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August 2015 It isn t a terrible book but there a bunch of other books I want to read and I m not njoying this one I hate leaving books unfinished but I m trying to read books I like so 200 out of 670 pages in 2 3 months means I don t Hunter s Death had some likable characters but there were too many that the author tried to get me to bond with It almost feels like there were 3 or 4 stories here almost feels like there were 3 or 4 stories here tried to get me to bond with It almost feels like there were 3 or 4 stories here that tried to wrap into one I think I would have preferred this to be broken into some smaller storiesAnother issue I had was the way that the story hid details that were intended to be revealed later for that aha moment It had the unfortunate side ffect of confusing me for an awful lot of the storySo I liked Jewel The Terafin the mage Stephen the seer and the wild girl Their stories were all over the place but the characters helped me get through itIf you re a Michelle SagaraWest fan go for it and pick this one up Otherwise I m not sure I d recommend it 255 stars I tried to get into the book but I really just skimmed and DNF d about 35% of the way in The writing isn t bad but I just don t care all that much about the characters or world Too much bigotry as well I will still attempt to read the following series because I do want to I just hope that it s not as dragging as this one I njoyed the first book in this duology but this book really Black Heart, Red Ruby expanded the world the characters the mythology I think Michelle West might become a new favourite author and I can t wait to get started on the Sun Sword series Why the heck spend half the book developing a veryngaging teen girl action hero but then during the climactic battle of the book which took the other half of the book omg NOT send her into the battle No honey you just hide up in the palace and wait with the rest of the useless people while we boys and wizards take care of this Good grief Even the Dog Girl got to fight in the battle The thing is some this Good grief Even the Dog Girl got to fight in the battle The thing is some of this were truly lovely and heartrending the bards singing to the prisoners to comfort their deaths for xample and the grand pic scale to the battle ven if it did go on and on forever I just wish we could have of Jewell being awesomesauce Not bad but I started this story in her other series in this world House wars and Sun sword and I find her writing in those books to be preferable Sure it can be a bit stiff at times but it also had depth. Reign over the mortal lands This novel continues the brilliant fantasy saga begun in Hunter's Oa. ,
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I d forgotten just how many of the people I first met in the Sun Sword set turn up in this series first Evayne Kallandras and Meralonne we met in Hunter s Oath But this one has Jewel and her den Avandar granted only right at the nd the Terafin Devan Torvan Miri I can t her den Avandar granted only right at the Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey end the Terafin Devan Torvan Miri I can t I forgot who Miri the servant girl was Dantallon Duvari and so many othersPlus I d forgotten how many of the themes from the the Sun Sword series are seeded here the Dominion of Annagar the Voyani the King s Challenge and the list goes onThe poetic writing from Hunter s Oath is still there but it s tempered in some placesspecially when Ms West is writing from Jewel s viewpoint which is only appropriate when you re writing from the POV of a street urchin so that when it does crop up the imagery is incredibly vivid and rich There were a few writing niggles for me but I can pretty much xcuse them given how arly in her career she wrote thisAnd my only real issue is that I now have a bunch of other books I need to read before I get on with the next one Finally reading the second book of the Sacred Hunt I ve only had it sitting on my shelf for ЯED eight years marks my long overdue return to the books of Michelle West aka Michelle Sagara Her writing is as dense andlegant as ver and oh so hard to read if you re not in xactly the right mood for it the characters complex and the intersecting mythologies cleverly conceived and layered Just as importantly it s giving me some of the background to the Sun Sword books that had me scratching my head when I first read them and reminding me of what I liked about them so much And interestingly some of the things that annoyed me ten years ago please me now particularly in terms of characterisation I feel a re read of her books looming at some point I The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs enjoyed this much than Hunter s Oath and overall this story added some important background information to the Essalieyan saga It also added a lot depth to the confrontation with the demons in House Name The pace picked up significantly in this book but it still felt a little overwrought This was written years before the House Name series so if you read those books first you will find thatntire sections from City of Night and House Name are incorporated here which you can skim through if you don t need the reminder. Now at the risk of breaking their Oath Hunter Gilliam and his huntbrother Stephen must journey In addition to the huntbrothers and Jewel Markess we get some additional and very intriguing POVs from Evayne the seer Jewel Markess we get some additional and very intriguing POVs from Evayne the seer the bard and mage Meralonne APhaniel "We Also Get A Sprinkling Of Perspective " also get a sprinkling of perspective Zareth Khan a mage from Breodanir and Devon ATerafin a part of the royal spies as well as The Terafin s advisor A few odds Moreno ends and observations 1 Evayne Kallandras and Meralonne are way too interesting to be side characters I need to see at least this much of them if not in The Sun Sword or I m going to be devastated 2 Given that The Sun Sword series is six books tongue twister lol and The House Wars series isight it seems like the Hunter Duology got short shrift I know why it s a separate thing but given the importance of the plotline it seems like it should have been incorporated into TSS 3 It s so interesting that the huntbrothers are the ones who seemingly court their hunter lord s Monsieur Pain eventual wifesounds like a throuple to me SPOILERS AHEAD view spoiler4 Going into the book knowing that Stephen dies made for a profoundly weird readingxperience And his death is telegraphed so clearly from the first few chapters that I m not sure that reading the Hunter duology first and House Wars second would have changed anything 5 Stephen makes Jewel seem ven childish in comparison She has a reason to act the way she does but I never knew I could have so much sympathy for a character and still be so irked by them hide spoiler I thought that Jay s sections would be uicker to read through simply because I ve already read House Name Wrong They
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harder because much was clearly changed about Jay s backstory when West was writing the House Wars series I find that because of this and because of the characters themselves I m njoying Stephan s parts the bestAlso although most of the changes in House Name involving Jewel make sense because of the new in depth and changed backstory some smaller seemingly random parts were changed as well These parts stick out because there are whole sections that were clearly just copied and pasted into House Name I m not mad or upset about the copying from the older book They re not large sections and the books were published almost two decades apartAll in all maybe you shouldn t read House Name and the Sacred Hunt duology within a month of ach other because the changes can be a bit jarring Stopped at page 237 in. O the ancient city once ruled by the Lord of Hell himself a being who again seeks to impose his. Hunter's Death The Sacred Hunt Book 2