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The latest in an anti consumerism trend this book offers some ideas for people who are perhaps at a different point in life than me although the author seems to be around my ageShe begins by discussing how she and her husband paid off student loans and their mortgage in their 30s by cutting back to one car and having her stay home with their family while recycling and repurposing cast offs and arbage from neighbors to furnish their home She s their family while recycling and repurposing cast offs and arbage from neighbors to furnish their home She s proud of the money

She S Saved But 
s saved but advice will not work for all families and she is up front about that She styles herself as the original Reduction Rebel and ives many examples of how she and her family have turned trash into something they could use She ties it all together by euating debt and rampant consumerism with unhappinessThe book could have used skilled editing I found it jarring to encounter the wrong homonym many times roleroll affecteffect etc at least once per chapter and it diluted the author s message while revealing too much confidence in spell check I find this and in contemporary publishing These editors need to really read the books they re putting out thereAs for the message there s not a whole lot of new information here Our The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God's Mercy greatrandmothers did this sort of thing from necessity and many people living around the poverty level here and around the world do this not by choice so this book has some uncomfortable class issues of which the author seems unaware There is a long section of step by step DIY projects that might be helpful for someone starting out As someone who already has all the furniture she will ever need I don t see myself saving TV consoles from the neighbor s trash to upcycle into coffee tables but for a young family there could be useful information within As such I hope my copy finds its way into the hands of this family and proves useful than it has to me Kind a fun book It had some Deal Maker (Mixed Messages Book 2) (English Edition) good ideas There was a way bigger focus on upcycling in this book than I expected And unfortunately the majority of the examples in the b This is a veryood cheerleader book for convincingremindingencouraging you to look at what you don t need or use in your home I ve been feeling stymied for months unsure how to Godmanstone Blues get from a to b with all of the things ive collected over the years The answer is you can t unless you want to resemble the Junk Lady puppet from Jim Henson s Labyrinth It s not a book Id want to hold on to forever but its definitely aood one to borrow from the library I suspect the author herself would approve Nothing revolutionary or mind blowing It s a uick read with some steps broken down for up cycling projects but nothing I plan to do soon It lacked concrete advice on where to start with finances and purging belongings and everything else was just eh. Upcycle Your LifeGet ready to trade in headaches and hassles for life skills exchange clutter for money transform eyesores into beautiful focal points in your home and say Ramp Rats: A Graphic Guide Adventure goodbye to over consumption and hello toenuine experiencesCristin Frank the original Reduction Rebel shows you the freedom and fulfillment you can have when you simplify your life You'll learn how to use your. ,
Living Simple Free Happy

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Ishbrown tinge to all of them I would have chalked it up to cheap publishing except she had an entire section on how she have chalked it up to cheap publishing except she had an entire section on how she A CAMERA AND INCLUDED TIPS ON camera and included tips on Then why am I My Name is Abu Salem giving this three stars instead of two Because the ideas are sound The concepts are sound Why are we throwing up our hands and resigning ourselves to paying our student loans into our thirties or forties Why are we okay with shoving ourarages or closets full of junk and then oing out and buying What I love about this book is that she focuses on the spiritual element as well as the physical and I m not talking about God is in the simple life aphorisms so many of these blogs seem to spout off Instead she urges people to find their passion and pursue it and to revel in the feeling of self reliance and accomplishment Those are reat messages that I will always support There s also the fact that she uses this to create a holistic book that identifies the why s rather than the how s So many of these books focus solely on decluttering and organizing then Spitting Daisies Communicating Through the Sunset give a chapter or two on maintenance If I know human nature mostly based on a close childhood study of my mother who routinely did this most peopleet fed up with their clutter devote a weekend to clearing it out then a week later slowly let it o until next year when they et fed up againBy identifying why we re doing this and the end oals Cristin Frank encourages the reader to keep up with it in a realistic way that people might actually stick toAll in all there s not a lot of useful information so much as a ood message here but sometimes that s all you need I kind of loved this little book I loved that she shared what worked for her family and didn t profess to share anything that promised The book ot me started thinking about how I can do things differently while achieving similar results As that was likely the intent behind the book itself to et people thinking critically about their own situations that s why I love it Not because it Stumbling Giants: Transforming Canada's Banks for the Information Age gave me a detailed plan on how to simplify but because it immediatelyot me thinking about how I will This book was pretty terrible There were a few nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout but there was not enough to justify reading this book The author came off as very judgmental and self righteous and a lot of her ideas make no sense at all She also offered some design options with refurbished pieces Some designs were Unexpected Circumstances good while other made did not make aesthetic or functional sense The entire book was just her rambling on Reading this book was like being stuck at a dinner party in a boring conversation you cannotet out of Maybe I ve read too many of these simplify books but this one just didn t do it for me It has some Prophets and Prophecy in the Ancient Near East good information but I didn t find it all that inspiring. By step upcycling projects that transform old unwanted furniture into beautiful customized organizing systemsDozens of exercises that help you identify and honor your talents values andoalsAs Cristin says success is Children of Ambition (Children of Vice, getting what we want Let this book show you how to leto of what's holding you back so you can put your energy into your dreams and interests and build your success. Whew This book was something First of all it had some problematic crap in there about how you shouldn t help people because then they never learn to some problematic crap in there about how you shouldn t help people because then they never learn to anything themselves Lots of weird class issues But forgetting all that if you read this book you can learn A You ll have a lot time if you stop spending 40 minutes every morning on your hair B Don t buy coffee it s expensive C Sell the twenty four foot yacht you have sitting in your driveway that you only use once a year D While you re selling your twenty four foot yacht also sell your jet ski snowmobiles and ATVs E Sew your own curtains sell your jet ski snowmobiles and ATVs E Sew your own curtains make all your own furniture out of stuff you find by the side of the road F Why do you even have a convertible in storage when you didn t even drive it last year G Get rid of stuff you ll have less stuff H Don t eat TV dinners row your own organic arden I You don t need to weave your own fabric let s not Born in the Country go crazy here J Roof your own house K People don t even make their own ice cubes any In conclusion this is why Marie Kondo is doing so well Because most books of this type are crap Don t bother reading this One day I will find a declutteringorganizing book that does not rest on the assumption that you are a married b have kids c own your own home Today however is not that day Living Simple Free Happy takes the cutesy premise of Reduction Rebels people who upcycle and declutter and reuse rather than buy new things to inspire people toet themselves out of debt and live a simple life While the idea is nice some of the author s suggestions are a little alarming She maintains that because she s a stay at home mom and they have a landline and her husband is either at work or at home they didn t really need a cell phone They can just borrow someone else s phone if they really need help I ask you if this would be workable for 99% of the population It s really need help I ask you if this would be workable for 99% of the population It s to the assumption that everyone lives within bicycling distance of work or can take the bus which as a native Houstonian I can tell you is simply not true In some cities sure but not here Additionally she has an entire chapter on upcycling which is a neat idea that has shot itself in the foot so many times by now that it seems to be limping along feebly The definition of upcycling is taking old things and making them new again or better by decorating reusing repurposing etc The reality is taking old things and making them uglier or cheap looking Half of the things she had were even hideous than when they began or plain odd like the coffee table door I will note however that some did look uite nice such as the changing table turned wine caddy one wonders why they didn t use only those pictures On a related note the photos themselves are unattractive They look like they were taken in the 70s with a faint yellow. Talents time and space to combat stress become efficient relieve money woes open up opportunities and provide unbelievable self fulfillmentInside you'll findSimple techniues that eliminate clutter and keep it from returningA personalized plan to help you reclaim your timePractical and profitable ways to sell unused items in your homeTips to eliminate debt and curb consumptionStep.