The Imperfect Diamond A History of Baseball's Labor Wars A Da Capo Paperback [Pdf/E–book]

First 13 4 stars Second 13 3 stars Final 13 2 starsThe old time stuff w John Montgomery Ward was really interesting and the first couple chapters well researched But after the Kenesaw Mountain Landis era Lowenfish s writing ets lazier and he s less able to marshal facts to tell a comprehensive narrative he starts skipping things and lobbing in random facts I had to look up the disapperance of Judge Crater no context before or afterFinally do you think A Book That Ends In 1990 With book that ends in 1990 with baseball labor relations will et better with Fay Vincent and Donald Fehr and drugs aren t a serious problem except to Peter Ueb. From the introduction of the reserve clause in 1879 to the lockout and NEW BASIC AGREEMENT OF 1990 BASEBALL basic agreement of 1990 baseball have been engaged in one of the longest and most colorful labor struggles in our nation’s history The Imperfect Diamond tells the stories of the players and their opponents the powerful owners how John Montgomery Ward led the Players League Rebellion of 1890; the rise and fall of David Fultz and the Baseball Players Fraternity 1912–18; the iron fist. The Imperfect Diamond A History of Baseball's Labor Wars A Da Capo PaperbackErroth has aged well It has notTo be clear I don t have the Bison Books edition so if someone has insight into the afterward that talks #about the strike and the 90 s 2000 s steroid crisis please share2 other random tidbits # the strike and the 90 S 2000 S STEROID CRISIS PLEASE SHARE2 OTHER RANDOM 2000 s steroid crisis please share2 other random support of the above The prologue on the Messersmith McNally arbitration case was so clearly chopped out of the main text because the editor wanted a prologue fine but there s now a aping hole in your narrative where the mid 70 s used to be Did you know that Marvin Miller had nothing to do with Lee Moffett etting canned 11 months into the job No really He was just a consultant Who just wanted to. Ed regime of Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis; the case of Danny Gardella vs Happy Chandler and the blacklisting of the players who jumped to the Mexican League; the founding of the Baseball Players Association in 1953 and the tempestuous but triumphant reign of Marvin Miller; the struggles of Curt Flood Andy Messersmith and Dave McNally and how they brought about the demise of reserve clause; the unprecedented midseason strike of 1981 and the collusion Use the players association office once Nothing to do with it at all What he was named the acting Union head once Moffett was fired Pure coincidenceThat s the level of scrutiny that Lowenfish applies to parts of the narrative Other characters practically have Darth Vader music playing over their uotationsYou want to tell me what I should think Fine But I remember reading a uote somewhere at the beginning of this covid 19 pandemic that I will misuote and likely misattribute to Bill JamesBaseball now is a machine designed to suck as Much Money As Possible money as possible the fans players and owners are colluding to operate the hos. S of the late 1980s  In the epilogue for this Bison Books edition Lee Lowenfish uides the reader through the turbulent 1990s and first decade of the twenty first century covering expansion teams the monumental 1994 strike and performance enhancing drugs Listed by the Society of American Baseball Research as one of the fifty essential baseball books The Imperfect Diamond will stand for years to come as the source for the real story behind America’s national pasti. ,

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