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Of The Saintly Cecily 
the saintly Cecily Only Laughs At Her ExpenseTo laughs at her expenseTo the drunken revelry Cecily goes to the Foxe Ring to pray a place reputed to be magic especially when interested in finding your mate Cecily prays to find the right path for her life What she doesn t expect is a drunken Oliver Bellecote riding like a mad man through the Foxe Ring while he chases his soon to be betrothed Joan Barleg She is shocked when Oliver is thrown from his horse injured right at her feet Having sed A Land More Kind Than Home up her patience with Oliver and his drunken ways Cecily walks off into the ruins of the old Foxe keep with Oliver chasing after her While Cecily knows the layout of the old keep and what to area to avoid Oliver heads straight towards the open pit above the dungeon Reactingickly Cecily helps push Lord Bellecote out of the path of danger Their fall backwards into the old stone wall changes than they could have dreamed especially when it escalates into a night of passion between Cecily and Oliver But what will it mean when morning comes Will Cecily s reputation be in tatters What of Oliver s soon to be betrothal to Joan BarlegThe road to love is never smooth and this tale is no exception Add the secrets kept by the Bellecote and Foxe families not to mention that the Foxe family has become an enemy to the King and you have a journey that keeps you riveted from beginning to end of this wonderful book You won t want to put it down ReviewThis is the second book in the Foxe Sisters Trilogy Overall I gave it 35 stars It wasn t as much Fun As The First Book as the first book it was still very well written This book has Cecily trying to decide between a life as a wife or life as a nun Not only does she fall in love with the Scoundrel but she also attracts the eye of another man who if we hadn t met Oliver first I could very easily believe was her intended love interest for the book Ms Gothaus creates very believable characters and is crafting an Outlaw Bride understory in the first two books of the series that will reach its culmination in the third I am very intrigued by thisnderstory and I m looking forward to reading the third book to find the answers to James Still uestions that have been raisedIn the first book I mentioned the idea of witchcraft being presented and I thought it was done somewhat poorly I think this book eluded to it in a much believable manner and less in your face I liked it a lot Again this was part of thenderstory spanning all the books and hopefully the third book will explain all to sWhat I Liked This was another well written book I felt the chemistry between the heroine and the hero I felt the struggles that the heroine faced and enjoyed the happy endingWhat I DislikedThis book didn t have as much adventure or humor as the first book did which I felt was disappointing I really enjoyed Heather Grothaus s new book Never Seduce a Scoundrel In this book you will find two lonely people who find each other in the mist of the pagan ruins of the Foxe Ring The Foxe Ring legend says that a woman who visits at the full moon shall meet her intended husband But when Lady Cecily Foxe known as Saint C Lord Oliver Bellecote has a way about the ladies however Lady Cecily Foxe has no time for him Lady Cecily is an innocent flower destined for the abbey who is tterly immune to Oliver s charms or is she One night they meet in pagan ruins of Foxe Rings Oliver discovers that Saint Cecily is actually as tempting as sin Can Oliver make Cecily believe that he is a changed man the. S Or so he believes ntil the night they accidentally meet in the pagan ruins of Foxe Ring and Oliver discovers that Saint Cecily is actually as tempting as sinCecily would like nothing than to forget her night of heated passion with the dangerously handsome Favorite Lines The old ring of standing stones at the crumbling Foxe ruin was rud to be a magic place Men and women throughout the land had sed the mysterious circle for generations in order to find a mate The legend was The White Paternoster, And Other Stories unlikely yes but Alys had gone and Piers had found her in the midst of a verynlikely set of circumstances Perhapsperh Didn t care for this book The characters personalities and motivations are inconsistent At first Cecily the main lead female is portrayed as a chaste virgin who thinks that men hold her at arm s length because of her purity Other people in the kingdom have been known to make fun of her because of her chastity and conclude that she s frigid She loses her virginity within the first few chapters by the drunken leading man who is a known womanizer and he takes her virginity in an almost VIOLENT INSENSITIVE MANNER OUTSIDE IN AN UNCOMFORTABLE SETTING WHILE insensitive manner outside in an Laid uncomfortable setting while has a broken arm Because of his insobriety he doesn t remember the incident the following morning and there are conseuences to the actions of their behavior of course For the remainder of the story I was completely frustrated with the turn of events and the constantnnecessary tension Other than the fact that the author has decided that these two completely The World Rushed in unsuitable mates are destined to be together by the end of the story I really don t know why they are For the remainder of the story they are completely spared any further intimacy with each other and they are paired with other partners wholtimately have darker motives for the match making When the fated couple finally does pair at the end of story the dialogue is cheesy and corny and their coupling is non descriptive This book was a complete disappointment I really liked both the hero and the heroine as a gut reaction although each of them did things that annoyed me I had a hard time believing that someone has militantly spiritual as the heroine would just jump into bed at a moment s notice and an even harder time believing that