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Every spare 5 minutes I had There were other times I thought there were too many side plots going on for things to get cleared up but in the end everything came together nicely Everything was answered nicely but there wasn t a lot of unnecessary detail All in all if you enjoy the dystopian genre especially dealing with genetics or corporate control I definitely recommend giving this book a try Moyer Winfield wants than anything to make his wife Robyn happy All she wants is a baby Unfortunately we learn that the Winfields as well as the rest of Mark Souza s dystopian world is infertile Their only hope for having a child is to pay a small fortune to Hogan Perko a company that not only clones children but seems to have their hands in everything else tooI found the future in Robyn s Egg to be both fascinating and terrifying The technology that allows the population to be constantly wired in cloning children and manipulating their DNA rehabilitation that borders on lobotomy and big business playing God are but a few of the themes that piued my interest Even though Mark Souza introduces you to a lot of ideas and technology it s not overwhelming It s surprisingly easy to read while also bringing human emotion to the surface you re always aware not overwhelming It s surprisingly easy to read while also bringing human emotion to the surface you re always aware how much Robyn Winfield wants a baby A lotWhat I loved This may be mean but I absolutely loved Robyn s desperation She wants a child so bad you can feel it in your gut She is so strongly driven by this want that she will do anything to make it a reality Call me sick if you will but I love an obsession and that girl is past the point of no return It s so well written that you can t help but long for that child alongside herI also love the literary references Even though most books are illegal Moyer is able to block his feed and read whatever he wants and he has great taste in literature I m not surprised that books are illegal in this future of theirs After all knowledge is power and Hogan Perko wants to stay at the top of the food chainWhat I didn t love I felt like Robyn stole the show while Moyer seemed to vanish at times This may have been intended to further strengthen that obsession or to show Moyer have been intended to further strengthen that obsession or to show Moyer drive to make her happy or it could be that I ust related to Robyn than Moyer Regardless this was his story and at times he seemed invisibleThere were a few places I felt the story dragging on a few scenes could have been shorter but overall the pace was good and I stayed interested and reading I m not sure that the ending really answered all of my uestions but that s a good thing it ll leave me thinking about the story long after I ve read itOverall I really enjoyed it The similarities between our world and the one Mark Souza s created in Robyn s Egg are also both fascinating and terrifying mostly terrifying I like to think today s dystopian novels are like tomorrow s Aesop s Fables so let s play nice mind our own business and eat our vegetablesoriginally reviewed at EasilyMusedcom The book started out pretty slow and I was tempted to put it down I m glad I didn t though as it gets pretty good later on There are definite shades

Of Blade Runner And Fahrenheit 
Blade Runner and Fahrenheit to the storyMajor corporations dictate every aspect of the lives of average people You don t really have a way to think for yourself since you are connected constantly to the net In fact its illegal to think independently There are of course some that would like to change that not being happy with the status uo I could see myself wanting shake everything up also As uncomfortable and disuieting as it is this book really made me think For one thing the basic plot starts off with this all consuming need to procreateand I don t have a bone in my body telling me I need to have kids never have that s why I don t Because of the way procreation is handled in Souza s post apocalyptic for lack of a better term world this need pervades every single part of the character s lives Those who are parents or have that desire to Perko a corporation with a monopoly on human cloning to negotiate for their child and Moyer finds himself face to face with Viktor Perko The Father of Mankind The cost for their baby all of their savings and the promise of a favor Moyer agrees and is soon asked to spy on Perko's enemie. ,

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Robyns EggROBYN S EGG is a wonderfully delivered dystopian Many people can relate to the desire to have a baby but Souza has taken this simplistic constantly written idea and twisted it into one heck of a addictive sci fi super read You will not be able to put it down once you allow yourself to get sucked into itA moment may have dragged by a bit slower than I would have liked here and there but I have had it happen much in a Stephen King novel than I did a single time in Robyn s Egg I plan to read from This Author In The author in the He has a wonderful indie voice for the cause of the well written word Others have stated that this book is similar to other futuristic novels I am new to this genre so the originality aspect is not a factor for me I found this book to be really interesting and thought provoking I can imagine our world exactly like Moyer s world and it scares me It makes me truly grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy I cannot even imagine wanting a baby so much and not being able to have one even by adoption but I know there are people out there who doI found this book to be well written and the characters to be out there who doI found this book to be well written and the characters to be developed At first I felt that Robyn was very selfish and inconsiderate of Moyer s feelings but as the book progressed I found both of them growing and changing I really enjoyed reading this and I know that other people who enjoy this genre will enjoy it also I look forward to reading books from Mr SousaDisclaimer I received this book in exchange for an honest review It did not affect my opinion in any way In the future we will become fertile and unable to have children You are controlled by the net which is extremely guarded If you fight against it or the all powerful Perko authority you will find yourself in rehab or even killed Robyn is desperate to have a baby you can feel the need in her that wants to procreate Every bone in her body tells her it is what she is missing and what she needs She convinces Moyer to spend all of their money in the savings to find a baby Moyer foolishly makes a deal with