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Over the weekend I decided that it was about time I read a book that I reallywanted to read in lieu of one I ve been meaning to I ve stopped in the middle of several books a little while back because I just couldn t seem to ive them the attention they deserved They were uite simply not just couldn t seem to The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) give them the attention they deserved They were uite simply not I wanted to be Where I wanted to be was deeply fixate on a YA adventure book The uestors Adventures This book is about aroup of boys who called themselves as uestors decided to investigate a haunted house purely. What do you call a roup of boys who set out to explore the unknown the Moaning Walls They called themselves the uestors and they're ready for excitement adventure and mayhemBrothers Mike and Louie ages ten and thirteen and their two best friends Chad and Shane are curious when they hear about a haunted house in their neighborhood They decide to investigate but before they. ,

The uestors AdventuresN and adult will have a blast Readers WILL ALSO THE UNSHAKABLE STORY OF FRIENDSHIP DEEPENING also admire the unshakable story of friendship deepening the story oes on The pacing of the story and the combination of heart the story oes on The pacing of the story and the combination of heart moments were remarkably clever Louis DeGrado simply did an awesome job on this one I let my boys read this book and they surely loved it They felt like they were truly part of the adventure Thanks for an exceptional book that helps kids wander through their imagination I can t wait to read of the uestors adventures. Sounds coming from the attic Once again the boys must use their skills to solve the mystery Aided by one of their teachers a believer in the supernatural and Stacey Shane's eleven year old sister the boys fib their way into a night in the house alone with the mysterious presence Will they discover the reason for the sounds or be frightened out of their wits in the process. For excitement thrill and adventure They to numerous obstacles along the Way Some Of Those Some of those a huge dog mysterious sounds from the attic and a few other A lot of young readers will certainly insert themselves into the eerie but less spine tingling challenges the uestors create for themselves From sneaking around in the dark foreseeing particular risks and danger at every turn to undescribable sounds in the night and into puzzling expeditions to the unknown every young tee. Get to the house they must first overcome many obstacles such as figuring out how to et around a large black dog named Mutt that lies in their path Summoning their courage the boys manage to reach the haunted house where jittery nerves and active imaginations keep them on their toesIn their second adventure The Moaning Walls one of the uestors is threatened by mysterious. ,

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