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The Pirate Queen: Queen Elizabeth I, Her Pirate Adventurers, and the Dawn of Empire gFirst Reads Contest WinnerHere s where I tell you I tried to like the book and maybe I will if Iive it some time blah blah No I pretty much didn t like this book from the first chapter and it only intensified Here s whyThe writing style is convoluted sentences confuse themselves into forgetting what convoluted Sentences confuse themselves into forgetting what were originally talking about The dialogue is unnatural and forced NO ONE talks like these characters who are extremely verbose No wonder it ot a favorable forward from a politicianSometimes I felt this book was a vehicle for product placement and the author an interior decorator rather than someone who was concerned with telling a storyThe plot is booooooorring There is no suspense as you know the extremely detailed and don t forget boring plan as well as its perpetrators from pretty much the beginning of the book There are no twists As a beginning of the book There are no twists As a of course you know how books like these will end But there was nothing making you uess and that left me with nothing but the hope that it would end and soon Besides a few murders there is relatively little action This book is mostly just 400 pages of expositionCliches on top of others For instance can you Cooked: From the Streets to the Stove, from Cocaine to Foie Gras guess how the crack IT team is portrayed If youuessed overly eeky and witty you win absolutely nothing because it is exactly portrayed If you uessed overly Lost And Found Bride geeky and witty you win absolutely nothing because it is exactly every IT team has been portrayed ever And oh the acting puns Hey did you remember that thisuy who does the bare minimum reuired of a hero is a famous actor CrazyMaybe I m being too mean I dunno I only finished it because I felt obligated as I received this book with the Ambition and Accommodation: How Women View Gender Relations gentleman s agreement to post feedback I suppose that left me a little bitter With a dashing hero an attractive jewelry designer and a megalomaniac billionaire villain worthy of James Bond Caplan brings to you a thriller for the modern day You ll sail on a luxury yacht andet lost in foreign locales Filled with passion and betrayal technology and money hungry men this book will bring you up to a new level of story telling and keep you there for the entire rideThe hero former covert operative now number one box office movie star Ty Hunter recruited by Washington to track down missing nuclear warheads from a decommissioned Russian military site The villains Ian Santal a billionaire with twisted justifications for any action and Phillip Frost Santal s ruthless second in command The lure Isabella Cavill Santal s American Kinship: A Cultural Account goddaughter a British designer working in Rome The problem the warheads are en route to their eventual owners fanatics who sponsor terrorism Hunter must use both his skills as an operative and an actor to thwart those who would try to control world destiny This no. A former soldier turned movie star turned spy must stop a catastrophic nuclear weapons deal Thisripping thriller from Thomas Caplan propels readers around the lobe from Hollywood to Rome the Black Sea to the Mediterranean and to the very brink of nuclear abyssThe novel's charismatic hero former covert operative Ty Hunter has become almost by accident the. The Spy Who Jumped Off the ScreenExtremely uneven novel with an exceptionally laborious start that doesn t et into ear until halfway through the book and then it can t decide which doesn t et into Animal Ecology gear until halfway through the book and then it can t decide which to take An additional irritant for me was the constant descriptions of the toys and possessions of the rich and famous even without Robin Leach I m usually uite forgiving of spy novels and other military action reads but this one needed major help before it went to press and it didn tet it I won t totally trash it but basically confusion reigns so I ll only recommend it if you have nothing else to read And one thing Regardless of what you think of Bill Clinton politically I think you ll agree after reading it that he really isn t a book critic An interesting plot and storyline Caplan develops his characters enough to compel a read through the conclusion even if a few of the characters are somewhat unbelievable but it IS fiction Overall a ood read He of course has left the door open to a seuel and I m still undecided if I ll o after that one But I may read one of his three #earlier novels Caplan is not a bad writer I can t believe Bill Clinton wrote #novels Caplan is not a bad writer I can t believe Bill Clinton wrote intro for this book But that should have been the first clue the 6 page long self indulgent intro was as plodding that should have been the first clue the 6 page long self indulgent intro was as plodding the book itself The LA Times called Ty Hunter a Bond Bourne love child I John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 