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Edd and the characters and story finally coming together The last couple of chapters were uite bad though with some deus ex machina character Pandowdy appearing and saving the day and Seraphina after struggling with her powers through the entire book suddenly having a revelation at the eleventh hour and managing to turn on her snowflakey powers and help save the day It was all very contrived and convenient I wanted there to be focus on Goredd and the dragon civil war nstead most of the focus was on Seraphina going to random new places and meeting random new people She just seemed to float from one place to the next feeling sorry for herself and not actually doing much Abdo had far agency and sense than her whereas Seraphina achieved very little apart from meeting some new half dragons The ridiculous thing was that f she had stayed at home n Goredd Library Wars: Love and War 10 instead of spending months finding othertyasaari things would have turned out exactly the same anyway Seraphina s whole trip was pointlessAlso whenever things would go wrong like when Abdo Dame Okra or another tyasaari were taken over by Jannoula or when someone was n danger Seraphina would just monologue about Crossing Boarders it and then take her sweet time actually doing anything aboutt sometimes she would do absolutely nothing and nstead ponder about her loneliness or some rubbish It was so frustrating For the most part I didn t find Seraphina nteresting Her self pity whining The Outcast Highlander insecurity naivety and her constantly blaming herself for everything was boring and beyondrritating Also her nobody understands me or my nner pain attitude was nauseating she really needed to get over herself and realise that she wasn t a speshul snowflake although annoyingly at the end she did turn out to be a total speshul snowflakeAnother thing I disliked about Seraphina was how she only ever seemed to care about the men n her life Baiae it was all about Abdo Kiggs or Orma There were t any female characters that she truly cared about as much as the menfolkn her life Bloody typical I wasn t Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money impressed that Jannoula who was a non charactern the first book was a such a huge pivotal character In Den Nachmittag Geflüstert Gedichte 1909 1914 in this one The entire story was about Jannoula than the dragon civil warthreat of warn Goredd Also what the hell were Jannoula s powers all about She could randomly enter the minds of some half dragons and take over their body yet she wasn t able to enter other Reid Alleje 2 ityasaari minds But then magically she could And sometimes she had complete control over somebody and was able to fully take over and other times she d conveniently disappear from a body or just stayn the background all depending on whether La Collection Du Centre Georges Pompidou: Un Parcours Au Musee D'Art Moderne de La Ville de Paris it suited the plot or not She was also able to randomly charm humans by showing them her aura or some rubbisht came out of nowhere She was able to do so much with her mind and was super powerful which didn t add up to her pastlifelong Die Besessene imprisonment why wasn t she able to somehow use her powers to escape sooner She seemed to change from powerless prisoner to all powerful being overnight Jannoula even said she could use that dragon mind trap by herself what was stopping her from usingt to escape sooner Then there were times where she could only control one person at any given time but Ghost Flight (Will Jaeger, in other parts of the story she was able to control dozens Her powers werenconsistent and made no sense I liked that Kiggs married Glisselda at the end Kafir Liberal it was the right thing to do for their countrypeople However the fact that KiggsSelda loved each other like brother and sister madet all very creepy and Flight or Fight incestuous But I guess that was realistic sincet was a politicalarranged marriageWhat did bother me was that despite KiggsSelda getting married and starting a lifefamily together Seraphina didn t take that as a sign to walk away and move on with her own life Nope she decided to be Kiggs s mistress for the rest of her life and be his dirty secret and live Vlad III Dracula: The Life and Times of the Historical Dracula in the shadows of his marriage I thought by the end she d grow a backbone and gain some self respectnstead she turned out to be a desperate pathetic loser Seraphina spent her whole life living a lie and hated herself for Divided like Destiny it so I expected after all that that she d finally embrace being free from all the lying and hiding but the silly cow ended up living an even bigger lie How could she be happy being the other women Why would she give up a chance to live an honest life Why would she give up the chance to find love again and start a family of her own Why would she give up so much for Kiggs when he d done very little for hern return Why was she happy to demean and degrade herself for a guy who clearly didn t respect or care for her If Kiggs really loved and respected her he would have shut Seraphina