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The Last of the Tribe fFul referenceor corner less pr I was so excited to see a new book of crocheted borders and disappointed when I saw the book Despite the openness of many of the a new book of crocheted borders and disappointed when I saw the book Despite the openness of many of the i disliked how heavy the of the I disliked how heavy the and motifs looked I look at designs and think pillowcase handkerchief edgings These were heavier designs suitable or clothing and accessories blankets and perhaps towels Just not the right edging book or me The biggest thing that caught my eye was the possibility of using some of these patterns The Book of Air for a pretty headband or perhaps an edgingor a dishcloth gift something small where you can learn a new stitch and not want to pass out rom terror looking at unreadable instructions I love that not passing out readable instructions in both ormats lolThe pictures in the book are colorful and really illustrate the wide variety of styles and unctions The Birka Car Coat was a lovely piece as was the Ephesus Cowl and the Pompeii Mobius A ew usable ideas The Seduction of Miranda Prosper for edgings and belts most of these patterns are either outrageous in design or impracticalor almost any useperhaps a museum piece The directions are complete and seem reasonably clear so if you are looking The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy for a truly off the wall idea there is likely something hereor you. Guide the readerThough there are 12 project patterns that highlight the edgings you'll be inspired to creatively mix and match within each edging’s section Also included in this gorgeous edgings you'll be inspired to creatively mix and match within each edging’s section Also included in this gorgeous are charts illustrations and photographs of crochet swatches and a pattern collection that includes multiple sizes including plus sizesDiscover innovation at its inest with The Finer Edge. Asons they didn t like it One of the main Points Of The Book Is To Get The Reader To of the book is to get the reader to new applications or the art of the edging There are literally thousands of existing patterns or thread crochet and there are just as many books and videos with how to instructions I thought it was refreshing to have an book without all the redundancy this book is a wonder is you need help with intricate edgings or your crochet work If you want to crochet a border at the bottom of a skirt the top of a cocoon create rows of ruffles make an edging to sew a cocoon create rows of ruffles make an edging to sew a neckline etc there are some really cute patterns here Many would probably work on round projects like doilies or round blankets too A couple look like they would make good bookmarks on their own A Elizabeth I few can be extended indefinitely to create aabric curtains maybeIf you want to crochet a border around an afghanblanket you probably want a different book the patterns do not include instructions or making corners There is a page labelled Edging around the corner with some very vague generic information that I didn t ind very helpful and which isn t even

Listed In The Table Of 
in the table of it isn t much help Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley for my current rectangular project I expect this to be a use. Our use of edgings You will learn how edging patterns can be used to create entireabrics reformatted to make individual decorative motifs reverse engineered rom existing abrics and even used to create three dimensional designs Focusing on construction techniues or edgings The Finer Edge is divided into separate sections based on top down sideways and bottom up methods to help. Some nice edgingsbut not worked with ine Yarn I Guess The Title I guess the title expectations in my head The close upschunkier yarn does make the work easier to see but without either shots taken rom urther away or shots of iner work the edgings just ended up looking bulky Found the projects also on the chunky side Bit disappointed in this maybe I ve been spoiled by Japanese books nonfiction intermediate crochet I ve checked this book out before and was impressed by the variety of edging patterns in here but keep Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: forgetting that I don t know basic crochet beyond a chain stitch and a single crochet stitch and this is definitely writtenor a veteran crocheter Though a uick internet search would probably ill in the stitches I don t know I managed to muddle through an approximation of one of the simpler patterns and left it at that Not what I expectedI really thought this book would be ull of edge and trim patterns but it s big projects than anything I got this book to get the pattern The Essential Library for New Moms 4-Book Bundle: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; The Baby Food Bible; Infant Massage; Colic Solved for a scarf which was shown on one of the shows but the pattern was never available on the show s Website There are lots of clever and beautiful edgings in the book I agree with the previous reviewers I think the book is greator all the re. An innovative collection of 40 stitch and 12 garment patterns The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small from best selling author Kristin Omdahl The Finer Edge demonstrates various techniues construction methods and versatile applicationsor crochet edgingsWhile crochet edgings are customarily used to trim or inish blankets and garments designer Kristin Omdahl treats you to both traditional and novel new ways to expand

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