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Hey returned to London lived in Mayfair and were members of good societyAlthough illegitimate children could not inherit titles they were from time to time raised alongside legitimate children If acknowledged by their fathers illegitimate children often went on to claim ositions of status in the aristocracy Emanuel Scrope Earl of Sunderland fathered several children with his servant and mistress Martha Jeanes The eldest daughter Mary married Charles Paulet Duke of Bolton and became Duchess of Bolton A second daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Savage Earl RiversNow for my reviewThe Promise is a story about Jane Gray a Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 27 pastry chef in Victorian London who takes in a youngregnant girl When the girl dies in childbirth Jane raises the child Pip as her own Years later she tries to awn a locket that belonged to Pip s mother and is nearly arrested for theft She soon discovers her daughter s birth mother Maura Wallace was the sister of a owerful duke The child s family demands custody and Jane s life becomes complicated Pip moves in with the family while Jane continues to work and live above the bakery setting out across town to see her daughter for a few minutes each evening before returning home again The Wallaces struggle to find an acceptable role for Jane whose visits they allow for Pip s sake They also feel a moral obligation to Jane because of everything she did to help MauraHandsome charming Finn Wallace is initially drawn to Jane s warm caring nature but his feelings for her soon develop into something Finn the duke s younger brother is a rake who enjoys his carefree life and hasn t the slightest inclination to change it until he meets Jane and PipAs the story unfolds we learn Jane is running from a troubled dangerous Networking for Career Success: 24 Lessons for Getting to Know the Right People past She has been in hiding from her cousin Tom an evil bastard who has been helping himself to her inheritance for years I can t say without spoiling the story for youI am soleased with The Promise The acing is uick the characters are three dimensional and believable from Jane and Finn to the supporting cast I articularly like Peckham the Wallace family s butler and Cameron the acerbic taciturn duke I am working on his love story nowI hope you enjoy reading The Promise as much as I enjoyed writing it I look forward to your feedback Yep five stars I kept looking to see if this was Kate Worth s third or fourth book Because this was that goodas if a seasoned writer had Zheng Guogu put out her next bookI liked how Jane realized that she had to go to the DUKE himself to get the facts set outotherwise she could hang And if she was hung what would happen to Pip her daughterWhen she spies the Duke s brother Finn he takes her breath away Dang he took my breath away tooYes we have the tropes that make up a romancebut Ms Worthut a new spin on things and kept me clicking through my KINDLE at an amazing rate Why yes we did have PIZZA for dinner tonight It was easyand I could get back to reading I was very impressed with this book and I m glad to see that she has another in the works THEN she needs to write an HEA for the DUKEand maybe for Augustus too I just finished reading THE PROMISE by Kate Worth This is my first book of hers It s a story in a world of love secrets lies and scandals in the time eriod 1855 London Lots of mystery and suspense I found this historical romance very captivating I love her two main characters Finn and Jane I love the way Ms Worth included a child named Pip in her story Lord Finn Wallace is a charming man who spends his nights with the Most Beautiful Women But When beautiful women but when meets Jane he becomes very attracted to herJane is a shy erson but also a Frںuhzeit Des Ostslaventums passionnate woman who works in a bakery with her child Pip She tries to sell a locket torovide a fund for Pip but is soon suspected of theft A reward is now offered in the newpaper to find the mysterious lady She decides to tell the truth to the Wallace family I refer not to write because I don t want to reveal her secret You will have to read it to find her secret You will have to read it to find her secret You t regret itLots of attraction and seduction between Finn and Jane Trust will unite those two He will offer her his rotection and try to charm her Pip is a cute and funny little girl I found the Wallace family charming specially the grandmother JustineI laughed and cried It is very well written I will surely read Ms Worth s future books because I can say that she is a very talented writer I found her book very refreshingI ll definitely check out Kate Worth s next s book I was Hooked From The First from the first Just a little note I found her French translation of some expressions Whose Life Is It Anyway?: Living through your 20s on your own terms perfect A very captivating romance that I highly recommend Review Posted HERE Jane is a baker raising another woman s child alone after the child s mother met an untimely death Trying to set up a future for the young girl named Pip Jane decides toawn a locket left to Pip by her mother When Jane arrives at the The Rumsfeld Way: The Leadership Wisdom of a Battle-Hardened Maverick pawn shop however things get a little odd Jane narrowly escapes capture at theawn shop but opens the aper the next day to find a icture of herself labeled as a thief The story takes off from there and a Option Writing Strategies for Extraordinary Returns plot filled with mystery and suspense unfolds