have the murderous crustaceans slightly unleashed on you Oh and by the way I want a BarabasChristopher novella NOW Red wings are super hot Kate is the mostest awesomest crazy cat lady ever I m with my boyfriend Roman the Riveting Russian Rake about Greek gods and their wings Phone calls from Daddy Dearest are the best Derek and Ascanio should hook up I want to move to Mesopotamia and be a nefarious princess of Shinar The Dark Side of the Force is dark and there are no cookies to be had Tutus Nuff said I m in lurve with the person aka Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler who believes that Roland thinks with his dick Impersonating peacocks is a way of life Doves are overrated Curran should watch what he eats Wedding planning KD style Also Ghastek and Teddy Jo and Baby B and Swing Travel Inc and family can t live with them can t Agriculture at a Glance Revised Edition kill them and oh bloody shrimping hell of the stinking fish HOW COULD YOU Also also epic is as epic does Yep that pretty much sums it up And now what s left for me to do you ask Apart from rerererereading the book you mean Why dance obviously In case you were wondering this is my Post IA Reading Routine PIARR Pretty hot huh A very private message to Jim can you die now Pretty please and stuff Thank theeindlyActual rating 20 million stars More or less Give or give a few millionsThere are no words Okay so there might be a few words but they re refusing to come out right now So I ll just leave you with these few choice gifs for the momentI shall return Maybe PS Roman the Riveting for the momentI shall return Maybe PS Roman the Riveting Rake is mine Barabas is mine Christopher is mine Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler not her real name is mine And yes Roland aka Daddy Dearest is also mine So don t be getting any silly ideas into your silly little barnacle heads Book 1 Magic Bites Book 2 Magic Burns Book 3 Magic Strikes Book 4 Magic Bleeds Book 5 Magic Slays Book 6 Magic Rises Book 7 Magic Breaks Book 8 Magic Shifts Book 10 Magic Triumphs WARNING this review is going to get bumped repeatedly until this book is released If you and your self righteousness have a problem with that please feel free to unfriend and block me I don t give a damn April 22 2016 Ilona just posted chapter 1 on the blog THE WHOLE FREAKING CHAPTER peoplediesregains consciousness long enough to read chapterdies again April 11 2016 Deleted Scene MondayDeleted because not exciting enough My dear Ilona I ll have you now that tentacles are always exciting ALWAYS Hall Hail the Glorious Tentacles April 8 2016 Tiny Bribe Friday Ilona says Who s got her back Curran s got her backI say Tiny Bribe Friday Ilona says Who s got her back Curran s got her backI say s got hot tubs too March 11 2016 It s snippety Friday again Awesome vamp gore is awesome Awesome blood sword is awesome Freaking Awesome Kate is Freaking Awesome And Roman the Riveting Russian Rake is baaaaaccckkkkkk March 11 2016 Ilona s latest blog post Hi guys We are working very hard to finish Magic Binds The deadline is in 2 days March 4 2016 Ilona s latest blog post Working hard on Kate Killing people and breaking old friendships Happy FridayOh bloody hell how are we supposed to have a happy Friday after that Evil Andrews are evil March 3 2016 it s snippety snippet day Bon app tit Feb 5 2016 Very important possibly life altering Cute Peasant Top CPT update Here is what Ilona had to say about it For all the people asking about the peasant blouse the wedding is set for a Russian pagan holiday and this was the reference image we sent them I asked for flower crown and a wedding dress The wedding dress was axed because it took the whole thing into a completely different genre so the poor art department tried their best to compromise They came up with a peasant blouse with Ukranian embroidery We just asked for something difficult to findI still don t like it but I guess it is all in the name of the greater good and all that crap Feb 4 2016 BLOODY HELL WE HAVE A COVERI m very sorry but I do not approve of that silly peasant top Way too cute for Kate Kate doesn t do cute Kate does bloody and ass icking and baddass And look at poor Curran all depressed and stuff Looks like someone s been neglecting His Furriness lately Too busy Kate No worries I can take care of that particular burden for you Feb 2 2016 uh oh snipetty snippet Jan 23 2016 the Andrews are on a Snippety Snipet roll Ladies and gentleman time to go and get your fix of the day I want my KD fix Jan 21 2016 it s up for pre order Planned release date September 27 2016 Jan 20 2016 Snippety snippet day It s short but it s a KD fix so I don t care Not sure I want to Places of Their Own: African American Suburbanization in the Twentieth Century (Historical Studies of Urban America) know why the title for this post is On Things That Won t End Well though Jan 3 2016 HAPPY FREAKING NEW SNIPPET FROM HEAVEN Watch out people for Roland the Riveting Russian Rake is baaaaaaccccckkkkkkkk Can you tell I m excited Dec 19 2015 snippet available here dies September 2015 We have a title starts hyperventilating August 2015 summer wedding hot tubs not optional Russian pagan festivalidnapping slow murder Roland flower crowns evil deities of Slavic pantheon Not necessarily in that order This book deserves 20 stars already. That if Kate marries the man she loves Atlanta will burn and she will lose him forever And the only person Kate can ask for help is long dead The odds are impossible The future is grim But Kate Daniels has never been one to play by the rule.

