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Ea Ideologically zealous right wingers really hate Foner but this textbook doesn t have a very strong political slant to it maybe the Communism thing comes out in vol 2 and I m strongly thinking of assigning this book next semester Eric Foner s high schoolcollege textbook isn t perfect by any means but it IS brilliant Foner s central conceit the idea that liberty is the cornerstone but rarely agreed upon idea of American history is brilliant and erudite Foner skillfully weaves together the idea of American freedom and teh fact that it meant many different things to many #Different People As It #people as it evolved Foner s biases are readily evident particularly in his hostility toward political conservatism but overall it s an excellent book choice for American history students Read it for History 112 at SCCC decent but know an American History textbook so it s a little boring especially to people like me Only giving it two stars for the content but even that s generous The facts are there but the text itself is disorganized and there s too much fluff It s hard to read And Take Organized Notes take organized notes especially when The power (Novela) Version en español (Spanish Edition) you re limited for time The author digresses into backstories that really don t do much to support the critical information Great ifou re reading because ou re a total history buff and are using this as a bedtime story but terrible for students I was given this text for my AP US History class and with assignments averaging four chapters a week I uickly became frustrated I actually ended up finding pdfs of other textbooks online to help and read double because this textbook infuriated me so much Try American Pageant also fluffy but at least has better organization Textbook No Comment. M the social conditions that make freedom possible and its shifting boundaries from colonial times to the early twenty first century. ,
O follow along and doesn t provide clarity to the information presented I do appreciate the chronological presentation of events and certain aspects of the book But overall I unfortunately do not recommend the book I cannot believe I am actually done with this Phew 980 pages of pure American history and how it relates to freedom and liberty I would have prefered a dry factual and seuential account but I am asking for too much Overall it is a very well researched and thoroughly edited textbook that encompasses different historical and cultural events and their impact on society Lincoln said Freedom is one thing to the fox and something entirely different to the chickens Foner states increasingly the idea of liberty lost its traditional association with privileges derived from membership in a distinct social class and became and identified with a general right to resist arbitrary government 142The early North American natives had a different meaning of freedom than other early New England settlers The natives believed that as long as they were not enslaved they were free For the early European settlers freedom was closely aligned with rights land ownership slave ownership and government The Europeans came to for economic opportunity #Religious Tolerance And Land Ownership #tolerance and land ownership example the early settlers and the Native Americans had differing opinions on property ownership The Natives belie I don t like this textbook as much as Roark s The American Promise but it s a lot affordable and gets the job done Foner stretches the themes of what liberty and freedom meant through the ages a little too much for me but doing so is a teachable tool to make readers think about the lifespan of an id. Foner the well known historian and author of The Story of American Freedom Give Me Liberty examines the changing meanings of freedo. I learned a lot but I had to reread most of it for it to settle in for uizzes and tests Also had to take a nap when ever I started reading it This book really deserves a 25 but I m being generous Don t get me wrong I m not trying to be

harsh the information 
The information factual and the book got my attention at times AT TIMES Mind You It S Just The Way This Book Is you It s just the way this book is up is #painful I would rather have appendicitis then have an appendectomy than read this again Harsh sounding I know However who has #I would rather have appendicitis then have an appendectomy than read this again Harsh sounding I know However who has to actually sit and read 40 plus pages of a dull book Be honest none of us do It drags on and on for so longI had to read this for class and it s sad but it s one of the few textbooks I just hated after the first chapter Again it drags on There may be sections to it where ou can take breaks but I had to read this over the weekend for class Monday That s on top of the various other errands I had to do no errands is not another word for party with friends I have had next to no social life this semester whatsoever So it is a killer to read all that One chapter could have been summed up in a page or twoConclusionIf السودان المأزق التاريخي وآفاق المستقبل you re a fan of history then I probably knocked a bookou would enjoy If Dune Messiah you are not a history person or history major be very wary when this is put onour syllabus as the class textbook You will probably try to find someone who would be willing to make sparknotes for this thing but it won t happen So skim as fast as possibleBottom line This thing should have been shorter and I am sure as heck not recommending it Sorry I did not enjoy this book History is one of my favorite subjects and I was looking forward to reading this book However I was sadly disappointed to find that this text is difficult Freedom the oldest of cliches and the most modern of aspirations is the unifying theme in the new survey of American history by Eric.

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Give Me Liberty An American History Volume 1