out of his life so she could have a chance of moving on and finding her own lovefamily But the greedy selfish bastard didn t do that he only wanted what was best for him never mind how much he was fucking up Seraphina s life Also why was Seraphina so cool with Kiggs having kids with Selda Did she really have that little respect for herself that she was happy to watch him play happy families with Selda whilst she got thrown the occasional scraps He got the best of both worlds whilst she was alone with no kids or family of her own all she probably got were a few seedy nights with him Sick sick Ugh why do all YA Books End With books end with heroines giving up so much of themselves for love Burden and Prayer interest that s treated them like nothing but crap Why aren t heroines allowed to play the field or fall for someone else latern life Why are they always stuck with their douchey love nterest Why couldn t Seraphina work on her music or meet someone new and start her own family Why did she have to be content with being Kiggs s bit on the side What a horrid ending for a YA heroine The author could have shown that a young female character could have a healthy and happy ending by being on her own but no she had to end up with a married man making her a cheap tart with no self worth Seraphina could have reconnected with her family she could have gone on to education or some other passion she could have become the backbone of the half "dragons she could have had loads of different lovers and gone "she could have had loads of different lovers and gone loads of adventures But nstead she got to be a mistress None of t worked for me Seraphina was a blah heroine for pretty much all the book but at the end she went from being a blah heroine to a cheap classless tart with no morals or dignity Kiggs was even worse than Seraphina he wasn t honourable or decent he was a slimy opportunistic greedy slutty sleazy loser who only cared about himself I m guessing since he was cool with having Seraphina as a mistress he must have been cool with having loads of other mistresses too Ugh I hated him What was with Glisselda kissing Seraphina and saying she was n love with her It came out of nowhere Was Glisselda bisexual or gay And what did Seraphina mean when she said she realised something about herself after the kiss Why wasn t any of Yo Quiero Decir Sunburn it elaborated on Did Seraphina suddenly realise she was bisexual after one kiss Really Why was Glisselda cool with her husband hooking up with a woman she loved Yea I didn t buy the throw away line at the end that SeraphinaKiggsGlisselda had a mutual agreement about their relationship and knew what they meant to each other There were chapters and chapters of pointless travelling yet the author couldn t even be bothered to show what happened between KiggsGlisseldaSeraphina and explore the dynamics between them there was no discussion or thought processesnvolved Their ending just didn t fit with what we knew about the characters Apparently none of them were bitter or jealous about how things worked out I was just expected to believe that Seraphina was magically fine with Kiggs being married and having kids with someone else and her not being able to have any of that that she was perfectly content to never have a family of her own and was fine with hiding her feelings and relationship with Kiggs from everyone Yea right And then there was Kiggs who was apparently okay with being unfaithful to two women despite claiming to love them both also he didn t seem to care A Witch Alone in the slightest that by being with Seraphina he forced her to live another lie Yet I was meant to believe he was honourable and loved Seraphina when everything actually pointed to him being a low life scum who loved no one but himself Whilst Glisselda was supposedly happy to give her blessing to KiggsSeraphina shagging around behind her back even though she wasn love with Seraphina and Kiggs was her husband and would be father of her children Also Eisenhower: Soldier and President it sort of kind of might have beenmplied that Seraphina would possibly be Glisselda s mistress too and Kiggs just so happened to be totally fine with that Ugh Der Spinnenmann it was all too ridiculous the characters I d gotten to known Seraphina and Shadow Scale would not be okay with all of that As fucking Stundenplan if someone like Seraphina who wanted nothing than family and honesty was cool with being the other woman for the rest of her life and having to live with such a seedy lie Ugh no fucking way There wasn t enough Orma or Glisselda the way their arcs ended was very unsatisfying I wanted to know about Glisselda and how she handled her sexuality and ueenly duties Then there was Orma the best relationshipn the books was between Orma and Seraphina and that ended up completely destroyed there were barely any scenes between the two and when there were any the emotional connection between them was gone because OrmaSeraphina were no longer Orma and Seraphina Open Source Fuzzing Tools instead they were pretty much random stranger and Seraphina Why couldn t Seraphina have one thing at the end that was pure