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Sleep No MoreYaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnTotally Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set predictable and what story there is gets buried by all of theoorly written sex scenes 375 starsRead this many years agoam I showing my age by stating this An excellent read that kept me on my literary toes Stephen King said should come with a red wrapper marked DANGER HIGH EXPLOSIVES about Greg Iles book Sleep No More People magazine said Irresistible Pass the Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals popcorn fun And somewhere in the middle is the truthThere are three different types of books fun books without a lot of literary merit and intelligent books that are often dry as toast and books that fall in the middle well writtenrose with characters that jump off the Robot Programming page Iles isn t a bad writer and Sleep No More isn t a bad book but it s not literature I read the book in a day and a half but I had to suspend all disbelief to do it because theremise of this book is ridiculously sillyJohn Waters lives in the south with his wife and young daughter The blurb on the back of the book would have you believe that he s got all his ducks in a row happy marriage successful business but that isn t true His business oil dilling and his marriage his wife has been depressed for four years after the loss of their second child are both floundering making John the erfect candidate for an infidelity So he cheats Only he cheats with someone from his ast and things get slightly complicated than he might have expectedIt s impossible to say much about the Our Fake Relationship plot without giving away the book s central conceit the one you ll have to suspend disbelief for The book is filled with illicit couplings though none of them are very titillating so you won t be getting your thrills that way The characters aren tarticularly sympathetic and the whole thing tidies up just the teensiest bit unbelievably still if you the teensiest bit unbelievably Still if you to haul a book to the beach this summer this will be reliably entertaining so long as you don t expect too much I m kind of a sucker for any novel or movie that Stephen King recommends It may not always ay off when it comes to movies but when it comes to good books King has rarely steered me wrong It s because of King that I discovered one of my favorite authors Laura LippmanI didn t come to Greg Iles through King I authors Laura LippmanI didn t come to Greg Iles through King I up his novel Turning Angel and was hooked immediately Most Iles books are those that I d classify as books that own me while reading them I keep wanting to go and do other necessary things but I can t because I just have to read one chapter to find out what happens nextSo combine the fact that I already like Iles with a front cover blurb by King and I find myself wondering why I hadn t read Sleep No More before nowSet in Iles fictional town of Natchez Mississippi Sleep No More tells the story of John Waters With his long time friend Cole Waters is art of an oil drilling business that s had some solid success He s married to Lily and they have a The Crown precocious daughter together Their marriage looks great but it s been on a shaky ground since Lily had a miscarriage several years before and they haven t exactly been connecting in ahysical way Years before Waters had a long romance with Mallory Candl. The New York Times bestselling Dead Sleep brought Greg Iles fans than any of his novels to date Critics used words like ingenious The New York Times Book Review and stunning People to describe its Über Nacht potent mix of evocative Southern settingassionate characterizations and dramatic action In Sleep No More he returns to the territory of some of his best loved works the steamy and hypnotic small to. .

Er a beautiful woman who turned out to be a couple of tacos short of a combo latter The romance took Everything But The Girl place in college and the couple aborted two unwantedregnancies This helped bring on some of Mallory s less desirable traits and led to her stalking Waters for a eriod of years She was killed several years before and Waters hasn t forgotten her but has Tried To Move On With His LifeEnter Eve A Woman to move on with his lifeEnter Eve a woman claims she s been ossessed by the spirit of Mallory She comes to Waters and tells him this Eve is a local real estate agent who has a certain reputation around town Is she looking for a new fling with Waters or is she telling the truth Waters is convinced it is Mallory and enters into an affair with EveMallory It seems that Mallory can enter the body of a new host upon sexual Modern Art Death of a Culture peak only If it all sounds like it takes a huge dose of suspension of disbelief to make the story work it does But the thing is that by grounding Waters as he does Iles takes aage from King or Richard Matheson and gives us an ordinary The Lost Library: The Autobiography of a Culture person facing extraordinary circumstances Seeing how Waters reacts as the web slowly closes in around him keeps theages flying just to see what happens next And Iles is willing to at least throw in a few things that are Das Unbewusste vom Standpunkt der Physiologie und Descendenztheorie plausible reasons as to why this could be certaineople in Waters life trying to mess with him In fact half the fun of the story is trying to figure Out Which Twist Is The Right Twist which twist is the right twist which are red herringsAccording to the critical blurbs Sleep No More was recommended as a beach read when it was first Ibn Saud: The Desert Warrior Who Created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia published And that s exactly what it is Iles has done some great stories and while this may not be his mostrofound or important it s one of the enjoyable stories he s told Like a blockbuster Love Letters popcorn movie don t think too much about it and just enjoy the ride You ll be glad you did I really like this author even though sometimes the stories become so far fetched that you would never believe these things could happen He manages to make itlausible and suck you in to the story before he drops the crazy on you But this one ehhhhhI m still not sure I think the strength of his other stories are that even with all the twists they are still based in reality This was definitely notSPOILER I m not going to give the whole Eat to Beat Illness plot line here but I will say that it starts off fairly normal You begin to think that something weird is going on with the main character John Waters but you are sure there is a reasonable explanation to it Not so much His old girlfriend Mallory managed to switch her her what essence That sounds like an Emeril spice Bam Her soul Ohwhatever you want to call itinto the mind and body of the man who is raping and about to kill her From there she finds a way toass herself along from erson to erson until she winds up in the body of a realtor in the same town as John Waters And then she confronts him with the fact that she is Mallory and hey how about they have lots of sexTowards the end of the book there are lots of alternate explanations offered up conspiracy to blackmail himetc so you aren t really sure if this supernatural element is going to be the real explanation Turns Wn Mississippi where Iles himself grew up In this new novel John Waters is a husband and father happy with his lot in life though he has not always felt that way Years earlier he escaped an obsessive love affair which he feared might consume him The woman in uestion disappeared after Waters married and later he heard that she was killed in New Orleans But now Waters has the uneasy feeling that.