she didn t seem concerned about this behavior I felt like the conflict between her actions and her beliefs were glossed over too Essential Business Networking uickly The hero definitely had younger son syndrome and so was sometimes frustratingly inactive The romance between them was sizzling at first but I felt that the story didn t really allow the relationship time to develop so that I could fully buy into the HEA Overall worth the time but not life changing Second in the Foxe Sister Trilogy Heather Grothaus continues to enthralls with the lives and loves of the Foxe SistersCecily Foxe middle sister to Sybilla and Alys is practically considered a Saint for her life of calm gentle sacrifice to others Although not a member of the convent everybody thinks it s just a matter of time And that time is drawing near But is that what Cecily really wants She has always lived her life to serve others but there is a small part of her that wonders what ifWhat is her childhood betrothal to Oliver Bellecote hadn t been broken by their parents Would she be happy as a married woman Or was her life destined to be one of iet servitude to the ConventWatching the lewd revelry at the Candlemas feast with her oldest sister Sybilla Cecily is appalled fascinated and the ConventWatching the lewd revelry at the Candlemas feast with her oldest sister Sybilla Cecily is appalled fascinated and by the crowd Everybody has a partner except Cecily because no man would dare accost Saint Cecily However the new Lord Oliver Bellecote has no alms at throwing himself at Sybilla and begging her to marry or sleep with him Cold stern Sybilla rejects his suit and in jest suggest. Even a cloistered young heiress in medieval England has her reckless momentsLord Oliver Bellecote has a way of bringing out the vixen in any woman Any woman that is but Cecily Foxe an innocent flower destined for the abbey who seems tterly immune to his charm. ,

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Only man for her and Cecily is the only woman he has come to love When someone around them will kill to make sure only woman he has come to love When someone around them will kill to make sure they will never together NEVER SEDUCE A SCOUNDREL by Heather Grothaus is an exciting Medieval historical romance set in 1277 Fallstowe CastleEngland It is the second in theFoxe Sister Trilogybut can be read as a stand alone See Never Kiss a Stranger An exciting story of Lady Cecily Foxethe middle Foxe sister who is set of be a nunshyand a healer or is she really shy or just lonely And Lord Oliver Bellecotea notorious womanizerthe brother of Cecily s eldest sister who has diedwho is also lonelyand a of Cecily s eldest sister who has diedwho is also lonelyand a earl due to his brothers ntimely deathCecily and Oliver met at the pagan ruins Foxe Ringuiet by accidentthey share a passionate nighteven through Oliver is wounded and forgets He remembers bits and pieces through Oliver is wounded and forgets He remembers bits and pieces the passion they shared and the not so saintly Cecily While enemies try to destroy themthey must fast the pastand move forward to a blissful futureif they can and are willing to give everything to their future A fast pacedaction filledadventure of secretsloveromancepassiondesiremysterybetrayaland deceptionAs the eldest Foxe sisterSybillatries to hold onto the Foxe Castle from King Henry IIIher beloved sisters find happinessloveand peace Never Seduce a Scoundrel will capture your heart as you see two lonely people find their happiness A must read for anyone who enjoys Medieval romancehistorical romance England the Tudor era mythslegends and the love of family I can hardly wait for Sybilla s story Received for an honest review from the publisher Details can be found at Zebra Books a division of Kensington Booksthe author s websiteand My Book Addiction and MoreRATING 45HEAT RATING MILD Mild detailed scenes of intimacymild violence or profanityREVIEWED BY AprilR My Book Addiction and More Saint Cecily They all called her that and she knew it She was never given a chance to be anything but Then one night her halo slips That one night changes her life forever Oliver Bellecote Newly minted Lord Bellecote but also a scoundrel Known by many women in the area for his jumping from one woman to the next with no regard However one drunken night Oliver makes love to Cecily It makes everything they knew about each other come into A House Built out of Stone uestion Cecily knows now she can t join the abbey as she d always planned to do Oliver has asked Joan to marry him What could possibly happen to straighten out this messA fast paced story of love won and lost You ll enjoy this book for it s different look at romance Just when you think things are figured out another twist is given to you I loved the idea the man admitted his love first He couldn tnderstand it but it was there This one is full of strong women characters that will keep you on your toesI didn t find any problems with this oneI gave this one a 5 out of 5 books because of the twist near the end I enjoyed this book although the graphic description of the sex scene in the beginning is than I remember from the first book in this series Beyond that I felt a little like Rachel from friends especially when the vicar was introduced I had to chuckle a little So while certainly predictable in points it was still enjoyable and Alma Mater uite an easy read I look forward to reading the third book in the series as it should focus on the most enigmatic of the sisters SybillaI would not have found this series except for the first in the series was a group read with one of my Goodreads groups So I enjoy being able to stretch outside of the norm. Ord Bellecote But denial provesite impossible when she is charged with tending his every need during his stay at Fallstowe Castle For only in his arms does she feel truly alive despite the deadly secrets that surround his past and threaten their tenuous futu.