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Against and prevented from being in ruling positions However she is also pragmatic and uses her smarts to run her ingdom as well as understand the long term implications of everything happening around across the empire Vyasa Sanjaya Asvathama and Shikhandin also play very important roles and it was fascinating to see them as much developed characters Dharma is probably the one Pandava whose depiction really surprised me and I never Hijacking the Brain knew it was possible to show him in such a morally grey light He is such a follower and almost too much of a believer of destiny and righteousness without actually doing any work for creating an empire I can almost see how this will lead to his downfall and can t wait to explore it all in the next book If you love Mahabharata reinterpretations I would definitely recommend this book to you If you are okay with stories that don t necessarily stick to the canon and remove the mysticism of the epic in favor a socio political fantasy saga then you ll enjoy this a lot The world building is impressive the characters very very refreshing and fascinating and the reveals totally captivating that lleep you guessing as to what might happen next Kaurava here I come Great premise Very poor story telling Soporific Hopefully the next one will be better I took me sometime to make up my mind about this book And I have given it two stars only because I think the author has a strong command over her language and style of writing The descriptive verses in this book brings forth the beautiful depiction of vedic IndiaThe plot is intriguing but somehow it failed to capture my interest The only thing that fascinated me in this book was Yudhistra s admission to Draupadi that Duryodhana and his brothers were probably the rightful heirs of Kuru empire This he admits because he 僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 knew that he I think I have shared earlier in the review of Beast by Krishna Udayasankar but let me share it again I have bought Govinda by Krishna along with Auth of Vayuputra when Vayuputra was released But I read Govinda much later in 2015 And by the time I decided to buy the next two parts of the series they were out of the shelf So I didn t get a chance to read the 2nd 3rd part Recently I saw a post by Krishna that the Govinda series along with Immortal are adopted by Penguin India and they are re published And as a Diwali gift we were provided copies of the first part of Govinda Immortal in exchange for an honest review As Govinda is the same as the previous copy I bought I went through the book to revise important points that can be covered in the reviewBefore I go to plot discussion let me give you a brief comparison of two editionsCover Though both editions are paperbacks the first edition cover was elegant than the latest one Page I think yellowish pages with a golden look of the title was giving regal look to the first edition The latest edition is having proper paperbacks lookFont settings Here the latest edition has won the race where the first edition has smaller fonts this edition has adeuate sized fonts for the better reading experienceWell the first edition is no longer available so you don t have a choice to select an edition of your likings But I have both editions so I gave details as per my experienceAs the name suggests the main character of our story is Govinda Saury a cowherd who became general of Dwarka s military The next main character is Panchali princess of Panchala And as it is the story of Mahabharata all major characters of actual Mahabharata play a majorminor role in this book as well To bring a uniue angle to the story the author has shown the world with mere mortal without any divine powers Aryavarta as wenow today was led by firstborns sages his followers through The Path to Gay Rights kings lords But way before that time another entity had given a tough time to firstborns and they werenown as Firewrights a clangroup of people who work on machines weaponry alchemy But they were almost wiped off by firstborns Karen vs Alien kings The book starts with the death of Ghora Angisara the lastnown Firewrites of Mahabharata time With his death a bigger plan of powerful people brought into a crumble On another side a cowherd Gopala took it on himself to bring Pandava to the front runners of Aryavarta Pandava five brothers who themselves were not sure of their heritage due to mystery behind their birth were supported by Govinda achieved many unreachable targets which they may not be able to if Govinda was not present with them They got a marriage alliance with Panchala Dwarika they decimated the Khandavprasth forest with its secrets to start a new ingdom they Killed And Subdued The Mighty and subdued the mighty his ingdom Magadha and finally able to hold Rajsuya Yagya Panchali witnessed all means Govinda took to achieve this for which her husband his hold Rajsuya Yagya Panchali witnessed all means Govinda took to achieve this for which her husband his didn t protest even onceAs the already mentioned concept is uniue and so was the delivery of the content Unlike Amish Tripath or Anand Neelkanthan Krishna s writing style is lavish You will get a good amount of description to enhance your experience It is up to you to decide whether you are okay with lengthy narrations or not Coming to the content part I have just read part one but Mahabharata is vast and writing story till Rajsuya in just first part in around 400 pages which I found a little bit fast She might have taken it slowly Having said that there are places where the pace of the story was medium and there are places where the pace was fast enough to Alien Disclosure at Area 51 keep turning pages I found a few factual things misplaced apart from that a nice readDetailed Review Link. Must use all his cunning to counter deception and treachery if he is to protect his people and those whom he lovesBut who holds theey to the fantastic and startling nowledge of the Firewrights which in the wrong hands will bring doom upon the empire And does Govinda have it in him to confront the dark secrets of his past and discover the true meaning of being Arya of being nob. Govinda The Aryavarta Chronicles #1Full Review originally at Fantasy Book critic ANALYSIS I have been a fan of history and mythology as long as I can remember plus being born in India led to me being exposed to a whole host of stories based on history and mythology For most SFF readers in the subcontinent their fascination begins when their grandmothers tell them about the Ramayana or the Mahabharata or both These two epics are the cultural and mythological foundation in In When I first read the Mahabharata as a child I wasn t clear on why the story started at a place called Naimisha Aranya The forest of Naimisha To my mind that craved only action movies this was a minor diversion and one that needed to be uickly bypassed to reach that big daddy of all battle scenes But slowly with every retelling and re reading that I went through the forest grew on me It was only very recently that Ashok Banker gave it a befitting name The forest of stories You can draw out countless tales from this forest Heroes villains gods and demons walk among these tales and it would make even the seasoned fantasy writers stare in wonderment at the seemingly endless treasure trove that stands before them Needless to say this seems to be the rage these days among young Indian writers too for everybody wants to try their hands at retelling mythology across varied genres from action to romance to family drama Hunting between the stacks at my library on Saturday I came across a new series where Krishna was an assassin sent to take revenge on the Asuras by the Devasimagine Krishna as Liam Neeson I will look for you I will find you and I will ill you some assassin he would make eh Krishna Udayasankar is another entrant to this field who chooses a retelling of the epic steeped in palace intrigues conspiracies and machinations with a special focus on the rock star god of the Hindu pantheon KrishnaOne thing is set straight right at the start itself there are no gods in this tale No one harnesses supernatural powers and nor are they the descendants of gods They are Kings ueens and Princes forever locked in the game of thrones Merit should be awarded to the author for having stepped away from the ages old way of garishly painting Duryodhana as the baddie In this tale he is referred to by his actual name of Syyodhan and he is just another character and not the prince of darkness as most other authors would have us believe This being the first installment I did not see nor hear much of Karna If we go by the usual sentiments of authors they romanticize this character to glorious heights of excessive magnanimity and valor Here Karna or Vasusen is a vassal King of Hastinapura and that is pretty much about him No fanfare no muses singing his praises with their lyres fully tuned etc Then there is Krishna or Govinda Shauri in this incarnation the one who holds all the strings and plans out the ascent of his cousin Dharma Yudhishtir to the Emperor s throne Lives are made and destroyed hearts are broken and left by the wayside men and women die in the hundreds and still the ingdoms vie for the ultimate prize reminds you die in the hundreds and still the ingdoms vie for the ultimate prize reminds you GRRM doesn t it The first installment closes after Govinda and Bhima dethrone the Emperor Jarasandha of Magadha and hence clear the way for Yudhishtir s meteoric rise The author is in command of her language and has a good way with words It is a well written book from the language perspectiveAnd now sadly for the other parts of the book The whole book is hinged on a clash of clans two of them The firewrights the ones who hold the ey to weapons technology and the firstborn the hold the ey to technology and the firstborn the who are the trusted counselors of royalty conflict between these two overshadows even the Kaurava Pandava conflict and gives the story a whole new dimension The author unspools thread after thread of conspiracies and counter moves and somewhere post two thirds of the book I lost my bearings and Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ kept confusing firewrights with firstborns A typical conversation that I had with my mind went like this Me Alright so that is a firewright in action Mind No it is a firstborn you fool Me But I thought the author said it is a firewright didn t she Mind That was three pages ago what were you looking at Me Oh darn you you misleading double crosser you Mind Don t you blame me for your sloppiness And so onAnother point of disagreement with the author was on describing battle scenes The Mahabharata is chock full of them and it is any fantasy writer s best bet to lavish attention on them This is exactly a point where I found the author to not reach up to her mark as a writer of fantasy A tremendous battle is hinted at and as soon as you snap your fingers it is over The author just skims over the whole battle with a little glance at it all If thiseeps up I might be in for a soggy ending during the Kurukshetra scenes Towards the end the book starts meandering and some of the principal characters go off on adventures which make no sense while looked at from the main story A few scenes featuring Govinda also tend to get to being nothing than rambling and long long discourses which are not very enlightening By the look of things I get a feel that the story has bitten off than what it could chew There are so many loose ends here that I surely hope the author ties them all up before the trilogy is done with Remember what the wise man said If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off If it s not going to be fired it shouldn t be hanging there The rating is 35 to 40 really What a refreshing HONOUR DESIRE VENGEANCEAryavarta – the ancient realm of the nobleFor generations the Firstborn dynasty of scholar sages descendants of Vasishta Varuni and protectors of the Divine Order on earth has dominated here For just as long the Angirasa family of Firewrights weapon makers to the ings and master inventors has defied them In the aftermath of the centuries long conflict