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Zombies That one is *a horror story of the sad

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and is a ittle funny *horror story of the sad kind and is just a ittle funny well The remaining six are either horror or paranormal tales A couple of them have elements of both genres They re all spooky and entertaining My favorite is The Scenario Egg I found that one extra intriguing and it s the only one I d call science fictionThese stories would be right at home in The Twilight Zone I enjoyed all of them Read with the April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers lights on. Out a device that allows theiving to communicate with the deadRaise the Dead when a mysterious musician applies for an opening in Chris Stephens's high school band strange things begin to happen some of them wonderful some of them horrifyingThe Sacrifices We Make a child's abduction wakes a drowsy ittle town from a forgetful stuporThe Promises We Keep young overs make a vow that they never in their wildest dreams ever expected to have to keepApproximately 85000 wordsSome material may not be appropriate for readers younger than Ou re prone to Nightmares This Anthology Consists This anthology consists seven stories *all of them of substantial ength I m not going to *of them of substantial ength I m not going to the details of each story because I hate being told all about a short story before I read it Each of them has been previously published separately No doubt there are detailed spoiler reviews of each story available on if you re so inclined to read themOf the seven the only one I would not call scary is A Thing for. Ng titles The Grin a classic nightmare story extracted straight from the deepest recesses of a man child's troubled mindThe Scenario Egg an investment broker enjoys the spoils of his fast paced ifestyle until failure a beautiful woman and an odd ooking device conspire to make him second guess what is good and right and what is real and fantasyA Thing for Zombies a dark satire about young ove and the steps one might take to win another's affectionReached in Error The ines between technology and the paranormal blur in this tale ab.

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I won this book through *freebookfriday for freeInsomnia is an amazingly crafted gift that I would recommend to anyone with for freeInsomnia is an amazingly crafted gift that I would recommend to anyone with freeInsomnia is an amazingly crafted gift that I would recommend to anyone with taste for a good fright I was entranced in an hour of goodness that sent shivers and goose bumps a plenty all over my skin Cleverly written and fun to the end I would venture to read again and again Insomnia is certainly the right name for this collection I wouldn t recommend reading it ate in the evening if InsomniaAn inability to sleep; a state of agitated wakefulness often as a result of troubling thoughtsThe word derives from the Latin roots in not somnus sleep Further back the word has roots from the Proto Indo European in the term swepnos meaning dreamIn somnia engaged in the act of dreamingSomnus also refers in the figurative sense to death The ancient Roman god of sleep shared that he was a son of Night and brother of DeathTo sleep perchance dreamTo dream perhaps of dyingAll themes in this collectionIncludes the followi. .