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Magic BindsRe read 1211825118After re reading the whole series I have just one thing to say Kate better not die at the end of this or I shall be enormously upset Also I really hope they do a spinoff with Derek and Julie because they really deserve a HEA with each other 5 StarsI fail to find words to describe how much I loved this book Definitely one of my favourites If you have not read this series and these authors you are seriously missing out It s is not too late to turn backIt s is always too late The book has five main themesA The Wedding Kate is choosing cake flavors flowers decoration wedding dress while her whole world is falling apart and she needs to be focused Roman will be her wedding priest and he has also taken the role of the wedding organizer Roland is invited and he is not happy with the menu Personal note Next time I read this book I should do it without my husband trying to sleep next to me My constant giggling does not help him I exhaled and looked at Roman What do I have to do to get you to leave me alone You have to make all the wedding decisions Roman said You have to select the cake the colors for the ceremony the flowers for your bouuet and you have to stand for a second dress fitting tomorrow at eight o clock You also have to approve the guest list and the seating chart B The Babies An important baby has just been born and she is already in danger The fate of another important baby is being decided before his mother conceivesC The Power Kate is resisting the urge to use her power and magic When she shows her teeth everyone is worried If I ever turn into my father you will The Arcav Kings Mate (Arcav Alien Invasion kneel and pledge yourself to me Jim And you will happy doing it D The BattleThe city of Atlanta against RolandAnything is possible while we are approaching the final epic battle Old friends become traitors and old enemies become allies Kate will not hesitate to ask the help of the only family shenows In the end everyone has to choose sides The witches the necromancers the Guild the shifters the The Billionaires Arranged Baby 3 knights the demigods the gods the son of gods the priests Humans do not seem to participateWhy Roland does not want to hurt Kate Is it because he loves her that much or is he hiding something This may determine who wins the final battleE The Trust Kate and Curran s relationshipKateeeps hiding things from him either because she scares that he will think little of her or he will be angry or he will get himself hurt In every case this will bite her in the ass Feel like sharing No Kate I m getting sick of this I ll tell you afterward It s complicated to explain and you ll be pissed off I m already pissed off he snarledNot yet When he was truly angry he would turn ice coldKate will show Curran a bit of her power and he will get worried A huge matter of mistrusting that thankfully it will be resolved Curran froze Take my hand Curran You now you want to No This isn t you Of course it is Jim told you so Take my hand baby Be with me eternally Rule with me All you have to do is love me and I will give you all the power and immortality you could ever want Kate will make Curran the happiest male on earth Curran turned His mouth opened He stared at me like he d never seen me beforeWell it has been an amazing journey so far reread really fast for the Magic Triumphs release tomorrow I can totally do it somehowOfficial Release dayI m so excited to read this with my crew at Ilona Andrews AddictsTHIS WAS FAN FREAKING TASTICI never in a million years would have guessed at even half the stuff the Andrews came up with to put in this storyKate and Curran Love them ALWAYsFavorite side character Roman The priest of the God of Evil and Monsters gets some great page time and adds to every scene he is in It s not that I m that evil really I m just beloved by evil things JulieIf you read Magic Stars you now who she has been talking to and so you Alien know why I m worried If you haven t read Magic Starswhat are you waiting for go read it nowI ll wait hereChristopher OMG Christopher I had theoriesI had speculationsI had out there notionsbut I wasn t even close I will send cookies to someone if they guess right on what his story isEVERYTHING ELSERoland new wonderful mythical creatures battles and a special guest that I never thought I d see againThere is so much wonderful that I can t wait to read it againPre readWhen one of your favorite authors says you get to beta read their new book Only twoinds of people drink their coffee black cops and serial 10 Essential Survivor Secrets to Liberate Yourself from Narcissistic Abuse killersWhat do younow I just found what me and Kate Daniels have