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K a different language There s a Korean proverb that says a true man only cries at 3 moments in his life when he is born when his parents die and when he dies But this book has dudes straight p bawling in their jail cells from all the suffering that drives some of them even to the point of insanity Brother One Cell shows you the experience of an American adjusting to Korean society within a prison and is also a great reminder that prisoners are still an American adjusting to Korean society within a prison and is also a great reminder that prisoners are still just like everyone else There are scenes where they sacrifice cheese sandwiches for another inmates birthday are scenes where they sacrifice cheese sandwiches for another inmates birthday or parts where they try to smoke anything they can to get high At one point they try to smoke peanut shells and shit tryna escape the reality of prison OH YEAH AND KIMCHI shit is good While I did find this interesting to read there were several problems with it most notably the incredibly whiney narrator and the lack of any sort of glossary to explain some of the Korean terms A selfish entitled American twit tries to smuggle drugs into South Korea and gets caught Unluckily for him Korean justice is far harsh than American About three stars and only somewhat recommended For the longer review please go here The writing itself is nothing extraordinary but the story and cultural insight make it very worth it As a first generation Korean American I could somehow relate to this story Although I have never been in any prison the author does well at explaining the Korean culture and give a lot of Korean dialogue in the book Instead of overacting on the narration with Understanding Yandere Lovers unbearable Asian accents the narratorsing his natural voice tries to speak the foreign dialogue as best as they can I ve listened to many books over the years where the narration of the story ruins the book because they try to portray the characters too much where you cannot really listen to them any longer The base of this story is about an American going to Korea getting caught of having weed and being sentence to prison and Kings of Paradise (Ash and Sand understanding the culture and life because of itThe story was okay I meannlike the United States where you pretty much get a slap on the hand for drugs overseas countries takes narcotics seriously and maybe that is a lesson to be learned onto itself Although I ve been in Korea for just about eight months now it wasn t ntil reading Brother One Cell that I actually took the time to appreciate where I am Sure I ve reveled a bit in this uniue opportunity especially to those back home but I never really do so objectively What s worse is opportunity especially to those back home but I never really do so objectively What s worse is as I m often frustrated with work I find myself complaining about a number of things totally nrelated In turn even though I really have enjoyed Korea I freuently view it in a negative light clumping together my experience working here and my experience living hereThis book helped me to reaffirm the notion that I ve held all along that my complaints are hardly worth voicing in that not only is it my choice to be here but I really do have the opportunity to leave at any time The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions unlike Cullen Thomas did in during his three and a half year sentence which he served in full behind bars in KoreaWhile Cullen Thomas was lockedp in Korean prison against his will and I am merely stuck in Seoul by choice as I like to say his story resonates deeply with my experience here in the Hermit Kingdom From battling ajummas in the subway to receiving flurries of ridiculous cautionary tales Cullen s time teaching in Korea seems very much like what I myself am going through He even accurately captures the mental exhaustion that I experience everyday despite only putting in around 30 hours a weekWhere our stories diverge is when Cullen is arrested and sent away on charges of drug smuggling From then on Brother One Cell offers the casual reader a glimpse into the dark and Leaders Eat Last unknown world of being lockedp abroad Luckily for Cullen and the faint of heart his torment seemed to be mostly mental as he was spared or at least the reader is spared of any horrid physical torture or brutalityWhat I found incredibly fascinating about this book was not that it was a tale of danger and deceit but rather how accurately and objectively Cullen presented Korean culture that is all too foreign to Westerners even those of La muralla verde us living it day to day The prisons ju. Ed to a drugsmuggling arrest and a three and a half year prison sentence Brother One Cell is Cullens memoir of that timethe harrowing andnusual story of a good kid forced to grow The New Competition up in verynusual circumstances One of only a handful of foreign inmates Cullen shared a cell block with human traffickers jewel smugglers murderers and thieves Fortunately for him the strict Confucian social s that dominated the prison made it almost a safe place different from th. Growing Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution by Francis Wayland and Richard Fuller up in Long Island Graduating college then setting off for Asia to teach English with a girl he loves Flouting the country s drug laws without enough regard for conseuence At this point the author s and my own story diverge and I am given a window into what my life could ve become had I been a shadenluckierTruly heart wrenching at times I read each chapter with wide eyes and deep breaths as the author tells of coping with serving a 3 12 year sentence in a prison 7000 miles from home As fluent in Korean as I was in Japanese At 7 Months at 7 months the country the author struggled daily to find and hold his place in the odd hierarchy of the prisons he was kept in as well as communicate with the people around him Meeting gangsters foreign convicts like himself prison wardens and inmates whom he forged strong bonds to every day was a struggle to hold onto any shred of peace happiness and sometimes sanity he could find while spending 23 hours hours in a cell the size of a walk in closet Despite residing in the world s 11th largest economy the prison conditions were on par with those of the third world His journey from a sheltered middle class kid on Long Island to a prisoner serving hard time for a crime most countries would punish with a slap on the wrist tore my heart out at times Dealing with the absence of any female contact he desperately held onto an image of his girlfriend s body as I imagine I would have in that same Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering. unfortunate position Fortunately I have one 24 hour stint in jailnder my belt which indescribably helped me nderstand the the claustrophobia and powerless of the author s situation The Incredible Envy One Feels incredible envy one feels those outside the prison who can have the freedom to make even the smallest decisions about their own lives This book is at its most basic a worst case scenario that I ve secretly feared all my life and reading it made me come face to face with the hardship this would entail and what one must go through to adjust to any life altering event This book serves to show that these crises can be eventually accepted and overcome I can t recommend this book enough I don t nderstand all the negative reviews People are