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Ut yes it is And in the end Mallory is inside John s wife s brainsoulsubconscious forever So she could surface and end Mallory is inside John s wife s brainsoulsubconscious forever So she could surface and she is REALLY issed off about everything at any time AND there are some sketchy explanations given involving DNA which made me think really Is that a thing that can t happen but being at the end of the book it was a bit late to uit readingI still like this author but no supernatural stuff lease This is a stand alone novel set in the same Mississippi town as The uiet Game which was an excellent thriller featuring lawyer turned bestselling novelist Penn Cage This is an erotic thriller with a supernatural twist and very different in style Cage does feature here but this would be outside of the rest of his series It feels like the author was experimenting with a different genre and hopefully then realised his mistake I got this from Book Club and my friend recommended it and asked to get it back but this one wasn t for meJohn Waters is a happily married geologist running an oil Λίγη Ζωή prospecting business with his best friend Cole When a beautiful younger woman starts coming on to him he s not interested but then she reveals secrets only hissychotic ex girlfriend who was murdered ten years earlier could ossibly know and Waters is helplessly drawn in to an impossible obsessive affair The main suspense here was whether there could be a lausible explanation for whatever was going on or whether the reposterous supernatural remise would be it I won t spoil it by revealing which it turned out to be but I didn t like it Once the answer is definitely revealed I was still gripped to find out how it would all Love is Murder play out but again found myself disappointedMy biggestroblem here was the sexism misogyny and racism running all through it I don t think the fact it was The Ulfric's Mate published in 2002 is much of an excuse The sex scenes were just detailed enough to be icky I m not into erotica but do know from the little I have read that men write it veryoorly The hero is Alans Letters portrayed as wanting to do the right thing as long as hisenis agrees This is the third Iles book I ve read and the only one I haven t liked so I would read some of his later books but will be sure to check the reviews especially the negative ones first I thought the writing and ace was OK but the central idea was just wrong 25 rounded down for the unsatisfying ending The great Dick Hill narrating in the central idea was just wrong 25 rounded down for the unsatisfying ending The great Dick Hill narrating in rime can t salvage THIS DISAPPOINTING NOVEL 1 OF 10 STARS IN MANY Disappointing novel 1 of 10 stars In many this does not seem like a book Greg wrote and was far below typical Predictable in some ways he introduced a Old Electrical Wiring: Maintenance Retrofit paranormal element which I felt didn t work Having read every book he s written save one this is mediocre at best and lacks everything I expect from him Sorry dude this is a loser I m a fan of Greg Iles He writes at a furiousace with believable characters He s so good here that He makes the unbelievable realistic than what Terrible I only finished it because I m stuck inside during COVID rules Someone must have Sweet Dreams: A Pediatrician's Secrets for Baby's Good Night's Sleep paid Stephan King to recommend this waste of time A dead first love entering the bodies ofeople you knowget thisthrough intercourses Even sex scenes are boring. She has resurfaced to trouble him and entice him once again A woman whom he meets casually stuns him with a smile and a secret only this former lover would know But when this alluring stranger is suddenly murdered Waters's uiet life is enveloped in a whirlwind of guilt and suspicion revealing the shadow sides of love and friendship and the terror that can result when assion becomes obsession.