be. Ead Krishna Udayshankar has done a phenomenal job of demystifying the mythical heroes and villains and makes a fantastic attempt at getting to the why of events rather than the what A very readable retelling of the Mahabharata in which every character from Krishna to D PATHETIC I have never seen any Indian author writing this badly There are soooooooo many names peopleevents etc this leaves the reader clueless After 3 rd chapter By all means copy Amish Tripathi but make sure that ur even half way near to his wits and intelligence After Meluha it seems that young people with a Post Grad degree and an ability to write are on a spree to pick up a mythological character and mold it into human form and write a battle around it WHY why copy come up with something original What came as a shocker was the language it was so casual the conversation between two characters was so much like our day today convoif you are writing for a particular era than make sure that dialect matches to that ageCant write a detailed review as I had no strength and willingness to wrack my brain or time over this An excellent read I have read all the volumes of Krishnavatara by KMMunshi So the idea of Mahabharata as a story of extraordinary humans who had no superpowers was not new to me What was new in Govinda is Mahabharata as a story of people all of whom have personalities which fall into grey or blackexcept I think Suka Vyasa s son and the intrigue in the political plots and plans behind the well nown wars and conflicts The book gives a different perspective and there s no way to decide if it s true or not Edit I previously mentioned the author of Krishnavatara as CRajagopalachari It was actually KMMunshi It is not often that an author is brave enough to take on one of the most well Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change known mythological and religious texts for her debut novel butnowing her albeit in another life a long time ago one would expect no less from Krishna Most of what one reads as the Mahabharata is a collection of a simplistic good prevails over evil stories that is probably meant for children Krishna does exceptionally well to make it interesting for those who now the stereotypes but yearn for someone to connect all the stories The idea of a work of fiction based on existing works of faith and mythology is always a challenge when stereotypes built over centuries become sacred cows and any attempt at a different perspective risks being termed blasphemous It is surprising that her bibliography omits Bhimsen by Prem Panicker an unofficial translation of the Malayalam book Randamoozham a short work which looks at the great epic from Bhim s perspective showing him to be so While I was wowed by the author Krishna s short story in Magical Women and have been waiting to read her latest Beast which my trusted friends really swear by it didn t occur to me that I already owned her debut trilogy and never actually read it Thankfully I realized my folly and picked up this first book for the IndianLitReadathon and it was definitely an awesome decision pats my back Mahabharata is my favorite book in the world and nothing will ever change that It s had the most influence on my life so it s not surprising that I tend to turn unwittingly to reading the epic when I m in need of comfort In the recent years I have also been able to read a few reimaginations and reinterpretations of of comfort In the recent years I have also been able to read a few reimaginations and reinterpretations of story by modern authors and I m always mesmerized by how many different ways this story could be told In this same vein comes the author Krishna and I m wowed by her courage to have taken up this task right in her debut novel The author has decided to strip the divinity from the epic and retell it as a socio political saga of the ingdoms of Aryavarta and I think she succeeds at it very well The central conflict around which the story revolves here is something new and that definitely makes it feel like a refreshing tale The world building is done excellently slowly revealing bits and pieces so that it never feels info dumpy I loved the descriptions of the ingdoms and the palaces and the terrain in general my particular favorite being the absolutely stunning depiction of Dwaraka I could actually feel the sun and the waves and the total awe that Partha feels when he arrives at its gates The author also makes the characters here utterly human with all their complicated motivations and moral dilemmas and I loved seeing them in a new light There are lots of mysteries that are unraveled as the story progresses but the particular reveals at the end surprised me and I m just so excited to dive into the seuel immediately The story is also just close enough to the canon that you might guess what could HAPPEN NEXT BUT DIFFERENT ENOUGH THAT next but different enough that ll be surprised by how the events unfold The author manages to accentuate this feeling by giving some of the characters their not so popular names so it never feels like you are just reading the Mahabharata The story follows multiple POV characters so we get to now what everyone is thinking and the political plans they are weaving The major perspectives we get are Govinda and Panchali and I was just utterly fascinated by their relationship Govinda loves his people and dedicates his whole life to be able to create a lasting empire but he is also very dispassionate and almost emotionless in the way he manipulates everyone which makes him pretty unlikable to everyone and also very difficult to get to Intro to Alien Invasion know him closely Panchali on the other hand is fiery very intelligent and capable and is appalled at the way women are discriminated. Tween the two orders the once united empire of Aryavarta lies splintered a shadow of its former glorious selfNow the last Secret Keeper of the Firewrights is deadilled by a violent hand and the battle for supreme power in the empire is about to beginAs mighty powers hurtle towards a bloody conflict Govinda Shauri cowherd turned prince and now Commander of the armies of Dwaraka.