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The Fighting GroundOf the attack turns out to be a group of fearsome Hessian soldiers formidable German mercenaries paid by the British to fight the war in defense of King George s crown overseas The ambush doesn t go well and the American fighting force with which Jonathan has been traveling is subseuently scattered every man for himself Three Hessians catch up to Jonathan and eventually capture him and he is led along as their prisoner until they find an abandoned home at which they can spend the find an abandoned home at which they can spend the Is the house truly abandoned though or is there something waiting For Them At Their Bivouacking Site Jonathan S Fortunes Are them at their bivouacking site Jonathan s fortunes are inextricably tied in with those of the three Hessians that have him however they haven t hurt him at all yet and don t seem to intend him any harm When Jonathan is given the opportunity to turn the tables on his captors how far will he be willing to go to exact evenge on soldiers that he has been told are the enemy In the end on whose side does Jonathan eally want to fight Avi does a nice job in The Fighting Ground of telling an historical tale without sounding like a school textbook and without pushing particular lessons onto the eader There s a lot to be learned from eading this book but any conclusions are left to each of us to draw from the story on our own Personally speaking I would say that anyone who could make it out alive after fighting in the Revolutionary War was a lucky individual indeed though the physical and mental scars might very well have lasted for the emainder of that preserved life All in all I think that The Fighting Ground is a good book and I might give it two and a half stars I am honestly very disappointed in this book mostly because it s just flat out boring My Language and Literature teacher loves the author Avi and is making us do a book Darkness Light report on one of his books Iead about 20 pages of the book and just stopped since I was so bored I usually like historical fiction and thought this book would be interesting but disappointingly it wasn t As a part of my eigth grade english class we had a year long eading assignment in which we were forced to ead 2 books per uarter one of our choice and one from a list our teacher compiled of a certain genre At the third uarter of school a list of war books was forced upon us I found Avi on the list and figured I d ead the book he had written because I had ead Crispin beforehand and eally enjoyed that I eally didn t know what I was getting into when I picked up the skinny copy of this book off the library shelf I eread it a while ago and loved it just as muchI could barely put this book down both times I ead it I literally felt almost everything Jonathan did I found myself on the edge of my seat at times and at other times holding my breath and crying and wanting to kick at other times holding my breath and crying and wanting to kick cause I got so angry I don t know how Avi does that but it s just amazing how he puts you in the character s shoes Great book TSP Great book Avi will Not Handsome Enough remain in my heart as an amazing author If you veead All uiet on the Western Front you ll know what I mean when I describe this book This twenty four hour glimpse at war is not just profoundly and intensely moving to the character but to the eader as well It s sobering confusing horrible aw and gritty Simply put it s the stark Busy Park realities of war stripped of its glory scenesWhen Jonathan decides to go against his father s wishes andun off to war he has glorious expectations of what battle and his exaggerated character will procu. For glory just like his brother and cousinSo when Jonathan hears the tavern bell toll calling men to fight he Beer Law: What Brewers Need to Know runs to join them He doesn'tea. April 3 1778 is a day that 13 year old Jonathan will never forget as much as he may try Against his parents instructions Jonathan takes off for the battlefield after hearing the tavern bell toll He s sure he is eady for fighting the British after all he can handle a gun But when they meet Hessians upon the oad and the day turns bloody his perception of glory is not what he thought Captured fearful and in pain Jonathan has no choice

but to ely 
to ely these strangers for mercyyet when they happen upon a deserted farm house his anger surfaces He s sure these Hessians killed the mother and father a while ago and left a young boy alone in the barn But as time goes on he begins to doubt his first assumption The Hessians actions do not mimic the atrocity Jonathan escapes with the young boy and meets up with his troop and the events that led up to the killing become crystal clear Those Jonathan was once fearful of not the same now He struggles with loyalties compassion and Told in one 24 hour day this story surrounding events that happen during The American Revolution are brutally ealistic and bloody A glimpse into battle conditions on The Fighting Ground are not sugar coated and the The Placer reality of hundreds of lives lost is staggering Used for Hiawatha Book Talk December 2010 A boy fights with out permission He learns that its not as cool as he thought It was so scary to him hean away from his first battle and gets lost He finds some strange soldiers They speak another language The boys name is Jonathan They all go to a house that has been abandoned There is a cow tied to a fence He is confused about where these soldiers are from He is also a little scared When Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism reading this I might have been as scared as Jonathan was That is what makes this aealistic book Because it makes you feel like you are there during this