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Ndo isn t terribly interesting really Indeed the real story is with his father s past Which means I couldn t help feeling that we missed all THE MOST INTERESTING BITS STICKING WITH most interesting bits sticking with rather than stepping back twenty years and following Falco from the beginningAnyway bad marketing awful copywriting and a story that s barely coherent made this a less than satisfying read Toss in that this is the first in the Sackett stories with no love interest whatsoever and you have an almost complete washAnd yes that means this one takes the title of weakest in the series from Sackett Tell was a much better hero and his story was coherent than this one Which is sad because Lando had a great premise following IN A FATHER S FOOTSTEPS FINDING a father s footsteps finding along The Way It Just Felt Like A way It ust felt like a of the much bigger better story that we didn t actually get to see This story of Orlando Lando Sackett His story is brutal and on the wilder side than the Sackett books I ve read up to this pointHis mother dead and his father gone Lando had to fend for himself since an early age His father left Lando with his old friend who was asked to give Lando a proper education This was to be insured by giving his friend a large sack of gold Then his father left and disappearedOf course the money was never spent on Lando but on the man s own son hi Read most of Louis Lamour s books when I was in my late teens and early twenties They are important to me as they were some of the first books that got me into the reading habit For that I shall be forever grateful Another pretty Rlando Sackett survived the horrors of a brutal Mexican prison He survived by using his skills as a boxer and by making three vows The first was to exact revenge on the hired killers who framed him The second was to return to his father And the third was to find.

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Entertaing book but not uite up to par with the other books in the sackett series the other books in the Sackett series s obvious that there was no birth control in the 1870 s because if I can ust find one Sackett brother we ll be able to field a marching band Not my favorite one Lando s personality was a little vague as was the storyline After finishing I couldn t really tell you much about him other than that s he s big through the shoulders Kind of a break from the others where the Sackett became like a close friend by the time the story was overThe hunting for treasure that they never really did get AND THEN THE REVENGE ON MEN THAT WAS SORT then the revenge on men that was sort confused about why they made him angryit was ust all a little thrown togetherBut Louis sure does a good fight scene In this book it was boxing and he ust writes them so vividly they come to life in my mind While in the Sackett series this book did not really feel like a Sackett story I felt that the main character lacked the wit and keen intuition of previous Sackett characters This was likely due to the fact that it was written before the first books in the series and the characters were not yet fully developed I it was written before the first books in the series and the characters were not yet fully developed I think that the book summary is rather misleading as it speaks of Lando s imprisonment in a Mexican ail This event did not even happen until 34 of the way through the book and is not the main focus o What illiterate wrote these summaries Do yourself a favor and don t read any of them They re awful For one they all concentrate on the least interesting pieces of the storyNot that the story is that great sadly La. One of the great sagas of our time the chronicle of the Sackett family is perhaps the crowning achievement of one of our greatest storytellers In Lando Louis L'Amour has created an unforgettable portrait of a uniue heroA man never to count outFor six long years Lando author Louis LAmour
Ood L Amour read Five foot nine and hugely muscled Lando another of
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Sackett clan sets from the Tennessee mountains to start a new life His mother dead his father missing Lando has his troubles Pa Falcon Sackett left a neighbor with 3 sacks of gold for the raising and schooling of his son Lando but once it SEEMED CLEAR THAT SOMETHING HAD HAPPENED TO FALCON AND clear that something had happened to Falcon and wasn t coming back the neighbor stole the money bought land and schooled his own son with the money meant for Lando Treated like a servant Lando finally had enough and thrashed the boy getting his schooling and the lit out before the boys pa and ma could take revenge In his father and mother s old cabin he lived on his own Now along with an enigmatic traveling Lando Louis L Amour a well tested formula good cowboys bad cowboys gold a wild shootout a fist fight here and there and a pretty woman Pure escapism in the wild west days happy days abound my western fix is abated my heart is cheered I m not really into westerns This was the first one I had read I was bored it was sitting there so I read it It was about like I expected a western to be stoic protagonist grizzled heartless bad guys knock em sock em fist fights a few gun western to be stoic protagonist grizzled heartless bad guys knock em sock em fist fights a few gun a girl or two horses In the end it was entertaining and mostly forgettable Lando is another exciting story in the Sacketts series The hero Orlando Sackett is a likeable man who gets caught in the middle of a family feud and a search for pirate gold Although this isn t my favorite of the Sackett books it s a gripping story that s hard to put dow. Gin Locklear But the world has changed a lot since Lando left it His father is missing The woman he loves is married And the killers want him dead Hardened physically and emotionally Lando must begin an epic Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) journey to resolve his past even if it costs him his li.