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Le The first chapter took my breath away I ve been holding my breath throughout reading if I have to be Honest Shari Arnold Definitely Knows Shari Arnold definitely knows she s doing You don t just read her words ou feel it You experience it One moment I m reading in my nook and the next thing I know I m in this town called Mystiue solving the weird happenings with our heroine Presley Trust me when I say YOU WILL NEVER GET BORED There is no filler chapter there s no lagging and there s just no chapter that will let go of A Grammar of Kham you You will be at the edge ofour seat like me L Amour Fou de Dieu you won t stop untilou find out the answersMystiue gives something new in this genre Yes it is about zombies But Shari Arnold have her own version of zombies and they won t just scare De brevitate vitae you but they will also mystifyou THE WHOLE IDEA OF MYSTIUE IS REALLY WORTHY OF whole idea of Mystiue is really worthy of combine it with Shari Arnold s brilliant writing Signaler un problème you got an outstanding novelPresley and the gang is one set of characters that will surely leaveou wounded Why They make Un monstre dans les céréales you want to crave for These characters are alive and will ownour emotions the whole time Nam you re readingMystiue have an amazing story to tell andou don t want to miss it The writing is glorious the characters are authentic and every page of this book just keeps on getting better and better If Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination you still haven t foundour 2015 favorite then Mystiue is for ou This page turner is definitely a must read I received a copy from Netgalley In exchange for an honest reviewActual rating 25At first this was an okay read even if it was uite weird After a while though it started to drag uite badl The first chapter of this book blew my socks off and the rest followed suit with crazy twists and turns an intriguing mystery and characters that came alive on the pages I love how the story is by turns creepy and sweet complex and intense Shari Arnold is one of my favorite authors and Mystiue does NOT disappoint Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewActual Rating 45 Be sure to check out my blog tour stop on April 27I really enjoyed this one I liked the mystery and the intrigue It felt like an episode of X Files and I love that show I think the plot the characters and everything really meshed well together I just wasn t a fan of the pacing at some points and I thought some of the supporting characters were a little over the topI really liked Presley I think she had the right amount of suspended belief and uestioning I also really liked liked Presley I think she had the right amount of suspended belief and uestioning I also really liked as much as she was confused and scared she never let that deter her from helping out those in need She was really relateable and easily one of the best main characters in a sci fi story I have read in a while I also think the relationships she had with the other characters felt real and weren t too forced I especially liked how she handled the whole Bauer relationship although I feel like she was a little too accepting of him and Sam in her life at the beginning because she was like well this hot guy likes me so I guess I ll hang out with him even though he just came back from the dead but she wasn t view spoilerso oblivious to her own feelings that when she realized it wasn t Bauer she wanted but Sam that she wasn t willing to accept that and try to move on hide spoiler. N her uest to discover the truth Presley’s relationship with Sam deepens her feelings for Bauer are tested and it becomes clear that her own mysterious past is somehow connected to these strange events But is she strong enough to handle the truth when it is finally revealedCOMING FALL2015. ,

N the middle of everything Can t fault the writing the novel was pretty well written the characters were fairly likeable even fault the writing the novel was pretty well written the characters were fairly likeable even I did find the main character Presley to be kind of bland and a bit dull The plot however was utterly ludicrous By the half way point my eyes were rolling so much I was skimming the rest mainly because I was mildly curious to know what was going on and how the absurdity of it all would wind up in the end Started off with flags raising Presley works at a funeral home The most popular guy in her high school and the town football hero Bauer Grant has died and she s working at his funeral The congregation are cleared out to head for the churchyard for burial The family remain a few moments to say their final goodbye All of a sudden Bauer sits up in coffin and appears to be alive and perfectly fine Mysterious Yes However one thought springs to mind Especially for anyone who s seen all of Six Feet Under comes to mind they are going to bury him wouldn t he have been embalmed So how can he be sat up fine Looking through some of the other reviews I see I m not the only one who noticed this There are of course Answers And Reasons That do come in much later in the plot but why did no one think of this soonerFor some unknown reason Bauer seems to become very attached to Presley very uickly Even though they ve never communicated before At least she can t understand it either but of course he s the hottest guy in school and he s suddenly paying attention to her Plot inconsistencies aside Bauer was so nice to everyone it was almost boarding on sickeningly sweet And the plot goes on from there Presley becomes friendly with Bauer s best friend Sam She appears to have been pretty much a loner before this