The Missing Link E–book/E–pub

Book complete with how tos and PROJECTSVERY WELL DONE THE INSTRUCTIONS PICTURES well done The instructions pictures lists are excellent The projects are beautiful There are lots of resources to visit This one taught me some new tricks and techniues For jewelry makers who want to branch out into wire working this is a book about making decorative links which can orm chains or become decorative elements between beads that sort of thing There are beautiful photos along with complete and well documented how tos A good book to expand your horizons and build your skill Techniues as well as a collection of 30 custom links and step by step illustrated instructions or creating them Join a variety of contributors that have created 15 jewelry projects each incorporating one or contributors that have created 15 jewelry projects each incorporating one or author #CINDY WIMMER'S LINKS YOU'LL SEE HOW ANY SINGLE LINK # Wimmer's links You'll see how any single link Et One of the best wire jewelry books ever Great tutorialsGreat tutorials instruction photographs and handy hints and tips Great designs and ideas A good all round book or beginners This book is totally genius The way the author broke it down into 30 types of individual wire links to spice up basic jewelry designs is genius The pictures are also very impressive colorful and beautiful I can definately apply this wire links concept to my own jewelry designs and I would have never thought of doing such May be a good book but not my style. Olds limitless design and unctional possibilitiesIn addition to creating different links Cindy will

show you how 
you how create different effects with the same link design by using or COMBINING DIFFERENT COLORED WIRE CHANGING WIRE different colored wire changing wire or changing the size of the link itsel. The Missing LinkWhen it comes to wirework I consider myself an advanced beginner I use mostly copper wire 84, Charing Cross Road for my projects but I was glad to see the sterling silver recommendationsI can t improve on what other reviewers have said about the links They re ingenious the instructions are simple and straightforward and the photographs round out the how to portion of the book perfectly I do agree however that the instructions and photosor the Birthday Bow could use some clarificationBut the projects oh my Each is a work of art by itself but can al Beautiful. Explore the most undamental and versatile yet overlooked component of jewelry design the wire link Unlike many transient jewelry ads it is one aspect of jewelry making that is consistent and relevant to nearly every styleGet all The Details Of Essential Tools And Wire. details of essential tools and wire.