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Touch of Enchantment fTy mercenary with no honor or morals and uickly shows himself to be patient loving and honorable But then things go downhill The brother starts sending nasty messages the heroine gets understandablyrightened and shuts down Wonderful hero stands around doing nothing Then he gets called back to court and imprisoned so the action picks up with his 2nd in command taking care of the now realizes she s pregnant still blind heroine There are a When Dads Don't Grow Up few intrigue scenes at court but like most of the book not much actually happens Finally nasty brother kidnaps heroine hero goes after them and we have the biginish back at their keepThere was so much thinking and worrying but nothing happening Not in the present or in the past but nothing happening Not in the present or in the past can guess what the brother was up to but we never really see any of it His plot was so slow moving and convoluted that after awhile I just couldn t care too much The hero didn t seem to have any strategy military or otherwise And I hated the perfect ending where heroine s sight is restored Glad she didn t have a miscarriage after riding up and down the length of England Miles from Kara falling down stairs etc but the restoration of sight was just too much I thought the way Robert helped her navigate her blindness was very romantic and the needor her to be sighted just wasn t there Wow I know Zebra is an off brand of sorts in the world of romance but this was dreadful in a Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, faniction wayThe concept is awesome I liked the sound if it so much that I rushed to buy Everything about the story the awesome I liked the sound if it so much that I rushed to buy Everything about the story the the side characters the jealousy the evil brother the abduction etcall the great classic bodice ripper tropes but with a nuance of difference that really sparked my interest But none of these were pulled off Nobody and nothing really makes sense because there s no real explanation no development no Oomph I would have given the story at least 2 stars but the dialogue was terrible if you re going to base story in the 12th century and ocus on King William and knights and courts and blah blah then at least TRY to make the dialogue sound appropriate Characters essentially used

Modern American English Examples 
American English examples much the big bad world and no you think but with a ew my sir knight and m lord but mostly everyone called each other by their irst namesyou know medieval aristocrats they re chill peepsThat s all I can say ma. Ings the hardened warrior to his knees For she is a vision of unparalleled beauty living in a world without sight Drawn to her courageous spirit Robert gently draws Imogen out of her tortured past But with her brother always lurking in the shadows Imogen's newfound sanctuary in Robert's arms is in danger of being destroyed unless her salvaged heart can ind a way out of the darkne. .
The heroine while I realize Was Blind Acted Like A blind acted like a And of course ALL the men of her husband s garrison were totally in love with her Puh leezeGAGI only inished this because I wanted to see if it would truly be one big clicheand it was This was a surprisingly gritty romance with the heroine Imogen called Lady big clicheand it was This was a surprisingly gritty romance with the heroine Imogen called Lady being held captive by her brother who seemed to have some very unbrotherly eelings towards her He was really cruel and tormented her That part was hard to read or me I just don t get how someone can do things like thatI really loved the hero and the heroine and I was glad that although the hero Robert was considered a really bad guy he was a gentle tender husband to this very tormented heroine I like that although he was looked down upon or being a lowly knight with little to his name he was a much better person than Imogen s brother who had land and power He was a good guy despite his bad reputation This was a new author or me and I went into this book with no expectations and was rewarded with a very good medieval romantic read that had enough dark moments to
Make The Beautiful Love 
the beautiful love all the touching Yes there is a very unrealistic thing at the end but it didn t bother me because I read romance to see good win out over evil and or the Happy Ever After and I think this story wrapped up well despite the unrealistic elements I will definitely be reading by this author What a great story Blind chick is mentally tortured by her sadistic brother He is also responsible or her blindness He arranges her marriage to a knight known as the king s butcher well the knight turns out to be a great man who helps her live again of course the brother has spies in their castle he plots to have the husband killed and ultimately he plots to inish her off too I wanted this to be really really good but it was just OK I liked the concept a lot blind orphaned young woman Imogen is being tormented by nasty relative Seemingly horrible husband Robert is A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas foundor her but he turns out to be wonderful and helps her ight nasty relative and they live HEA The trouble was the execution just wasn t there The beginning starts off well with our tortured heroine living in isolation while her brother nasty relative Roger curries avor with the King And the hero s arrival is great he appears to be a blood thirs. He king has agreed to reward him Lots of Hearts for his last service with an estateon one condition Robert must marry the sitting tenant the infamous Lady Deformed For years Imogen Colebrook has lived in the ramshackle Saxon keep the virtual prisoner of her cruel sadistic brother the man responsibleor her deformity and or wedding her to a dangerous man Yet on Robert's arrival Imogen nearly br. This is a great book It is about a Blind girl and how she alls in love with her knight that takes over her castle The King commands them to marry and she does IT is sweet how he Why Diets Make Us Fat: The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession with Weight Loss falls in love with her andinds out she is blind Very unusual story but worth the read December 10 2008Ok so this book was pretty interesting I thought it was going to be early 1800s like usual but turns out it take place in the late 11th century or possibly early 12th century There are Normans and Saxons and the whole 9 yards It was a lot darker than another of the other light Don't Hex with Texas fluffy historical romance novels I ve read The heroine who is blind has a VERY VERY DARK past Her brother is evil and pretty much tortured her growing up I loved the hero He wasabulousThe only bad part really was the very very very very end What s up with people having completely unrealistic things happen at the end Oh I ll just tell you The way she lost her sight was the her brother pushed her down a light of stairs and she hit her head So at the end she s like 5 months pregnant and has been riding HORSES around reaking England Black Women Writers (1950-1980): A Critical Evaluation for a month which you re not supposed to door Pajama Party fear of a miscarriage she FAL Since there isn t a descriptionor thisImogen was blind and tormented by her brother Roger who kept her in a secluded castle She never left her room Robert a hired killer of the King s was given her castle and land on the condition of marriageRobert ends up being her protector and brings his men to the lands and they begin to rebuild the almost ruined castle and bring life back to the area I thought this was such a nice story Robert was a good person and BRINGS IMOGEN OUT OF HER SOLITUDE Imogen out of her solitude written It was almost a 3 starbefore she miraculously got her eyesight back Eye roll Not how science works Also it was kind of annoying how everyone Bunco Babes Tell All fell in love with her Sheesh This book lost a 5 star rating simply because the middle 150 pages or so were so drawn out with unnecessary angst and ridiculous inner turmoil that went onor so long I almost couldn t stand it The rest of the book abulous Imogen is a young 10th century aristocrat exiled by her sadist brother to a broken down keep in the middle is a young 10th century aristocrat exiled by her sadist brother to a 10th century aristocrat exiled by her sadist brother to a down keep in the middle nowhere She is blind having been injured More like 15 stars than 2 This is supposed to be set in Medieval times yet the majority of the language is modern. During the turbulent decadent reign of William II a royal mercenary Bringing the Outside In finds himself caught in the throes of an unexpected passion and played as a pawn in a treacherous game The bastard son of a Norman nobleman Robert Beaumont has blossomed into one of England'siercest killers and has ound himself well paid or his talents But now the time has come or him to set aside his sword .

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Midnight Eyes