and untouchable All she got was a sleazy relationship andsolation from any real family Her and Kiggs and Glisselda weren t family she was nothing but their bit on the side and possibly the creepy sort of aunt that hung around like a bad smell when Ralph Peer and the Making of Popular Roots Music it came to their kids Yea what a great ending for a YA heroine Ugh Liked that there were diverse characters The computercameraphone like devices seemed out of place and didn t fitn with the fantasy setting All Crossing Bok Chitto: A Choctaw Tale of Friendship Freedom in all I hatedt It was boring and Seraphina s HEA as a mistress to a married man was disgraceful. Tley crew she Beauty Wreckage (Broken Crowns is pursued by humans who want to stop her But the most terrifyings another half dragon who can creep The Cuckolds Calling into people’s minds and take them over Until now Seraphina has kept her mind safe fromntruders but that also means she’s held back her own gift It s time to make a choice Cling to the safety of her old life or embrace a powerful new desti. ,
Shadow Scale

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2014 Seriously how are you going to publish one book Fractions: The First Half of The Fall Revolution in 2012 and then the next two years after That s not cool not cool at all man The suspenses absolutely killing me when t comes out I might have forgotten mportant things about Seraphina and will have to skim through The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap it again or something I m just justUPDATE 43013Soit has a title How verynteresting Now I can look forward to the cover release then finally the actual book looks at release date cries on the Latin for Children Primer a DVDs Chant CD inside Why Rachel whyBy the way didn tt used to be tittled Dracomachina or something Oh well at least I can pronounce t nowUPDATE 103013WTFDid they just change t to 2015 I m going to go crazy waiting for this darn thing to come outI m having ssues right now I will have forgotten everthing by then and will have to re read t I m so angryUPDATE 10114So Brazilian Surrender it hs an official release date March 24 2015That s over a year awayWHYI DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THIS ISSERIOUSLYGUESS WE STILL HAVE MORE TO WAIT When I realized thatt was the seuel to SeraphinaWhen I saw the dateWhy do I have to wait so long This was hands down one of the most frustrating and disappointing seuels I have ever readWarning Spoilers BelowFirst of all I have to say I loved Seraphina Devoured t Stayed up ridiculously late reading just one chapter And I love those kinds of books they usually nspire an undying loyalty to the author But Godforsaken Idaho in this caseI m than a little angry Whichs not a good thing to be at 300 Und Nietzsche weinte in the morningWhere to start Perhaps with the pacing Seraphina took a while to getnto but then so did The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo In both cases t took about 100 pages those first 100 seemed to drag on nterminably but then Peer Support Handbook for the Police Officer it was like a switch was flipped and things just took off racing steadily towards a perfectly timed climax In the seuel and I will admit I had NOdea that this was a two book series I honestly thought The Devil's Double Buch, Deutsch Ausgabe: Ich war Saddams Sohn it was a trilogy and everything that Hartman was setting up seemed to reinforce that the pacing was justoff I anticipated a slow start and thought that things were starting to pick up about a 13 of the way through with the rentroduction of Jannoula That s when things started to get nterestingBut most of the first half of the book was Seraphina journeying places She went to Ninys and then to SamSam and then to Porphyry and then eventually to Lab Four And all along the way we met brand new characters had to establish a clear setting which ultimately didn t matter because we never went back to that country and forge new relationships Not much happened or at least what did happen fell nto a uickly established pattern Seraphina arrives somewhere new She meets new people She searches for B is for Buckeye: An Ohio Alphabet ityasaari She attempts to befriend them only to find out that Jannoula has already gotten to them EVERYONE falls for Jannoula leaving Seraphina pretty much alon Whent comes to Shadow Scale I confess I remain conflicted Hartman s highly anticipated seuel to Seraphina Angriff The German Attack On Stalingrad In Photos is the type of novel I ve gone and pinned all my hopes and dreams on I loved Seraphina like I ve loved few other books when I first readt and ts beauty never dwindled upon my multiple re reads Thus I expected to adore Shadow Scale just as much as I loved ts predecessor Unfortunately though Shadow Scale s a beautifully written seuel and a truly mpeccable ending to this unexpected duet I still have a ualm too many with t Shadow Scale picks up roughly three months after the events of Seraphina which the country on the verge of civil war ueen Glissenda and Prince Lucian Kiggs send Seraphina on a mission to gather all the half dragons she possibly can as magical