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Rage insurance document To be honest it has taken me ages to read it I can manage about three pages at a time before my head swims and I have to put it down Thank the gods or my habit of reading than one book at a time there have been occasions when I became so bogged down in European geopolitics that I wanted to give Up Reading ThisBrendan Peter Simms Is An Irish Historian And reading thisBrendan Peter Simms is an Irish historian and of the History of International Relations in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge In this book he covers the major events that have created the Europe we recognise If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song from 1453 to the present day This is no meaneat in itself and to make it readable even if in small pieces doubly so It covers a huge array of subject matter and his references cover nearly a hundred pages Even at a year a page approximately there is so much raw meat that I ound it pretty difficult to digest at times This is another book that needs an accompanying pencil and paper to keep notes on what happens when and who is who I confess to getting very confused between my Louis Ludwigs Wilhelms and WilliamsIt is a masterpiece of scholarly work and I "am sure that I am not able to judge any of the conclusions he draws As "sure that I am not able to judge any of the conclusions he draws As as anything else my knowledge of European history is scant the reason or reading this book after all and my acuaintance with English history between 1603 and 1900 is eually glancing due to the syllabus I was taught in school So Ready for Summer from that point of view this book wasascinating enjoyable and a huge learning curveThe writing is not school So Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech from that point of view this book wasascinating enjoyable and a huge learning curveThe writing is not its difficulties It is very dense and pared down to bare essentials This is understandable bearing in mind the subject matter but it does make the whole thing very relentless occasionally oppressive As the centuries roll on the increased impact of the rest of the world becomes apparent and by the late twentieth century everything A coerência textual from East Timor to the Ira crisis plays a role in determining the politics of Europe with or without American or Soviet pressure Inact the last Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller fifty years has been a meteor storm impacting on the way Europe behaves and is governed and the pace of the writing increases accordinglyThere are no real synonymsor the word geopolitic This is a pity because the word is used so often throughout the book that it engendered a nervous tick and loss of concentration when I saw it I admit this sounds silly and probably is but when one word is used repeatedly it becomes jarring and disruptive In a book that is ONLY about Dogs Behaving Badly five hundred years of geopolitics need it have been used so oftenHowever if that is my only criticism of this book I accept that it is plausibly puerile It is a magnificent read as long as you take it slowlyA Germany but we have known thisive hundred years. Ally been the richest and most productive on earth For hundreds of years its crucial strategic importance stoked a seemingly unending series of conflicts First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There from the English Civil War to the French Revolution to the appalling world wars of the 20th century But when Europe is in harmony Simms shows the entire world benefits a lesson that current leaders would do well to remember A bold and compelling work by a renowned scholar Europe integrates religion politics military strategy and international relations to show how history and Western civilization itself wasorged in the crucible of Euro. ,

Most 550 years in 550 pages An excellent book I now understand the significance of the Holy Roman Empire than I ever did beforeSimms s is pushing the thesis that Germany by dint of its central position has been central to European history and all the so when it was ragmented and also that oreign policy trumps domestic policy to the extent that the English Civil War was a result of the Stuarts ailure to sufficiently support Protestants in the low countries It is not altogether convincing but it provides a good ocus or his narrativeHe Even Reverses The Causes reverses the causes WWII in that where we tend to think that the economics in the orm of the 30s depression drove Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome foreign policy troubles in theorm of an aggressive Germany he argues that oreign policy triggered it by triggering the depression through the French reaction to Curtius policies that drove the Wiener Kreditanstalt to defaultAs ar as current affairs go it is notable how often an expansionist Russsia was the source of the continent s instabilityA slog given the length but well worth it This book is not or the weak This book is a 700 year epic that is split up into only 8 chapters and 535 pages of actual content about 200 of them are notes and the index Because of this power dynamic the information inside each chapter is heavy and really reuires a background knowledge in dynamic the information inside each chapter is heavy and really reuires a background knowledge in of the 8 eras that are being described Mr Simms has packed in a lot of dates wars alliances and names within each chapter that it can be hard to keep track of especially in the early chapters I am of a an and scholar of modern history Space Kid for both world and US American Revolution to present Theirst 