happened More and people are rising from the dead Pretty soon the town is a media hotspotNo one knows why Though there is a mysterious military base outside the town And things keep getting weirder Though only Presley and Sam seem to have the presence of mind to ask uestions Sam s dad works on the military base Presley is constantly told not to ask uestions Weird things keep happening There s also mention of a meteorite crashing Could this be responsible for the weirdness in the town Yeah sorry Mystiue have ou seen Smallville at all Way too similar for my tastes The plot goes back round to dead people rising media involvement Presley asking too many uestions military cover ups Unfortunately was so convoluted and became so ridiculous I lost any interest I may have had in this Didn t like this one much atThank ou to Netgalley and Patchwork Press Cooperative for the opportunity to view the title PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT THE END I ve been an avid #admirer of Shari Arnold ever since I read her novel Neverland earlier this ear If ever ou read #of Shari Arnold ever since I read her novel Neverland earlier this ear If ever Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan you read review of that bookou ll find out that I did nothing but praised it Which is exactly what I will do now with Mystiue I think its safe to say that Shari Arnold is one author that can do no wrong in my list In fact I ve been suffering from a book slump for months now and Mystiue was the first book I picked up And it it did not disappoint Absolutely one of the best decision I madeMystiue is the definition of YA THRILLER This is how ou do YA paranormalthriller peop. Ght up in the mystery when Bauer asks her to visit him Presley can’t figure out why the most popular guy in school is so drawn to her And when Bauer is kidnapped soon after she looks to Bauer’s brooding best friend Sam whose dad works for the powerful Mystiue military base for answers ,
I loved Mystiue so much I was nervous because I wanted this book for a very long but I lost my excitement for it The characters were uniue and I loved the love interest I totally ship them together and I loved the villain He was terrifying and he was completely messed up I get shivers thinking about him and I loved the ending I would never have guessed the ending and it made sense I felt so much emotions from the book that I was wondering why my eyes felt hot God this book was just beautiful and little cliche but I just loved it so much It s not usual that i like a book from the very beginning but in this case i loved from the first line and every page was absolutely intriguing and amazingThis is the first book that i receive from NetGalley and it was one the best boo Welcome to the mystery of Mystiue featuring Presley Bauer and Sam I have to say the mysterious element of this book was brilliant It kept me wanting to find out what was going to happen nextPresley was a hard character to like at times to happen nextPresley was a hard character to like at times to the death of her mother and her aunt s parenting skills she isn t the easiest character to like She doesn t really know love as such nor has she had great parenting skills from her aunt in fact she doesn t feel that wanted if ou read between the lines She also has a everyone leaves complex which again can be a bit mediocre and in honesty I ve read so many YA books now that I want to scream at authors that not all teens feel like that Still if Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Psychological Science and the Law (American Psychology-Law Society Series) you can look past those bits about Presley and see that she s obviously got something going for her then all is not lost Sam is great I really liked him and Bauer well he s a great mystery especially as he comes back from deathThe story has a really good pace it will keepou interested and the whole army base aspect I found interestingIn fact the reason this book didn t get higher than 35 stars from me was namely that Presley drove me
nuts at times 
at times the ending fell a little flat I mean it ended as well as it could really but I felt it was missing somethingOver all though Mystiue is a good YA mystery with a sci fiparanormal element Obviously people are coming back from the deadand I can see it being uite popular It didn t hit the great mark for me but it was good 35 stars Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Shari Arnold and NetGalley I think they re drawn to ou This was an okay paranormalsci fi story but the pace was a little slow for mePresley seemed to take people coming back from the dead in her stride but didn t ask enough uestions for me She also seemed fairly happy to string along two boys at once which wasn t the best ideaThe storyline was about these people coming back from the dead and the mystery behind it but the pace was a bit too slow It seemed to take forever to get any answers whatsoever and this spoiled the story a bit for me I d have liked a little bit info earlier on rather than having to wait to find out anything at allThere was a When I first checked Will be published in 2012Then it was in 2013 2014Now 2015 What s next Never I received a copy from NetgalleyOh dear This sounded like such an interesting premise People mysteriously being brought back to life and one new girl who gets Only Bauer Grant can pull off gorgeous while dead But staying dead is another thing entirely When he wakes up at his own funeral the town of Mystiue calls it a miracle until it happens again Something is bringing the residents of Mystiue back to life but what Presley Caine finds herself cau.

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