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This is a sweet that is sure to entertain young children With its Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) repetitivehyming narrative that is full of fun onomatopoeia the story is great fun to ead aloud The With its epetitive Pumpkinflowers rhyming narrative that is full of fun onomatopoeia the story is great fun toead aloud The illustrations are terrific They are colorful and cartoonish and we love the anthropomorphized animals a moose wearing glasses Overall this is a great book to Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life read with children and I think it would work just as well in a group as one on one at bedtime It s a bit young for our girls but we alleally enjoyed Green Eyed Envy reading it together So cute I appreciate that this book hashyme and The A-List Diet Fitness Plan repetition which are key for early literacy However it was just too basic and boring for me to give it than a few stars I love a good picture book but this is not one I would have the patience theead than once to a child Shoot I barely made it through the one time The only two things I liked about it were1 Good illustrations Each animal wore a dif. Kids will love watching Tiptoe Joe lead a group of his animal friends on an adventure Joe instructs his buddies to be as uiet as possible They tiptoe as well as they can on their hooves claws and furry feet through. ,

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R was sweet Who knew a big bear could be light on his feet Tiptoe fast tiptoe slow Say hello to Tiptoe Joe Today Tiptoe Joe has a surprise in store for his friends What is it Shhhhhhh It s a secret Come along and see for yourself Ginger Foglesong Gibson s friendly The Amethyst Road rhythmicollicking text about one big bear s top secret surprise will enchant children of all ages Perfect for The King's Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey reading at bedtime or for storytime sharing Subjects Animals Juvenile fiction Noise Juvenile fiction Stories inhymeVery cute ADORABLE I love this book So much fun to ead at storytime and have the Kids Get Interactive With All get interactive with all ways the animals walkfly and the chorus We had a bill signing here at our library and the governor wanted to ead a book to kids I pulled a selection and this is the one he chose Even an amateur When I Grow Up, I'm Going to Play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers reader who hasn t seen it before can make this book work with a group So much fun great for child participatio. Ck for parents who want to acclimate a child to a new baby brother or sister and perfect for bedtime or story hour Charming full color illustrations by Laura Rankin bring Tiptoe Joe and theest of the animals to li. ,
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necklace etc2 The page was absolutely adorable and finally gave the book some depth Too bad I had to drag through the entire book to get there What a sweet surprise in the end Who knew I certainly didn t and the book never gave any inkling of what was to come I liked the use of hyme and epetition As Tiptoe Joe tiptoes through the forest it is fun for kids to follow along with each animals movement As Tiptoe Joe tiptoes through the forest it is fun for kids to follow along with each animals movement was a simple and short ead that had an adorable surprise at the end AAAAHHHH THIS WAS MY THOUGHT AS I GOT TO This was my thought as I got to end of Tiptoe Joe s adventure The story is simple and the artwork is great Fun book for the young My fellow storyteller used this book in her Toddler Tale program this week and it was so FUN Lots of different animals opportunity to be active and use movement and a sweet story with great illustrations Great Meaning in History: The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History read aloud Thehymes were catchy and the Bea. A field across a fallen log leading over a stream through the woods and up a hill When they arrive at Joe's he shows them something very special It's his brand new baby bear cubs fast asleep Tiptoe Joe is a great pi.