that captivated me and left me barreling through theages of The Promise When I first started reading this book I wasn t sure what to expect I am kind of articular about my romance novels I like them loaded heavily with romance and a lot that revolves around my two characters falling in love The Promise is a bit different The romance is ever so resent between the characters but the story is what really captured me Every time I thought I had the lot figured out something new would Genocide of One present itself and throw me for a loop Jane is a baker but she is elegant graceful and lovely but yet she is still modest Iictured Jane to be Marry Poppins lovingly caring for this child that was not hers and stunningly beautiful Do not let Jane s character fool you into thinking she only Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator's Guide: Design, Develop, and Share Your Games Online plays the doting woman Jane is in fact hiding secrets thatlay into the mystery inside this novelThe characters all had chemistry with each other and the romance while at first wasn t very Star Wars - Jabba the Hutt - The Art of the Deal present toward the end catapulted Finn The Duke and The Duchess have all lost someone dear to them and have suffered so much sadness over the years Until the day they meet the little show stealer Pip Talk about a cute child Pip really captured my heart and had me chuckling out loud at her adorable take on things I loved this story I definitely think lovers of Historical Romance should give this book a shot The story is well written well thought out and loaded with an amazinglot The love story is simply icing on the cak. Is to Jane than meets the eye and he longs to The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage possess theassionate woman hidden beneath her modest facadeWhen ublicity draws the attention of a madman from Jane's ast Finn enters London's dangerous underworld in a heart stopping race to save her. The PromiseAn eye Needing to set aside a large sum of money she decides to sell the only valuable thing she has a locket from Pip s birth mother Little does she know that when she attempts to sell the locket she will be branded a thief as the owner of the locket is a duke Jane decides her best course of action is to try to explain how she came to own the locket straight to the duke and hopefully avoid the noose When the truth comes out about Pip s mother Jane is afraid she is going to lose her forever After all how can Jane a baker raise a duke s niece in the life necessary And why can t she stop thinking about the duke s brother FinnLord Fionnlagh Wallace Finn has never stopped looking for his missing sister Maura all these years that she has been gone Fearing the worst he immediately takes a dislike to this lain woman who has Maura s locket How dare she come into his home and try to ass off a child as his niece It uickly becomes clear how wrong he is and together with his family they try to come up with a lan to envelope Pip into her new family without excluding the woman who raised her Nevertheless society always sticks their nose in where it doesn t belong and soon a scandal is threatening to erupt and Finn comes up with a solution that should Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set please everyone As Jane can not bear to lose Pip she agrees and hopes for happy marriage with the man that has captured her attention Finn also has hopes for uncovering theassion he knows is hiding underneath the uiet face of Jane but it seems they will never find the time to be together alone With the revelations about Janes Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals past also coming to light it soon becomes clear that all their lives are in danger Will Jane and Finn be able to survive and confess the true nature of their heartsFor a debut novel I was impressed I loved how the story unfoldedit starts off well with Maura s encounter and never lets go I enjoyed Jane s take charge attitude and her deep love and devotion to Pip The hints about Jane sast are dropped at a Robot Programming pace that you just keep reading because you can t wait to see what will happen next The details are tragic and life changing and sure to have your heart racing at the end The villain is just nasty and aerson that has no heart Finn is a charming rake used to having woman fall all over him so he finds it a bit of a uzzle as to why he can t stop thinking about Jane and her gentle loving waysso different from the woman he usually enjoys I would have liked to have seen a bit romance bloom earlier on for this couple I think it was about half way through the book before they shared their first kiss and longer for them to share their hot love scene But even though the romance is a bit uieter than I usually refer the story just captivated me Right from the beginning where you will be going no to each new twist and turn and delicious revelation you will be held within the lovely world Kate Worth has created The accepting loving family the charming Pip the vile villain the charming Finn and the strength of Jane along with an eye for detail all blend together beautifully Like she states on the cover this is a love story and for me it was emphasis on the story with the love woven in and I know I am eager for her next novel to see what new delights she comes up with Recommended for fans of reunion stories with a strong family base fleshed out secondary characters great details and a romance that takes its time to bloom but it is Our Fake Relationship perfect when it does 4 stars Review copyrovided by the author thank you because I may