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Ks as Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale problem with plenty of narrative asides and observations with plenty of narrative asides and observations well as instructions to the reader about various actions they should take in relation to the book makes Count the Monkeys than your standard numberscounting title There s uite a bit of interactive fun to be had here and I would imagine that this would make an xcellent story hour selection The colorful artwork by Kevin Cornell adds to the sense of humor and the fun Recommended to anyone looking for counting books that are a little bit different or for children s stories with an interactive Conscience and Memory element in which children are prompted to respond both physically and verbally to the text Best read aloud book of the year Lots of laughs This is a book that just begs to be read aloud it is so funny and interactive And I think the kids the merrier I can just imagine the giggles spreading the glancesxchanged It is silly good fun and I uite njoyed it I CAN T FRIGGIN WAIT TO READ THIS AT STORYTIME Kids three and up will absolutely fall in love with this book Audience participation abounds in another and new classic from Mac Barnett I know "that very child I read this to will make me count very one of "every child I read this to will make me count very single one of monkeys on the final ndpapers and I m perfectly fine with that Barnett has crafted a well thought out concept book that will hopefully be around for many years to come Whether you feel it should be mongooses or mongeese I hope you fall in love with this book as much as I did Can you tell I love this thing. Evin Cornell's luminous illustrations which will have young readers begging to count the monkeys all over agai. ,
Breaks the fourth wall In Hilarious Fashion Had hilarious fashion Had niece cracking up as she read it to me This was a cute spin on the traditional counting books with the monkeys never actually showing up until the very nd Very fun and interactive book for preschool storytime This is one of those picture books for ages 4 7 that will have them interacting with the reader and giggling their way through he pages We never really get to counting "monkeys in Let s Count the Monkeys because the book is hijacked by king cobras mongooses or is it mongeesecrocodiles bears "in Let s Count the Monkeys because the book is hijacked by king cobras mongooses or is it mongeesecrocodiles bears plenty of other zany folks including lumber jacks Along the way you ll be helping the reader by waving your arms yelling turning pages and generally becoming part of the story What a great book to play WITH while you read As readers prepare to count the monkeys other animals on various pages have apparently scared them off What s a reader to do Why count the number of other animals on Education in a New Society each page of course The text and illustrations invitenthusiastic reader response for instance readers are cautioned to move slowly when they turn the page so they can slip past the king cobra on the first page Along the way to ten readers *will ncounter seven wolves nine lumberjacks but not one single solitary monkey Apparently they ve all fled *encounter seven wolves nine lumberjacks but not one single solitary monkey Apparently they ve all fled the ndpapers I njoyed laughing along with this counting book and the clever concept behind it Fabulous A hilarious twist to your typical counting book Wonderful illustrations Humor abounds begging for me to do this in preschool st. Kids will giggle as they count all the animals that have frightened the monkeys off the pages Full of fun read. .

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Orytime I am a definite fan of Mac Barnett s books21914 Perfect for That s Crazy theme I used it to nd off with 5 Little Monkeys as lead in song and a Monkey worksheet I think because the crowd got a little bigger they weren t able to see the details as much But they still got the humor The kids didn t pick up that what I was asking them was part of the book but the adults did and they loved that92914 10214 I Had This I had this an option during the Morningside school visits that I did this week I read it in classes covering grades K 4 Very well received thought the 2nd grade class seemed the least to get it Odd that 12716 Closer in preschool Silliness theme One girl was an avid monkey lover and looked forward to this book the The Baby Swap Miracle entire storytime So we sang 5 Little Monkeys beforehand to prep And they ADORED it So many laughs Loved getting involved And their smiles when I showed thend papers I love this book41017 Used in Movement storytime They really liked it The narrator invites the young reader to count the monkeys in this amusing one to ten book but the opportunity never materializes as a variety of other animals usurp their place From the 1 King Cobra who scares away the monkeys in the first place to the 2 Mongooses who chase away the cobra ach group of animals supplants the last until finally the reader is on the last page Fortunately or not there are some monkeys cavorting on the rear nd paper so despite the claims in the text all is not lostAn amusing text by Mac Barnett author of such humorous picture boo. Er interactions and keeps readers guessing until the very last page Matching Mac Barnett's brilliant wit are Count the Monkeys