in common see above I have know I just found what me and Kate Daniels have in common see above I have lot of friends who love the series with all their hearts So before some of them de friend me for such a low rating while others gather a lynching mob to nicely explain me the errors of my way I have to say that the book is good Some of the previous installments raised the plank very high and this one could not uite reach it My rating of it is 35 stars rounded down for the reasons I will explain Kate Daniels and Curran Lennart were about to get married Everything was fine and dandy until a group of friendly witches showed up and predicted marriage ending in either death of Kate s husband or her unborn child or complete and utter destruction of Atlanta Compared to this Romeo and Juliette had it easy right I learned several interesting and sometimes practical t So far I had the god of evil and the god of terror on my side My good guy image was taking a serious beating Maybe I should recruit some unicorns or Lights, Camera, Action (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 1) kittens with rainbow powers to even us outIf you re an Urban Fantasy fan who hasn t read the Kate Daniels series yet you need to remedy that soon At the 9th book the series is still going strong and doesn t look like it s losing any steam In fact in some ways it s even improving The book opens a few weeks before Kate and Curran tie thenot already getting off to a fun and hilarious start Sure the series is dark and Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused keeps facing do or die scenarios but Ilona Andrews makes sure toeep the humor when it s warranted Roman gets a particularly funny role throughout the book in helping with wedding prep I won t spoil about that but it s pretty much perfectI can t help but like Roland in a way He s the big bad evil guy who does despicable things but he s also fascinating and does seem to love Kate in his own demented manner He will never make Father of the Year but I like how the author made Kate look at him through this book instead of being as one dimensional as so many characters are Kate has ualms about her father not letting just rage run her actions like so many characters do If anything Kate had grown and matured about her anger and being realistic since earlier booksYou once told me we were monsters We are Roland smiled at me Things are so difficult for you because you re denying your natureNo please not another parental lecture on the virtues of evilThere s protective Roland this is just ridiculous Why should I have to choose between a meat and vegetarian dish before he worries about Kate not having a proper wedding feast and then offering to provide it There s mean Roland who idnaps and sadistically tortures people There s funny Roland of course who as he tries to bond can t seem to grasp why he upsets Kate Ultimately a lot is revealed about the character particularly the family through the sister and mother connection The authors toss readers surprises including a returning character who really changes the play of the game and the shape of the future on Kate s behalfSome may remember that I hate Jim He s a regular character that s always gotten credit than he deserves This book Makes Me Hate Him Even me hate him even for a change Kate doesn t let it go as easy as she did before and even other characters may be opening their eyes I m glad I m not the only one seeing it I figured it was something that bugged me as a reader but that the authors didn t notice or agree on but maybe not If you re one of the many readers who didn t mind Jim before or didn t see what I was so upset about maybe you still won t agree But if you re in the same camp I was where you already hated him trust me when I say the hatred will grow His last talk with Curran in the book will stick in my headSpeaking of Jim one of the most interesting things about this book was the change of everyone around Kate when it came to nowing her powers A few people started pissing me off even regular Derek who is always so loyal when he suddenly doesn t believe Kate about something he would have before People have become cautious of her and less trusting even those who always were her friendsGhastekI Coming Out of Communism know many don t talk about him or pay much attention He gets little time in the books He s not that special of a character really but for some reason from day one book one I always loved the character Sure he s annoyed me. Mercenary Kate Danielsnows all too well that magic in post Shift Atlanta is a dangerous business But nothing she’s faced could have prepared her for this Kate and the former Beast Lord Curran Lennart are finally making their relationship.