historical event I The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, realy like this book The greatest strength of The Fighting Ground as I see it is in theealistic way that a twenty four hour period of combat in the times of the American Revolution is portrayed Instead of chapters the book is divided into segments of minutes on a clock as thirteen year old Jonathan finds himself overmatched and in over his head as part of a small Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness regiment of vigilante American soldiers with a commander who will stop at nothing to gain victory for their side Though his father has been crippled fighting in the Revolutionary War Jonathan desperately wants to join the fighting himself as the book opens What could be better than playing theole of hero in defense of one s own people and nation battling to ebuff the dreaded enemy that seeks to tear down one s homeland Gardening at home in a still peaceful part of the country Jonathan longs to join the action and do some eal good for his country While standing and listening one day to a military man near the local tavern calling for a few good men to help him on a vital mission Jonathan is surprised when even he at his young age is asked to partake of the operation Eager to get in on the war however he can he accepts the ole offered to him and goes off with a band of agtag soldiers to do a little fighting The next twenty four hours are vastly different than Jonathan had ever imagined The gun assigned to him is six feet long and enormously heavy yet he must bear the burden himself and keep up a fast marching speed alongside his fellow soldiers to boot When they finally do arrive at the valley where the planned ambush is to take place the target. April 3 1778 He may be just thirteen but Jonathan knows he's eady to go to the war against the British He can handle a gun He yearns to battle. Re It doesn t take long for him to ealize how ignorant he is and how much he just wants to be a little kid at home againBecause of the intensity of this book and the themes it conveys I would Der Bilderwächter recommend it for a maturer audience than the book itselfecommends It would make for a excellent family ead aloud you d be able to omit the language and have some truly deep and meaningful discussionsAges 12Cleanliness over fifteen times the word dmn is used God s name is used in vain a number of times throughout the book It mentions someone peeing their pants A boy sees two dead bodies that of a man and woman and while he buries them it provides some detail of their decay Like my eviews I also have hundreds of detailed eports that I offer too These eports give a complete break down of everything in the book so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris reading it Visit my website Jonathan suddenlyealized that he had never seen an enemy soldier before He had seen Tories but hateful as they were they were only Americans What he was seeing Letters to Rollins right before him wereeal enemies foreign ones the most awful ones the cruel German speaking kindDown the Britain, Europe And The Third World road the Hessian officer waved his sword and shouted something to his men The drum began to beat again The fife played higheedy notes From behind Jonathan felt the wind cold again his neck The gun swaying felt heavy Spread out a bit the Corporal ordered Don t give so much target Everyone shifted When I give the call he continued the first line fires Then the Second Moves On Forward moves on forward on the first line you step back and load again You get that Two Scotland Yard rounds a minute boys two Jonathan s heart sank TWO ROUNDS A MINUTE He couldn t do it He wished he d practiced The tramp of the soldiers cut through hisegrets Jonathan turned The Hessians their ed and white legs moving in high stepping winking unison had begun once to advance Their guns ose beside their golden caps pp 44 45 Great book I definitely would have given it 5 stars if it wasn t so slow at the beginning Also I have to say thank you to my teacher for making me Unverified: A Novel read this book because I definitely wouldn t have if she didn t and I wouldn t have had the great experience ofeading it the book is basically about this kid named jonathan he is only 14 and wants to join the Grand Teton Explorers Guide revolutionairy war so what he does is heuns away from home and he goes and joins later after he gets auainted he feels so proud that he has joined and when the town bell sounds everybody scrambles and now he has to join the was for eal this time and when he does he sees things he has never seen before and he is suddenly stuck in the most frightining position ever he thinks he is surrounded but it tourns out to be some body else this book connects to me i have to make big choices all the time i have to choose what middle school i want to go to i have to choose tio time i have to choose what middle school i want to go to i have to choose tio good in school and do well i have to choose what to say and what not to just like jonathan he had to choose to leave his family to do what he thinks is ight and had to choose to leave his family to do what he thinks is Peig: The Autobiography of Peig Sayers of the Great Blasket Island right and him he thinks he made theight choice i gave this book 2 stars because i thought that it was an alright book but i thought that it could have been suspenceful and i thought that it could have had action and it could have explained what was happening i would Löwen wecken reccomend this book to people who likeeading books about history and to the people who like eading books about war. Lize that in just twenty four hours his life will be forever altered by the war by his fellow soldiers and by the terrible choices he must make. ,