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Aviation Logistics: The Dynamic Partnership of Air Freight and Supply Chain lMany of them How can you believe women are to be subservient Why do you think other people must believe as you do Why must this be a Christian nation there are people of all faiths here I think the author did a good job of showing how religion was of personal comfort to many of her subjects while still decrying their political views She made no bones about being alarmed by the whole movement She notes that evangelism is clearly popular because so many young people are unclear about how to have meaning in theirives feeling disconnected from their communities But she wants her readers to be really freaked out and basically to create something similar on the R High Performance Programming left She calls for the seculariberals to have their own versions of the Christian rock festivals skate ministries political colleges and self help books she describes here only with ife affirming messages from the eft wing Oy I d try something a bit basic How about public programs and educational institutions that support the health safety and growth of our citizens How about some regulations that prevent Wall Street banks from putting our economy in the toilet How about an economy that does not depend almost entirely on the consumption of consumer goods for its health Fanaticism fear and intolerance are often born from insecurity poverty poor education or economic instability Maybe if our country did a better job of supporting its most vulnerable citizens and working toward fairness and justice we d all be a Scala for Java Developers littleess susceptible to the fear mongers You might not believe it but I am totally pro criticizing Christian culture frankly I think it is ridiculous but Sandler The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur leaves behind objective journalism and has some sort of axe to grind that she just can tet go of I want to hear an honest appraisal of the foolish Christian world from a genuine outsider Sandler however seems to think there is nothing redeeming about faith no matter how raw or how accepting No one Christian can be good real genuine no one non Christian can be wrong or closed minded It is really too bad she didn t take this project on with of the openmindeness she pretends to espouse Tolerance here is on the side of the Christians who Vermeer to Eternity let her into their homes andives On a redeeming note there is no time at which we should stop really Heaven to Betsy looking hard at a culture that preachesove but practices hate so often There were so many good stories to tell why Sandler couldn t focus on the So B. It legitimate critiue and give aittle I don t know I am going to be thinking and talking about this book for a while and not just because it has bizarre family relevance for me right now From the first chapter I wasn t sure how I was going to Cabaret like it because it sings with aittle too much bombast but it grew on me Sandler explores Evangelical Christian youth culture across a number of apparent sub communities Rock for Life pro ifers who are co opting 60s counterculture with very different goals Mars Hill Seattleites with 21st century tattoos and piercings and 19th century gender skateboarders who skate different goals Mars Hill Seattleites with 21st century tattoos piercings and 19th century gender roles skateboarders who skate Christ hip hop stars and the pastors who ead them youthful progeny of Evangelical celebs ike Billy Graham and James Dobson three piece suit types and students attending fringe Christian universities with automatic internships on Capitol Hill Air Force cadets who believe that God has given them the mission opportunity of all eternity in Ira and others the mission opportunity of all eternity in Ira and others unites them They all believe that the Last Days are upon us and they all voted for George Bush in the ast electionThis book was eye opening in a number of ways good and bad Highly recommended to most of my Bookreads pals This was a fascinating book to read from multiple perspectives First because I am very interested in the phenomenon of the Religious RightEvangelical Christianity as a political force and as a group that is redefining the way our country acts egislates and is internationally perceived Secondly because I have some background with these perspectives myself and have old friends and acuaintances who are closely involved in aspects of these movementsSandler does a good job of exploring and outlining the people and groups that are active in the movement without clearly identifiying strong political biases She does state her religious and political background and at times points out her personal conflicts with a number of the commonly held beliefs of this demographic but for the most part I found the book to be educational than polemicIf nothing else I recommend this as a great insight into a growing movement that begs for an organized alternativ. Ally dismissed by urban intellectuals Sandler has written a provocative and illuminating portrait of young people desperately seeking meaning community and ove in an empty often terrifying social En plein coeur landscape Evangelical youth the Disciple Generation are a generation rising and we do need to pay attention” Dr Donna Gaines sociologist and author of Teenage Wasteland Suburbia's Dead End Kids and A Misfit's Manifesto The Spiritual Journey of a Rock Roll Heart “Lauren Sandler has traveled among the believers and returned with a story that alarms informs and enlightens She reveals the rise of a fundamentalist style youth movement that has replaced faith with closed minded certainty and is frighteningly cultike Read this book and you will understand this Disciple Generation and the challenge it poses to a civil society” Michael D'Antonio former Newsday religion writer and author of Fall From Grace and Heaven on Earth “ Righteous is a ively probing account of today's fresh sometimes bizarre sub cultures of American evangelism Both the term ‘alternative’ and ‘evangelical’ will mean something new to you after this book Sandler's conclusions are important These kids have been forgotten by their original social worlds by secular organizations and even by Left Liberal causes In a cold new world getting saved can now seem ike a young American's only source of community and warmth” Alissa uart author of Hothouse Kids The Dilemma of the Gifted Child “ Righteous is the most adroit and fascinating examination of a great national ill the muddling of faith and politics the secular and the divine” Brad Land author of Goat.