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But there s something about the thin and power hungry necromancer that draws my attention on page We get a small moment at the beginning and then I figured through reading oh well no Ghastek but that end There is a big change there too I loved it Perfect I m curious what this means for the future I don t want to spoil anything but Kate s views on certain things have changed and have to continue changing as she embraces her power in order to become comfortable with herself in her own skin with her own power and her own family connections Cannot wait for the next bookI m trying not to fill this review with just character gushing butChristopher I can t leave him out He has a surprise up his sleeve and it s just brilliant I m officially shipping Barrabas and Christopher now Trust me Christopher rocks Mahon the bear and his family come across as justawesome As heartwarming as a big bear clan that can suish you to death with one big bear hug can be Andrea is the funny and loyal friend till the endFinally Curran There s some ups and downs with a few of the trust issues I didn t get at first but it worked out I love their relationship I was on the edge of getting annoyed with him too but got over that when he Ways of Knowing About Birth kept up the Curran epicness You re like a crazy cat lady but you collectillers instead of fluffy catsPlot wise and there actually is a strong plot here it s amazing Another step toward the end A battle before a war It s tense pulled me in tons of directions in a wide scope that involves nearly the entire city of Atlanta Kate learns a lot about herself her family and a few twists about other people It s brutal and it s powerful I bit my lip and held my breath while loving every minute of it Perhaps the best in the series Can t wait for the next one alreadyThank you Netgalley for providing this ARC This was what I looked like when I picked the book up from the library Except I m a brunette cough And about 30 years olderBut other than that EXACTLY the sameAre you a Kate Daniels fanIf so I really don t need to convince you to Give This Sucker a Shot snortYou re already aware of what an amazing writing team Ilona Andrews is and you d probably read a grocery list if you HeroAca knew they were the ones who wrote it Hell I would However if you ve neglected to pick this series upYou MUST Give This Sucker a Shot Ok I m going to try super hard not to give any untagged spoilers for this particular book but as always if you d prefer to go into it with no priornowledge of the plotline like me I ll just go ahead and assure you that the book was FANTASTIC so you can move on I mean you can come back later if you want but for now Shoo Ok they re gonewe can talk Did anybody else have conflicted feeling about Roland I love that guy I mean he s a tyrant and Reading Africa into American Literature killer but Ieep hoping that he ll reform so Kate can have a relationship with her father What the hell is wrong with meThat horrible thing he did in the beginning view spoilerby hanging those people on the crosses hide spoiler 91317 Bc I am an I D I O T I m just now realizing that there was a live recording of the book launch at NOLA StoryCon last year AND I M IN IT 044 Bc mariachi elephant line Robin is too in the last like 5 seconds OHMAGAWD starsNon spoilery list of things you can look forward to in MAGIC BINDS1 Finding out once and for all whether or not Roland is a Bad Guy2 Kate struggling with her Dark Side3 A character from the past who you thought was gone for good is BACK And I m okay with it4 view spoilerAndrea and Raphael have their BABY hide spoiler So in preparation for reading Magic Triumphs I reread Magic Binds which I thought I remembered pretty well until I got into it last night and realized how much I d forgotten Anyway guess what I spent all evening reading instead of one of the many books in my review stack Oops Also this book works SO MUCH BETTER now that I ve read all of the previous books in this series rather than just hit and miss Now on to Magic TriumphsReview first published on Fantasy Literature Note Some spoilers for earlier books in the seriesIn Magic Binds the ninth book in Ilona Andrews KATE DANIELS urban fantasy series Kate a mercenary with awe inspiring sword fighting and magical abilities and Curran her shapeshifter mate and the former Beast Lord have decided to officially tie the not After dealing with several obstacles to get to the home of their friend Roman the priest of Chernobog the Russian dark god including a pony sized black Scorpion If We Killed His Pet Scorpion If we illed his