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Needs to have two stories within it I don t know if Stuart knows Dr Stern but this is a writer who has an excellent grasp on the idea The underlying theme seems to be What if a person were forced into a desperate situationCharles Davis is a literary genius but his latest book a literary genius but his latest book less than spectacular His wife Anne is a driven entrepreneur who supports her artist husband while pursuing her business deals When Anne hires mousy Emma Bowles to help Charles put his home office in order she has no idea what machine she is setting in motion Emma is uiet efficient and maddeningly enigmatic to CharlesEmma s agenda is simply to become indispensable Glimpses into her past reveal a disturbed woman who just wants t olive her simple life She admires Charles and is inspired by him enough to share her own novel in progress He is amazed and takes Emma under his wing and into bedCharles looks upon Emma as his muse but there are dark elements growing between the two Anne has her own set of problems to contend with and a reader can sympathize with this powerful classy woman even if he doesn t necessarily like herThe second half of the book spirals into focus with the plot twisting one way then another Yet Stuart keeps his creation completely under control while the characters are backed *into corner after corner will leave ou wondering if our actions would be much different given the circumstancesBut where s *corner after corner will leave ou wondering if The Burial at Thebes your actions would be much different given the circumstancesBut where s crimeou ask I don t want to ruin the book for 50 Years of Silence you so all I will tellou is Vide et plein you ll know it whenou see it I liked it The characters were developed but I didn t like any if them I pretty much thought they all got what they deserved Of them all I liked Anne the most and I felt for Emma the most I would have loved for Emma to prevail but that wouldn t have lead to the ending. With Emma with understanding her controlling her By the time Anne realizes she wants this disturbing oung woman out of their lives it's too late All three are trapped in their own deceptions and only a savage shocking act can free the.

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Ther once told her to learn from ducks on a pond they glide across the surface seemingly without effort but beneath the surface they are paddling like mad Loved this uote as it so aptly described each of the characters perfectly Day by day Anne and her husband Charles stretch their niceties to push along their marriage when then enters the all too helpful pretty but plain and extra mysterious Emma as first too helpful pretty but plain and extra mysterious Emma as first temp to Anne at her thriving magazine then as an assistant to novelist Charles as he struggles to make a novel people want to buy after the classic lofty first novel of his career I really connected to his story too as it must be difficult especially as a writer to continue to get better and sound the same but still recognizable and fresh and so when Emma comes to help fresh off the heels of his latest book failure and happens to show him a sample of her own writing why he is too pleased to mentor the shy girl and in his own way nurse his own creativity on another novel attemptAnd it is with this plot that the novel begins and the mounting suspense between the trio builds and buildsoverall I liked Emma s character the best and found the ending alittle underwhelming as I just expected of a twistsurprise but honestly I the ending alittle underwhelming as I just expected of a twistsurprise but honestly I suppose it was realistic just not my favoriteIn short this was a great read that goes fast and entertains ou in a Ruth RendellIris MurdochDonald Westlake kinda waydry and dark humor but entertaining and compulsively addictive reading It was a fast read The ending was a little too confused for my liking The main male character had not been developed well enough early It seems that I have stumbled onto some excellent first novels lately Sebastian Stuart s The Mentor is et another oneI once had a creative writing professor who said every story. Nt Charles's wife Anne hires to bring order to his pressured existence Where Anne is sleek and elegant Emma is awkward and self effacing But Charles glimpses the intriguing mysteries beneath her small town demeanor Soon he is obsessed. ,
Read this book as a teenager and was lucky enough to find it again as an adult The author does a wonderful job creating a lovehate enough to find it again as an adult The author does a wonderful job creating a lovehate with all the main characters and brings this dark story to life in all its messy glory This book initiated a now life long love of psychological thrillers Sebastian Stuart is brilliant 35 stars Goodreadscom wants to know what I learned from this book Hmmm I learned that trite vapid stereotypical characters make for a pretty awful book It was like junk food ou know its terrible but Make You Mine you read it anyway Resist I didn t really like any of the characters in this book not because they weren t well developed but because they weren t nice people They create a mess of their intertwined lives and it spirals out of control Mi didn t love it but it was compelling Meh it was okay I wanted to like it much than I did Why the 5 stars It s was a bloody good read thatou can t put down All the characters are deeply flawed It starts out normal enough and becomes very twisted Personally I think it could have gone further The main characters were fully developed I came across this randomly and it was just a good fun twisted tale of messed up proportions Very uick read I liked this book I really did and More Than a Princess (The Montevaro Monarchy yay because I have been reading some duds LOL but this held my attention and made me want to read and to find out what was happening to the characters I got to knowThe story follows a beautiful successful married couple seeming to have it all money love success and fame but also a closet full of secrets lies and hidden agendas I liked the way their story was drawnou felt their tense love and their attempt to show a brave front to the world when they were crumbling insideone of my favorite uotes comes from the wife Anne on page 26 Her fa. Twenty five The Courage to Stand Alone Letters from Prison and Other Writings years ago Charles Davis's first novel made him a literary legend But with his recent work savaged by reviewers Charles has been paralyzed by self doubt Then fate hands him an unexpected muse Emma Bowles is theoung assista. The Mentor