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A Path Toward LoveEight years ago Katherine Wainwright rebelled against her family society and her best friend Andrew and married A Man She Thought She Knew Coming man she thought she knew Coming a wealthy family from one of the most rosperous in New York society she eloped with Charles and has lived in Florida ever since Now her husband s father has died and she is a "WIDOW WHOSE ONE DREAM IS TO SEE HER FATHER "whose one dream is to see her father laws citrus groves returned to their former glory She wants to do this for her father in glory She wants to do this for her father in who she loved and because her life her work in Florida somehow feels like home When her father and Andrew come to Florida to convince her it s time to return to New York and her family Katherine is faced with a decision Leave everything she has come to love or return to the eople she hasn t stopped lovingThough I have her debut series on my bookshelf this work of fiction was the first I d read of James To be honest regardless of the reservations I ended up with about this story it will not be the last Before I was even out of the first chapter I was enchanted with Katherine s story It is an 1800 s fairy tale that starts out leaving nothing to be desired whether it be the dashing hero or the sweetness in the affection that steadily builds between the would be lovers everything is captivating In the second half or at the very least fourth of the novel things start a downward slide that James never really returns from It was almost as if all the care she had written the story with was forgotten The same sort of emotions wasn t driving it For example I began to uestion Katherine s motives and true feelings Was she going to stand up for herself Or would she buckle to her mother s whims In my experience this is never a good thing Despite what the back cover synopsis would have us believe this story is not one of a re kindled romance although Andrew is a fitting hero and in the beginning there is no secret in Andrew s ardor of his childhood friend but rather one of roper expectations and a sensible romance is told as a result Beyond Katherine and Andrew s re kindled friendship I was a bit disappointed in the relationship betwee. Katherine came home to forget her astThe last thing she expected is a hopeful futureYoung widow Katherine Osborne returns to her family’s rustic camp on Rauette Lake in the Adirondack Mountains She’s determined to live a uiet life but her socialite mother is eually determined to ush her into a new marriage while she’s still youngAndrew Townsend ,

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N Katherine and her arents I understand the expectations of the era but for the story it read as if there was a rice to Mrs Wainwright s affection for her daughter and similarly Katherine s father laced bargaining chips on the table to entice Katherine home for the summer As a reader that sort of relationship doesn t endear characters to me I appreciate real characters because they are stripped down to a level that human nature can relate to instead of being a too The Wedding Redux perfect fictional character on aage but these characterizations weren t the sort I liked Having said that A Path Toward Love was a lovely read Please understand this rhetoric is just me being very Rolling Thunder persnickety In the end if you like this time frame or James her latest novel is a sweet story of letting go of one sast With thanks to the Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? publisher forroviding a copy of this book for reviewing urposes Copyright 2011 2013 Dreaming Under the Same Moon Scribbles Scripts and Such Manipulation of a hurt womanI believe no one should have the right to manipulate someone into marry against their will Especially your mother for their own selfishness Love is the only reason to marry Not for society s sake What can I say It was clean It was light It was not objectionable It repeated itself a lot and dragged on It also will not be memorable Also every time I hear follow your heart I get annoyed so I not be memorable Also every time I hear follow your heart I get annoyed so I annoyed a lot And wouldn t that have been an anachronistic thing to say in the late 1800 s And then the author would have the characters tell each other Pray and do what the Lord wants you to do Follow your heart Ahem usually our hearts lead us away from God and into selfish desires At least mine does I did learn though that New York s rich had summer residences in the Adirondacks at the turn of the century They were really camps complete with a lodge cabins residences in the Adirondacks at the turn of the century They were really camps complete with a lodge cabins guests and a large dining room where meals were served Carrying the burdens of an unsuccessful marriage and a financially draining orange grove young widow Katherine Osborne returns to her family s summer home in the Adirondack Mountains for the summer She only intend. As known Katherine since they were children An attorney who is successful but not wealthy he knows she is socially out of his reach But he’s curious what changed the free spirited girl he once knew into this rivate somber young womanKatherine has kept hidden the details of her unsuccessful marriage When ast sins come to light she must turn to God for. ,
S to remain among society until the conclusion of the summer returning then to her uiet life in Florida Yet her reputation oriented mother has other ideas for Katherine s future As Katherine SPENDS THE SUMMER BEING PUSHED INTO the summer being ushed into unwanted marriage with a childhood friend and ulled by the secrets of her ast she must learn to rely on God to guide her choices and show her the way to necessary healing and restoration As a complete sucker for romantic historical fiction this look into
the life of 
life of early 1900s iued my interest in many ways The expectations thrust upon Katherine by her arents and the society in which they abide seems absolutely alien in comparison to today s world and for a few moments I stepped out of my time to stand alongside Katherine imagining what it might be like to experience her challenges While this novel is not terribly original in terms of its The Art of Mary Beth Edelson plot or characters considering its fairlyredictable and erhaps a bit too easily accomplished ending I did enjoy reading it simply because it is a different world a world of reputation and etiuette rudent courtship and forbidden romance A world of entertaining adventure I would recommend this novel to anyone with an interest in romantic historical fiction looking for a light read and I truly appreciate BookSneeze for Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain providing me with a free copy of this novel and the opportunity to review ithttppagebypagebookbybookblogspot Friends to lovers early 20th century romance heroine trying to hold onto an orange grove in Floridathis book had so many elements that soundedromising Things start off well as we see Katherine Osborne trying desperately to revive the business that her late husband ran into the ground Her arents never approved of the match and Katherine s father arrives with her childhood friend Andrew in tow to try to coax Katherine back up north She comes from a very wealthy family "so she has no need to struggle in "she has no need to struggle in Florida citrus grovesThe setup is intriguing but too uickly it veers into melodramatic family secrets On top of that I found the writing a bit clunky and slow I just couldn t stay engage. The courage to be honest But how can she trust the God she feels has let her down When she confides in Andrew their relationship takes a dramatic turn into uncharted territoryAmid impossible obstacles two young eople must learn to trust enough to walk the None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) path that God has cleared for them Aath that leads to healing and restoration A ath toward love. ,