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The Casa Mono Cookbook eHtasy happy read It has humor and fun to be sure but it the point made is definitely to be serious and think harder about the things we use and the way we use them There is a lot of waste in the world and there s just no need for it This is a great book for the nvironmentally or design conscious or politicos who need a break from MSNBC Although they work in slightly different genres I would put Ben Katchor in the same different genres I would put Ben Katchor in the same with James Howard Kunstler Their subject is the built nvironment and what it does to the human soul I have been plowing my way through dozens of xperimental art comics many of them awesome by several artists including Jesse Jacobs Jesse Moynihan Hans Rickheit formally interesting and innovative and clever But then we have MacArthur Award winning Katchor who is perhaps not as xperimental in design but is as original a thinker whose work you will ver read And Katchor maybe has bigger fish to fry than just play and aesthetics although he also does this too with a dry and absurd sense of humor Katchor has in mind here contemporary material culture and our obsession with objects and inventions in an conomic context It s wonderful and wonderfully inventive and very often uirkily funnyLike any great artist he forces us to look anew at the word in which we live His primary focus here is architecture urban planning product design He creates one page comics about what we take for granted and xplores their uses with humor and insight and sometimes something a little surreal such as crumb catchers on toasters built in tissue dispensers tv light hand drying Bizarre relocations of stuff so we can see them in a new light Non seuiturs The intersection of capitalism and them in a new light Non seuiturs The intersection of capitalism and or just stuff objects the materiality of American culture which is I guess what capitalism is all about If you are an inventor you have to read this book because he wonders about If you are an inventor you have to read this book because he wonders about purposes xist for all these things we choose or would rather not choose to live withThis work was serialized in Metropolis magazine from 1998 2012 and is 160 pages of over sized pages a gorgeous and sometimes overwhelming collection of pages Almost too much You can t just sit down and read it all the way through it s too challenging and rich and contemplative and bizarre and dryly ironic to take in xcept at a page or so a time The opening and closing at the front and back covers is a reflection on the waste and absurdity of book production itself an nvironmental disaster that book readers have chosen not to think too deeply about and we I let me speak for myself here want these pretty coffee table uality objects in our okay my hands as forests disappear across the planet The paper manufacturing process causes acid rain Buy American Most of the work we read is made affordable by being produced overseas destroying American printing jobs And then look at the nergy to ship all this to us The printing industry is one of the largest consumers of fossil fuels What are the working conditions of the people in printing factories in China Ach Oy And this Katchor relates to us in a gorgeous book he publishes hoping we buy lots of them You see Katchor makes you think and feel and laugh and get angry and consider how you live your life with all its absurdity It s literature as cultural analysis in the mode of Chris Ware Richard McGuire and Adam Hines. Ts are marketed to lonely people as a method of getting noticed With cutting wit Katchor reveals a world similar to our own lives are defined by possessions consumerism is a kind of spirituality but also slightly fabulously askew Freuently and brilliantly bizarre and always mesmerizing Hand Drying in America nsures that you will never look at a building a bar of soap or an ATM the same way. So we ve reached this curious point where we #VE GOT GRAPHIC NOVELCOMIC COLLECTIONS OF AN ARTIST S #got graphic novelcomic collections of an artist s on urban planning architecture and modern culture But seriously most of this book revolves around architectureI m xcited to see the medium get to this pointPossibly a little less xcited by the book itself It was just a slowish read And frankly often the pictures were not terribly descriptive I found it to be xactly like those vague yet brilliant architectural statements you hear The architect was hoping to infuse a sense of the unmade bed when he designed this structure Kind of hilarious the unmade bed when he designed this structure Kind of hilarious of Weird Kind Of Necessary To Kind of necessary to captions Maybe that s a statement on architecture Maybe that s how architecture and its artist statements captions and conceptualizations make themselves known in a comic I don t knowIt really is funny and often thoughtful Peculiar also If you ve ver read Julius Knipl Real Estate Photographer or other strips Ben Katchor publishes in free weeklies you know the crumbling sooty urban core in which his characters ply obscure trades at the dge of relevance Hand Drying in America his latest collection plays out in the wider arena of the man made nvironment From the stolid Serpentine Bank for Savings now the Ping Tung Market to the bold mirrored finish of the Poleax Building or the important work of The Committee for Architectural Neglect Katchor The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant explores what our structures say about us and how we live with them Katchor s world is one of details writ large The Crumb Trap The Cracked Cup Inspector and The Call of the Wall which sheds much needed light on the phenomenon of climbing around one s apartment by clinging to dado moldingslbow the ceiling he zooms in on the most unzoomable of architectural minutae particularly those of the fading brick and plaster city landscape the Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) early 20th Century The Breezeway to Hell New Uses for Vitreous China Peabald s Field Guide to the