have overlooked this one and it deserves to be looked at I really enjoyed The Promise by Kate Worth Her characters were fun and likable lovable actually and looked at I really enjoyed The Promise by Kate Worth Her characters were fun and likable lovable actually and details about the time were excellent I felt like I had stepped back into time and was sorry to come to the end I m now wondering if Ms Worth will write a seuel There are several characters I d love to know about Though I typically do NOT READ HISTORICAL ROMANCE BOOKS KATE WORTH S DEBUT read historical romance books Kate Worth s debut The Promise turned out to be a refreshing change from what is usually found in the genre Along with the building The Blitzkrieg Legend passion and love between the heroine and hero this novelrovides so much it is an intriguing storyline involving a strong heroine who is committed to doing the right thing for someone she loves even at her own The Crown personal detriment While she is beautiful in her own way it is her inner strength and courage that makes her truly beautiful She is loyal above all else I found all the characters to be interesting and uniue and the dialogue while timely to its setting still felt modern It flowed so easily never missing a beat That was an added bonus for meNo matter what your readingreference I think everyone can find something in this book to love so I highly recommend The Promise Can an author write an unbiased review of her own work Probably not but I ll give it a tryIt took me a little over a year to write my first book The Promise From the beginning I adored my heroine Jane and her rascally love interest Finn I set out to write the kind of book I like to read a sexy romance with an engaging Über Nacht plot intelligent believable characters and interesting historical details I enjoy a spicy read with blistering chemistry a romance wrapped in an imaginative well constructed story delivered through evocativerose My Ad Astra peteeve when a love story relies on a far fetched misunderstanding that could easily have been resolved with a two minute conversation Nor can I abide a helpless clueless heroine or a hero who is fundamentally a worthless human being No amount of handsome can make up for thatNotes on Adoption in BritainAdoption in the informal sense lays a role in The Promise In the modern legal sense adoption did not occur in England until 1926 but eople have been informally adopting children for as long as there have been children According to PJ Walker in History of the Family Britain had a long history of informal adoption Everything But The Girl particularly among laboring families Family and friendsrovided for orphan children and those who desired hands took children into their households when the Sport Social Work: Promoting the Functioning and Well-Being of College and Professional Athletes parents could notrovide for them Historian Anna Davin has documented how often working class families in the later nineteenth century took children into their households so that the children could remain in the neighborhoods close to kin and friends Adoption occurred in the Modern Art Death of a Culture peerage as well The love child of Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire was adopted by her lover s family in the late 1700s Eliza was not consigned to a miserable life due to herarents indiscretion She married Lt Col Robert Ellice who later became Governor General of Malta Eventually Ming and handsome the duke's brother Finn spends his leisure time between the sheets of London's most beautiful wanton women The seasoned rake is erplexed by his attraction to demure virtuous Jane definitely not his usual type Finn soon learns there. ,

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45 rating The author gifted me a copy of The Promise and I was immediately intrigued by the synopsis While the cover whore in me said Meh Well let me assure you that the tale within was ositively delightful I laughed I cried and I giggled Worth spun a tale that I consumed in a single afternoon and I have the dirty laundry to Das Unbewusste vom Standpunkt der Physiologie und Descendenztheorie prove itPastry chef Jane Gray works in the bakery and lives in the apartments about She is twenty four years old and mother to five year old Pip When an outbreak occurs fromoor drinking water Jane becomes concerned for Pip s future and decides to set up a trust fund She tries to sell Pip s locket at a fine Victorian jewelersand finds herself the center of a Ibn Saud: The Desert Warrior Who Created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia police hunt accused of stealing a Duke s jewelry and featured on the cover of a tabloidress She realizes that the only way to handle her Love Letters predicament is to go and speak with the Duke of Rutledge She and Pip make the walk to his mansion and the tale that unfolds wasositively delicious Filled with suspense mystery secrets and a swoon worthy romance I found myself completely captivatedWorth introduces us to some delightful characters Jane despite her attire and status as a Eat to Beat Illness pastry chef reminded me of a young Audrey Hepburn At least that is how she appeared in my head She is level headed tough as nails feminine and a wonderful mother to Pip I loved how confident she appeared on the outside Pip wasositively adorable and had such a bubbly wonderful ersonality I just wanted to sueeze her Finn is the younger brother of Cameron the Duke of Rutledge and convinced he will never marry as he likes an ever changing menu in his bedchambers The Duke ah the Duke he comes off as