complaining that Cullen Thomas kept whining about Korean culture and his situation in prison and some reviews even had the audacity to judge him and say that he deserved everything he got About the whining part he had every right Koreans living in the USA whine Canadians living in Colombia whine People whine If I wrote a book about Colombia it would be full of whining about all the weird things I hate about it He was whining because he felt shocked and attacked and frustrated at times At times he admitted that he was wrong in his judgements as well I personally appreciated the insight into Korean culture s intricacies and how they contrasted with his North American cultureAs to the complaints that he over The Oswald Reflection used the word Confucian when describing thingswell they were Confucian I wouldn t not describe Colombian culture as machismo culture and you know why BECAUSE IT IS He called a spade a spadeHe was extremely repentant of his behaviour and it was apparent that he felt bad for what he did and regretted it deeply He suffered in prison just as most prisoners do What did you want him to do stay in there for another ten years for your personal satisfaction I ve done prisoner outreach work in American prisons and I can tell you that prison is insanely horrible psychologically and there comes a point where you realize that it doesn t benefit anyone to have a murderer lockedp for than X amount of time To what end He served his time so don t judge him as if you ve never made a mistake in your own lifeHe made a mistake He paid for it He wrote about it It s a fascinating look at 1990s Korean culture and if you are an immigrant living in a non North AmericanWestern European country you will empathize with his plight and frustration when dealing with Korean culture Even if the culture is totally different from Korea s you will recognize and empathize with his dealings with the xenophobia the screw you American attitudes the language politics and many subtle jabs at who he is as a person if you have moved to a homogeneous country that has people who look different from you and spea. A gripping first person account of one young American's life changing years in a South Korean prison At age twenty three Cullen Thomas was like most middle class kids his age looking for something meaningful and exciting to do before settling into the 9 to 5 routine Possessed of a youthful romantic view of the world he set off for adventure in Asia and a job teaching English in Seoul South Korea But he got than he ever bargained for when an ill advised stunt ,

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St like the rest of Korea adhered to a strict set of Confucian principles that finds its strength in nuestioned adherence to tradition and importantly a rigid hierarchical status structure To see this same set of principles so vividly reflected in Cullen s life behind bars was simply shocking Rather than constantly fighting one another to survive as is expected among American prisoners Korea s inmates still follow the same rules of respect and status that they would out in the open One of my Favorite Examples Of This examples of this prisoners remembering to se the polite form of the word when they swear at the guardsThis was a fantastic and simple read that was made much better by my actually living the experience for myself Well half the experience at least as I ve yet to visit a Korean prison Oh and on that note to top it all off Korean prison Oh and on that note to top it all off walk outside to a view of Suraksan each day the same mountain that Cullen could only stare longingly at from his bleak cell in the city just north of my Uijongbu As for me well I m able to hike it whenever I want if I wake Quantum (Captain Chase up early enoughSometimes you forget just how lucky you are Brother one cell sure helped to remind me Brother One Cell is an autobiographical tale of Cullen Thomas an American who in his early 20s moved to South Korea to teach English Seven months into his time there he got caught smuggling drugs into the country and was sentenced to three and half years in prison As you do It s an interesting look into South Korean culture and prison life albeit from a slightly two dimensional and simplistic viewpoint Okay I ll level with you It s an irritating read Our protagonist is endlessly brash and selfish and constantly views the Koreans around him as other and therefore strange Even in the retrospect he isnapologetic for his almost condescending attitude towards their Confucianist culture and he manages to work some variation on the word Confucian into every sentence about Korean people as if that s the only way to describe them He constantly rallies against them and takes every defiance as a shallow victory while simultaneously whining about how Introduction to Mythology unfair his lot is You smuggled drugs You re now in prison What part of this did you think would be a smooth ride into happy townThe whole book while an interesting read is both self pitying and self congratulatory so much so that it s irksome While the conclusions endp positive I can t help but feel that his philosophical ramblings throughout are hollow and poorly founded His attitude is that he should somehow always be special The sub title for this book is Coming of Age in South Korea s Prisons and yet I couldn t help but just think dude grow Perilous Love (Sinful Souls MC up Cullen Thomas s memoir Brother One Cell is a thriller about an American college graduate nicknamed the Jolly Marauder who grewp on Long Island dreaming about pirates adventure and becoming a storyteller someday Armed with an English major and big plans Cullen took a job teaching English to school children in South Korea Children of Blood and Bone uickly realizing that it was an insufferable grind So he camep with a new plan smuggling hashish into the country from Malaysia to finance a proper tour of the world A friend had done it successfully but Cullen got caught while collecting his contraband in the post office and was sent to prison for three and a half years I ve always been drawn to prison and war memoirs because they are like life only intensified so you read looking for lessons about survival Brother One Cell could be dark but it is full of humor poetry And Philosophy From His Cell Window Cullen philosophy From his cell window Cullen see a tree in the courtyard where he played basketball with murderers thieves drug dealers and human traffickers The tree kept getting cut down and down and down but never lost its grace and dignity My copy was missing the last few pages If my copy was complete then probably between two stars The book got better but never really impressed me with the story Thomas McFadden is the better prison writer Bangkok Hilton also Korean prison is not alien enough to impress me perhaps not That personal reflections ought to be included in prison literature is logical yet the reflections on his ancestor were not woven well The conclusion was engaging and one must ponder what the last pages may contribute to a book. E brutal lawless setting most would imagine In the relative calm of this environment Cullen would learn invaluable life lessons and come out of the experience a wise and grounded adult With its gritty descriptions of life behind the concrete walls colorful depictions of his fellow inmates and acute insights about Korean society Brother One Cell is part gritty prison story part cautionary tale and part insightful travelogue into the places most people never see.