Air Conditioners of North Americawell you get the ideaKatchor s a master storyteller too Every strip takes the reader on a labyrinthine and slyly peculiar journey with a conclusion as unexpected as getting dumped on the New Jersey turnpike after a few minutes in John Malkovich s head In a way that makes you sit up and sayYes That s it preciselyIt s great speculative fiction And as much as I like sci fi that boldly goesven thrilling are those artists who can point out the new life new civilizations and new ways of thinking about plate glass curbstones and built in tissue dispensers the stuff of the here and nowA word about Katchor s art his blocky hulking figures bare sketches really though illuminated here in glorious comic book four color Logic, Labels, And Flesh embody thexistential slog that is getting through the dayThe only cartoonist to have won the MacArthur Fellowship Genius Grant Kachtor deserved Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design every penny of that 500000 His one page strips are so deeply personally resonant I feel he draws them just for me This is the most creative work I ve read in a while It is a guidebook approx 160 comicsach comic is a collection of descriptive statements about a parallel surreal world Leaving a session immersed in this book felt like waking up from a dream and the accompanying vague recall of disjointed thoughts that kinda sorta have a common theme No book has made me feel like this book left me feeling A world where people watch a highway gr. From one of the most original and imaginative American cartoonists at work today comes a collection of graphic narratives on the subjects of urban planning product design and architecture a surrealist handbook for the rebuilding of society in the twenty first centuryBen Katchor a master at twisting mundane commodities into surreal objects of social significance now takes on the many ways ou. ,

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And prix keeping track of the stats of common folk people who visit particular types of doorways around the world a museum for souvenirs a world that The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths employs people to open those annoying self serve sized containers an unmarked pipe all occupants left alone until one couldn t take it any drilling leading to de pressurization of a citie s soft serve supply Katchor is the curator of the petty grotesueries of urban life and capitalism The Brotherhood of Immaculate Consumption Almost awkward his trembly linesncase a sedate wash of darker colors Nothing is truly bright and shadow is king I m impressed by his diction mallow pink and his background tongue in cheek smart assery But his artifice and modern pretense is stripped down via his over the top jokery to the downright lie Each gambit in his metaphors is built on real Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems emotion a curmudgeon s hate of uselessness a nail biter A large approximately one suare foot book jam packed with stories onextends across the front and back Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice endpapersIt is almost impossible to discuss Ben Katchor s work without using words like innovative and surreal The stories are almost hyper real as they involve small ideas taken to absurdxtremes and the world that creates A man whose job is to break wobbly chairs by sitting in them An The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth epidemic of people trying to cross rooms without touching the floor A house whose roof reflects the state of the bed inside The time when comfy featherlbow pillows almost roof reflects the state of the bed inside The time when comfy feather lbow pillows almost to the radication of television A chuckle for In Deeper every page of this hefty coffee table collection of graphicssays I thought to myself freuently Yes I feel that way also about various annoying contemporary vents like the systematic downgrading of fabric uality and uantity in trousers I notice that women s pants pockets have become non functional due to their shallow or totally fake nature On the pretense of showing a clean hip line the company is actually saving a lot of money on fabric In the attempt to save money the place where I buy lunch per pound gives me a stack of napkins that are so
thin that i 
that I them to use as tissues Meanwhile at my gym they have supplied tissues that are so thick they are in reality paper towels meant to dry a counter top And a sad architectural observation of the book itself The heavy wide covers caused this library loan to rip off from the leaves much like when many years ago the overly heavy wide doors of my 1976 AMC Gremlin came undone from their own hinges causing me to rope myself in Maybe a paperback dition will survive better and when that comes out I might have to get my own copy to remind myself that there is one sane mind out there looking at and processing Audiology every cultural danger Ben Katchor It took me a really long time to get into this book Ben Katchor definitely has a uniue style and I considered uitting this right away After a while though I came to realize that he was providing a savvy wry commentary on societal change which he usually found not for the better Using the transition ofveryday objects the shape of home building architecture technological advances the transition from flame to lectric candles tc Katchor details and in a way mourns the state of civilization at that moment As this book spans many years worth of drawings it provides a fascinating timeline over at least 20 years This isn t a book for someone looking for a lig. R property influences and reflects cultural values Here are window ledge pillows designed xpressly for people watching and a forest of artificial trees for sufferers of hay fever The Brotherhood of Immaculate Consumption deals with the matter of products that outlive their owners; a school of dance is based upon the choreographic motion of paying with cash; high visibility construction ves. ,
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Hand Drying in America and Other Stories