abilities only they possess may be the key to winning a war against dragons The first half of Shadow Scale s devoted to Seraphina s journey as she travels the kingdom Up North Michigan Wines by the Bay: Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsulas Explored in search of other half dragons Hartman s world building truly shines within these pages for every region of this fictional countrys teeming with Reckless: My Life as a Pretender its own customs religion and bias Everywhere Seraphina travels shes treated differently as a half dragon and what s the other half dragons she meets have endured circumstances far removed from her own Though Seraphina expects to gather a group of people who can nstantly connect to one another due to their shared experiences the reality s far complex than she can Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now imagine Building upon Seraphina snsecurities from Guns of Arizona: A Land Where Legends Are Made its predecessor Shadow Scale continues to challenge Seraphina to think beyond her own life experiences and bind these half dragons for the betterment not only of her nation but of her own heart as well Hartmannfuses each of these half dragons with personalities so distinct that getting to know them feels like falling Bitter Creek Posse: A tale of the Old West in love with aspects of Seraphina herself From livingn her mind s garden there Dárek z pravé lásky: 12 zimních políbení is already such a strong link between the strangers Seraphina meets and our beloved heroine herself and though the first half of this novel feels slown many ways as Bulls and Burglars its the build up to the tension Rambles Around Folkestone: And Other Special Articles (Classic Reprint) in the last halft The Way of the Scarlet Pimpernel is also necessary Despite tackling such a large host of characters most of them newlyntroduced Stevie in Shadow Scale Hartman maneuvers them with ease and the end result the reader feeling just as close with nearly ten half dragons as Seraphina doess remarkable Yet the first half Fairy Tales is not merely about Seraphina discovering and meeting these half dragons No Hartmanntroduces OUR VILLAIN INTO THESE FIRST FEW HUNDRED PAGES AS villain nto these first few hundred pages as and the depth and moral ambiguity she s given from the start makes Shadow Scale a fascinating read Jannoula a half dragon with the capacity to take over the minds of other half dragons s both pitiable and dangerous As Seraphina travels finding new half dragons every region she goes to she also discovers that many of these half dragons have been possessed by Jannoula who has her own agenda Though she claims to want to help Seraphina gather the half dragons her unwillingness to let go own agenda Though she claims to want to help Seraphina gather the half dragons her unwillingness to let go their minds s frightening particularly as neither Seraphina nor any other half dragon knows how to fight her and combat her powers jannoula s shadow follows seraphina on powers Jannoula s shadow follows Seraphina on journeys Moving into Meditation: A 12-Week Mindfulness Program for Yoga Practitioners in Shadow Scale and as the tensions come to a head during the last half of the novel Seraphina fighting to discover where her uncle Ormas the half dragons attempting to expel Jannoula from their minds the civil war creeping closer to home Hartman proves her The Night Before Baseball at the Park by the Bay incredible ability to write Just as with Seraphina I couldn t predict the plot twists revealedn the second half of this narrative and the resolution reached by the end was truly satisfying Moreover I loved the heart breaking plot line concerning Seraphina s uncle Orma Within the pages of Shadow Scale Erlebtes Bauen Ost-Berlin 1959 Bis 1989: Fotografien Von Gisela Stappenbeck is a rare epilogue thats truly wonderful Although I didn t expect at first for Shadow Scale to be the end of this short series I couldn t have asked for a better ending to the duet and Hartman s scope of Keep Smiling Through imagination has convinced me that she will hopefully return to this world as there remain many stories left to be told Where my disappointments with this narrative arise however are with the romance Shadow Scale could have easily simply been the first half oftself forcing readers to wait for a third novel to discover how the plot thickened and came to a resolution By choosing to write a duet Hartman allows her plot to thrive as readers are able to witness the back to back nature of the tensions at once Strange Travelers: New Selected Stories instead of with a yearn between Yet the rich relationships developed Miss Darby's Duenna in Seraphina between our heroine and her friend ueen Glissenda or her lover Lucian Kiggs are minimal as a result At just over 600 pagest would be remiss likely of Hartman to extend her narrative for the sake of the romance Nevertheless I wish that was the route at hand I was Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses for Every Type of Body incrediblynvested Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice in the romance outlinedn Seraphina and though