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L journey and so many damn things I just loved it I ll be reading it again soon and when I need to feel all rosy and uphoric and that verything ventually be okayIt fucking rocked Just go buy it and have a good time one my favorite mm romances and my of my favorite MM romances and my favorite baseball MM romance Out in the Field will be re released on May 16 I was fortunate nough to get a copy to review and I can Tell You That It you that it the 2011 version with new scenes and updated to reflect the progressive society we now live in Yes And we ll keep fighting the good fight Tea Party assholesKate s own description of the differences This new dition has been thoroughly reedited I ve xpanded some scenes and trimmed others it s got about 5000 words of new material now all told I updated the book too for 2016 No flip phones for one thing but also to acknowledge the progress LGBT athletes have made in the 5 years since I wrote the first draft I loved it all over again and it remains firmly on my absolute favorites shelf Baseball romance perfectionMy original review from September 2012Out in the Field was one of those books that had languished on my get your ass in gear shelf for over a year That is a shelf of books I am 90% sure I will love but I just need to find the perfect time to read them preferably when I can read them in one sitting since I have a super scattered brain and hate taking breaks in the middle of a good book because I always forget stuff Well I had that opportunity last night and after reading two books this week that had absolutely NO romance in them what so ver Out in the Field seemed to fit my reading bil. Blanco is ntering the twilight of his career plagued by injuries and two decades of lying about who and what he is but he thinks he still has a few good years left in the major leagues Then he meets Iggy and verything turns upside down But carrying on an affair with a mu.

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I liked it a lot It was sweet hot and feel good book Easy uick read about baseball The Mc s were likable no unnecessary drama just two men in No unnecessary drama just two men in trying to balance playing baseball and keeping their love for ach other intact Swing Batta Batta SwingMy annoyance with this built steadily from a good ditor would have fixed that to maybe they already didIt began nicely first lines are important and of the three books I picked up last night this one had the bestThings progressed and all was well with an occasional niggle with repetition they both taste metallic or general Tone Vaguely Overwrought In Some Places Strangely vaguely overwrought in some places strangely in othersTo the 30 percent mark I had a decent list of positives and negative Okay it would be nice to have a big old academic and intelligent review but mostly this book made me SO GODDAMN HAPPY and nervous and Le valeureux guerrier excited and sad and tense anduphoric and giddy and giggly and all the things books are supposed to do It takes a real problem and puts it in very real terms and you ride their ride through trying to be out players in the big leagues Or majors or whatever it is I don t know sports but who cares they were dear darlings and I just wanted to wrap them up and hug them forever Well after I watched them make out because daymnSo much smart writing Yeah it s an HEA but there are dark moments that would totally happen and not Snowflakes on the Sea everything is completely okay with regards to the public gayness for the boys but that s real and it makes the book richer The best part was knowing it would all be okay in thend and yet not getting how This book felt like a civil rights journey and a persona. Ignacio Rodriuez Iggy to his friends has been dreaming about playing baseball for the Brooklyn Eagles ver since he was a boy His dream comes true and then some; he finds himself playing alongside his idol first baseman Matt Blanco who is verything he dreamed of and Matt. L perfectly This was a MM romance lover s dream come true with two masculine
incredibly tender hearted MCs who the span of four years xplore their love of baseball and ach other while handling their secret affair with their family friends fans and the press It wasn t all wine and roses and smooth sailing for these two as I had read in a few reviews They dealt with some pretty heavy angst but they dealt with it as a team and that made it so much asier to handle when all I really wanted was a feel good romance Iggy and Matt made my heart sing and were beautiful together I literally cried tears of joy during the last 4 pages of the book It made me ridiculously happyIf you are looking for a lighter romance with a touch of angst that our heroes deal with lovingly together with loving motional brilliantly with lovingly together with loving Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival emotional brilliantly sex that also includes four years of great baseball stories I can absolutely recommend Out in the Field This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews Galley copy of Out in the Field provided by Dreamspinner Press inxchange of an honest review I love a good sports themed romanceAnd I uite Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, enjoyed the baseball aspects in this one Just for fun here s some baseballye candyThe romance between Matt and Iggy was a bit on the forbidden side with them being teammates And Iggy was uite a bit younger than Matt But I really loved them together The angst in this one centers around them having to keep their relationship a secret But it wasn t drama filled There weren t a bunch of break ups and fights There was some nice steamOverall a really The Fix enjoyable read I ll definitely be checking out from this author. Ch younger man is one thing Having an affair with his teammate introduces a whole new set of complications When a trade and a careernding injury threaten to keep them apart both men have to figure out what they’re willing to risk for the love of baseball and ach other. Out in the Field