The Savage Dead

Joe McKinney ô 5 Read

Gore Joe McKinney s books are always a cut above other zombie books and this was great fun though I think we lost sight of the boatload of kids and a reluctant hero toward the end plague carrier or no and the finale sets s p for a seuel that I haven t seen What s p with that Joe Recommended for those who like With all the breathtaking suspense and action of a up with that Joe Recommended for those who like With all the breathtaking suspense and action of a movie thriller The Savage Dead reads like Under Siege meets Resident Evil With a diverse cast of characters whose internal struggles appropriately establish a sense of dread and force THE READER TO WATCH THE EVENTS UNFOLD WITH DISCOMFORT reader to watch the events Sunce je počelo da se zlati unfold with discomfort Savage Dead delivers a zombie adventure fans of the genre will loveA biological weaponnleashed ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 (ハリー・ポッターシリーズ uponnsuspecting innocents who re enjoying a vacation on a cruise ship the premise is familiar to readers but McKinney s method of delivery brings the story to life Forensics military weaponry politics and zombies a fun read that is both relevant and intelligent While I flipped through this page turner I envisioned a Ridley Scott directed film that would focus on the characters and their place in the world with an antagonist It was genius to change From Beautiful Zion to Red Bird Creek up thesual apocalyptic scenery The first part of the book builds p to the final stand off on the cruise ship Zombies on boats always heighten my level of fear Normally you can find a good hiding place and wait long enough for a horde of zombies to pass you by migrating to places of higher population On a ship there s no place for them to go And on a ship filled with ndead there s nowhere for a survivor to go but in the waterassuming you re lucky enough to make it out of your stateroomThe title of this book is aptly fitting These zombies are some of the scariest most resilient bastards I ve read to date They just wont die Even after four shots to the head they keep coming McKinney is a marvel at creating gruesome scenes and frightening monsters The Savage Dead is full of rich three dimensional characters and satisfying story lines Filled to the brim with action and terror it manages to keep me on the edge of my seat and craving depravity I love the imagery McKinney creates when describing the dead In one scene he describes a man s gaping abdomen spilling intestines and carved out like the belly of a canoe It s these small details that make his work so successfulLet s carved out like the belly of a canoe It s these small details that make his work so successfulLet s charactersthe standout character surprised me Rarely do I connect with the antagonist of a book The complexity of Pilars character was From Mistress to Wifey unexpected As she fights to assassinate the senator she s also at war with her internal demons The hard callous character shows moments of compassion and struggles with some obvious anger management issues Much of her development is done through flashback Memories of her attempt to sneak into America as a child she s left in a truck with a group of immigrants as they die from starvation She blames herself for not saving her childhood friend Lupe and is haunted by his ghostChief of Staff Paul is two parts whiner one part hero He nearly abandons a group of twenty three children to save his own skin Forced into aiding them he manages to come off heroic in the end Is it just me or when hiding with someone else does their always seem to be that one idiot that makes noises or cries Okay okay I know I m being harsh and I should benderstanding and all because it s a scared little boy and all But seriously I would probably find myself suffocating or slapping that kidFor my female readers out there if you ve watched Titanic you ll get a kick out of this one McKinney writes It was the most erotic moment of his life I don t know why but this got me laughing thinking about geriatric Rose as she tells her captivated audience of her naked portrait experience with JackMy only moment of pause comes in the form of language Agent Juan Perez launches a one man takeover of the cartel During the scene there is a lot of Spanish thrown around Unfortunately I don t speak a lick of Spanish Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia unless you count banyoI can ask for a bathroom Andntil recently I actually thought manana meant Monday Adding the foreign language detracted from what should have been an intense and frightening action scene but instead left me disjointed from the chapterEnjoyable Dance With The Devil uoteAnd not for the first time that evening he felt everything that made him a man melt into a puddle of gooI received a signed copy of The Savage Dead from the author but chose to purchase the audio version Really good audiobook narration takes great talent which Michael Kramer clearly has One of the things I look for in a narrator is the ability to create distinct characters and authe. G couple Anndercover agent A beautiful assassin Some will be infected Others will survive But no one will be spared if the outbreak isn't contained and the dead outnumber the livingEnter Delta Force operative Juan Perez He's fought the deadliest killers in the .
I enjoyed the Dead World series of books Dead City Apocalypse of the Dead Flesh Eaters and Mutated by Mr McKinney and liked the sound of this zombie book A zombie outbreak caused by a drugs cartel to assassinate a Senator and scare the American public into submission Our heroes which consist of the Senator an ndercover agent and a Delta Force agent leading a Navy SEAL team have to fight to defeat the cartel s plan and save AmericaSounds like an action horror thriller B movie It is a action horror thriller but is most certainly not a B movie The characters are and demand empathy they on a and empathy They go on as the zombie outbreak causes them to estion their actions and their lives This is especially with regards to the Senators right hand man and the A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel undercover cartel assassinThere are plenty of action seuences and gory zombie encounters They are savage and fierce as they overrun the vesselThis book reminded me of a previous book about a zombie outbreak confined to a vessel That book is Deck Z The Titanic Unsinkable Undead which also rose above it s B movie sounding storyNever judge a book by it s cover or it s blurb on the back If you are a fan of the Dead World series this book will than hold your interest It is a stand alone book and as far as I can tell is not a part of the Dead seriesMight contain some spoilers Joe McKinney is at his best as we follow Secret Service agent Juan Perez as he and his team are assigned to protect a Senator who has not only declared war on the Mexican drug cartels but has made great strides in shutting them down by hitting them in the pocket book Her laws are designed to stop the flow of not only narcotics but the money as well seizing all bank accounts and funds around the world As one would expect this does not go over well with the cartels and her life is now open season as assassination attempts keep those assigned to guard her very busy Agent Perez and his crack team are good at what they do and thus far have thwarted two attempts on her life but now the arrogance of the Senator will put not only her life and the Agent Perez s team in danger but thousands of innocent lives as she decides to thumb her nose at the Cartels by vacationing in Mexico Nothing will distract her and she boards a cruise shipnaware of the assassin that is already on board Juan assigns his best agent to protect the Senator and stays behind because he believes he has 1898 uncovered a conspiracy to kill the Senator Following his instinct he is led to a meat packing company in San Antonio Texas What he discovers is beyond imagination as one particularly brutal Cartel and its leader Ramon Medina have something in mind that will rid the thorn on his side Senator Sutton rid him of his rivals and give him control of the border towns and the drug trade between Mexico and the United States Ramon Medina has a deadly chemical agent that will turn people into flesh eaters The story begins at break neck speed in Washington DC and continues on the cruise ship in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico where the battle is raging and Juan Perez is desperate to get to the Senator and his Agent Fighting and evading the Z s is only part of the story and this is what makes it soniue as the agent Senator and her Aide attempt to flee the horde try to get help and hide from the assassin hot on their heels But really where can you hide when you are on a twenty one story building floating dead in the water in the middle of nowhere and 99% of its occupants are no longer human And of course Joe McKinney does what he does best he humanizes his characters by giving them a backstory to such degree that like or hate them you know them can feel their pain and their reasons for who and what they are even the lessor characters have a spot here that the reader can identify with Battle scenes with the Z s and assassin are aplenty and will satisfy any Z lover but the story behind everything is far frightening The politicians and the Drug Cartels are not that different it s all about power an control with no real winner Kudos to you Mr McKinney for a great adventure that left me drained and gave me nightmares Few authors have that ability you are among them A pure Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, unadulterated guilty pleasure On a cold and stormy weekend what could be better than a book about a Mexican drug cartelnleashing a zombie virus on a cruise ship carrying a vacationing anti crime Senator and her bodyguard The cast of characters includes a beautiful assassin a beautiful secret agent a determined Mexican American crime fighter kids in need of rescue a Delta Force rescue gone wrong and lots and lots and lots of. It starts in a laboratory A man made strain of flesh eating virus Created by a power hungry cartel Capable of turning victims into brain dead carnivores Smuggled aboard a cruise ship that's about to set sailOne by one the passengers are exposed A US senator A youn.
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Ntic accents Michael Kramer has an appealing voice with a wide dramatic range He does an excellent job of keeping the pace and provides enough emotion to keep you invested in the storyThis is the third novel I ve read from Joe McKinney I m always nervous to read new works after finishing a five star read I fear it won t live p to it s predecessors and leave me disappointed The Savage Dead earns another 5 star notch on McKinneys belt from The Bookie MonsterWith a little something for everyone the book appeals to a mass audience Whether your interests include political THRILLERS ZOMBIES HORROR OR SUSPENSE YOU LL NO DOUBT zombies horror or suspense you ll no doubt The Savage Dead Visit bookie monstercom to read my full review Zombies on a cruise ship Sign me p Not for the cruise that is but definitely for the read The Savage Dead was my first encounter with a Joe McKinney book and one that I can honestly say was a very pleasing experience This book is absolutely riddled with non stop page turning goodness McKinney does an exceptional job of keeping the reader hooked on the story making it particularly difficult to put down I was also very impressed with the author s knowledge of pol I was lucky enough to receive an early copy booyeah to do a review for Target Audience MagazineImagine what it would be like to be trapped on a cruise ship surrounded by the insatiably hungry Vérité (Love at Center Court, undead Add in tough as nails secret service agentsp against a bloodthirsty drug cartel What you get is a terrifying action pa This is the second readthrough of my 45 star books that I wanted to check back in on and see what I thought years later There were some moments that really stuck with me but there were some that I just groaned over I always love when authors include things like Delta Force Green Berets and Navy Seals into their stories and play them off like superheroes To Beyond the Qumran Community uote former Navy Seal Jocko Willink I am mortal just like you I just bleed betterIn the beginning Joe McKinney s heroes were everyday people like patrol cops RadioTV helicopter pilots and just schlubs like you and me that eventually evolved into Tom Cruise Once he got out of the Dead World series and into the newer Deadlands it all went back to where his first protagonist Eddie Hudson started out just a normal guy dealing with an abnormal situationIf you like simple heroes the first two books are better for you If you want a serious operator vs monsters try a Joe Ledger novel As a reader of Joe McKinney s books I always finish his newest work by saying Wow that was better than the last Having just read THE SAVAGE DEAD Joe s newest contribution to the world of the living dead I closed the book and went Wow that was incredible Readers of The Savage Dead will be given three books as opposed to one as Joe writes a political thriller a la Frederick Forsyth a military thriller a la Mark Bowden Black Hawk Down and a zombie catastrophic event a la well Joe McKinney Our protagonists face a Mexican Cartel that is so tired of the antics of a Senator as she fights the ongoing ruthlessness of the cartels in Mexico they develop a chemical that when introduced to people turns them in the carnivorous dead The most interesting part of this book is the setting a cruise ship which Joe setsp as a huge character herself lumbering overwhelming and Daniels Pet unforgiving The Senator is a passenger with her husband a political aide and a CIA agent along with an assassin dutied with making sure the Senator doesn t leave the ship aliveAs the survivors of the apocalyptic event on the ship fight those that have changed in comes a Delta Force team to help their cause Armed to the teeth they battle thousands of zombies in an effort to save the Senator before well I leave that to you dear reader How do you like your zombies Slow fast smart mindless Joe gives you all of this in this spectacular book He continues to take the genre a stepp every time he puts pen to paper His imagination is infectious This book is a page turner so make sure you set aside enough time to read because you will not want to put it down Losing Control until it is done Also keep an eye on the nearest accesses because his characters are so real you never know who or what might come lumbering through the nearest door while you are engrossed in his tale of deteriorating mankind I thought this book was fantastic The day I got it I started it and then didn t stop readingntil I had finished it at 2am The characters were far beyond your typical hack and slash heroesheroines and the setting and plot were both awesome I am a zombie obsessed and I love when I find an author or series that captivates me Joe McKinney is a new favorite. Arkest hellholes on earth But he's never seen anything like this an apocalyptic cargo of pure zombie mayhem heading for the coast If Perez and his SEAL team can't stop it America and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (light novel) uickly the entire population of the world are finished The plague years will begi.