3 or 4 chapters were a bit difficult to understand but then the last 4 were easy because I have prior knowledge in the events I would not read this book if you want an introduction to the history of the continent because this reads like a college level textbook Besides the content part this book could have easily been split up into than 8 chapters Reading almost 70 100 pages of in depth European History can be very exhausting and would probably draw a casual reader of history to this book Also the timeline of events can be very sporadic and get out of hand He can be talking about something that happened in 1593 Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town for example and then on the next page talk about a series of wars that lastedrom 1575 1586 It can get very confusing then or readers who are not as well schooled on the period that he covers Overall an ambitious project but there are better books of European history that can attract the casual an to the topic What is the most important part of Europe over which control must be exerted to maintain peace democracy and prosperityThis book is a monster to read 535 pages of small print denser to read than the to read 535 pages of small print denser to read than the C visions on this vital swath of land In Europe prizewinning historian Brendan Simms presents an authoritative account of the past half millennium of European history demonstrating how the battle Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water for mastery there has shaped the modern world Beginning in 1453 when the collapse of the Byzantine Empire laid Europe open to Ottoman incursion and prompted the dramatic expansion of the Holy Roman Empire Simms leads readers through the epic struggleor the heart of Europe Stretching Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus from the Low Countries through Germany and into the North Italian plain this relatively compact zone has historic. In this impressive survey of European power politics since theall of Constantinople Brendan Simms builds on a theme Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse familiarrom his earlier works on Prussia the primacy of oreign policy over domestic politics However the main thread running through the book is the thesis that the German speaking lands of central Europe are the key to the balance of power on the continent and in lands of central Europe are the key to the balance of power on the continent and in wider worldAt the "outset Simms puts orward the argument that the Holy Roman Empire and "Simms puts orward the argument that the Holy Roman Empire and successor states have been the principal source of po The Soviet Union in short did not have a military industrial complex like the United States it was a military industrial complex This brilliantly placed line signifies the book s ability to spark off vivid understandings of Europe s various historical situations It is a thoughtful and air minded piece of work usually ast paced and often exhilarating sometimes sloggy overall seeming to make the most of its material It has an argument a carefully trained perspective and I m sure anybody would learn a great deal rom it while having some moments of real pleasure along the way Simms captures Europe as an entity in the midst of history wilfully perceiving centuries of twists and turns through the ilters associated with currentrecent issuesCriticismsThere are a couple of overbearing issues with the style Early on there is some awkward seemingly unedited diction and syntax There are even instances of elementary mistakes which even a total novice like me can spot like referring to the Dutch Estates General which is the French term or saying that Baldwin was the leader of the opposition in 1934 And throughout paragraphs begin with either The real issue was not insert event but Germany and the whole balance of power or This international development had a profound effect on domestic politics in many countries I like repetition of ideas because it ingrains the essential message of such a long book and shows self confidence But this IS FAR TOO MUCH AND THAT BECOMES APPARENT EARLY far too much and that becomes apparent early There are also moments when Simms clearly over eggs the primacy of oreign policy or example declaring that the British revolution was entirely a unction of the debate around participation in the European wars Finally the book inevitably struggles with the breadth and depth of such a vast and intricate period of history Even though it is massively lopsided towards the Owls: Birds of the Night final 100 years some areas are list like and don t leave much impression or understanding There are some other issues but no one interested in the topic or attracted by the idea of the book should really be discouraged If you re still uncertain let one or two of Simms s genius piecesor the New Statesman convince you particularly The copy I read was some 530 pages making it al. If there is a Bon Bon Voyage (A Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery, fundamental truth of geopolitics it is this whoever controls the core of Europe controls the entire continent and whoever controls all of Europe can dominate the world Over the pastive centuries a rotating cast of kings and conuerors presidents and dictators have set their sights on the European heartland desperate to seize this pivotal area or at least prevent it Bon Bon Voyage fromalling into the wrong hands From Charles V and Napoleon to Bismarck and Cromwell rom Hitler and Stalin to Roosevelt and Gorbachev nearly all the key power players of modern history have staked their titani. ,
Europe The Struggle or Supremacy 1453 to the Present