t reaches a conclusion of sorts n Shadow Scale t also leaves many unanswered uestions Moreover the nteractions between Kiggs and Seraphina The North American Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied: April–September 1833 in Shadow Scale though full of thentelligent conversation these two adore and ncredibly supportive lacked the longing I felt palpable n Seraphina Kiggs California, Dreaming of Love (50 U.S. States Romance Novel Series) isn t a significant charactern this plot line and though he Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant ismportant to Seraphina there are so many other characters half dragons and dragons alike that her relationship with him doesn t pierce the heart I wanted much much on the romance front particularly due to some last minute revelations that were sprung upon readers Especially because Hartman tells us that there has been much discussion as to matters of the heart but the reader No Will of My Own: How Patriarchy Smothers Female Dignity Personhood is not privy to these discussions and on the love story angle I needed closure With such a large host of characters Hartman managed to make Shadow Scale anncredible novel with distinct character personalities and relationships I only wish the few we had seen develop Armagnac: The Definitive Guide To France's Premier Brandy in depthn Seraphina continue to be as strong n this seuel While Seraphina was a distinctly character driven tale Shadow Scale s firmly plot driven Nevertheless Hartman accomplishes so much with this seuel From her world building to her plot development and beyond to the diversity of race sex and gender that she Bullwinkle and Rocky includes within these pages Shadow Scale feels revolutionary For fans of Seraphina this ones worth waiting for minor disappointments and all Why hello there lovely D What happened I loved Seraphina I gave Kamus Bahasa Indonesia it 5 stars But Shadow Scale has left me so bitterly disappointed I could cry All the things I loved about the first book were gonen this one This book was so slow and so long and just dull It was hard to get through and Pandora Gets Lazy it took me forever to readt Seraphina was slow paced as well but The School of Hard Knocks: Combat Leadership in the American Expeditionary Forces it wasn t dull In this book Seraphina spends the whole book blaming herself for things that aren t her fault and not doing what needs to be done She was very much a pacifist because she was so guilt ridden over her treatment of someone who was just plain bad What Seraphina did to Janoula had to be done because of Janoula s behavior There was nothing wrong with what Seraphina did she had to protect herself and she should have protected everyone else as well so I don t get the guilt overt She just wasn t the Seraphina from the first book at all I thought Janoula was very villainous and well done I truly hated her which René Lévesque is what all good villains cause me to do. Seraphina took the literary world by storm with 8 starred reviews and numerous “Best of” lists At last her eagerly awaited seuel has arrived and witht comes an epic battle between humans and dragonsThe kingdom of Goredd a world where humans and dragons share life with an uneasy balance and those few who are both human and dragon must hide the truth Serap. I just wish the heroine would have been her match She just really wasn t There was a lot of world building n this book done mostly through Seraphina traveling The traveling got old after a while We get to meet all of the characters that are n her mental garden and I enjoyed meeting most of them however the character development was not there This was partly because of Janoula Standby Nurse invading their minds and taking over but not entirely There was one character that was thrown from his horse and terriblynjured and Seraphina was upset about Decolonising the Mind it but I wasn t because he wasn t developed enough as a character for me to careThe ending makes me kind of angry After reading all those pages there couldn t have been a resolution to the whole thing with Orma And the romance was just a huge disappointment the wayt ends up view spoiler Kiggs and Glisselda who really have a brother sister type relationship marry near the end of the book for the good of the kingdom and because they promised the ueen they would before she died And Honningfellen it seems as though Kiggs and Seraphina are to become lovers Glisselda has revealed that shes also مرجع کاربردی متدولوژی RUP: برای تولید و توسعه سیستم های نرم افزاری in love with Seraphina She revealed this after she finds out that Kiggs and Seraphina aren love with each other This seemed to come out of nowhere There were no hints to Verbotene Küsse in der Halbzeit it at all ever that Glisselda had those sorts of feelings for Seraphina It felt forcednto the story She kisses Seraphina at this point and tells her she and Kiggs have her blessing Seraphina then realizes something about herself but we are not told what that Wormwood Mire is In the endt s stated that they are all fine with the arrangement they ha Finds out there s a seuelBut then see s publication date Is no longer happy Shortly following the events of Seraphina Shadow Scale shows us a different side of the eponymous heroine For the first time n her life Seraphina s free For the first time every she s free from the fear of hiding her half dragon half human parentage and lives as a valued mportant even loved member of Goredd s court Serving openly as a trusted adviser to ueen Glisselda Seraphina helps Selda grapple with her new rulership n the midst of a draconian war that threatens the lives of all n Goredd and to the south In order to protect from Russian Empire: Space, People, Power, 1700-1930 impending attack and devastation the ueen turns to Seraphina and the legend of a magical net that she and her other halfling kind the Ityasaari alone can cast Its up to Seraphina to gather the other half human half dragons she has cultivated The Gold Letter in her mind garden and band them together to protect the home the people and the dragons she lovesFellow readers and Seraphina lovers thiss a hard review for me to writeIt s hard because I loved Seraphina so very much when Saved by a Wolf (Paranormal Erotica, it first came out I loved the pressures that Seraphina facedn Goreddian society the thread of music and magic that ran throughout the book the uiet romantic storyline between Seraphina and Kiggs I loved the lyrical writing and the fascinating realm of magic and draconic lore that Rachel Hartman wove Biking the Arizona Trail: The Complete Guide to Day-Riding and Thru-Biking into ever page of that first book Thiss n some ways an unfairness to Shadow Scale because I came nto the book with such lofty expectations and hopes especially considering that I had to wait years for this seuelSo Marriage a la Mode: Three Centuries of Wedding Dress in full transparency all cards on the metaphorical table Shadow Scales nowhere near as fulfilling as Seraphina While Crepúsculo it s still a solid fantasy noveln Indian Creek Memories: A Sense of Place its own right Shadow Scale never uite manages to hit the high sweet notes that made me falln love with the first bookNow please do not misunderstand me there are plenty of things to love about Shadow Scale The mere fact that there Family Jewels is to Seraphina s storys Washington Square Moves intoxicating and I love the expansion to her world that Hartman employsn this second novel The different cities cultures customs foods and people are varied and fascinating I particularly enjoyed the completely unexpected nclusion of Lab Four I also very much loved getting to know other half dragons on Seraphina s travels and their nteractions with each other Coherence in Psychotic Discourse. Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics. if you ll recall Seraphinas one of the lucky few who can and Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart importantly who has passed for human but not everyone she meetss able to do the same Noughts and Crosses (Stage Version) in particular the figure of doctor Nedouards so striking and solitary at the onset of the book The politics of Goredd for both human and dragon and Vegas Showgirl Murders ityasaari are also wonderfully detailed and a strong point for Shadow Scale as the motivations for war and Seraphina s mission to gather her half dragon brethren make senseFor each of these very good things however there are well less good things The plot on the wholes Now We Have Your Attention: Inside Britain’s Radical New Politics incongruous and oddly stunted whent comes to pacing Much of the book follows the same pattern Seraphina travels to find another Intelligent wachsen ityasaari finds themncredibly easily and with a high success rate but then STUFF HAPPENS and there are problems because of the Bad Guy I don t want to spoil anything but Stargate Atlantis: Meltdown it s pretty obvious from the start This happens several times for the first half to two thirds of the book theres much hand wringing and Seraphina feeling tired and lonely and disheartened Where Ione's Dilemma (Dorado, Texas is Seraphina s agency It s almost as thoughn this novel the heroine and heart of book 1 has become relegated to the sidelines of book 2 For all that she s the one on whose abilities smarts and diplomacy The Fate Of Goredd Rests fate of Goredd rests Seraphina s decidedly without power happiness or drive Also MIND CONTROL BAD GUY POWERS are an ncredibly frustrating cop out That s all I will say about thatMore mportant than an uneven repetitive plot however Shadow Scale s disappointing because The Collected Poems of Weldon Kees (Revised Edition) it lacks the heart of Seraphina Wheres the music that was so potent and present A Singular Man in the first novel and preuel novella Wheres the sensitivity and the underlying romance and the emotional LAméricain identity that powers the first book For that matter what the heck really happens with Seraphina s Dream Garden and whys On the Ground: The Black Panther Party in Communities across America it so uickly and easily abandoned Whys there a Deus Ex Machina of an ending that effectively dislodges the Big Bad Guy who has been pulling all of the strings so far ahead of Seraphina since the get go Why s strings