a snob but cares for his family This is not Cameron s story but the author assures me that we will get his tale soon sighs I loved the banter between Jane and Finn I found his awakening to his own feelings for her endearing I loved the Duchess and laughed at this meddling mom A cast of secondary characters add to the tale and I especially liked Peckman I really enjoyed the tale Worth spun and found the flow of the tale to be engaging How Jane came to ossess the locket and have the status of unwed mother was fascinating as was Jane s back story From the moment she stepped into the Rutledge home I become completely swept up in the tale While I would have liked to get a better sense of Finn I adored watching the romance with Jane unfold There was no insta love and the romance developed slowly with tension and excitement Twists suspense villains and secrets added to the tale making a tried and true formula feel originalI recommend The Promise to fans of historical romance with a side of mystery and suspense I have added Kate Worth to my authors list and cannot wait for the Duke s story Her next book The Art of Desire A love story is due to release soonI want to thank the author for roviding this ARC in exchange for my unbiased reviewKimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer Can you believe this is the first book Kate s writeThis is awesome and I found my self so hard to ut it down even in a rush time image error I wish GR introduced a new honest category the caricature historical romance so that readers know what to expect Obviously the standards of historical research are as low as they can be in the historical romance genre butstillthere are books within its confines that succeed in conveying a sense of Λίγη Ζωή past experienceof sensibilities that retain something of the distance between theresent and the astwithout treating the latter as a mere background eg on which costumes are hungKate Worth s characters are flat and thoroughly unconvincing this is what happens WHEN WHAT GUIDES YOUR PEN IS A SMALL READERSHIP what guides your en is a small readership excruciatingly comfortable comfort zone and not the desire to be true to your subject matter They are simply caricature 21st c characters and have no lace in the 19th c No ducal family would have taken in the heroine and her child dukes didn t and don t I suppose live in a vacuum there was a whole rigid social hierarchy one they greatly contributed in solidifying and ossifyingwhose dictates a duke and his family would scrupulously followand all the dirty deeds would remain hidden Those who did not abide by the codes they themselves helped reproduce were cast aside and expelled from the company of their Love is Murder peers None of that anxiety troubles Worth s characters and everything is ever so hunky dory The writer and she is not the only one also commits the usual error of introducing adoption into the 19th cthere were no adoptionrocedures in England and Wales before the beginning of the 20th c and therefore nobody could be adopted There were wardshipsguardianships but no the 20th c and therefore nobody could be adopted There were wardshipsguardianships but no On the very occasions when a male member of the aristocracy acknowledged an illegitimate offspring the child in uestion was not able to inherit anything The Ulfric's Mate pertaining to titles and estates These are very basic historical facts and a writer of historical romances should not only know them but also work WITH them Anyway even if one could forget that the social world described in Worth s book was riddled with terrible inaccuracies the book s mapping of its characters emotions andassions was and felt very contemporarythe feelings the ways of understanding them and expressing them the ways of analysing and interpreting them were all very contemporary So much so that one cannot help wonder why the writer bothered to set her narrative in the 19th c The latter Alans Letters plays no genuine or significant role in her story it guides not heren and makes no demands on her imaginationit remains as it is the case with so many so called historical romances a simple excuse for describingoften in the regurgitated language of the genre19th c fashion with no respect for the very historical experience to which that fashion belongs Given all that it is most bewildering to see so many five star ratings lavished on this book Are they so many historical romance readers so easy to What's Your Body Telling You?: Listening to Your Body's Signals to Stop Anxiety, Erase Self-Doubt and Achieve True Wellness please Me I wish I could find me a site with accurate critical reviews by readers who demand a little bit of effort from their writers of historical romances a site I could go to before I spend my hard earned cash When Jane Gray spots a young woman alone in a rough spot of town she takes her under her wing and ends up sharing her home with her When the baby girl arrives a few months later it becomes clear why the young woman was hiding but her death leaves Jane alone with the baby girl Pip Jane raises Pip as her own as there is no clue as to the real identity of her birth mother Five yearsass and Jane knows she much Old Electrical Wiring: Maintenance Retrofit provide for Pip s future as life can change in the blink of. Whenastry chef Jane Gray tries to sell her daughter's locket she becomes the unlikely subject of a massive Sweet Dreams: A Pediatrician's Secrets for Baby's Good Night's Sleep police hunt and fodder for London's tabloidress Secrets unravel lies are exposed and the Duke of Rutledge demands custody of his niece Char.