Perko that he ends up not being able to hold up to This is Making Mentoring Happen A simple and effective guide to implementing a successful mentoring program just the beginning of a horrible trip for two people whoust want a baby to love After twists and turns that come up with nothing but dead ends the couple finds themselves on the run to Beget I won t spoil the whole book for yo I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest reviewI love Science Fiction and Dystopian genres so when I was offered the chance to read this book I snatched at it I loved itMoyer Winfield is a wonderful character I liked him very much He is a hardworking computer programmeranalyst in a huge corporation He is not particularly the bravest person to have as a lead character but I found this made him human and lifelike to me Living in a future where children are a commodity due to a disaster of biblical proportions he finds himself thrown into a dangerous game that could get him and his family killedI started reading this book and I was catapulted into a possible future that frankly scared me to death I love a good science fiction novel but this is so much than that It is also a great thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat This story is not easy to put down once started because there are several twists that keep the reader hooked and wanting to find out what would happen next The story is told from both Moyer and his wife Robyn s point of view this made it very interesting Some scenes reminded me a bit of the movie The Minority Report especially the shopping ones which I loved but I wouldn t want to live in this world for any money in the world The frightening thing is I could see this present world we live in evolving into Moyer s world in no time at all and this thought terrifies meThere are some truly scary characters in this book but I have got to say that Viktor Perko is one of the scariest not to mention the creepiest However there are also some wonderful characters too which gives th. 2013 Indie Reader Discovery Award Winner for Best Science Fiction In a dismal future driven by corporations where most citizens are human billboards focused on status and entertainment Moyer and Robyn Winfield struggle to attain a baby Moyer doubts he will make a good father His wife Ro. E book some balance Robyn is a woman with a ticking biological clock which can in some cases in real life make people do some crazy things to get a child I felt sorry for Moyer because I think he was not ready to be a fathe After reading several short stories by Mark Souza I was excited to get hold of this full length novel I knew it was described as being a Futuristic Thriller but I was completely unprepared for how much distance had been placed between his earlier writing and his latest offering I am a total horror fan so without Souza s name on the Panda Bears jacket I wouldn t have picked up this novel at all However I am so pleased that I didFor two nights and three days I was completely engrossed in the struggles of Moyer and Robyn Winfield This was an epic novel which started uite sedately A married couple living in a futuristic society wife desperately wants a baby but there are a few hoops toump through before this wish can be fulfilled The baby issue opens a massive Pandora s box which ultimately puts the human race at risk It s an intricate story in which Moyer goes from being an average pen pusher to Superhero meeting so many fascinating characters along the wayI loved this book I was entranced with the culture of Souza s futuristic populace Not being a sci fi fan this was all pretty new to me and I enjoyed spotting the projections of today s society and wondering if this is what we are heading forThe characters were well rounded and believable I found myself warming to Moyer than Robyn in the opening chapters as I felt her desperation for a child had somehow made her selfish to the needs of her poor husband however by the end of the story I found husband however by the end of the story I found both characters had completely altered from who they were The trials they had endured throughout the story had reshaped their personalities into characters it was sad to close the book onMy only criticism of this book was that in the lead up to the finale I felt a little bit swamped I felt there was so much going on within such a short space of time and it didn t give the reader a chance to reflect on what had Turning Points in Australian History just occurred This didn t spoil my enjoyment of the story at all and I am happy to say that while I m not a Science Fiction convert I would add this to my favourites I read other reviews of this book before I started that said it wasn t very original and they saw the ending coming I didn t I had suspicions about certain things but in other areas I liked the twists the author added Yes it s a dystopian so there s the big bad government that you know the hero is going to fight But if the author removed that it wouldn t be a dystopian So I felt that given the constraints placed on it by genre the book was originalWhat I liked most about this story was that I could see this society actually arising from ours net chips so that people can surf the internet in their mind productivity uotas cloning gone wrong The world the author built felt like the one we could be headed for if we re not careful It made me want to recommend it to other people for that reason aloneust so we could talk about it afterwardMy biggest annoyance was that this book needed a good proofread There were still errors that should have been caught I received an e copy of this book from the author Mark Souza through a LibraryThing member giveaway Thank youThis book definitely felt a lot like an amalgam of 1984 Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World Usually I would feel this makes a book unoriginal and not worthy of a five star rating In this case I feel it was done perfectly Souza took all of the best parts of these books which were written between 62 and 80 years ago and mixed them with the knowledge of the way Some Things Are Today Such As The Nets Between Labor things are today such as the nets between labor and came out with a wonderful dystopian novelThere were some points in the book that I felt it was getting a little slow but everything picked up again uickly I found it very hard to put this book down I found myself reading in. Byn however is frantic for a child and Moyer wonders how long his marriage will survive without one In an age when babies must be cloned and purchased the high cost almost makes the point moot When his wife learns their friends negotiated the price of their baby she sends Moyer to Hogan. .