pet scorpion d never hear the end of it they ask Roman to marry them Roman is absolutely delighted as the Black God s priest no one ever asks him to marry them one ever asks him to marry them in one of the funniest running gags ever he proceeds to hound and even threaten Kate to take care of all of the normal wedding preparations guest list invitations cake flowers dress fittings etc Kate would far rather just show up and tie the Algorithm Of Future knot and forget about the mundane planning and details but Roman is bound and determined that she and Curran are going to do this wedding thing rightKate however has far important things to worry about than a nice wedding ceremony Kate s father Roland is an immortal wizard who has the unfortunate habit of murdering his children for fear that they ll destroy him as well as anyone else who gets in his way or won t obey him Currently he s building a large castle just outside of Atlanta and has been not so subtly challenging Kate s claim to the town includingidnapping Kate s old friend Saiman And now the Witch Oracle has told Kate that either Curran or Kate s future son is fated to die at her father s hands and in either case Atlanta will burn and thousands will die As far as the witches can tell there s no way around either of these terrible futures The only thing Kate can think of is to do something absolutely crazy and wildly unexpected to change the future something so dangerous and awful that she can t even tell Curran her plans Good timesKate Daniels fans will adore this latest book in the series The plot is intense the wedding planning adds a new development to the series and Kate s ongoing conflict with Roland is spectacular and direct than ever before The characters in this series are well rounded the evil characters have some positive attributes and the good characters struggle with dark urges or weaknesses Freuent sarcastic humor helps to lighten the tension and the death and destruction that occur The trademark wittiness that marks this series is as strong as ever particularly when Roman periodically pops up to try to pin Kate down on her wedding plans Mary very The Progressive Guide to Alternative Media and Activism Project Censored Open Media Pamphlet Series 8 kindly agreed to bring over samples so you could select a wedding cake I did Mary nodded Mary turns into a grizzly A very large grizzly Inow who Mary is I told him I met her before at Andrea s wedding If you don t pick a wedding cake Mary will sit on you and stuff all this cake into your mouth until you make a selection If I have any complaint about Magic Binds it would be that the long build up to the conflict with Roland fizzles a bit in the end But that s a relatively minor uibble Magic Binds was a terrifically exciting compelling read I read it in one day because I couldn t stand to go to bed with it unfinished My husband was probably rolling his eyes at how long I was glued to my Kindle reader that day but a woman s gotta do what a woman s gotta doIf you aren t already a fan of the KATE DANIELS series you definitely need to start at the beginning with Magic Bites Each book in this series builds on the ones before including new recurring characters and developments and Magic Binds is no exception It contains some major spoilers for the prior books and some of the events won t make much sense unless you ve read the prior books So this is a series that you really ought to read in order says the person who hasn t always done that Now I just need to go back and read books 6 through 8 before book 10 is published 45 stars rounding up because Kate awesome I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a review Thank you FIRST READ 23 SEPT 2016 SECOND READ 10 AUG 2018 I don t really have anything new to add except it was just as good Loved it This series has stayed so strong and the final installment is soon to be released The best urban fantasy So much winIt s saying something when the 9th book is one of the best of the entire series Yes this was AMAZING I couldn t get enoughThere was just so much win I admit that I didn t really like the previous one but this was the shizz The story the pacing everything was spot on It was a real joy to read I mean everyone who is reading this probably nows what has come before and what everything is leading up to There is a lot of Roland is this book Kate s Bad Daddy Their interactions we. Official But there are some steep obstacles standing in the way of their walk to the altar Kate’s father Roland has idnapped the demigod Saiman and is slowly bleeding him dry in his never ending bid for power A Witch Oracle has predicted.