guess that would be true if you took the amnesia side of Bourne from the beginning first book where he has no clue about what he is doing with thelamour side of Bond being on huge yachts and at fancy parties with beautiful women But to imply that this book has the action and intrigue of an Ian Flemming novel or of one of the Bourne books is a Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde gross misrepresentation The overall plot is compelling but the story plods along with Ty Hunter the main character basically walking around kissing women and looking for clues He is clueless most of the story and sees very little actionThe dialog is poorly written and the author wrote a LOT of dialogue Every main character seems to want to explain what they are doing and often makes statements that most people would never say in a normal conversation In the intro Bi Clinton states I recommended cuts of a few thousand words of dialog and description I d hate to read the book before these cuts And if Bill Clinton a man who likes his own dialog than any others recommends cutting some you know it must have been badThe few action seuences are also poorly written lots of detail for a single karate chop to someone neckOh well at least I made it to the unsatisfactory ending Great premise awkward writing An action packed thriller starring Ty Hunter actor and former covert ops expert who. Histicated adversaries even as he falls in love with the entrancing young woman closest to them both the jewelry designer Isabella CavillIn prose that is both elegant and powerful The Spy Who Jumped Off the Screenives us a breakneck parable of Betting on Ideas: Wars, Inventions, Inflation good and evil and a hero in the tradition of James Bond and Jason Bourne who is sure to become an icon of theenr.

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Vel is filled with long narration and in depth philosophical passages The action is analytical logical and decisive Caplan ets and in depth philosophical passages The action is analytical logical and decisive Caplan ets the minds of the main characters showing faults uirks loves and regrets and how history affects the present Don t expect a uick read but be ready for an adventure worthy of another classic battle Between Good And Evil Review Written By Stephen L Brayton good and evil Review written by Stephen L Brayton of Beta for Suspense Magazine 25 This book wants so desperately to be a no holds barred thriller but it masks itself behind a semi intricate plot with a pulpy premise Reading it the whole time its thinly drawn characters and uninspiring dialogue I wanted it to just tear off its sophisticated clothes and be an all out action book Yet it continually refuses to do that until near the end and for what purpose Just to make it seem like a sophisticated read Some novels can have their action cake and eat it with a dense premise too This is not one of them Cheap thrills or international intrigue pick your poison Mr Caplan After a Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism glowing introduction by former President Bill Clinton I was expecting a fast paced suspense thriller Instead the prose in the first couple of chapters was uite turgid and I rapidly lost interest There are too manyood books awaiting my reading so I set it aside Not worth wasting your time on After finally overcoming a distaste for the title it took 8 years I pulled Caplan from the shelf and was pleasantly surprised Mr Caplan writes well He also formulates an intricate plot ives us engaging characters worth the time to readLately I have taken to reading blurbs on the dust jackets Usually they are ridiculous as are the illustrations on many book covers In this instance Clive Cussler who is a prolific author whom I do not read any claims this novel is the most ingenious thriller I ve ever read Phui Either Mr Cussler has read very few thrillers or has a poor memory It is a readable book but far from the most ingenious on the shelfRecommended I can count on one hand the number of books I have stopped reading part way through and this is one of them The premise sounded interesting but it just has not otten my attention at allIt did not start out well The introduction by Bill Clinton was truly one of the most boring things I have ever read It s 6 pages long I literally could only read one paragraph and then just stopped It was verbose self aggrandizing and meaninglessc i d like to know who meaninglessC I d like to know who up with this title It Atlantic Double-Cross: American Literature and British Influence in the Age of Emerson gives me the impression that the plot takes place sometime during the nineteen thirties shades of Errol Flynn and the Nazi Bund rumors But no it s all very modern high tech computer ville This is an. Number one film star in the world When he is recruited on a clandestine mission to thwart the transfer of nuclear warheads into rogue hands he must deploy every skill he has as an actor soldier and spy Donning his fame as a disguise Ty matches wits and muscle with the enigmatic billionaire Ian Santal and his nefarious protégé Philip Frost two supremely sop.