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I read this ike 5 years ago and I can t get over how alien a culture America s evangelical christianity is for me Ther Lauren Sandler writes about rocking pro The Art of Memoir lifers skater missionaries tattooed theologians sons of televangelists college students who try toive up to all the meanings of the word disciple scientists who believe in intelligent design military missionaries and Young Republicans with clarity and a touch of wit The writing is excellent And the story telling is truly brilliantAs someone who went to a Christian college I know she s telling the truth about evangelical youthsBut as a secular someone who is intimately familiar with the evangelical movement and has several evangelical friends I struggle with Sandler s main premisesSandler writes about the evangelical movement with an us versus them perspective She couches everything in terms of secularism versus evangelicalsim those with reason versus those The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life lacking it those with self confidence and self esteem versus thoseacking it the strong versus the weak And she says evangelicals started it She says young evangelicals spend most of their time railing against the media and the feminist movement and everything else that represents modernity She says they re preparing for a philosophical war with the secular elements of society atheists agnostics Mormons Catholics ie anyone who is not main stream Protestant She talks about how they ook forward to the Second Coming of Christ and how they re doing everything they can to bring about the end of the worldI m not really sure what war she s talking about Grove City is an evangelical college though I probably wouldn t have gone there had I known that when I applied A good majority of my friends and roommates there were evangelicals They had a rough idea of where I stood philosophically and they never tried to convert me Yes they have different perhaps closer friendships with their other evangelical friends than they do with me But that s completely understandable different values and ideas always make for different relationshipsAs for the end of the world I wouldn t say that evangelicals are consciously trying to bring it about But they re certainly not trying anything to postpone it I know very few evangelicals who think that global warming and pollution are problems I know very few evangelicals who clean up after themselves at restaurants or in public parks Who knows if global warming is inherent in nature or caused by man What does it matter It s not going to hurt anybody to imit their consumption of goods and cut back on the amount of waste they create So why not A journalist travels through America to examine the phenomenon of fundamentalist Christian Youth evangelismDisturbing in many waysEspecially the chapters on their battle to have Creationism and Intelligent Design taught in schools and the description of how some elements in the US military iterally believe that they re fighting a holy war in the Middle Eastto bring about the
end timesi also 
timesI also the section about attempts to combine Church and State in America through grooming of potential aw makers in Christian colleges uite fascinating Some interesting points are raised about Secular and Christian viewpoints of similar eventsFor those with an interest in mass communication it makes you think about the adoption of popular culture to spread a religious messageWell worth reading If you enjoyed thisyou might enjoy the movieJesus CampFor investigative reporting of another varietycheck out Bill Buford s Among the ThugsYou might also enjoy The Big Bang The Buddha and the Baby Boom by Wes Nisker An NPR reporter who writes for the LA Times probes within the 21st century Evangelical youth movement in the USA with character sketches and interviews of those caught up in this growing PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition lifestyle The tone is sometimes uneven with the author at times perhaps a bit disparaging as she tries to present the range of inroads the evangelicals have made in theast generation as they reach out to the marginalized or those in adolescence using the Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography latest effective marketing strategies of mass media and the dominant culture She does recognize it is a need for community and structure in a world that seems to beosing both that drives these new converts and generally respects their faith as a sincere commitment Like her I am troubled by how easily so many will dismiss facts evidence and critical thinking seeing them as unnecessary and unimportant and what is worse dangerous that is if any should bring into uestion the The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, literal reading of the Bible as inerrant fact or atea. There’s a new youth movement afoot in this country It’s a counterculture fusion of politics and pop and it’s taking over a high school near you Like the waves that came before it it’s got passion music and anti Authority Posturing But Than posturing but than else this one has God So what does it mean when today’s youth counterculture has a mindset akin to Jerry Falwell’s than Abbie Hoffman’s In RIGHTEOUS Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement Lauren Sandler a dynamic young journalist reports from this junction of Evangelicalism and youth culture traveling across the country to investigate the alternative Christian explosion Using the grassroots modus operandi of the 1960s these religious kids – part of the “Disciple Generation” as Sandler calls it – turn an antiauthoritarian sneer toward iberalism feminism pacifism and every other hallmark of that era’s counterculture And they’re engaging their peers with startling success fusing pop culture politics and religion as they preach from the pulpit of the skate park bar and rock concert Secular iberal and practically the embodiment of everything Evangelicalism deems unholy Sandler travels with skateboard missionaries hangs out with the tattooed members of a postpunk Seattle megachurch that has evolved into a self sufficient community camps out with a rock’n’roll antiabortion group and gets to know the rap preachers who are merging hip hop’s ove of money with old fashioned bible beating fundamentalism Much than a mere observer she connects with these young people on an intimate evel and the candor with which they reveal themselves to her is truly aston. .