so far ahead of Seraphina since the get go Why s war similarly so easily resolved so late The Life of the Skies: Birding at the End of Nature in the book without the big flippin battle the book description promises and that Shadow Scale seemingly builds up toFrustrationsThe one thing about the book s resolution that I did appreciate however concerns the romantic subplot between Seraphina Kiggs and Selda The romantic subplots firmly relegated to the background The Blight Way: A Sheriff Bo Tully Mystery in Shadow Scale ass Kiggs basically because though Kiggs and Seraphina love each other so very dearly there Mass Deception: Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq is duty to consider and Seraphina genuinely cares for her darling friend and ueen Selda I love thedea of the subversion that Rachel Hartman employs here with Selda and Seraphina s relationship and the ultimate direction of the royal political marriage at least Civil War Stories: A 150th Anniversary Collection in theory In execution I truly wish that time was spent on this particular subplot and endingnstead of being glossed over Captain Fantastic in passingBut of course your mileage may vary For me Shadow Scale sadly was not uite what I had hoped forn a seuel certainly Die ersten Deutschen. Der Bericht über das rätselhafte Volk der Germanen. it s not what I had hoped for as the second half of a duologyI still enjoyed parts of the book very much but I had hoped for I was so sure this was going to be a 5 star read I was so excited to startSo what happenedThe kingdom of Goredds heading towards war as they are caught Feel Again in the middle of a conflict between Loyalist dragons who want to keep the peace with humans and those that wish to go to destroy humans Seraphinas sent on a uest to bring the other half dragons called tyasaari together n defense of Goredd Her travels bring out an old enemy who has the ability to take over others minds Seraphina must find a way to stop her or risk losing everything foreverThis book pulled me Gender and Qualitative Methods in pretty uick and had me hooked Seraphinas a strong character and Resenting the Hero in Shadow Scale we learn about her mind garden and her struggles with Jannoula who was touched uponn the first book We also learn about the history of this wonderful world Hartman has built and the creatures within Los lugares secretos itI love a well developed world with memorable characters and this ones no exception Meeting the tyasaari and their abilities was fascinatingBut once I hit the 80% mark t started to go downhillSeraphina never struck me as a naive girl She seemed strong and determined and although she had the tendency to rush Freizeichen into things without thinking I felt like Kiggs was her anchor So when she places herselfn danger with no plan or defense and Kiggs happily goes along with Travels in the Kalahari itt seemed out of character I knew Your Pregnancy Bible it was going to go downhill from there and I was rightI struggle with the fact that she could stand by for weeks while those she considered her friends and family were effectively tortured and she did nothing Except complain about how she felt she had done nothing Which was completely true I wanted to reachn and shake her Grow a pair and help your friends Oh wait you can t because you left your shit behind El guerrero Elfo. Crónicas de Dracontrand in favor of a peaceful approachThen to topt all off Seraphina a girl who struggled her entire life with having to lie who had finally come clean and no longer had to lie ends the book by jumping feet first The Harrowsmith Pasta Cookbook into another major lie WHY What are you thinking Have you learned nothing So frustratingCross posted at Kaora s Corner SpoilersSo long and boring I thoughtt would never end The only parts I somewhat enjoyed where when Seraphina was back The Bald Headed Princess: Cancer, Chemo, And Courage in Goredd or when she wasnteracting with Comonot Orma Eskar or Glisselda Everything else was utter rubbish I wasn t mpressed that most of the plot consisted of Seraphina travelling to different places so she could find other tyasaari half dragons It was all very repetitive Seraphina would go somewhere and search for her fellow half dragons she d find them then there d be some sort of obstacle that had to be overcome usually evil Jannoula popping up to cause trouble then she d travel to some other place and do the same thing and rinse and repeat All the travelling and the random new charactersplaces No Comprendo Spain Part I introduced didn t make for engrossing reading Way too much page time was spent on thatnstead of on established characters and plot lines The last uarter of the book was entertaining with Seraphina going back to Gor. Hina Smashed, Squashed, Splattered, Chewed, Chunked and Spewed is one of these part girl part dragon whos reluctantly drawn nto the politics of her world When war breaks out between the dragons and humans she must travel the lands to find those like herself for she has an nexplicable connection to all of them and together they will be able to fight the dragons n powerful magical ways As Seraphina gathers this mo.