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The Song of Songs A New VersionThis book as inspired me to go back to my own poems I once wrote I shied away because 1 I was often ridiculed in school for them and 2 no one could understand them This is an inspiration And It Will Also Set Any Bookworm Or Poetry Love it will also set any bookworm or poetry love poet on fire over the way a beautiful love poem an ode to someone was taken and twisted because it was deemed dirty PerspectiveA beautiful perspective on a story long told I do love the translation and the points of view for each piece make such a difference in the reading I think I d ave rather ad it without the commentary at the end as it took my mind away from this beautiful celebration of LOVE THIS IS ACTUALLY A SCHOLARLY This is actually a scholarly of women s love poetry which preceded the writing and inclusion of the Song of Songs in the Old Testament and then the New Testament It is fascinating stuff Relates to the last 4000 years of literary and cultural istory Don t be put off by scholarly This book is delightful I picked this up on Kindle for 99 cents because another book by Sam Torode looked interesting His version of Song of Songs and introduction argues for a literal reading of the story as love story between shepherd and Shulamite woman As the woman as most of the narrative voice in these poems Torode assumes it was written by a female author which would be rare in that timeI didn t read this along side the Hebrew but for what I can remember Torode does a fair rendering of the poems even if stylized for Englis. The Song of Songs is one of the shortest books of the Bible but it's also the most unusual A love poem that doesn't mention God it was the last book to be accepted into the Old Testament; and its celebration of sexuality is unlike anything else in the scr.

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"Claims To Be An Expert "
to be an expert the ANE or ANE languages He is therefore dependent on secondary literature Euguene Peterson s message is listed in the bibliography and I wonder if it forms the basis for is interpretation So I wouldn t necessarily trust the scholarship and would refer you to some good commentaries which make a similar case as Torode though not exactly in its details That being said Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance he recaptures some of the vitality and scandal of the language Sam Torode author and editor of The Song of Songs A New Version Kindle Edition proposes a reorganization of the Song of Songs His argument is that the version in most modern English language bibles is muddled and influenced by misogynist translators Most commentary was written by Christian clergy who were afraid of or increasing out of touch with the intent and meaning of the original It isis belief that this is not just a series of love poems but passionate ones and definitely the creation of a woman Torode s version presents the song as six beautiful dialogues between a male shepherd and a dark skinned woman They are deeply in love physically involved likely not married Their affair is opposed by a chorus of er brothers and urged on by a female chorus of the women of Jerusalem In making a studied claim for this version e links it the women of Jerusalem In making a studied claim for this version e links it an ancient Israeli festival where the single women would dance for the single men in an effort to an ancient Israeli festival where the single women would dance for the single men in an effort to Iptures of the world's great religions Unfortunately traditional English translations suppressed the Song's sexuality muddled its structure and buried the voice of the original poet under layers of churchly verbosity This new version reveals the full mean. ,

Them paired in marriage He refers to a related tradition in ancient Jewish literature linked with an older Egyptian tradition of similarly erotic love poems written and sung by women again as part of festivals designed to bring together unmarried men and women I ave elsewhere seen references to a tradition of Jewish and Muslims erotic poetry but neither that source nor TORODE PROVIDE ANY TITLES OR REFERENCES THAT WOULD COMPLETE provide any titles or references that would complete research aspect of the book His research continues into the Christian era uoting some of the interpretations made by Later Priests Determined To priests determined to the Song into a pledge of love between man and God Usually at the cost of the organization and voice of the original I would A Queen's Spy Plus The Tudor Heresy - Mercenary For Hire Series: Tudor Historical Fiction Novels - Adventure Fiction (Tudor Mystery Trials) have liked ife ad addressed the use of a chorus This may ave been a typical aspect of EgyptianIsraeli love poems but I think it is closely associated with the Greeks and especially Greek Theater If I am right such a relationship in no Way Diminishes The Heart Of His Case But Left Unaddressed diminishes the eart of is case but left unaddressed leaves the uestion open An unfortunate decision was to include as bonus material which is a longer restatement of the research already presented A better use of the space would Confederate Waterloo have been a printing of the Song of Songs as might be found in any modern Christian Bible Still useful wouldave been an additional translation from the oldest available Hebrew Torah It s informative it unfortunately wasn t what I thought it was Nice annotation by the author. Ing of the Song in fresh accessible language It also restores the Song's true structure presenting it as a cycle of six poems Above all this version bids us to listen anew to the bold and intimate voice of the Song's author who almost certainly was a woma.