St in the manner that their church The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl leaders suggest it is Don t think for yourself but follow blindly on faith in return for feeling accepted or comfortable such approaches always make me nervous and the fact so many millions of Americans are buying into this is troubling The sections on the anti abortion rock concerts the Intelligent Design sophistry showdown in Dover PA and the skater boys outreach were not news to me but the sections on Patrick Henry College the New Life church serving the Air Force Academy and the Mars Hill group in Seattle were and they are all dedicated to using political power and influence to make others conform to their views on family and gender relationships I found the whole faith system set up by Creflo Dollar so popular in rap circles preaching that Christianity is all about getting the most bling to be vile and I am absolutely startled by how many both go for it and see no problem with it And until I read this book I had no idea Stephen Baldwin had a recentife outside of The Celebrity Apprentice It turns out he has been an evangelical youth right wing politics celeb for years A kind of anthropological Exile and Pilgrim look at what the author calls the disciple generation young Christians from their mid teens to mid thirties Sheooks some at clean cut kids at places ike Patrick Henry College where a arge proportion of the students serve as GOP interns in DC but has a special fascination with tattooed hipster Christians who run skateboard ministries and play in rock bands Mars Hill Church in Seattle gets a focused Hannah Montana: The Movie lookTo me the author s most interesting point was that evangelical Christianity is the only thing out there right now for kidsyoung people who areooking for meaning and community The acceptance and intense emotional experiences are very appealing to teenagers who are feeling ost or hurt or without direction and just want to belong somewhere Secularliberal groups don t really offer an euivalent alternative which she argues has huge conseuences for the future direction of the country This is a scary and engrossing ook at the current evangelical youth movement Did you know punk rock skateboarders had their own church I remembered this book while Monica Goodling a graduate of Regents University was testifying on the Alberto Gonzales debacle Sandler doesn t mention Regents a Christian university established by Pat Robertson where Goodling received her JD but she does mention Patrick Henry College with the mission preparing Christian men and women who will ead our nation and shape our culture with timeless biblical values and fidelity to the spirit of the American founding direct from the Patrick Henry College website Basically getting a bunch of evangelicals into government positions Sandler ooks at disparate evangelical movements across the country I was especially fascinated to see how teenage rebellionalternative culture has been co opted by the Evangelicals and heavily tattooed and pierced youth attend rock festivals with shirts that proclaim She s a child not a choice Highly recommended I probably shouldn t read this type of topical nonfiction It relies fairly heavily on the idea that some ominous cultural or political activity is getting bigger and bigger and Is About To Threaten about to threaten Very Way of Life But while I am a naturally anxious person I m totally on to these yahoos that need to make me believe that swine fluhomophobesfeministsRepublicansimmigrantsChinaMuslimsetc are about to bring about some sort of dystopian future I get that there are threats in the world and people with whom I completely disagree And people with bombs and guns and stuff But fear is counterproductive It s not a good basis for a worldview It does however sell ots of books and magazines The author of this book is talented she writes engagingly about the young evangelicals She ooks at many different parts of the whole alternative ministries reaching out to pierced and tattooed types I Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts like to think of them as Bedazzled with slang filled but still very conservative messages the home schooled ultra conservative politicos at Patrick Henry College who areooking to take over Washington the evangelicals in the military that believe God brought about the Ira and Afghan wars so that they can bring Christianity to the Middle East the goth church in Texas run by Jim and Tammy Faye Baker s son the folks trying to get intelligent design into the public school curriculum Stephen Baldwin and the Extreme Tour and many And it s alarming stuff She interviews many people along the way and I found myself arguing in my head with. Ishing Illuminating often troubling and unapologetically frank RIGHTEOUS introduces a bold new voice into the ongoing debate over religion in American ife And it is the first in depth front ine exploration of the country’s new moral majority – dressed up in punk rock garb – and what its influence could mean for the future of America BACKCOVER Advanced Praise “Lauren Sandler obliterates the naïve and complacent hope that keeps most secularists and religious moderates sleeping peacefully each night the hope that in 21st century America the young know better than to adopt the unatic religious certainties of a prior age The young do not know better In their schools skate parks rock concerts and in the ranks of our nation’s military our children are gleefully preparing a bright future of ignorance and religious fascism for us all If you have any doubt that there is a culture war that must be waged and won by secularists in America you have any doubt that there is a culture war that must be waged and won by secularists in America this Book” Sam Harris Author Of The End Of Faith And Sam Harris author of The End of Faith and to a Christian Nation “It is no easy thing to enter into the world of the young evangelicals to feel deeply their alienation to breathe their air and share their electric conviction that they are the rising counterculture against an empty world Lauren Sandler has done it and done it with an effervescence and honesty that make her travels in Disciple America jump off the page” Todd Gitlin Professor of Journalism and Sociology Columbia University and author of The Intellectuals and the Flag At once controversial critical blasphemous and compassionate Righteous offers a compelling journey into a growing youth subculture typic.
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Righteous Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement